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 Norsk Lundehund / Norwegian Lundehund

 Chien norvĂ©gien de macareux / Norwegischer Lundehund

BoromirSweden Dog Breeders

Breeding Norwegian Lundehund & Bullterrier.

Bull Terrier

Vorkosmia Norsk LundehundThe Netherlands Dog Breeders
Vorkosmia Norsk Lundehund

We are a small kennel of Norwegian Lundehunds. All our puppies will be raised in the living room and get raw food.

Norwegian Lundehund

Kennel EriksroFinland Dog BreedersÅland Islands Dog Breeders
Kennel Eriksro

A small kennel located at the Aland Islands. We have puppies occasionally.

Kennel LovundGermany Dog Breeders
Kennel Lovund

We are a small kennel in Germany and will breed the norsk lundehund.

Kennel Wilczy Duch FCIPoland Dog Breeders
Kennel Wilczy Duch FCI

We are a family culture. We have been dogs of dozen years, on account of our breeding are prestigious titles at the highest level. We are keen that our dogs have wonderful and the nature of the exterior. We put a lot of attention and work with our dogs. Welcome to contact us.

Czeslovakian Wolfdog

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