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De Leemlande RottweilersThe Netherlands
De Leemlande Rottweilers

De Leemlande is a Rottweiler kennel located in the south of the Netherlands. We occaisionally breed Rottweilers since 1996.


Tibetan Mastiff od Dolanského jezuCzechia
od Dolanského jezu

Tibetan mastiff kennel, classical type, health tests, dog show successes, photos, actualities, very promising puppies.

Tibetan Mastiff

Atima Moravia Karelian Bear DogCzechia

Health Nature Exterior - functionality of the breed in place 1
no agress excellent social behavior
24/7 service for our litters
30 years of practice
2019 - now is 6 generation Boerboel BALLOTADA.


Atima Moravia Karelian Bear DogCzechia
Atima Moravia

Karelian bear dog kennel in the Czech Republic.

Karelian Bear Dog

Basset Hound ze Srdce BrdCzechia
ze Srdce Brd

Basset hound kennel in the Czech republic.

Basset Hound

Ideal Dale Airedale terrierSerbia
Ideal Dale Airedale terrier

Ideal Dale house of breeding goal is to improve the health & ability of airedale terrier puppies. Since 2009, we have been working to improve our dogs as well as our breed in general.

Providing all our puppies with a high quality of life by finding the ideal owners who will continue the journey we have began. Every future breeder that comes from our kennel has daily support and assistance with any obstacles or problems.

Ideal AireDale Terrier kennel
Ideal AireDale Terrier kennel

Do You Want The Best Dog? So, You Want Airedake - Terrier King! ! !

Airedale Terrier Lagotto Romagnolo

Laskovuy I Nezhnuy Zver NewfoundlandsUkraine

"LASKOVUY I NEZHNUY ZVER" - небольшой питомник в Украине. Зарегистрирован в FCI-КСУ.

Все наши собаки являются частью нашей жизни - они наши дети! К рождению и выращиванию щенков у нас очень трепетное отношение.

Приглашаем посетить наш сайт, где вы можете увидеть наших собак и выбрать щенка.


Honiahaka Northern Inuits. Wolfalikes and WolfdogsUnited Kingdom
Northern Inuits. Wolfalikes and Wolfdogs

Top class breeders of quality wolfy looking dogs as family pets and companions.

Northern Inuit Dog
American Wolfdog / Wolfalike Dog

Golden & Labrador Retriever Kennel ChaserDenmark
Kennel Chaser

A combination of top bred show dogs with working certificates and are also used as working retrievers. (Labrador - yellow, black, chocolate)

Golden Retriever Labrador Retriever

'Krasny Vrsok FCI kennel Bavarian Mountain Scenthound & DachshundSlovakia
Krasny Vrsok FCI kennel

Small family breeding of Wire haired Dachshund and Bavarian Mountain Scenthound with working skills & show quality. Welcome on our website.

Bavarian Mountain Scenthound Dachshund

'Slnecny Luc FCI - Bulldog & Chongqing DogSlovakia
Slnecny Luc FCI
- Bulldog & Chongqing Dog

Family breeders of Bulldog and Chongqing dog in the middle of Europe - Slovakia. We do health tests and very important is also breed standard and character of our dogs.
Welcome on our website!

Chinese Chongqing Dog English Bulldog

Grey BayCzechia
Grey Bay

Weimaraner breeder in the Czech Republic.


Linden Leaves Cavalier King Charles SpanielCzechia
Linden Leaves

Cavalier king charles spaniel breeder in the Czech Republic.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Thekk - The Kelpie KonnektionDenmark
Thekk - The Kelpie Konnektion

This site is primarily about my Australian Kelpie male, Tarrawangas Baxi. Baxi is available at stud for suitable kelpie girls.

Australian Kelpie

Kennel 'Sunny Magic' - Dandie Dinmont terriersRussia
Kennel 'Sunny Magic'
- Dandie Dinmont terriers

Kennel "Sunny Magic" - Dandie Dinmont terriers in Moscow.

We really love the Dandy Dinmont terriers and believe that there should be more of them in our world!

If you are also interested in the breed - welcome to visit our site!.

Dandie Dinmont Terrier

Great Swiss Mountain Dog Helvetian StarPoland
Helvetian Star

FCI registered small family kennel Great Swiss Mountain Dogs (Grosser Schweizer Sennenhund) breeder in north-west of Poland.

It is in the eyes of ‘Swissy’, where you will find endless love, trust, loyalty and undoubtful happiness coming solely from the fact that you are close to him. :)

Great Swiss Mountain Dog

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