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Bellissima GlemBell Slovakia
Bellissima GlemBell

Breeding Lagotto Romagnolo and Yakutian laika for health, temperament and character. Location Slovakia. Tested parents, healthy, with show results.

Lagotto Romagnolo Yakutian Laika

Berges de la SarreFrance
Berges de la Sarre

Thank you for taking time to visit our website. We would like to take this chance to tell you a little about our hobby of breeding.

After many years of practical experience with our Bordeaux Mastiffs which live in the house with us and take part in everyday family life, our dogs Cyros and Alya surprised us with a litter of mini Bordeaux Mastiffs. The birth of the puppies was a really lovely experience and bringing them up together with Alya, Cyros and our Labrador Stoupy gave us a lot of joy. Following this we decided to play a part in the preservation of the breed by planning the occasional litter, our priorities being temperament, health, intelligence and appearance of the Bordeaux Mastiff. In this order!

Discussions with breeders at home and abroad, visits from exhibitors, educating ourselves through reading and contact with veterinary surgeons and breed clubs have played an important part in our breeding plan.

Yet most important is that our Bordeaux Mastiffs are happy, that healthy puppies grow up in a functioning group and also with other breeds, and we maintain contact with the buyers of the puppies as each Bordeaux Mastiff has its own character and temperament.

If you would like to see our Bordeaux Mastiffs, please contact us to agree a time for you to visit our home. We live in a small town near the German border in the beautiful triangle between France, Luxembourg and Germany.

However, we do not always have puppies as we invest a great deal of love and time in the planning of litters, and the rearing, care, and ownership of our dogs. And our principles are more important than the production of puppies as dog breeding is a passion!

You are looking for a companion for the next years, its choice is essential, so do not rush. Give yourself time to think about the right choice. Sometimes it is better to wait............... Please note: we do not sell to people who run breeding kennels. We are very keen to have continued contact after the purchase. In this way we can supervise our breed line.

But we won’t overload you with too much information now just have a look around our website. We would be delighted to answer any of your questions about the breed Dogues de Bordeaux and look forward to hearing from you.

Dogue de Bordeaux

Spring Creek Australian ShepherdsUSA
Spring Creek Australian Shepherds

ASDR Registered Toy, Miniature, and Standard Australian Shepherds, Genetically Tested, Champions in conformation and rally, Raised on Puppy Culture Protocols, Health Guarantee, Lifetime Breeder Support.

Australian Shepherd

Legends of Beagles KennelAustria
Legends of Beagles Kennel

Beagle Kennel. For more information please visit our homepage!


Orchard Pups GoldendoodleUSA
Orchard Pups

Ten years offering beautiful Family goldendoodles. Minis and Standards . Genetically tested Parents cat Health Guarantee, shots and microchipped . Located near Rochester NY in the heart of Apple Country . A+BBB rated clean Inspection reports.


Balas VillaSpain
Balas Villa

We are a family. We raised and breed the, Boxers, Maltesses, Chihuahuas, Americans Cockers, Brussels Griffons, Pugs and Pomeranians. With top selection, in all the Breeds. We live at Murcia, Spain.

German Boxer Brussels Griffon Pug Chihuahua
American Cocker Spaniel Pomerania Maltese

Southview Farm & Border ColliesCanada
Southview Farm & Border Collies

We have been breeding top quality Sports Dogs since 2011. All of our puppies are raised inside our home with tons of socialization. Agility, Disc and Dock Jumping our puppies do it all.

Border Collie

de Dakota Border ColliesSpain
de Dakota Border Collies

Breeding and loving border collies, with all health guarantees.

Border Collie

Elevage du Bois de MorchêneFrance
Elevage du Bois de Morchêne

L'élevage du Bois de Morchêne est situé en Normandie dans le département du Calvados. Depuis mon enfance j'ai toujours voulu travailler avec les chiens. J'ai donc obtenue mes diplômes dans le domaine de l'élevage canin et du toilettage.

J'élève avec passion mes Caniche, mes Cocker Anglais, mes Jack Russell et des Coton de Tuléar depuis près de 25 ans. Par la suite sont arrivés nos Berger des Shetland et nos Teckel à poils longs qui sont les races de mes enfants.

Je sélectionne mes chiens sur le caractère car ils sont avant tout des compagnons de tous les jours. Nous pratiquons des tests A.D.N. pour que nos chiens et les chiots ne développent pas de maladies héréditaires. Nos chiens sont inscrits au L.O.F. donc sélectionné pour leur beauté.

Poodle English Cocker Spaniel Jack Russell Terrier
Coton de Tuléar Shetland Sheepdog Dachshund

Laroussu's AffenpinscherSweden

A small kennel where the dogs live with the family. Located in the south of Sweden.


Dachshund Kennel 'z Podjedli'Czechia
Kennel 'z Podjedli'

We are small family kennel of Dachshund standard smooth-haired and miniature wire-haired, located in czech Republic. We breed dogs with working prospects and show quality. More info you can see at our websites.


Edenisle Australian ShepherdsMalta
Edenisle Australian Shepherds

A small show and breeding kennel of Australian Shepherds located in Malta.

Australian Shepherd

Sirius Nova WeimaranersCzechia
Sirius Nova Weimaraners

Weimaraner breeder in the Czech Republic.


Leevindane Great DanesIreland
Leevindane Great Danes

Great Danes Ireland – Leevindane
Top Winning Great Kennel Ireland 2020
Great Dane Dogs are our Passion.
At Leevindane we have been caring for Great Danes for 20+years.

During this time we have owned and loved Fawn, Black and Blue Great Danes.

To date, 2019 Leevindane have produced Black and Blue Litters that have grown to become National Champions (12) Multi Champions (5) in several European Countries, including Ireland, Finland, Estonia, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark and the Netherlands. We have developed Danes to International Champions (7) Junior Champions (9) European Junior Champions (1) European Winners (1) EuDDC Winners (1) Junior EuDDC Winner (1) Vice World Winner (1) Amsterdam Winner (1) Best Puppy Male Crufts (1) Veteran Champions (2)Veteran Celtic Winners(1) Celtic Puppy Winners (2) Celtic Winners (4)

We are the First and Only Irish Great Dane Kennels to have made Irish Champions in 3 Colour’s Fawn, Blue and Black.

The First and only Irish Kennel to have made up 2 Veteran Irish Champion & Celtic Veteran Champion.

Great Dane

Darkojan FCIPoland
Darkojan FCI

Hodowla psów rasowych Darkojan FCI. Rasy znajdujące się w hodowli to:
- Cane Corso Italiano,
- Owczarek Kaukaski,
- Mastif Tybetański,
- Dog de Bordeaux.

Cane Corso Italiano Caucasian Shepherd Dog Tibetan Mastiff Dogue de Bordeaux

Allevamento Barboncini Toy MaatilaylaItaly
Allevamento Barboncini Toy Maatilayla

Red and Apricot Poodle Toy Breeding in Italy, ENCI - FCI recognized. A breeding located in the suggestive Tuscia of Viterbo.


Izuz chovatelská stanice King Charles SpanielCzechia
IZUZ chovatelská stanice

Jsme malá rodinná chovatelská stanice plemene King Charles Španěl, naši pejskové jsou společenské, veselé, oddané plemeno, které je skutečným přítelem pro vaši rodinu. Pokud máte zájem o toto úžasné plemeno, jste srdečně vítáni na naše webové stránky.

Chovatelská stanice King Charles Španěl Izuz v České republice.

King Charles Spaniel

Amatsu Kami Akita & Shiba KennelSpain
Amatsu Kami Akita & Shiba Kennel

Family kennel in Spain, recognized by clubs for the conservation of Shiba inu as the NIPPO.

FCI beauty champions, exclusive bloodlines, you will only find these teddy bears in my house. More than 12 years studying the breed and making happy many families around the world. We guarantee our babies for life.

Character, health and beauty. Great quality and beauty. We ship our puppies throughout Europe.visit our website and social networks to meet us. Enjoy!

Shiba Inu Akita Inu

Scapegrace Parson Russell TerriersUK
Scapegrace Parson Russell Terriers

Scapegrace are a small friendly family kennel who exhibit and breed on average one litter a year based Wirral. England. We are Kennel Club Assured Breeders.

All our breeding dogs and bitches have the following health results - PLL; LOA; SCA; BAER; BVA/KC/ISDS Eye Scheme in addition our bitches have full blood tests before a considered mating to ensure her health is as it should be.

Each litter we produce is BAER Tested at 6 weeks and a minimum of 3 visits to a vet prior to their new owner taking them home.

Our priority is the health and welfare of our wonderful breed.

Parson Russell Terrier

Stiubhard GlensIreland
Stiubhard Glens

Small top quality breeder of Irish Glen of Imaal Terriers. Our goal at Stiubhard Glens is to hold onto the breed standard whilst maintaining healthy dogs that are still fit for function. The main priority is temperament, soundness and good health.

We have our Glens in America, Spain, Nordics and Ireland and work closely with a lot of other well known breeders around the world. Please visit our website for more information and feel free to contact for a chat or to answer any questions you may have regarding Glens.

Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier

Hodowla Golden Retriever Queen RosaPoland
Hodowla Queen Rosa - Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever breeder in Poland. Check our website for more information about puppies Golden Retriever.

Golden Retriever

TwinkleStars Galaxy Australian ShepherdsThe Netherlands
TwinkleStars Galaxy

We are a breeder of FCI Australian Shepherds in the Netherlands and breed for show/companion and working dogs.

Australian Shepherd

Labrador vom AllerspringGermany
Labrador vom Allerspring

Familäre Hobbyzucht hat zeitweise Labradorwelpen abzugeben! Welpensozialisation mit Herz und Wissen- Gesundheitsüberprüfung der Elterntiere eingeschlossen!

Labrador Retriever

Royalsans Kennels - FCI reg.Germany
Royalsans Kennels - FCI reg.

We are breeding Siberian Huskys with heart and mind in the middle of Bavaria, Germany near Munich.

Our puppies not only have the highest quality and are out of the best lines and dogs which have been produced, they are beautiful, great companions and as healthy as possible. We give a lifetime health guarantee on all puppys bred by us.

No matter if you are looking for a pet or a sportsdog, at our kennel you will find your soulmate!

Siberian Husky

Maxima lux bullies kennelSerbia
Maxima lux bullies kennel

We are Exotic bully kennel, specialized in breeding exotic bullies. Our exotics have unique appearance, exclusive bloodlines and they are functional and healthy.

Exotic Bully

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