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American Hairless Terrier

Sarantais KennelFinland
Sarantais Kennel

Hi, we have had American Hairless Terriers since 2003. We breed a couple of litters in a year - we want to spread the happiness and the joy which our family has got from our hairless family members :D We have two Champion AHTs.

Best regards, Sari & Ari

American Hairless Terrier UK Naked Heart KennelEssex, England Dog Breeders
Naked Heart Kennel
American Hairless Terrier UK

History was made when England's 1st Male (Neo) American Hairless Terrier arrived in the UK in April 2004.

Neo made all the news papers and TV for being the first ever AHT to arrive in England. Later we imported a girl named Trinity (2 aht to arrive in England).

At present (2007) we have produced 2 litters of American Hairless Terrier of a total of 7 puppies born in England, this is England's first ever 2 litters and has gone down In history for England.

You can see all the news papers and videos via our websites. We now breed for people with allergies to normal dogs, and bring happiness to many families that could not normally have a dog with fur.

For information on this breed you can call me. Our official website is we also run allergy trials for this people with allergies wanting a puppy.

From Naked Heart Kennel

American Hairless Terriers Punto Valentino Czechia
Punto Valentino
American Hairless Terrier

PUNTO VALENTINO are the first kennel in the Europe to have CHAMPIONS from Europien Countries. We have had American Hairless Terriers since March 2004. AHT is an active, very playful dog and is placed among pleasant, small dogs.

Thanks to their curiosity and intelligence, they are easily controlled and make a great companion. They love children and get along very well with other dogs and even cats. AHT dogs have a strong affiliation for the company of humans and perform all activities with their masters with joy. AHT is a faultless companion and is especially ideal for allergy sufferers. For those who have a place in their heart for a new friend, you will find this exceptional breed will completely fill it. We love to help you found for you the best puppy to your family.

American Hairless Terrier Club in FranceFrance
Club de France du Américan Hairless Terrier

Adrien de l'élevage valentino (république tchèque) est le premier a être arrivé en France, puis une petite copine est venu rejoindre Adrien (Ashlet) de l'élevage Allemand (Magic-hairless) Merci à ces deux élevage qui nous ont fait confiance.

Nous avons créer un club pour le AHT en France, nous espérons que cette superbe race fera le plaisir de beaucoup de Français, surtout ceux qui ne peuvent avoir de compagnon du à l'allergie du poil, Venez visiter et poser des questions sur cette race par notre forum.

Wudnway Kennel - American Hairless TerrierRussia
Wudnway Kennel
American Hairless Terrier

Wudnway Kennel - first AHT in Russia

We are enjoing our life with AHT since December 2004 when we got our first terier. For the time had been passed our AHT became Champions of Russia, Ukrain, Moldova, RKF on FCI show, Multiwinners of AHT specialties and loving dogs in many families in Russia and abroad.

Grand Animal American Hairless TerrierGermany
Grand Animal American Hairless Terrier

Grand Animal - first AHT-Kennel in Germany

We wish to introduce ourselves and our American Hairless Terrier, we have been breeding in early 2006. With us on the web page you see all of our dogs, which are transported directly from USA.

Kennel Nikes American Hairless TerrierSweden
Kennel Nikes American Hairless Terrier

We have a small familybreeding in our home, welove to work with puppysocialisazion and enviromenttraining so all puppies are well prepared to life in the forever home.

We work with Natural Breeding and let dogs choose if they want to mate or not, we never interfeare with dogs natural sexual selection. We are interested and educated in ethology, genetics and are certified Dogminder.

In our Kennel we also have long experience from traditional breeding. We are participating in dogevents/courses and are very interested in dogs wellfaire.

Welcome to email us and ask whatever you like:), if you want to know more of our dogs or how we are working!

Ps. This is the reason we work for "free matings" so nobody holds them: in the dogs nose it is an organ called "Vomeronasal organ" - the female can with help from that organ analyze the smell/"feromons" from male and she choose the male who is the best match for her! Female will choose the male who are most unlike her in the immunssystem so the puppies will have a wider immunesystem. If all breeders let dogs mate free, not hold, we would have healthier litters in all dogbreeds:-)

Welcome to visit us...

Romagna Water Dog

Superstitious AHTNetherlands
Superstitious AHT

We are Martin and Jolanda and we love animals a lot. We breed Shih Tzu for many years under Superstitious kennels. We also have Sphynx for 16 years, our catteryname is Fatal Attraction. We never heart about de american hairless terrier before, untill we got mail from Kim Probably, she wrote a mail to Sphynxbreeders. She send us a lot of pictures of AHT baby's Martin fell in love immidiately but I wanted to be sensible because we already have so many animals. We went to go and watch and we decided immidiately,Nora went home.

This is the beginning of ower love for the American Hairless Terrier


American Hairless Terrier first in Latvia. Russian Toy in Latvia. Puppies for home and breeding.

Американский голый терьер первый в Латвии. Русский той в Латвии. Щенки для дома и разведения.

Amerikaņu kailais terjers pirmais Latvijā. Krievu toiterjers Latvijā. Kucēni mājās un vairošanās.

Russian Toy

Mooshka Kennel - American Hairless TerriersSlovakia
American Hairless Terriers

Welcome at the home of first American Hairless Terrier is Slovakia. :)

In our small kennel arrived the first AHT in 2005 and we had the first litter of AHT puppies in Slovakia. Our puppies are Czech FCI Junior Champion and Slovak FCI Junior Champions and we would like to breed for awesome structure and even better personalities. Check out our website for and see our wonderful girls and boys and planned litters of AHT puppies.

La Belle Dame Sans MerciFrance
La Belle Dame Sans Merci

Welcome to La Belle Dame Sans Merci, a small family kennel located in France. I hope to make you discover and like these so attractive breeds that are the American Hairless Terrier and the Italian Greyhound. Enjoy your visit !

Italian Greyhound

Caro Canou's KennelBelgium
Caro Canou's Kennel

Welcome at Caro Canou's Kennel.

We are a small kennel in Belgium and we breed the American Hairless Terriër. I got my first AHT in 2010 and I just love them. Enjoy your'e visit to our site.

Olo'tsawke A.H.T.France
Olo'tsawke A.H.T.

Olo'tsawke A.H.T est un petit élevage familial d'American Hairless Terrier situé en région lorraine en France, nous sommes membres club Français de l' A.H.T, nous vous invitons à visiter notre site web et à apprécier nos petites merveilles.

Olo'tsawke AHT is a small family breeding American Hairless Terrier located in the Lorraine region in France, we are French club members of the AHT, we invite you to visit our website and enjoy our small wonders.


Wij zijn Marco en Irma Klomp, Wij zijn verslingerd aan de American Hairless terrier. Ons doel is een nestje te fokken uit een geselecteerde combinatie. Voorop staan Pret, Passie en Plezier, Een perfekte gezondheid en een uitstekend karakter. Al onze honden leven bij ons in huis, waar ze vrij rond kunnen lopen, spelen en knuffelen.

American Hairless Terrier

Kennel MidelisFinland
Kennel Midelis

Once in a while you will find here puppies. I breed puppies from combinations that I can imagine to leave all of them for me :) My intention is to breed the man's best friends, from healthy, checked and standard looking parents.

Estat Dynasty American Hairless TerriersEstonia
Estat Dynasty

Estonian kennel of American Hairless Terriers.

Biscotti - Saluki, Cirneco and American hairless terrierNorway

Breeder of saluki, cirneco and american hairless terrier.

Saluki         Cirneco dell'Etna

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