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Antwerpen / Anvers, Oost-Vlaanderen / Flandre orientale, Vlaams-Brabant / Brabant flamand, Limburg / Limbourg, West-Vlaanderen / Flandre occidentale, Henegouwen / Hainaut, Luik / LiĂšge, Luxemburg / Luxembourg, Namen / Namur, Waals-Brabant / Brabant wallon,

Great Dane Vom MerckelbachBelgium
Vom Merckelbach

Great Danes Fawn and Brindle Harlequin and Black.

Great Dane

Sweet Vulcan MalinoisAntwerpen, Belgium
Sweet Vulcan Malinois

Family kennel since 1997 with a small production of 2 litters per year. Our Malinois are confirmation type. They are social and sportive and good in obedience, agility, tracking and family pet. The puppies are born and raised in the house.

Belgian Shepherd Malinois

Yellow Brick Road Kennel Parson Russell TerrierAntwerpen, Belgium
Yellow Brick Road Kennel

We have a small kennel located in Belgium. Our dogs are active in agility.

Parson Russell Terrier

Irish Wolfhound Glaslyn GatewayBelgium
Glaslyn Gateway

We settled in the kempen region a few years back when we were just three. Now a second little girl and one boy were born into the family as wel as our beloved River, our first Irish Wolfhound. We are taking the first big steps this year towards our first litter of this magnificant breed.

The puppies will be raised in the midst of a large, joyful family and we hope to pass the joy of owning a dog of this breed on onto others.

Irish Wolfhound

Russian Fairy Tale Russian ToyBelgium
Russian Fairy Tale

Officiële erkende kennel van het ras Russkiy Toy.

Russian Toy

Les Epagneuls bretons de L'HospitalierBelgium
Les Epagneuls bretons de L'Hospitalier

We are a small home-based kennel, aiming to produce quality, not quantity. Our dogs live in the house, not in kennels. We breed Epagneuls bretons (Brittanies) over 34 years out of the best French bloodlines.

Brittany Spaniel

Dutch Highlands Swiss White ShepherdsBelgium
Dutch Highlands Swiss White Shepherds

We breed family dogs with a lot of quality's and talents.

Our dogs are very balanced in temper, perform very well in shows according to our showchampions, are very good tracking dogs, some are really good in herding sheep, very good therapy/AAI dogs but most of all they are all family dogs who love to live indoors with their family.

All our dogs are FCI scored for hips and elbows, MDR1 free no carrier and DM free. Health and a balanced temper are very important to us.

All our dogs live together with us in our home and our puppys are born and raised in our home.

White Swiss Shepherd Dog

Bouviers van het BergbosBelgium
Bouviers van het Bergbos

Bouvier des Flandres - bouvierkennel van het Bergbos - balanced bouviers from selected bloodlines - sometimes puppies - Stekene - Waasland - Vlaanderen - Belgie - Vlaamse Koehond.

Bouvier des Flandres

Border Collies LisauraBelgium
Lisaura Border Collies

Family Border Collie kennel.

Border Collie

Bouvier des Flandres - Of Flanders BestBelgium
Of Flanders Best - Bouvier des Flandres

Occasional breeder. Our bouviers from the showline are national and international champions. They are selected taking into account the characteristics, beauty and their social character.

Bouvier des Flandres

Mastino Napoletano Casa di FiduciaBelgium
Casa di Fiducia

Breeder of mastino napoletano, italian Mastiff.

Mastino Napoletano

Lyns-Avenly Shih-Tzu'sBelgium
Lyns-Avenly Shih-Tzu's

Small and exclusive Shih-tzu breeder since 1988.

Shih Tzu

Irish wolfhounds of Kate’s meadowBelgium
of Kate’s meadow Irish wolfhounds

A small beginning kennel. Our dogs live inside as a part of our family. Character and health are the most important criteria for us. We are registered breeders with the KMSH in Belgium.

Irish Wolfhound

Somebody to love Australian ShepherdsBelgium
Somebody to love

Smalle Australian Shepherd breeder in Belgium. We breed with passion and love for our dogs.

Australian Shepherd

Smiling Amigo’s AmstaffsBelgium
Smiling Amigo’s Amstaffs

Amstaffs with a smile

Smiling Amigo’s is a small hobby kennel who love to show the Amstaff on dogshows around Europe. We love the Woods bloodline.

American Staffordshire Terrier

Berner sennen Oreades HelvetiaeBelgium
Berner sennen Oreades Helvetiae

We are a small hobby breeder of the Berner Mountain Dog. Our dogs are part of our family and live in the house. Our focus is on health and we spend a lot of time selecting the right and healthy stud dog.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Pride of Bamajo American akitaBelgium
Pride of Bamajo

breeder of American Akita Puos Availible.

American Akita

Academy The Falcon - American Bully KennelBelgium
Academy The Falcon
American Bully Kennel

Our passion is to produce the best American Bullies, we combining the finest traditional bloodlines like Remyline, Gottiline and Kindom Blood, we use just the most beautiful Bullies, our dogs have the full package: body, wide chest, strong bones an big heads, we also do a big effort to socialize and train our dogs to become a true buddy for their owner.

American Bully

From Dingo's Home Border Collie'sBelgium
From Dingo's Home Border Collie's

Border Collie's, Sociaal aanhankelijke honden, buiten actief binnen relax. Af en toe eens puppy's from Dingo's home . Geen geforceerde fok.

Border Collie

Van de westerhoeve BullmastiffsBelgium
Van de westerhoeve

We are a small kennel in Belgium and we are Breeding with the best European bloodlines.feel free to visitekaartjes our website.


Elevage de l'ßlot sacréBelgium
Elevage de l'ßlot sacré

Petit élevage occasionnel situé a Bruxelles. De temps en temps chiots. J'élÚve cette adorable race depuis 1999 et vous invite à visiter mon site pour en savoir plus sur ce merveilleux compagnon.


A VĂ­zimalomBelgium
A VĂ­zimalom

We're a young family with 3 children and a heart filled with Kuvasz love. Our dogs are not onlu very healthy, they have a golden caracter and are very well socialised. They live among us and they live together with lots of other animals (dogs, cats, horses, a pig, sheeps, a bird and a goat). If you're also passionate bu Kuvasz, feel free to visit our website!


Elevage Familial La tendresse Blanche Berger Blanc SuisseBelgium
Elevage Familial La tendresse Blanche Berger Blanc Suisse

Elevage Familial du Berger Blanc Suisse, nos chiens vivent avec nous à l'intérieur, pas de cage extérieur, ni box... nous pratiquons plusieurs disciplines avec nos chiens, obéissance, agility,

White Swiss Shepherd Dog

Epagneul Breton du Bois de BuisseretBelgium
Epagneul Breton du Bois de Buisseret

Elevage toutes couleurs, chasse, field-trial, compagnie-Ă©ducation - pension.

Brittany Spaniel

Stand Your GroundBelgium
Stand Your Ground

You are welcome to visit us in Estonia. All about our dogs, breeding, shows and more on our homepage....

English Cocker Spaniel Staffordshire Bull Terrier

d'Abajomy siberiansBelgium
d'Abajomy siberians

A small kennel located in Belgium with siberians huskies since 2002. All dogs FCI pedigree and health checks on eyes and hips.

Siberian Husky

Sarplaninec des Lions de Macédoine - Sarplaninci od Makedonski LavoviBelgium
Sarplaninec des Lions de Macédoine
Sarplaninci od Makedonski Lavovi

Raising "Sarplaninec des Lions de Macedoine", presents this race with a lot of passion, because it is a breed that has a lot of character and they are very good guard!

Yugoslavian Shepherd Dog - Sharplanina

Lionheart Bloodline - American Bully KennelBelgium
Lionheart Bloodline
American Bully Kennel

American Bully Kennel - Lionheart Bloodline - Bullies in blue and bluefawn using only healthy dogs from the finest US bloodlines with ABKC pedigree we breed with Remyline and Kingdom bloodline our kennel is famous for well treatment, love, care and affection for our dogs.

American Bully

Golden Du Vivier Au BoisBelgium
Golden Du Vivier Au Bois

Elevage familiale de Golden Retriever en Belgique Ce sont avant tous, nos compagnons de tous les jours, ils partagent notre vie. Nos chiens participent a des expositions et a des concours.

Golden Retriever

La Vallée CélesteBelgium
La Vallée Céleste

First of all, Why is the name la Vallée Céleste, instead of a tibetian name like most of the breeds. We would like to honour a person trough that name, who has meat more than anybody else in our live and in particular for my wife Carine, Carine's grand mother.

The latter's name was Célestine and Carine often called her "Céleste". She always represents a softness, a comprehension, a kindness, a nobility of souland a selflessness to Carine. The comparaison may seem weird, but the TT possesses all these qualities. Is not a sign from the destiny? When we had found ou house on the road of the Vallée, Carine said : "This is the house of my dreams with lot of land. We were far from thinking that our lovely TT will one day, roam a boat. As you have understood saying the name of our breed brings much feeling and many wonderfull memories to us. Our logo, wiche we are very proud of it is a view of Babydol, our Queen, walking through a Valley full of stars. These stars represent all the kisses wich grany Célestine send to us and also of course to our dogs. Noone will ever be able take this name as it belong Carine, like her so terrible and big love for the tibetan's terrier.

Tibetan Terrier

Elevage de Montagne des Pyrénées de Plaine SapinBelgium
de Plaine Sapin
Elevage de Montagne des Pyrénées

Elevage familial de Montagne des Pyrénées. Chiots a Reserver !!!

Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Caro Canou's KennelBelgium
Caro Canou's Kennel

Welcome at Caro Canou's Kennel.

We are a small kennel in Belgium and we breed the American Hairless Terriër. I got my first AHT in 2010 and I just love them. Enjoy your'e visit to our site.

American Hairless Terrier

Valle SuaveBelgium
Valle Suave

Kleinschalig fokker van parsonrussellterriers en dwergteckels ruwhaar Zeer lief karakter ouders vele show titels.

Parson Russell Terrier Dachshund

Of Dreams Forever Border ColliesBelgium
Of Dreams Forever Border Collies

Of Dreams Forever is a small kennel. We bred for health, temperament, brains and beauty.

Border Collie

elevage Boomer Norfolk TerrierBelgium
elevage BOOMER Norfolk Terrier

Norfolk Terrier elevage BOOMER en Belgique.

Norfolk Terrier

magyar vizsla kennel AuragoBelgium
magyar vizsla kennel Aurago

Kleinschalige magyar vizsla kennel - korthaar vizsla. Wij fokken af en toe een nestje. Neem eens een kijkje op onze website.

Hungarian Short Haired Vizsla

VanTrod engelse bulldogBelgium
VanTrod engelse bulldog

Fokt reeds 40jaar engelse bulldogen.

In the late seventies we bought our first English bulldog. The ever-continuing process of learning has started. Through the years we learned to see the differences between a bulldog and a good bulldog. Today we are still perfecting our breeds with the best bulldogs from here and abroad. You will find every well credited bulldog name of Europe in the pedigree of one of our own. We have had several Belgian and international champions, yes, even a world champion!

English Bulldog

Avantasia's DiamondBelgium
Avantasia's Diamond

Avantasia's Diamond is a small kennel where puppies are born in a family environment. We occasionally have puppies from carefully selected dogs. Please visit our website, for more info and pictures about our dogs.

Welsh Springer Spaniel

D'Gaba Skyel BaBelgium
D'Gaba Skyel Ba

Small family kennel of Tibetan Terrier. You are very welcome to view our website with lots of information and images about the Tibetan Terrier.

Tibetan Terrier

Venatorius sighthoundsBelgium
Venatorius sighthounds

Welcome to our hobby kennel of Whippets and Piccolo Levriero Italiano. We breed to continue our champions bloodlines of racing. But in the first place we are always looking for a nice family and good home, where our puppies can live a happy life. Come and take a look at our big family of sighthounds...

Whippet Italian Greyhound

del doguerosBelgium
del dogueros

In our dogo argentino breeding program, we use the bloodlines La vieja diana and Ackon cahuak. These are bloodlines who have Proven themselves many times already in the past. Therefor we travel in and outside Europe, to find the right import dogs to refresh our bloodline. We hope this way,in the future, we can do something good for the dogo argentino in Belgium and Europe.

Our goal is to breed a good, stabile and healthy dogo argentino without losing their original typical identity. All our puppies are born and raised inside our house.We make sure that al the Puppies come in contact with everything inside and outside the house. We make sure they meet aswell different kind of people, other animals as different situations.This way the dogs can get a good start in life when they are going to their new owners. The Parents and grandparents of our dogs all come from healty bloodlines, they not only have good results on national and international dogshows, they also have the fysical and mental conditions that are required for a dogo argentino.

All our dogs are tested for hip dysplasia, and BAER-tested.

If you have any questions or you want to visit our kennel, you are always welcome.

We would like to thank you for showing interest in our kennel.

Kind regards,

Dogo Argentino

Bernese v.d SamaikaBelgium
Bernese v.d Samaika

Hobbykennel from Samaika Bernese mountaindogs since 1982. Wonderful studdog available, see him on our website.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Souvenir Cheyenne ChihuahuasBelgium
Souvenir Cheyenne Chihuahuas

Souvenir Cheyenne & Cheyenne Goes On chihuahua breeder sindce 1999. 5 generations and lotsof multi champions. Long and smooth coat. FCI St. Hubert peidgree, ADN tested, chip and parrents breeder selection.

Garantee on health and even for show. Nursed and growing free in the house and sociabilised. Now and then puppys for show and pet. ONLY pedigree dogs, No Merle !!!


Les bichons Havanais de la VallĂ©e du RĂȘveBelgium
Les bichons Havanais de la VallĂ©e du RĂȘve

Tous les chiots bichons Havanais issus de la VallĂ©e du RĂȘve sont Ă©levĂ©s en famille, sociabilisĂ©s avec tendresse et savoir-faire dans le respect de l'animal Les bichons ont un caractĂšre doux, affectueux et sont des compagnons idĂ©aux avec les enfants.

Les chiots de la VallĂ©e du RĂȘve sont Ă©levĂ©s dans le respect des phases de dĂ©veloppement des chiots. Depuis 1993 je n’ai que des compliments sur mon travail d’éleveur et je remercie toutes les personnes qui m’ont fait confiance pendant toutes ses annĂ©es.

Conseils et suivi



We are the small kennel of the wonderful breed Cirneco dell Etna. Our dogs are very value bloodlines, beautiful original type and nice character.

All our puppies grow up with love. And for each one we select the best owners :-)Possible shipment to other countries.

Welcome to our site, meet our dogs, fall in love with the breed :-)

Cirneco dell'Etna

Pyreneese Berghonden from Cailins GardenBelgium
Pyreneese Berghonden from Cailins Garden

Welcome to the Kennel from Pyreneese Berghonden from Cailins Garden. We are a small kennel who breeds Pyreneese Berghonden in home enviroment. puppies avaible.

Bienvenue chez le chenil du Cailins Garden. Elevage familial pour la beauté et la noblesse des chiens de montagne des pyrénées.

Willkommen im Kennel from Cailins Garden. Wir sind eine kleine FamilienzuchtstĂ€tte und unser Bestreben ist es familienfreundliche und gesunde PyrenĂ€enberghunde zu zĂŒchten.

Pyrenean Mountain Dog

von Muikenshof German ShepherdaBelgium
von Muikenshof German Shepherds

Home of worldchampion WUSV-Link von Muikenshof and Vice worldchampion FCI Jari von Muikenshof 1991.

German Shepherd Dog

Of Woolly RocksBelgium
Of Woolly Rocks

We live in Belgian Limburg, a stone's throw away from the Dutch border. In a rural location on the outskirts of the village at a farm with several animals, including dogs, cats and horses. Our backyard is the Maasvallei, a beautiful hiking area with country roads and the winding Maas, where we walk the dogs every day.

For several years, we are head over heels for the Aussies, with their friendly and open character, their obedience and beautiful color variations. The dogs are truly part of our family, they are both social to other people and animals. We find this aspect of the Aussie to be the most important, where good looks are a great benefit!

We would occasionally breed a litter, the puppies will be raised indoors and there will be a strong emphasis on proper socialization. Also, carefully looking at the character of the sire. Obviously the show results matter, but an open and social character is the most important!

Australian Shepherd

Eagle Eyed Angels - Chinese CrestedsBelgium
Eagle Eyed Angels - Chinese Cresteds

We are a small family homed kennel with just a few dogs. We only breed once a year or less. Our dogs live in our home, are health tested and have very good pedigree's.

Chinese Crested Dog

Elbe-Urstromtal Old Englisch SheepdogsBelgium
Elbe-Urstromtal Old Englisch Sheepdogs

In 1971 we started with the worldwide leading kennel of Old English Sheepdogs. Our Dogs are know for their gentle and Real OES Karakter. On top the have proven to be beautiful as well. We have bred 130 Champions worldwide.

Our typ is how an OES should looke like. See the dogs and puppies at our homepage and you will see the difference. We are not breeding justan OES, we are breeding special dogs!

Old English Sheepdog Bearded Collie

Firstprizebears Bearded Collies Belgium
Firstprizebears Bearded Collies

Firstprizebears Bearded Collies are established in 1988. Now 24 year further we are one of the leading kennels worldwide.Our goal is to breed a beautiful dog with the most wonderful temperament a Bearded Collie should have. We do not want a hyper active Beardie nor a barking one. All information you can finde on our homepage.

Bearded Collie

Sweety Punk - peruvian hairless dog kennelBelgium
Sweety Punk
peruvian hairless dog kennel

Sweety Punk - peruvian hairless dog kennel - medium and large size.

Sweety Punk is a mother-daughter association. So really a family kennel ! Our dogs live with us in our home and they even spent our sofas, our beds, ... to our pleasure!

Our goal: to give birth to beautiful babies with pedigree fci well in the standard, with good temperament and socialized to join their new family in the best conditions, babies in good health followed closely by a team veterinarian.

We have selected our breeding dogs carefully (origins, construction, type, character)...

we speak english, nous parlons français, Hablamos español.

Peruvian Hairless Dog

Hof Chao rottweilersBelgium
Hof Chao rottweilers

Rottweilerkennel Hof Chao is located in Roeselare Belgium. We breed with very strictly selected dogs, maximum 1-2 litters/year. Our goal is to breed healty and stabil dogs, suitable for shows and working.

Our K1-litter is born 14/10/2011
8 males & 3 females
dame: BH Multi-V1 CAC CACIB HEXE HOF CHAO (HD: Free ED: Free).

Our K2-litter is born 19/10/2011
4 females & 3 males
sire: Belgium CH GHP1 WGH ZTP BH GROMM HOF CHAO (HD: Free ED: Free)

We are the proud breeders and owners of stud male Belgium CH GHP1 WGH ZTP BH GROMM HOF CHAO (HD: Free ED: Free).

More info of us and of Hof Chao rottweilers can be found on our website!


Beauceronkennel L'Ami de la CampagneBelgium
Beauceronkennel L'Ami de la Campagne

We are breeders of Beaucerons (French Shepherds) with pedigree st. Hubert, great active family dogs with work en show abilities. We breed on a small basis, maximum of 2 litters per year. Pups are born in our house and are very good socialized with childeren, animals and go on public places. Our dogs are HD and ED tested and passed with succes the character test. They have also different show titles and work certificates.

Visit our website with many photos and explanations (in Dutch).


Quetche berger allemand lofBelgium
Quetche berger allemand lof

Quetche de montauban, ma chienne berger allemand que je vous invite à découvrir. Des astuces, des conseils, un coin vétérinaire. venez on vous attends!!!

German Shepherd Dog

from Hillock Snowy Shiba InuBelgium
from Hillock Snowy Shiba Inu

Le shiba inu est notre passion vous pourrez le voir en photos ,vidéos sur les différents pages du site.Suivre l'évolutions de nos shiba au quotidien,en vacances, mais aussi l'évolution de nos chiots.

Shiba Inu


Fokker van dwerg en kaninchen langhaar, ruwhaar en kortharige teckel in Aalter.



Small Belgian breeder of miniature wire-haired dachshund. Our dogs are living in house with us.


Sportmalinois elevage de berger belge malinoisBelgium
elevage de berger belge malinois

Elveur de berger belge malinois reconnu par la société royale st hubert. Chiot disponibles toute l'année.

Belgian Shepherd Dog - Malinois


Our site is about the very rare and ancient dog breed Cirneco dell’Etna.

These dogs are extraordinary and majestic. Eternity is reflected in their eyes and it seems that these unique dogs know all the mysteries of the history of the world’s creation...

Cirneco dell'Etna

Du Begawan Solo bouledogue francais & anglais Belgium
Du Begawan Solo
bouledogue francais & anglais

Elevage familial de bouledogue francais & anglais, pédigrée saint hubert F.C.I. tout nos chiens sont testés ADN.

French Bulldog English Bulldog

Suzan's Pride - Russell TerriersBelgium
Suzan's Pride - Russell Terriers

I breed Jack Russell Terrier's sinds 1985 with Australian and Continantel (english) bloodlines. Take a look atour webside to see themSome times we have a litter.

Home of several homebred champions in Parson Russell Terriersas well national, International, Europeen and World Championsbased on Howlbeck line My goal is to breed nice dogs with sweet caracther.

Jack Russell Terrier Parson Russell Terrier

Van de Galeystukken Red and White Border ColliesBelgium
Van de Galeystukken
Red and White Border Collies

Border Collies bred for health, temperament, brains and beauty. Our dogs and dogs we have bred enjoy flyball, agility, obedience, dogdancing.

All our breeding stock are hip scored, eye & hearing tested and DNA tested for CEA and TNS. Puppies sometimes available to suitable homes. All our puppies are reared in the home and well socialised.

Border Collie

De BullensteegBelgium
De Bullensteeg

Wij zijn een beginnende franse bulldog kennel die zoekt naar goede combinaties tussen de ouderdieren. Ze worden huiselijk opgevoed met knderen en andere honden om een goed sociaal en stabiel karakter te vormen. Met grote regelmaat zijn wij terug te vinden op shows en op de gehoorzaamheidscursus. Dit alles uit de grote liefde voor de franse bulldog.

French Bulldog

Les Chasseurs des Brumes des Bois HuntersBelgium
Les Chasseurs des Brumes des Bois Hunters

Weimaraners, Whirehaired Pointing Griffons & English Pointers

Dogs breeding "des Brumes des Bois" is a small familly breeding  specialized in Weimaraner (short hair since 1997) and  Whirehaired Pointing Griffon (Since 2010). The dogs are essentially selected for hunting and work as well as beauty.

Our dogs comes from work and beauty lines :  talrous dogs awarded in Beauty  Shows (several multiple champions) + all our dogs are awarded in Open Field-Trials & working proofs. We are the only breeding in Belgium that can propose real dual dogs at that level (best breeding in weimaraners for many years in open FT (the most difficult ones in comparison to the amateurs FT), as good as beautiful.

The parents are choosen for their aptitudes to work and to hunt as well as their esthetic qualities and their very balanced characters.

Weimaraner French wire-haired Korthals Pointing Griffon English Pointer

Temple De TodaiBelgium
Temple De Todai

Magnifique Ă©levage d'Akita inu se situant dans les ardennes belge. Nos Akita vivent en famille. N'hesiter pas a consulter notre site ou a nous contacter pour divers renseignements a bientot.

Akita Inu

of Eylinn Dream Irish red settersBelgium
of Eylinn Dream Irish red setters

Young Irish Red Setters kennel in Belgium - owned and loved by Philippe, Christiane & Laure Vaeremans !

Irish Red Setter

Yama no KamiBelgium
Yama no Kami

Enjoy your online visite to our Shibas, there adventures, puppy news, art... and so much more.


Kolyma's SiberiansBelgium
Kolyma's Siberians

We are a small kennel that want to start with breeding Siberian Huskies. Grown in family environment with a lovely character.

Siberian Husky

Lions from d'EsBelgium
Lions from d'Es

Elevage de leonberg en Belgique. Nos chiens issus de lignées de champions sont exempts de dysplasie. Tout ce que vous désirez savoir sur nos leonbergs, chiots, élevage et étalon se trouve sur notre site. Bienvenue

Breeding of quality leonbergers. We are located in the center of Belgium. Everything about our leonbergers, puppies, breed and studdog on our site. Welcome


El Perro Mexicano ChihuahuaBelgium
El Perro Mexicano Chihuahua

Kleinste hondje namelijk de chihuahua. Regelmatig pups beschikbaar.


Of Mystic Wonderland
 Shih Tzu KennelBelgium
Of Mystic Wonderland Shih Tzu Kennel

Shih Tzu Of Mystic Wonderland, Onze shihtzu's showen in België en Europa. De foto's van onze shihtzu's, puppies en andere informatie is beschikbaar op onze site.

Shih Tzu

Le Jardin de LaponieBelgium
Le Jardin de Laponie

Small family kennel with very nice socialized dogs.

Finnish Lapphund

Le Royal Caniche - Le Bosquet Elevage Caniche - Bichon Maltais - BouledogueBelgium
Le Royal Caniche - Le Bosquet
Caniche, Bichon Maltais, Bouledogue

Le Royal Caniche et le Bosquet, c’est depuis plus de 20 ans la passion du toilettage et de l’élevage de chiens de races.

Nos connaissances des chiens et notre expĂ©rience d’éleveur vous garantissent les meilleurs conseils ainsi qu’un suivi attentif. Nous vous souhaitons une agrĂ©able visite sur notre site internet.

Poodle Maltese French Bulldog

The Gentle Bears i.s.m. Les Ours GentilsBelgium
The Gentle Bears i.s.m. Les Ours Gentils

We breed Schapendoezen with the goal to improve the breed and to keep the typical character and health of the Schapendoes. Beauty is important but not our main goal. We already bred several champions. Our pups are born in our house andall socialized before they leave our house.

Please visit our website for more info and please feel free to contact us if you need additional information.

Dutch Schapendoes

La Vallée du KylBelgium
La Vallée du Kyl

Elevage familial de dogue du Tibet situé à Merbes-Sainte-Marie en Belgique (+/- 20 km de Maubeuge en France). Nos Do-Khyi vivent en famille et partage notre vie. Venez découvrir notre passion et visiter notre site web.

Tibetan Mastiff

Dual's Hope LabradorsBelgium
Dual's Hope Labradors

Show and work labrador Kennel from Belgium.

Labrador Retriever

Of Primrose Garden English cockersBelgium
Of Primrose Garden English cockers

Breeder of english cockers in the speciale colors liverliver&tan, black&tan, liver roan & tan, sable, ...

English Cocker Spaniel

Clan of Stork's Bearded ColliesBelgium
Clan of Stork's Bearded Collies

Healthy, happy and beautiful bearded collies.

Bearded Collie Chinese Crested Dog

Elevage DzogtchenBelgium
Elevage Dzogtchen

Mes dogues du Tibet, ma passion depuis plus de 20 ans.

Tibetan Mastiff

Les Bullstaffs du Domaine de FerĂŽgeBelgium
Les Bullstaffs du Domaine de FerĂŽge

American Staffordshire Terrier breeder in Belgium.
Bloodlines - Temperament - Health

American Staffordshire Terrier

Labradors BlacksugarBelgium
Blacksugar Labradors

We breed labradors by passion since 10 years now. All our puppies have a pedigree Saint-Hubert (FCI) and are raised in the house in family. Please take a look at our website to discover our labs.

Labrador Retriever

Old German Shepherd From The WolfpackBelgium
From The Wolfpack

Breeder of Altdeutsche SchÀferhunde. We breed puppies suited for show and/or sport but also for a life as family dog. Our puppies grow up in our house and garden. Puppies with pedigree.

Old German Shepherd

Munanis & BeatelkeBelgium
Munanis & Beatelke

Rottweilers - Photography - Design.

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Rhodesian Ridgebacks van de Eyssel Hoeve KennelBelgium
van de Eyssel Hoeve Kennel
Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Within the pages of this site you will information on our dogs and their puppies, pictures, show results.You will also find the personal side notes that make having these dogs so worth while.

We are standing members of the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Nederland and the Belgian Rhodesian Ridgeback Club.As responsible breeders we strongly believe in and adhere to the code of ethics proscribed by each respective club and have a strong commitment to breeding dogs that showcase the outstanding characteristics that make the Rhodesian Ridgeback so popular.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

German Shorthaired Pointer Kennel van RyckeveldeBelgium
Kennel van Ryckevelde

German Shorthaired Pointer, located in Belgium. International - multi champions. Show and fieldtrials.

German Shorthaired Pointer


Wonderfull couple of Tosa in Belgium, several exibitions with a lot of 1st place. 6xCAC-CACIB in Belgium, Luxemburg and France. The male 70 kg and the female 60kg.

Tosa Inu