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Podenco ibicenco / Ibizan Hound / Ibizan Warren Hound / Chien de garenne des Baléares / Podenco d'Ibiza / Ibiza-Podenco

Snowlief Ibizan HoundsUK
SNOWLIEF Ibizan Hounds

Quality Ibizans bred in a home environment

We are Paul and Liz, Martin and Shaun Egan, we live in a place called Bebington, on a peninsular in between Liverpool and Chester in the United Kingdom.We have owned and loved ibizan hounds for the last twenty years and have recently successfully bred our female Ibizan Hound The Main Monkey Business at Snowlief to a beautiful male Sebson V Oxymoron.

Prior to owning ibizan hounds we have also owned, showed and bred Samoyeds successfully with my late mother Mrs Bessie McMillan.Please feel free to visit our website and enjoy sharing part of our wonderful lives with these amazing dogs.

Cirneco dell Etna at Anharbn HoundsUK
Anharbn Hounds

The small Hound that fits in any where. Pharaoh Hounds - Top Breeder.

Cirneco dell'Etna Pharaoh Hound

Baltas Vejas Ibizan Houndithuania

Our kennel has been engaged in breeding since 2013. we set particularly high requirements for the selection quality in order to maintain the authenticity of the breed.