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Appenzeller Sennenhund / Appenzell Cattle Dog / Bouvier appenzellois

Kennel Queen ElsaCzechia
Kennel Queen Elsa

Breeding bernese mountain dog and now also appenzeller mountain dog deal with almost 10 years. Behind that time arise from our breeding already much best - selling individuals, but also very much lubricator bis families. Ours aim is escalation long age in breeding and support health pages breeding. Deal with also training dogs and pay work at school for dogs.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Allevamento amatoriale dell'AlballegraItaly
Allevamento amatoriale dell'Alballegra

Nelle campagne del vercellese alleviamo con passione e serietà il Bovaro dell'Appenzell, il Bovaro del Bernese ed il Bassotto tedesco. Cuccioli disponibili.

Bernese Mountain Dog Dachshund

Balihara Ranch FCI Kennel - Swisss Mountain DogsSlovakia
Balihara Ranch FCI Kennel
- Swisss Mountain Dogs

Balihara Ranch FCI Kennel - mostly 20 years experience with the Bernese Mountain Dog´s and other Swiss Mtn. breeds´ breeding, home of winning Champions - Berner, Appenzeller, Entlebucher , Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs. Feel free to contact us for more information.
Dipl. Ing. Jana Stefancova .

Bernese Mountain Dog Entlebuch Cattle Dog Great Swiss Mountain Dog

Splendid Three Color - SennenhundsRussia
Splendid Three Color - Sennenhunds

We have a small kennel. We love the Bernese Mountain Dog,Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, EntlebucherMountain Dog and Apentseller Mountain Dog. Occasionally we have puppies. All dogs in the kennel are tests of health.

We also love Chihuahuas and Russian Toy!

Beauceron Great Swiss Mountain Dog Entlebuch Cattle Dog Russian Toy Chihuahua Papillon

Kennel Iz Blagorodnogo DomaRussia
Kennel Iz Blagorodnogo Doma

Specialized Kennel of Swiss Sennenhunds "Is Blagorodnogo Doma" was registered in RKF(FCI) in 1999. The main task of our work is breeding dogs with salubrity and stable psyhic. Puppies of show and pet classes are growing up equally well.

Among our dogs, borned in our kennel, World's and Europe's Champions of different years. We are happy with our dogs and we would be glad to make you some more happy too. Welcome!

Entlebuch Cattle Dog Great Swiss Mountain Dog Appenzell Cattle Dog

du Domaine de la TourbiereFrance
du Domaine de la Tourbiere

Nous sommes un élevage familial et non industriel, situé au sud de la Lorraine près de Nancy et de Metz. Nos chiens vivent avec nous et sont en box uniquement la nuit, car il est trop dangereux de les laisser en liberté. Nous avons 3 races, nous avons le temps de nous occuper de nos loulous. C'est pour cela que nous n'avons jamais plus de 2 portées en même temps.

Nous sommes 2 à nous occuper de l'élevage. Mon ami gère une exploitation agricole où nos loulous passent la journée en liberté à jouer ou à travailler. Pour ma part, je travail à mi-temps dans une clinique vétérinaire en tant qu'assistante et donne des séances de comportements canins.Mes toutous me suivent pour travailler et nous allons également ensemble en zoothérapie dans les maisons de retraite. Ils passent beaucoup de temps avec nous. Une partie de nos chiens vivent à la ferme, l'autre dans notre maison. Nos chiens sont notre passion et notre vie.

Pyrenean Sheepdog - smooth faced

Kennel Bufas - Appenzeller SennenhundDenmark
Kennel Bufas - Appenzeller Sennenhund

Appenzeller Sennenhund / Appenzell Catledog - Danish Kennel with working appenzellers.

'Eberron' FCI-RKF KennelRussia
'Eberron' FCI-RKF Kennel

FCI-RKF Kennel "Eberron" With us living dog breeds: Appenzeller Mountain Dog, Greater Swiss Sennenhund and the Bernese Sennenhund. And as Papillon.

Great Swiss Mountain Dog Bernese Mountain Dog Papillon

Plané louky & vom NilpferdhofCzechia
Plané louky & vom Nilpferdhof

Our small kennel has working german shepherd.

FCI kennel vom Nilpferhof we have more than 10 years experience with Appenzell. We have havanna female (HD, ED, PL 0/0) and we want produce healthy, good character, excellent exterior and also havanna puppies. Our female has many working exams (tracking, obedience, protection) she is preparing for IPO. We have working malinois. Our females are very fast, high drive, temperamentful and healthy. Our first female is preparing for IPO3 championships. We are waiting puppies! More info:,,,

German Shepherd Dog Belgian Shepherd Dog - Malinois

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