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Small but very comitted breeder of top show quality Aussies… have puppies only occasionally but we will breed for temperament, health and top show quality using american bloodlines… stockdogs that have heart for work and health to do it… a small hobby breeder of Australian Shepherds in Southern Germany… Show quality Aussies with a nice temperament out of the USA breeding lines… Our dogs are successful both at sport and in the shows… The home of our working Australian Shepherds… use well proven blood lines… in the color red tri and black tri… versatile Australian Shepherds with good temperament and excellent quality… selected regarding their temperament, morphology and genetics according to the breed standards… Breeders of Australian Shepherds in the France… our reproducers and champions, pups awaited and available, as well as many photographs… We are not a commercial breeder, we just have one litter per year… Quality Aussies of US import lines… Quality Australian Shepherds for stock work mainly…     ***       Dog Breeders and Kennels -    

Australian Shepherd

Imokam Australian Shepherds KennelSpain
IMOKAM - Australian Shepherds

Small kennel located in Spain devoted to loving, showing and breeding Australian Shepherds. We breed for temperament, health and type using american bloodlines ... just to enjoy them for live! Home of some American Champions. More information on our website.

of Crystal Lake Australian Shepherds KennelFrance
OF CRYSTAL LAKE Berger australien

Australian Shepherd breeder in France.

Kalnarute Australian Shepherds KeenelLithuania

Berner Sennenhund, German Spitz and Australian Shepherd kennel from Lithuania.

Bernese Mountain Dog German Spitz

Ozzypool Australian ShepherdsUK

We are a small but well known UK kennel.

Tres Colores Australian ShepherdsFinland
Tres Colores Australian Shepherds

Owner & Breeder of Australian Shepherds since 1996; Vuolasvirta Plaque for very successful breeding; puppies & adults available occasionally; we also send abroad.

Australian Shepherds de la Tour MelusineFrance
australian shepherds

Breeders of Australian shepherd in the ouest of France.

Australian Shepherds of Etang de PincemailleFrance
of Etang de Pincemaille
Australian Shepherds

Our Aussies: a true Passion! Since 1998, we have a little Family Kennel. Our dogs lives with us, and we try to breed good and nice dogs, for Fun, Show and Sport.

All our puppies have their FCI registration, and their parents are tested HD and eyes cleared.

Australian Shepherds Moonshine KennelItaly
Moonshine Kennel

Breeders ofshow Australian shepherd in Italy.

Cane Corso and Australian Shepherds I Fieri Custodi di OzCento (FE), Italy Dog Breeders
I Fieri Custodi di Oz

Piccolo allevamento amatoriale che nasce da una accurata selezione ... e chi ben comincia è a metà dell'opera!

Australian Shepherds MahunaGermany
MAHUNA Australian Shepherd

Quality Australian Shepherd Breeder in germany! Please have a look.

Australian Shepherds Blaze JewelsGermany
Blaze Jewels Australian Shepherds

We breed quality Australian Shepherds for show, sports and family dogs in West Germany. Welcome to my Side.

Australian Shepherds kennel OssequenteFinland
Ossequente kennel

Australian Shepherd breeder in Finland.

Australien Shepherd Du Clan MIKEROFrance
Australien Shepherd Du Clan MIKERO

Dog Breeder in FranceLOF/ASCA.

Australian Shepherds Du Chemin de la Lune aux RêvesFrance
Du Chemin de la Lune aux Rêves

En France en plein Perigord, la passion de l'élevage, de la sélection. Le Berger Australien principalement, avec des reproducteurs sélectionnés pour la polyvalence et la beauté, tous testés dysplasie, ADN et tares occulaires. Nous voulons avoir le sérieux de l'élevage pro, et le contact et l'approche de l'amateur que nous étions !!

Heartandsoul AussiesGermany
Heartandsoul Aussies

Quality Australian Shepherd in Germany.

Australian Shepherd Dogs Ca' FaggiaItaly
Ca' Faggia Australian Shepherd

We are a small kennel located in the center-nord of Italy. Our dogs live at home with us, follow us in the job of our biological agricultural farm to run in 30 hectares with horses and various animals. We breed for morphology and character, Aussie for show and sport. Our subjects have tested for hips and elbows dysplasia and eye pathologies.

Australian Shepherds CreekvalleyGermany
Creekvalley Australian Shepherds

Our dogs are raised in the family. We breed FCI according to the breeding regulations of the CASD,VDH, under compliance of the valid animal protection regulations and the acknowledged breeding order of the above-mentioned associations. As breeders we must fulfill certain conditions and editions so that our pups receive their acknowledged papers.

Our pups are given with papers VDH/CASD, worm-free, with inoculations. A VDH/CASD Ahnentafel confirms that to you your pup from a controlled breeding come. To delivery of our pups we are available still with pleasure also afterwards with council and action.

Auziway Australian Shepherds & Chinese Crested DogsEngland, UK Dog Breeders
AUZIWAY Australian Shepherds
& Chinese Crested Dogs

AUZIWAY have aproven record in breed championship and open shows as well as agility and obedience shows.

Chinese Crested Dog

Trulyawesome Australian ShepherdsGermany
Trulyawesome Australian Shepherds

Breeder of top quality Aussies since more than 10 years. Our dogs are registered with FCI (VDH/CASD) and ASCA.

Applefruit Kennel Australian ShepherdsItaly
Applefruit Kennel - Australian Shepherd

Allevamento riconosciuto ENCI e FCI per la selezione dell'Australian Shepherd.

Cadillac Australian ShepherdsGermany
Cadillac Australian Shepherds

Breeder of Australian Shepherds in Germany. We breed quality Aussies for Show, Sports and family dogs! Aussies for Show & Fun !!

Bergers Australiens des Phantomes des CallasFrance
Les Phantomes des Callas
Bergers Australiens

Breeders of Australian shepherd in the center of France.

Skyhunter Australian ShepherdsGermany
Skyhunter Australian Shepherds

Skyhunter Australian Shepherds ehemals Colonia Aussies. A little Australian Shepherd Kennel in Germany Member of FCI and ASCA

Unser kleiner Aussie Kennel liegt in Bergisch Gladbach am Stadtrand von Köln.

Unser Ziel ist es, einen gesunden und wesensfesten Aussie zu züchten, der sich sowohl in der Familie, im Sport als auch im Showring bewährt. Wir betreiben selber erfolgreich Obedience, Disc Dogging und Agility. Durch Seminare bilden wir uns ständig in Hundesport, Austellungswesen und Genetik weiter. Wir züchten unter dem VDH im Club für Australian Shepherds Deutschland e.V. .

Z Kamilkove ZahradyCzechia

Kennel of Australian shepherds and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. I am breeding dogs since 1984.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

 Australian shepherd breed Ivelbero's darling Czechia
IVELBERO's darling
Australian shepherd breed

Focused on Australian shepherd breeding. Every day updating about our exhibitons, agility, herding and other activities. Actual and finished litters. NEWs - we have new litter now. Puppies still available!!

Wolf Point Aussies - Australian Shepherd KennelRomania
Wolf Point Aussies
Australian Shepherd Kennel

Wolf Point Kennel is well known amongst husky and american akita lovers as a reputable kennel, producer of international champions. Our newest passion is the australian shepherd, also known as aussie, this spectacular breed that conquers your heart once and for all.

Located near capital city Bucharest, Romania; we can also send puppies abroad, upon request. Enjoy your visit on our site!

Sarmizegetusa Regia Golden Retriever & Australian ShepherdFrance

Elevage passion de Golden Retriever et Berger Australien Shepherd, en France:  Provence-alpes-côte d'azur, paca, provence, var, Rians. Haute sélection: BEAUTE/ SANTE/ CARACTERE. Chiots L.O.F., élevés en famille.

Golden Retriever

Skaye's Australian Shepherd KennelNetherlands
SKAYE'S Australian Shepherd Kennel

We are a small Australian Shepherd kennel located in the Netherlands. Our Aussies all live in our house and are full family-members. We devote our lives to our dogs and they are part of our family. All dogs, adults and pups live in our house.

Ticolana's Australian ShepherdsDenmark
Ticolana's Australian Shepherds

We are a small hobby kennel located in Belgium. Check us out on the web!

Dreamline Australian ShepherdsGermany
Dreamline Australian Shepherds

We are a small Kennel located in the north of Germany. We breed quality Australian Shepherds for show, sports and family dogs. Our dogs live in the house with us.if you want to know more about us visit our website!

Australian Shepherd Of Angel'CrossingsFrance
Of Angel'Crossings

Elevage familial de bergers australiens. Chiens testés.

Family breeding. Dogs tested : hips, elbows, eyes clear !

TripleMoon AussiesRussia
TripleMoon Aussies

Australian Shepherds kennel in Russia.

Topeka Australian ShepherdsUK
TOPEKA Australian Shepherds

Welcome to Topeka Australian Shepherds online.

I am a small kennel who is striving to breed quality Australian Shepherds that conform to the breed standard of the Australian Shepherd Club of America.

Oet Shuwik's TipiNetherlands
Oet Shuwik's Tipi

We breed standard wirehaired Dachshunds and Australian Shepherds. Please visit our homepage for more information.


Kipir Kipir Australian Shepherd Netherlands
Kipir Kipir Australian Shepherd

I breed Australian Shepherd in the color Black tri and red tri. On my site you can see a lot of pictures.

Talisman Australian ShepherdsGermany
Talisman Australian Shepherds

Top Quality Australian Shepherds since 1997, FCI.

Darling Down's Australian ShepherdsGermany
Darling Down's Australian Shepherds

VDH/FCI and ASCA registered Aussie - kennel located in Germany, close to Berlin.

Troublemaker's Australian ShepherdsLuxembourg
Troublemaker's Australian Shepherds

Small kennel in Luxemburg, feel free to visit our webside.

Amberslade Australian ShepherdsUK
Amberslade Australian Shepherds

Breeder of Dual Champions.


Zabýváme se chovem australských ovčáků, snažíme se odchovat zdravé a typické představitele s vynikající povahou.

Msimaciay KennelItaly

We are a small kennel located in Italy. Our dogs have an optimal temperaments and structure.

Our Aussies are given birth and grow up in the house, always in close contact with people, both adults and children, surrounded by various kinds of other animals: dogs, horses, goats, an armadillo, cats, a parrot etc... We reckon that this kind of environment will give the puppies the best kind of imprinting. All our Australian Shepherds have been screened and checked for hereditary illnesses, oculopathies and dysplasia. Our reproducing dogs can be seen at any time of year and are from high profile bloodlines. All of them also take part in National and International exhibitions focusing on the fairness of the breed.


Australian Shepherd Deckrüden und Welpen-Vermittlung

Wir sind eine "kleine" Australian Shepherd Familie, und haben es uns zur Aufgabe gemacht, interessierte Aussie-Fan's bei der Welpensuche zu unterstützen. Wir vermitteln regelmäßig Welpen von ausgesuchten Züchtern. Für Züchter bieten wir Deckrüden zur Belegung von zuchttauglichen Hündinnen an.

Des Narcisses du Royaume d'EgypteFrance
Des Narcisses du Royaume d'Egypte

Australian shepherd in French in the Tarn. Small family breeding. The health and the love before the quantity. Come to discover my dogs and their life.

Illumineer Australian ShepherdDenmark
Illumineer Australian Shepherd

Small hobby based kennel dedicated to breeding top quality Australian Shepherds. Our kennel is located in Denmark and is registered with DKK (Danish Kennel Club) and is therefore under FCI.

Berger Australien de La Villa LoubetFrance
Berger Australien DE LA VILLA LOUBET

Elevage familial située en France dans le Lot.

Australien Shepherd Breeder, we live in France near from Cahors (Lot).

Le Royaume de GaladrielFrance
Le Royaume de Galadriel

Australian shepherd breeder in Britany, France.

Elevage familial de Bergers Australiens. Nous sommes situés en Bretagne, à Marzan, près de La Roche Bernard. Cet élevage est un petit élevage amateur (amateur dans le sens non professionnel), désirant produire de beaux et bons chiots, dans le respect de l'animal et de la nature. (Chez nous les chiens ne connaîtrons jamais la vie en chenil, queues et ergots ne seront jamais coupés et ils sont nourris avec des croquettes écologiques Amikinos)... .

Dali notre chienne est arrivée en Février 2008, à l'âge de 3 mois. Elle habite dans la maison avec nous, nous suit partout lors de nos balades et voyages, a fait des expos, a montré des aptitudes au travail sur moutons lors d'un stage "troupeau", fréquente le club de dressage, et surtout fait des promenades régulières à la plage, en forêt, en ville, etc...

C'est une chienne super gentille, qui a toujours un oeil sur son "troupeau"  (sa famille : nous et nos enfants,, les poules, les chevaux, le chat...).

Comme nous la trouvons exceptionnelle, c'est tout naturellement que nous avons eu envie de faire un peu d'élevage pour que ses qualités se transmettent.

du Val d'AuryFrance
du Val d'Aury

Elevage passion et familial, situé dans le sud de la France, près de Toulon.

Patchwork KennelItaly

Allevamento Amatoriale dell' Australian shepherd e del Bobtail. Alleviamo con vera passione, selezionando per tipicita, salute e carattere.I nostri riproduttori vengono testati per le displasie e le oculopatie.

Amateur Breeding of 'Australian shepherd and Bobtail. We breed with passion, typical for selecting, health and carattere.I our breeders are tested for dysplasia and oculopathies.


of Blue Valley Australian Shepherd'sGermany
of Blue Valley Australian Shepherd's

Wir züchten gesunde und Wesenstarke Australian Shepherds. Wir haben 1-2Würfe im Jahr und die Verpaarungen werden genaustens überlegt. Unsere Hunde sind mehrfach Champions und entsprechen voll dme Rassestandart.

Angelina KennelItaly

Selective Australian Shepherd breeding in Italy. Photos, information and pedigrees about our beloved Aussies.

Wild Divine Australian ShepherdsGermany
Wild Divine Australian Shepherds

Breeder of Australian Shepherds from working lines since 1996 (VDH / FCI). Our offspring successfully trained for herding, in every variety of dog sports, especially agility, and are used as therapy and rescue dogs.

Des Champs de l'Aigue Elevage de bergers australien France
Des Champs de l'Aigue
Elevage de bergers australien

Elevage de bergers australiens situé dans le centre de la France. Tous nos chiens sont testés pour la dysplasie des hanches et dépistés régulièrement des tares oculaires. De Plus tous nos chiens sont testés génétiquement et indemnes du HSF4, AOC, APR prcd et MDR1.

Master Shepherd Australian Shepherd & Jack Russell TerrierItaly
Master Shepherd - Australian Shepherd & Jack Russell Terrier

Allevamento amatoriale di Australian Shepherd e Jack Russell Terrier e hotel a 4 zampe, tra i colli della Riviera Berica, a Vicenza.

Jack Russell Terrier

Kati-vlčí makSlovakia
Kati-vlčí mak

A small kennel with quality dogs in which health, temperament and fitness has the highest priority!

German Shepherd Dog

Ausytė - Australian Shepherd kennelLithuania
Ausytė - Australian Shepherd kennel

Aussies for shows and working! Australian Shepherd dog kennel in Lithuania. These dogs are perfect for agility, flyball, obedience... The best friendand companion you could ever find! For more information please contact us via e-mail.

Origine IIFrance
Origine II

I am a small kennel located in the north of France who breed occasionallyAustralian Shepherds from working lines. Our dogs live at home and are involved in herding, agility, tracking ...

Little Heroes Australian ShepherdsGermany
Little Heroes Australian Shepherds

Small kennel in Germany.

Z Bučávky Shetland SheepdogCzechia
Z Bučávky Shetland Sheepdog

Klein Hobbyzucht - shelties, australien sheepherd.

Shetland Sheepdog

Of Woolly RocksBelgium
Of Woolly Rocks

We live in Belgian Limburg, a stone's throw away from the Dutch border. In a rural location on the outskirts of the village at a farm with several animals, including dogs, cats and horses. Our backyard is the Maasvallei, a beautiful hiking area with country roads and the winding Maas, where we walk the dogs every day.

For several years, we are head over heels for the Aussies, with their friendly and open character, their obedience and beautiful color variations. The dogs are truly part of our family, they are both social to other people and animals. We find this aspect of the Aussie to be the most important, where good looks are a great benefit!

We would occasionally breed a litter, the puppies will be raised indoors and there will be a strong emphasis on proper socialization. Also, carefully looking at the character of the sire. Obviously the show results matter, but an open and social character is the most important!

Redivivus & BregoPoland

Australian shepherd home kennel Redivivus is located in Poland. We have stud dog. More about our dogs at our website.

CrystalClouds - Australian Shepherd ZuchtGermany
Australian Shepherd Zucht

Liebhaberzucht der Rasse Australian Shepherd unter ASCD und ASCA.

Rockstar Australian ShepherdsGermany
Rockstar Australian Shepherds

Wir besitzen Aussies seit dem Jahre 2001 und sind dieser wundervollen Rasse mit Haut und Haar verfallen.

Unsere Zucht haben wir über die Jahre mit viel Liebe, Geduld und Mühe aufgebaut und sind stolz auf das, was wir erreicht haben.

Unsere Hunde werden alle komplett untersucht, bevor sie in die Zucht gehen.

Charakter der Elterntiere, eine optimale Prägung und selbstverständlich die Gesundheit haben bei uns oberste Priorität.

Wir haben viele unserer Hunde aus den USA/Kanada importiert und stehen in engem Kontakt mit langjährigen Züchtern und Richtern aus den USA.

Für unsere Welpen suchen wir aktive ,liebe Menschen die bereit sind, ihren Aussie vernünftig zu erziehen und auszulasten.

It`s not just an Aussie - it`s a Rockstar !

Of Wonner Mistral Kennel Australian ShepherdCarcassonne, France Dog Breeders
Australian Shepherd

Elevage familial mais professionnel et passionnée de Berger australien dans le Sud de la France.


Of Hickory Lake Australian ShepherdFrance
Of Hickory Lake Australian Shepherd

Australian shepherd breeder in France for a Show, activity and pet.

Pearl of the Moon kennelCzechia
Pearl of the Moon kennel

Pearl of the Moon kennel, breeder Tibetan Spaniel and Australian Shepherd.

Tibetan Spaniel

Kleine SonneEstonia
Kleine Sonne

We are a little dogs kennel near the Baltic sea in Estonia. In our website you'll find photos from our bernies, pedigrees, show results, pups and other interesting information.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bergers Australiens de La Divine IdylleFrance
Bergers Australiens de La Divine Idylle

Elevage familial de Bergers Australiens en France.

Moto PiesPoland
Moto Pies

Australian Shepherds` kennel Moto Pies. Australian shepherds (aussie) are our love, passion and above all, they're a part of our family. We invite you to our website, where you will find more information about dogs that live with us and our kennel.

Kennel SpinnrockenSweden
Kennel Spinnrocken

Spinnrocken's kennel has been around since 1984 For me it is important that all my dogs are healthy specimens of the breed, has an outstanding temperament, very cooperative and is correct built.

Yellowstone AussiesGermany
Yellowstone Aussies

Australian Shepherd Breeder, more information on our website.

du domaine de la Camosciara Berger AustralienFrance
Berger Australien

Elevage Berger Australien situé en France. Berger Australien pour compagnie, sports canins, expositions.

Elevage de La TroadeFrance
Elevage de La Troade

Un petit élevage familial doté d'une grande passion !!!

Red-Sox-Aussies FCI/CASDGermany

Wir haben seit 1998 Australian Shepherds und lieben diese wunderbare Rasse! Unsere Deckrüden haben alle nur möglichen Untersuchungen und einen einwandfreien Charakter! Aber schaunen Sie selber vorbei und überzeugen Sie sich selber von unseren Hunden! Australian Shepherd since 1998, Germany Top Dog´s look at my homepage.

kennel MarrandiRussia

A Kennel Marrandi located in Russia, Saint-Petersburg. We successfully breed Australian shepherd Our aim is to breed healthy, happy and beautiful puppies. Exports available to loving homes worldwide. Please visit our site for more information.

Diamond Rush Australian Shepherd KennelCzechia
Diamond Rush
Australian Shepherd Kennel

Diamond Rush - Australian shepherd kennel (Diamond Rush - chovatelská stanice Australských ovčáků) Breeders: Veronika Pavlikova & Martin Balaz

Wow LixomsSweden
Wow Lixoms

Beauty and brain.

Dvůr u potokaCzechia
Dvůr u potoka

We are a small hobby Kennel located in the south of Moravia (Czech republic). We are breeding typical healthy Australian shepherds with lovely character for every kind of hobby, work and shows (DNA tested - PRA, CEA, HSF4, MDR).

Allevamento Di Casa RovaiItaly
Allevamento Di Casa Rovai

We breed dogs for generations by pure passion, we strive to select the best possible way our current race (Australian Shepherd), our dogs live free, help us in working with geese and sheep, we want in addition to the functional ability of the breed there is also the beauty and peculiarity of the character. We work for it.In addition to dogs we "choose" any future owners of our puppies. This for us is key!

Swingtowns Australian ShepherdsSweden
Swingtowns Australian Shepherds

Welcome to Swingtowns Australian Shepherds.

I have my kennel in Sweden, Blekinge, Karlshamn and is dedicated to breeding gorgeous Australian Shepherds with fantastic exterior, nice temperament, great will to work and a fantastic "will- to-please ". What I strive for in my breeding is to breed healthy and correct dogs.

I will always be careful with what I choose for combinations and will never breed dogs that are not physically or mentally well. Honesty, development, and accuracy is my motto in my breeding!

Laumeneel KennelFrance
Laumeneel Kennel

Australian Shepherd kennel located in france versatile aussie for perfect owner.

Trinkets Australian ShepherdsPoland
TRINKETS Australian Shepherds

We are small hobby kennel located in south Poland. Our dogs are treated as full members of family. We very much care about our dogs, their health, happiness and best quality of their lives. Litters in our home will appear occasionally, with most careful selections of parents.

Le Domaine d'ArlequinFrance
Le Domaine d'Arlequin

Elevage familial de Berger Australien et Chihuahua.

ALM St Monica KennelItaly
ALM St Monica Kennel

Our kennel select American Akita and Australian Shepherd in order to produce tipycal morphologically dogs, with sociable temperament and rigorously tested for hereditary diseases. We select ONLY American bloodlines, visiting kennels in U.S.A. and/or nothern Europe and personally importing our dogs.

American Akita

du Soleil de la Côte d'Argent
 Australian Shepherd KennelFrance
Australian Shepherd Kennel

Family breeding Australian Shepherds in France near Bordeaux.

Des Embruns Islais - Australian ShepherdFrance
Australian Shepherd

Elevage familial de bergers australiens. Importation us. Chiots éduqués et socialisés pour pratiquer des activités. Nos chiots sont destinés à des familles actives : agility, pistage, dog dic, randonnées en forêt, ...

Soulwind Australian ShepherdsGermany
Soulwind Australian Shepherds

We are Australian Shepherd Breeders, located in central Germany. Our dogs and puppies are registered VDH/FCI and ASCA. We are a small Kennel with just a few litters. We have high standards, select the stud dog very carefully and take long time to plan each litter.

Of Mistral's Kiss KennelItaly
Of Mistral's Kiss Kennel

Official FCI/ENCI kennel of Shikoku, Australian Shepherd and Yakutian Laika, located in Italy.

Shikoku Yakutian Laika

Heart & Brain (IN Hillbilly) AussiesGermany
Heart & Brain (IN Hillbilly) Aussies

Heart & Brain (formerly IN Hillbilly) Aussies is a small FCI and ASCA registered kennel for versatile Aussies with proper conformation and the ability "to do it all".

We have bred some nice ASCA champions, performance champions and lots of more ASCA and VDH titled sport dogs. And there are a lot of puppies making their families very happy as beloved pets.

Please visit our website to learn more about us, our pack, upcoming litters, our stud dogs and our seminars relating the Australian Shepherd.

Kölsknäppens Australian shepherdSweden Dog Breeders

Working australian shepherd.

Junassland Australian Shepherd & Pomeranian kennelLatvia
Junassland kennel

Australian Shepherd & Pomeranian kennel.


Beaverfield Mentality Australian ShepherdHungary
Beaverfield Mentality

Small family based Australian Shepherd kennel in the south of Hungary. Our goal is to breed versatile family friendly dogs according to FCI standards.

MapleSpring's kennel Australian ShepherdSlovenia
MapleSpring's kennel

MapleSpring's is a small australian shepherds kennel established in 2018. We are based at the very edge of mountains region in beautiful Slovenia.

Our kennel is a home to our fluffy aussies and one even fluffier polar dog. Our dogs excel not only in conformation, but dog sports such as agility and discdog as well, performing tricks in dogdancing routine and being the perfect SUP partners.

But above all they are members of our family, loved and cared for beyond compare.

Somebody to love Australian ShepherdsBelgium
Somebody to love

Smalle Australian Shepherd breeder in Belgium. We breed with passion and love for our dogs.

Mystic Fire Australian ShepherdCzechia
Mystic Fire

A small hobby kennel of Australian Shepherds focused on versatile aussies with excellent health, structure and movement.

All Embracing Australian ShepherdsPoland
All Embracing

Welcome to our small kennel of australian shepherds. Our dogs live with us at home and first and foremost are members of our family. We invite You to visit our website to get more information about us :-)

Australian Shepherds YarrindiNetherlands
Yarrindi Australian Shepherds

Small Australian Shepherd Kennel located in The Netherlands. Quality Australian Shepherds. Beauty, Brains & Health and a joy to live with. - DOMAIN FOR SALE - MAKE AN OFFER!
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