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Chinese Chongqing Dog / Chuandong Hound

Chuandong Hound Original kennel - COK9
- Chuandong Hound Original kennel

Conservation, protection and introduction of the Chuandong Hound outside China. It all started in 2018. We went to Eastern Sichuan, China, to study, select and introduce to Europe the first true Chuandong Hound (non-cross). We work for the protection and preservation of this endangered breed, which remains rare and precious to this day.

OUR PHILOSOPHY is to protect the animals whatever they are. To live only from breeding implies to produce a lot, at the expense of quality unfortunately. Breeding and protecting the breed are above all a mission and a passion. Our ambition is not to be a dog factory and we will NEVER be one! We are not dog sellers, we are breeders of the best team in the world. We prefer to produce little, to have a strict selection to obtain the best possible quality and thus to maintain our place of European and World reference.

The selection and improvement of the breed is a long term work, which requires rigor, time and respect. We select our adopters based on precise criteria, so that this breed can survive in Europe and in the World. To adopt a Chuandong Hound is to accept to be a proud and responsible ambassador. We have allowed the introduction of the Chuandong Hound in England, Scotland, Canada, Hungary, Reunion Island and Canada. The best is yet to come...COK9