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Aveiro, Beja, Braga, Bragança, Castelo Branco, Coimbra, Évora, Faro Guarda, Leiria, Lisboa, Portalegre, Porto, Santarém, Setúbal, Viseu, Viana do Castelo, Vila Real,

Santo Thyrso Village - French BulldogPortugal
Santo Thyrso Village - French Bulldog

Our creation is based on the following factors: Breed with quality, never with quantity, scrupulously comply with the breed standard and raise healthy babies. Our babies have in their pedigree the best bloodlines in the world with several world champions, Europeans and from different countries, making our babies have a unique beauty and morphology, drastically distinguishing themselves from the others.

Our dogs are an integral part of our family, which makes them super friendly, sociable and with an unparalleled temperament. All babies have LOP and AFIXO, recognized by the Portuguese Kennel Club “CPC” and Fédération Cynologique Internationale “FCI”. We are waiting for your contact

French Bulldog

Da Villa Saloia Karelian Bear DogsPortugal
Da Villa Saloia

Breeding to preserve the KBDs since 2016. We focus not only on appearance and character but also on the health of our dogs. Our dogs are only delivered to families that demonstrate that they know and respect this breed.

Karelian Bear Dog

Magic Genesis Land Chinese Crested DogsPortugal
Magic Genesis Land

Magic Genesis Land breeds one dog breed – Chinese Crested Dog, Teckel, Beagle and two cat breeds – Maine Coon and Sphynx. Today, we have a large area, where our dogs enjoy health and hygiene care, bathing and clipping, ample space for playing and exercising and an area to rest at night.

The health of our animals is fundamental, a control of our animals through our veterinarian who follows all pregnant animal, specialized veterinarians who accompany the personalized events, all this monitoring is done in the kennel on a continuous basis. Babies are followed up from birth with ultrasounds, delivery and supplements for mothers or babies.

Chinese Crested Dog

Posh Pooch HavanesePortugal
Posh Pooch

We are the only breeder of Bichon Havanese in Portugal, we very proudly work with the CPC to ensure we maintain the breed standard Our dogs live at home with us as a member of the family.


Vulcanic Land Kennel Siberian HuskyPortugal
Vulcanic Land Kennel

Bredders of Siberian Husky from 1998.

Siberian Husky

The Algarve Lion HuntersAlgarve, Portugal
The Algarve Lion Hunters

We are breeders of Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs (Leão da Rodésia). We are a CPC registered kennel. Our dogs are bred for exceptional calm temperament, beauty and grace.

We do not sell our dogs to the general public for breeding. Our lead female is a National Champion from New Zealand. We have retired to the Algarve in Portugal and are living our dream surrounded by our wonderful ridgebacks.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Farol da Gibalta KennelPortugal

Our dogs are bred in a family environment, ensuring everything you need until the day you go to your new family. As our priority, respect for them, in the best management of their lineage and of course, not missing the main ingredient Love!

The whole process takes place at home with the common noises of everyday life, socializing with humans other dogs and cats is daily, thus acquiring very important information for easier adaptation and training when they leave for new homes. Our Commitment To create healthy, correct offspring, without neglecting the genetic and historical heritage, safeguarding the health of parents, respecting their integrity and the quality of life they are entitled to.

How we do it Through careful selection of parents in their morphology and temperament, investing in genetic testing to screen for traditional breed diseases, in the assessment of hip and elbow dysplasia, thus providing data for a healthy and sustainable breeding strategy. Because in our philosophy The Portuguese Water Dog is heritage, is history, is a bit of Portugal and its roots that we have to preserve

Portuguese Water Dog

Tursiops newfoundland kennelPortugal
Tursiops newfoundland kennel

Breeder newfoundland dogs since 2000, Tursiops. Brown and black newfoundlands.



We breed Alentejo Mastiff and Serra d'Aires Portuguese breeds and have litters of puppies on a regular basis. Please contact via e-mail if any interest. Fluent English.

Alentejo Mastiff

Ninhadas do Tintol Portuguese Water DogPortugal
Ninhadas do Tintol

Portuguese water dog breeders.

Portuguese Water Dog

Legend of Nyangani Rhodesian RidgebacksPortugal
Legend of Nyangani
Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Criadores de Leão da Rodésia. Pais campeões com excelente temperamento e morfologia. Com LOP e Afixo. Ninhada prevista para Novembro 2014.

Rhodesian Ridgeback breeders. Next litter November 2014.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Moinho do Céu RetrieversPortugal
Moinho do Céu Retrievers

Familiar Amateur Breeder from Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever and Flat Coated Retriever.

Labrador Retriever Golden Retriever Flat Coated Retriever

Scoobyvip Great DanePortugal
Scoobyvip Great Dane

Breeders of Blue, Black and Harlekin Danes.

Great Dane

Mimo de CãoPortugal
Mimo de Cão

Portuguese Yorkshire Terrier selection breeder.

Yorkshire Terrier

LisyBlacks KennelPortugal
LisyBlacks Kennel

We Breed Standard Black Schnauzers for show and companion.



A family breeding Airedale with love!

Airedale Terrier

Of Twinsone English Cocker SpanielPortugal
Of Twinsone English Cocker Spaniel

Criação e selecção de English Cocker Spaniel.

English Cocker Spaniel

Sailboat Nagual's Kennel - Portuguese Water DogPortugal
Sailboat Nagual's Kennel
Portuguese Water Dog

We live in a farm, in Alentejo, where we breed Pwd's for 6 years. All our dogs are part of our family, they're very loved by us. All the puppies are born in our house, and grow next to us, so they�re very gently dogs.

Portuguese Water Dog

Kewstoke Gordon SettersPortugal
KEWSTOKE Gordon Setters

Carefully bred puppies occasionally available.Fit for purpose with marvellous temperament.

Gordon Setter


Familiar breeding of Cocker and Portuguese Water Dog.

English Cocker Spaniel Portuguese Water Dog

Villa Laboreir - Cão de Castro LaboreirooPortugal
Villa Laboreiro
- Cão de Castro Laboreiro

The Castro Laboreiro mountain dog is an historic-cultural product, “ancient” guardian of animals, of an incontestable fidelity, courage and resistance.

Preservação, Recuperação e selecção das tradicionais linhagens do Cão de Castro Laboreiro.

Castro Laboreiro Dogr

Campos do LisPortugal
Campos do Lis

Criação e Selecção de Cão de Castro Laboreiro.

Castro Laboreiro Dog

d'Alpetratínia KennelPortugal
d'Alpetratínia Kennel

Estrela Mountain Dog Breeder Short and Long Hair.

Serra da Estrela Mountain Dog

Berço do basalto kennelsPortugal
Berço do basalto kennels

Breeding and selection of Portuguese pointer.

Portuguese Pointing Dog

Murus Aquae Bouvier des FlandresPortugal
MURUS AQUAE Bouvier des Flandres

Breeder of Bouvier des Flandres. Excelent character and breed types. They are part of our lives. Come and visit.

Bouvier des Flandres

Barbados do Monte de MagosPortugal
Barbados do Monte de Magos

Barbados da Terceira, tudo o que pode querer saber sobre barbados da terceira e suas aventuras, os cães a pastorear, fotografias, futuras ninhadas.

Barbados da Terceira

Vall du Paço Criação do Pastor AlemãoPortugal
Vall du Paço
Criação do Pastor Alemão

Criação e seleção do cão de Pastor Alemão.

German Shepherd Dog

Ares da Serra Collies & SheltiesPortugal
Ares da Serra - Collies & Shelties

Breeder Lover of Rough Collie and Shetland Sheepdog. Healthy, happy and beautifull dogs living in one of the seven wonders of the world... Serra de Sintra.

Collie Rough Shetland Sheepdog


Criação de Dobermann's.

Dobermann Whippet

Big Applause ForPortugal
Big Applause For

We are afamiliar Portuguese kennel. Our main purpose is to breed healthy dogs with wonderfull character.

Saint Bernard Dog

D'ikòskylo Dobermann KennelPortugal
D'ikòskylo Dobermann Kennel

D'ikòskylo Dobermann kennel. We strive for beautiful, balanced and healthy Dobermanns.

For show work or pet. Breeding for Longevity conformation Temperament. Top European lines.

You can find here all informations about our dobermanns, our progeny, our success, show results, titles, work, health tests and about our puppies.


Costa OestePortugal
Costa Oeste Estrela Mountain Dog

Breeding the Estrela Mountain Dog since 1996, in Portugal, we collected many champions titles and winning podiuns. In our oficial website canildacostaoeste.com is possible to see more details about us and our dogs.

Serra da Estrela Mountain Dog

Castelo de Alfaia Italian GreyhoundsPortugal
Castelo de Alfaia - Italian Greyhounds

Selective breeding of Italian Greyhounds in Portugal. Combining the best American and European lines to produce sound and healthy dogs, for the show ring or as pampered companions.

Italian Greyhound

Quinta Das TiliasLabrador RetrieverPortugal

Labrador Retriever Breeder.

Labrador Retriever

Pugs Villa de MarvãoPortugal
Villa de Marvão Pugs

Small kennel, but  with quality, located in Portugal, city of Águeda. We breed Pugs with big passion and love. We do this with all the care and the love they deserve.  Visit our site and enjoy it.


Nanuke ShihTzu Azores
Nanuke ShihTzu

Doll Face Shihtzu Pups. All Our Babys Are Bred For Top Health And Temperament, 21 + Years Experience, Breeders Of Show and Pet Quality, AKC and international Registered DNA Tested, 2 sets of shots, Microchip and Registration Paid for life.

Puppy Kit includes: 8 lb bag of food, Kennel, Bowls, Treats, Toys, Blanket, Comb, Brush, Bows, Training DVD, Peewee Pads, and other goodies like paul mitchell pet, PetHead, Brisk&Bright Products.

Shih Tzu

Canil da Tumenga Perdigueiro PortuguęsPortugal
Canil da Tumenga

Cria e selecção de Perdigueiro Português para a caça e competição. Sendo a caça á galinhola a nossa paixão.

Portuguese Pointing Dog

Coelhos Kennel American Bulldog and American Pit Bull TerrierPortugal
Coelhos Kennel - American Bulldog
and American Pit Bull Terrier

Paulo Coelho Breederof American Bulldog americano and American Pit Bull em Portugal.

American Bulldog American Pit Bull Terrier

SeaLords Old English SheepdogsPortugal
SeaLords Old English Sheepdogs

Breeder of Old English Sheepdogs in Portugal. Information about our dogs and the breed.

Old English Sheepdog


Um site das raças mastiff e podengos portugues de pelo liso.

Mastiff Portuguese Warren Hound

Vizslas in PortugalPortugal
Vizslas in Portugal

Photos and information of our vizslas in Portugal, from the best internacional bloodlines. Puppies available from the CHPT, ES, GI, MX and WW07.

Hungarian Shorthaired Vizsla

Bulldogs Casa da TannyPortugal
Casa da Tanny Bulldogs

English Bulldog Small kennel specialized in bulldogs. Take a look, is adorable.

English Bulldog

Canil da PinheirocaPortugal

Criação e Selecçãode cão Pastor Alemão.

German Shepherd Dog

O Gigante Branco Pyrenean Mountain DogsPortugal

Criação e Selecção de cães Montanha dos Pirineus. Chien de Montagne des Pyrénées 4580 Paredes.

Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Kennel Águas do Mondego - RottweilersPortugal
Kennel Águas do Mondego - Rottweilers

Kennel Águas do Mondego - Rottweilers Selective Breeding.


Villa Zadones RottweilersPortugal
Villa Zadones

Selection Rottweiler Breeder.


Vale das Princesas White Swiss Shepherd DogsPortugal
Vale das Princesas

White Swiss Shepherd portuguese breeder.

White Swiss Shepherd Dog

Solar do Tião Cão Serra da EstrelaPortugal
Solar do Tião

A new breeder of Estrela Mountain dog ... this beautiful portuguese breed.

Cão da Serra da Estrela

Real Corte KennelPortugal
Real Corte Labradors

We are a small hobby kennel in Portugal dedicated to the love and improvement of the labrador retriever. Our purpose as conscientious breeders is to breed excellent quality labradors that can live as family members and companions, as well as to preserve their sweet temperament, beautiful type, soundness, and working ability.

We are committed to the improvement of the Labrador Retriever, and carefully choose our breeding stock based on the above qualities. We breed no more than 1 or 2 litters a year, allowing us to give each puppy the attention it needs for a healthy and happy start in life.

Labrador Retriever

Boscardini Golden Retriever BreederPortugal
Boscardini Golden Retriever

We are in Ponte de Lima - Portugal. We breed for love with an aim for temperament and beauty.Check our new dogs at our website. Golden Retriever breeder in Portugal.

Golden Retriever

Angelusparks KennelPortugal
Angelusparks -Golden & Flatcoat Retriever

We breed sound, healthy, happy and in the standart! For work, fun, show and loyal family member!

Golden Retriever Flat Coated Retriever

Casa Mont'Alves KennelPortugal
Casa Mont'Alves
Laekenois & Shetlands

Site dedicated to the belgian shepherd and Shetland sheepdog breeds. Our dogs go throught the PRA, HD and ED tests before they are breed from. We also test them in Caracther, both in portugal and Abroad.

We also show our dogs in Holland, belgium, Gibratar, Spain and off course Portugal.

Tervueren Shetland Sheepdog