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Patterdale Terrier / Fell terrier

Julestar kennels Northern Inuit Catalan Sheepdogs Patterdale TerriersUK
Julestar kennels - Northern Inuit,
Catalan Sheepdogs, Patterdale Terriers

We are a small kennels located on the East Lincs coast. We strongly promote Health,Temperment & Type in our chosen breeds.Our dogs comply with all the regulations of the breeders code of practise and health requirements.

Our dogs are free to roam our grounds and their own 2 acre paddock.They are friendly and part of our family.

Northern Inuit Dog         Catalan Sheepdog

Kennel Duvå  - Patterdale / Fell terrierDenmark
Kennel Duvå - Patterdale / Fell terrier

Our Working Terriers is hunting dogs used mainly to bolt after foxes, driving them out from their hiding spots. It has a tremendous drive and is extremely strong mentally and are very persevering. It has a great need for employment, its very tough and has a tireless hunting pleasure. The Working Terrier is also very quick to change his mind, and as soon as it is indoors, the calm, loving and always happy dog shows up. A really lovely familydog, a perpetual entertainment and a loyal hunting companion.

The aim of Kennel Duvå is first and foremost, to help maintain the Working Terrier, as the great working dog it always was meant to be. We breed healthy, strong and talented game types, which are harmonious, social, and contact-seeking. The dogs must be confident and nervous dogs avoided.

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