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Kennel Katherina's Land Airedale terrier Estonia
Airedale terrier

Hi, my name is Ekaterina. My life is breeding, growing, and showing Airedale Terriers. I have been doing this since 1981. After Estonia joined the FCI, I registered my kennel using the affix “Katherina’s Land”, and our first litter was born under this affix in 1991. Since that time, many of our dogs have won many shows at different levels.

I don’t expect that owners of our dogs must participate in showing their dogs. The most important thing for me is that our puppies find a good and loving new owner, but I will be very happy if the new owner involves the dog in agility training or showing their dog.

Airedale Terrier

Rough collies SnowysandEstonia

Rough collie breeder since 2021 in Estonia.

Collie Rough

Mariberries EurasierEstonia

Kennel in Estonia, breeding of Eurasier. Take a look at our Facebook page to see our dogs.


Alaskan Malamute Kennel ThurisazEstonia
Kennel Thurisaz

We breed Alaskan malamutes. More information on our webpage.

Alaskan Malamute

Born to Win White ShepherdsEstonia
Born to Win White Shepherds

20 years of TOP breeding of FCI registered BTWW White Swiss Shepherd Dogs, MULTI Winners.

White Swiss Shepherd Dog

Shiba Akane-Hinata KennelTallin, Estonia
Akane-Hinata Kennel

Akane-Hinata kennel is registered in the International Kennel Federation (FCI), therefore all our dogs and puppies have FCI pedigrees. Our kennel is located in Tallinn, Estonia, about 20 minutes from the city center.

Our dogs live with us at home and actively participate in dogshows. We test dogs for genetic diseases and regularly monitor their health.


BeagPoint kennel - Beagles and English Pointer​Pärnu, Estonia
BeagPoint kennel - Beagles

We love beagles and english pointers.

Beagle English Pointer

Kennel MustkoerEstonia
Kennel Mustkoer

We are a small hobby kennel, our aim is to breed working-line German Sherpherd dogs with stabile temperament and all-round Border Collies suitable for shows, sports and work.

German Shepherd Dog Border Collie

Delight of Sunlight kennelEstonia
Delight of Sunlight kennel

Small hobby kennel established in 2016 and situated in Estonia. It all started with growing love for Golden Retrievers after getting our first puppy. Our aim is to breed Golden Retrievers for loving homes, shows and work.

Tegemist on 2016. aastal loodud hobikenneliga, mis sai alguse esimese koera võtust aasta varem. Meie missiooniks on aretada tõustandardile vastavaid koeri nii kodukoerteks, näitusteks kui ka töö tegemiseks.

Golden Retriever

Estat Dynasty American Hairless TerriersEstonia
Estat Dynasty

Estonian kennel of American Hairless Terriers.

American Hairless Terrier

Sakala NewfoundlandsEstonia

A little hobby-kennel in south Estonia 8 yrs.


kennel illyskyEstonia
kennel illysky

Wellcome to kennel illysk website.

Golden Retriever


Samoyeds and papillons from Estonia. All about our dogs, breeding plans and shows... You are welcome to visit us!

Samoyed Papillon

Dommichang Tibetan MastiffsEstonia
Dommichang Tibetan Mastiffs

Tibetan Mastiffs Kennel Dommichang.

Tibetan Mastiff

Kennel PolarfactEstonia
Kennel Polarfact

We are the first kennel in Estonia, who have more than one litter of hovawarts. We have Finnish dogs and mostly Finnish partners.


Kleine SonneEstonia
Kleine Sonne

We are a little dogs kennel near the Baltic sea in Estonia. In our website you'll find photos from our bernies, pedigrees, show results, pups and other interesting information.

Bernese Mountain Dog Australian Shepherd

Ulnight ButterflyEstonia

Small hobby kennel in Tallinn since 1996.

Miniature Schnauzer Miniature Pinscher

Ratio Vivendi Chihuahua kennelEstonia
RATIO VIVENDI Chihuahua kennel

We are a small home kennel who breed primarily fortradirional qualities of the breed.


kennel DagostarEstonia
kennel Dagostar

We are a little kennel in Estonia.Our first pedigree dog was french bulldog Lote. She came to our family at 2007. 2 years later came to our family alittle english bulldog girl and ever sence our love belong to all bulldogs.

French Bulldog English Bulldog

Baltic LightFinlandEstonia
Baltic Light

The kennel Baltic Light is located in north-eastern part of Estonia and registered No 8/2011. In the kennel lives Boston Terrier named South Dakota Vigor Gemini.

At the age of two years and four months South Dakota became the champion of the Baltic States, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Russia, Russian Federation Canine, Belarus. Titles of young champions of the Baltic States, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia were also obtained, as well as LVJW10, LVW10, LVW11, LTW11.

Besides the official titles, the following ones are obtained as well: CACIB x 7, RCACIB x 1, CAC x 12, BOB x 9, JBOB x 6, VSPJ x 7, JCAC x 5, CW x 1, BOS x 2, BIG - 3, 4, BIS – 5, VSP papi x 1, VSP bebi x 1, PP x 2, GOLD MEDAL x 2.

Boston Terrier

KennelStars RondelEstonia
KennelStars Rondel

Kennel *Stars Rondel*.
First kennel in Estonia bedlington terrier.
Progenitor of the kennel is Kinterra Gilma.

Bedlington Terrier

German BoxerEstonia
Kennel Kreisid

We are little hobby kennel and for us is important quality not a quantity.

German Boxer

Dilina RoyalEstonia
Dilina Royal

We are very happy to present our Kennel. We have been successfully showing and breeding our Pomeranians and German Miniature Spitz since 1992.

We are incharge to our dogs. Only breed from healthy dogs, regularly bringing a new bloods in breeding programm (excellent pedigree and genealogy).

All our dogs live with us at loving home and having excellent characters, health, well socialized and friendly. Our puppys are always vetchecked, vaccinated and having a microchip before leaving our home. They come to a new home with a lifetime support.

Please feel free to contact us at any time.

German Miniature Spitz / Pomeranian

Kennel DellandrosEstonia
Kennel Dellandros

We are a little hobby-kennel in Estonia.

Dachshund Russian Toy Tibetan Mastiff Leonberger

Blanco Solar Dogo Argentino kennelEstonia
Blanco Solar Dogo Argentino kennel

We have a home kennel. All our dogs are living next to us and our friends as members of family. Our breeding dogs are carefully selected, they are Winners of dogshows and excellent dogs. Our puppy owners are our friends as well. We do our best to support them in everything.

Dogo Argentino

Kennel Baltic DelightEstonia
Kennel Baltic Delight

Shorthaired and longhaired chihuahua puppies for sale!


Ringokris Goldens and BorzoisEstonia
Ringokris Goldens and Borzois

Ringokris - that's Heili living in Tallinn and Kristina living in Raplamaa. The affix Ringokris was formed already in 1992, the name comes from Heili's first dog Ringo and Kristina's forename. At the moment we have Golden Retrievers and a Borzoi.

Ringokris - need oleme Tallinnas elav Heili ja Raplamaal elav Kristina. Kasvanduse Ringokris registreerisime juba 1992. a. Kasvanduse nimi on tuletatud Heili esimese koera Ringo ja Kristina nimedest. Praegusel hetkel on meil kuldsed retriiverid ja borzoi.

Golden Retriever Borzoi

Kennel KryscroftEstonia

A small family show kennel based in Tallinn, Estonia. Our aim is to breed and show the top Prague Ratter of breed standard, good health, temperament, good looks and lots of personality. Our dogs are our family.

Prague Ratter

Jurnin Family Chihuahua KennelEstonia
JURNINFAMILY Chihuahua Kennel

Petit élevage passion & sélection  chihuahua.


Vinzenta TemiEstonia

Vinzenta Temi is a small quality home kennel registered October 1993 in the FCI's, dedicated to breeding both short coated and long coated Chihuahuas whom I consider all to be a valued member of my family. I only pick the healthiest, good looking dogs with great personalities for breeding. Also all my dogs and puppies come from the best pedigrees.


Pajumäe KennelEstonia

Berni alpi karjakoerad  aastast 2004 & Bernhardiinid aastast 1990

Kasvatame Berne ja bernhardiine -on nii emaseid kui ka isaseid aretuseks. vajalikud uuringu tehtud. mĂĽĂĽa ka kutsikaid.

Bernese Mountain Dog St. Bernard Dog

Kennel Pearl House ChihuahuaEstonia
Kennel Pearl House Chihuahua

Kennel Chihuahua Pearl House of Estonia.


Kuuksaare Alaskan MalamutesEstonia
Kuuksaare Alaskan Malamutes

Kuuksaare kennel is a small hobbykennel, located in eastern Estonia, breeding Alaskan Malamutes. Welcome to our homepage!

Alaskan Malamute

Solebas kennelEstonia
Solebas kennel

Healthy and high-quality basenjis.


Kennel MerrilowEstonia
Kennel Merrilow

Merrilow is a small kennel with one or two dogs at home with enough space and love for each of them.

Labrador Retriever Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Magus Toy Kennel Russkiy toyEstonia
Magus Toy - Kennel Russkiy toy

In translation from the Estonian language the word "magus" means "sweet". We named our kennel so, because when you take such crumb on hands, you wish to tell at once "You are my sweet!".

Despite the small size, this dog is active, cheerful, courageous and infinitely betrayed to the owner. A small dog with the big heart.
Best wishes, Sophia

Russian Toy

Kennel AbilityEstonia
Kennel Ability

We are a small boxers and dobermans family kennel, located in the south of Estonia. Our puppies are raised in family environment. Our purpose is to breed healty boxers and dobermans of typical temperament and good appearance. We are open to talk to you in English, Russian or Estonian. You can send us e-mail as well.

Dobermann Geraman Boxer

Dion's kennelEstonia
Dion's kennel

We have a small kennel, all our dogs lives as family members in the house. We are breeding for quality and not quantity. Occasionally we have puppies for sale. We live in near Tallinn, Estonia.

Borzoi Cesky Terrier Siberian Husky

Dion's Continental Bulldogs
Dion's Continental Bulldogs

Welcome to the continental bulldogs kennel Dion's in Estonia. Kennel registration since 2001. Focus on healthy dogs with an easy going mentality and correctly built according to breed standards. Breeding indoors as family dogs.

Continental Bulldog

kennel Private-StefalEstonia
kennel Private-Stefal

Currently we are breeding the Bernese Mountain Dogs. In past, we also have bred Rottweilers.

Bernese Mountain Dog Rottweiler

Hanny-dog German Shepherd DogEstonia

About my favourite dog - breeds a German shepherd.

German Shepherd Dog

Rishiwa Do-khyiEstonia

Tibetan Mastif breeding!

Tibetan Mastiff

Philadelphian Sabanna BorzoiEstonia
Philadelphian Sabanna

Hobbykennel in Estonia. Our Borzois are living with us as family members, they have also great results from the Shows and Lure Coursing.


Netravati Tibetan Mastiffs and Welsh Springer Spaniel KennelEstonia
Netravati - tibetan mastiffs
and welsh springer spaniel kennel

Kennel Netravati is a small home kennel with concentration on raising and breeding Tibetan Mastiffs. In our kennel we have the traditional black & tan Tibetan as well as the golden and black Tibetan Mastiff that is still relatively rare in Estonia.

Tibetan Mastiff Welsh Springer Spaniel

kennel Gemmas CoEstonia
kennel Gemmas Co

Welcome to the homepage of kennel Gemmas Co. Our kennel has got its name after Gemma who is also World Winner 2008.

Tibetan Mastiff

American Cocker Spaniels Kennel Willsteff'sEstonia
Kennel Willsteff's

American Cocker Spaniels in Estonia.

American Cocker Spaniel

Golden Retrievers MeiepereEstonia
Meiepere Goldens

Kennel established in 1991. We are breeding goldens in Estonia. Our main target is to breed beautiful goldens with good characters and ability to work. Our dogs are family members, they live in our house and garden freely. Please visit our website to see our dogs, available puppies and get more info.

Golden Retriever

 Way Out West DobermannsEstonia
Way Out West dobermanns

Small homekennel from Estonia.


AyYangadoo KnieiEstonia
AyYangadoo Tibetan mastiffs

Kennel AyYangadoo is located in northern part of Europa, in Estonia. We welcome you visit our website and meet our Tibetan Mastiffs.

Tibetan Mastiff

Kennel Echo de'ChienEstonia
Kennel Echo de'Chien

Kennel Echo de'Chien is a small hobby kennel in Estonia, our breed is the majestetic pyrenean mountain dog from France. Our goal is to breed physically healthy dogs with good temperaments and true to their FCI standard. Puppies only when we have reservations!
Kennel Echo de'Chien
Marion-Silvia Diener

Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Crownmaple KennelEstonia

Our new site! Crownmaple is English Cockers & English Springer Spaniels kennel since 2000. We are little hobby kennel and our goal is to breed with best style, health and temper.

English Cocker Spaniel English Springer Spaniel

Holan Hardbeard KennelEstonia
Holan Hardbeard

Miniature schnauzer's black and white.Welcome to our website!

Miniature Schnauzers black and white

Kennel EaglemountEstonia
Kennel Eaglemount

Small homekennel in Estonia, we breed Cane Corso. Welcome to visit oure site!

Cane Corso Italiano

Millgret KennelEstonia

Zwergpinscher, Chihuahua, Prague Ratter kennel in Estonia. Welcome to visit our site!

Miniature Pinscher Chihuahua Prague Ratter

Kennel Shafran SheenyEstonia

The first kennel of German Miniature spitz and Pomeranian. Kleinspitz and Pomeranian breeder/exhibitor in Estonia. It was officially registered in 1994 at ...

Kleinspitz and Pomeranian

Kennel Magic ShowEstonia

The first kennel of Silky Terriers and Chihuahuas in Estonia. It is registered in 1995..

Australian Silky Terrier Chihuahua

Volitans KennelEstonia
Volitans Silky Terriers

Small homekennel in Estonia with finest international bloodlines, take a look at our website to see our familymembers! You are welcome!

Volitans Australian Silky Terriers
VOLITANS Australian Silky Terriers

Breeding with love, breeding for love!

Breeding beautiful and healthy Silky terriers since 2004. World Winners, European Winners, International champions! Healthy and beautiful Silky terriers with great temperament ask from Volitans kennel!

Australian Silky Terrier