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Grosser Schweizer Sennenhund / Great Swiss Mountain Dog / Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Great Swiss Mountain Dogs and Entlebucher Sennenhund Zorska Prima FCI

Die Hunde sind lange in unserem Haus. Unsere Hunde stammen von den besten europäischen Zuchtsorten. Wir legen vor allen Nachdruck auf die Gesundheit unserer Welpen. Deshalb auch werden alle unsere Hunde systematisch durch einen Tierarzt untersucht.

Die Welpen werden zu Hause aufgezogen und vom Kleinen an werden sie an das Leben mit der Familie gewöhnt.

Entlebucher Sennenhund

Greater swiss mountain dog Kennel Karantanska
Slovenia Dog Breeders
Kennel Karantanska
Greater swiss mountain dog

We are a little kennel of greater swiss mountain dogs, located in Slovenia, EU. Our goal is to breed healthy, stable, typical swissies with nice character and good working abilities.

Our bitch has all important health tests done. She is trained in basic obedience, and has also RO3 exam done. She lives as our family member.
Welcome to kennel Karantanska!

Kennel Zgornjesavska Great Swiss Mountain Dogs
Slovenia Dog Breeders

Kennel Zgornjesavska- FCI registered breeders of Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs, located in Slovenia.

From time to time we have high quality puppies available. Check out our web site and meet our three lovely swissies- Brina od Radovne, Karhunkierros Inzaghi and Kessie Zgornjesavska.

Grosse Schweizer Sennenhunde Vom Surbach
Vom Surbach
Grosse Schweizer Sennenhunde

Small and selective Swissy kennel, close to the German, Luxemburg and French border.
Welcome to our website!

Springhaze Swissies
Springhaze Swissies

We are a small KC Accredited breeder dedicated to breeding quality Great Swiss Mountain Dogs.Our puppies are reared in a wonderful family enviroment with plenty of space.The puppies are well socialised with lots of visitors and other animals.

Diamond's Kirnal

Мы рады приветствовать Вас на сайте питомника "DIAMOND'S KORNAL": бернский зенненхунд и большой швейцарский зенненхунд.

Bладелец - Кораблева Наталья Львовна.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Kennel Schweiser Sennenhunds Korolevstvo Gornih Psov
Korolevstvo Gornih Psov
Kennel Schweiser Sennenhunds

We are breeding Bernese Mountain Dogs, Great Swiss Mountain Dogs and Entlebucher sennenhund. In our web site you will find all information about us, about the breeds, our dogs, show results, our puppies. Wellcom!

Bernese Mountain Dog Entlebuch Cattle Dog

Refugium Polonica - GSMD
Refugium Polonica - GSMD

It was in 1970 when I became fascinated with the greater swiss mountain dogs. The description of the breed appeared in the popular dog book by the late Mr Lubomir Smyczyński, together with the photo, shown below. That description fitted to my idea of a large, strong and alert dog that has stable temperament, is devoted to its master, children and family, yet in the same time reserved with strangers, capable of guarding and protecting, but showing no unnecessary aggresion. And this is what the GSMD is - it combines qualities of an excellent nurse and bodyguard. Their superb sense of smell, together with its willingness to co-operate with humans, enables it to work as a rescue dog and cart dog.

Swiss Tricolor Entlebucher and Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs
and Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs

We are lovers and also breeders of Entlebucher and Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs. We live in the Czech Republic and from time to time we have quality puppies. Please visit our website to learn more about our dogs!

Entlebuch Cattle Dog

Constellation Mountain Dog Kennel
Saint-Petersburg , Russia Dog Breeders
Constellation Mountain Dog Kennel

Наши собаки бернский зенненхунд и большой швейцарский зенненхунд соответствуют стандарту и многие годы доказывают это на выставочных рингах, как в нашей стране так и за рубежом. Титулованные женихи всегда рады пригласить в гости невест, а наши щенки бернского и швейцарского зенненхунда ждут заботливого и любящего хозяина. Наши питомцы имеют титулы Юные Чемпионы России, Чемпионы России, Кандидат в Интерчемпионы, Чемпионы Федераций, Лучшие Представители породы, Победители групп, Кандидаты в Чемпионы Национальных клубов.Приобретая у нас щенков, Вам гарантирована реальная помощь в выращивании, ветеринарном обслуживании, выставочной карьере Ваших питомцев. Поэтому возможно общение, как по поводу вязок, так и по поводу приобретения щенков. Реклама родившимся щенкам в питомнике. И если сейчас в питомнике нет щенков, то это значит они либо скоро родятся, либо планируется новая интересная вязка.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Sennenhunde vom Schloß Mansfeld
Sennenhunde vom Schloß Mansfeld

Welcome of Kennel "Schloss Mansfeld"

We have over 10 Years Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs and breeding with FCI, VDH, SSV Standard.

Balihara Ranch FCI Kennel - Swisss Mountain Dogs
Balihara Ranch FCI Kennel
- Swisss Mountain Dogs

Balihara Ranch FCI Kennel - mostly 20 years experience with the Bernese Mountain Dog´s and other Swiss Mtn. breeds breeding, home of winning Champions - Berner, Appenzeller, Entlebucher , Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs. Feel free to contact us for more information.
Dipl. Ing. Jana Stefancova .

Bernese Mountain Dog Appenzell Cattle Dog Entlebuch Cattle Dog

iz Klana Legato
iz Klana Legato

Kennel Schweizer Sennenhund Iz Klana Legato- Berner Sennenhund / Bernese Mountain Dog, Grosser Schweizer Sennenhund / Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, Shih-Tzu.

Bernese Mountain Dog Shih Tzu

Kennel Korona Rossii

Питомник "Корона России" занимается разведением Berner sennenhund, Grosser Schweizer sennenhund, Entlebuher sennenhund. Наша цель здоровые и красивые собаки. Наши собаки живыт с нами под одной крышей.

Посетите наш сайт, познакомьтесь с нашими собаками. Мы рады видеть вас среди владельцев наших щенков! Мы любим своих собак!

Bernese Mountain Dog Entlebuch Cattle Dog

Breeding 'Z Zamkowego Grodu'

Our breeding is specialized of Swiss Breeds (Entlebucher and Great Swiss Mountain Dog) and Boerboel. All informations: about us, about our lovely dogs, our successes which you need you can find at our attractive website. Cordially invite!

Our dogs are the members of our family, we create with them all together. Join us! :)

Entlebuch Cattle Dog Boerboel

Kennel Bjerkhaug
Norway Dog Breeders
Kennel Bjerkhaug

Kennel Bjerkhaug is located in Norway, not far from Oslo. We breed for health, quality and not quantity, and the parents are fulfilling our breeding requirements, have clear joints and whole litters are screened.

The dogs and pups are living in our house with us and our kids. We have had Sennenhund breeds since-83, and bred our first litter in -90. Welcome to visit our website!

Entlebuch Cattle Dog

Élevage de Grand bouvier Suisse de <b>Brapêche
Élevage de Grand bouvier Suisse de

Petit élevage Français de Grands Bouviers Suisses.

'Eberron' FCI-RKF Kennel
'Eberron' FCI-RKF Kennel

FCI-RKF Kennel "Eberron" With us living dog breeds: Appenzeller Mountain Dog, Greater Swiss Sennenhund and the Bernese Sennenhund. And as Papillon.

Appenzell Cattle Dog Papillon Bernese Mountain Dog


Excellent quality Great Swiss Mountain Dogs from fully Health Screened parents with excellent temperaments. We are the best hobby kennel in the UK to date.

Our dogs are all alive, none have developed or produced Epilepsy so far and none have developed or produced Bloat and none have died from either of these diseases. We won Best Bitch Crufts 2013. We are there for the lifetime of our puppies.

Kraft Swiss Dream - Great Swiss Mountain Dog
KRAFT Swiss Dream
Great Swiss Mountain Dog

KRAFT Swiss Dream - Great Swiss Mountain Dog in Lithuania.

Swiss Diamond FCI Kennel

We are a small family kennel of Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs-only high quality puppies.

Greater Swiss of Happy Ranch
Greater Swiss of Happy Ranch

Happy Ranch is the first Greater Swiss Mountain Dog kennel in Romania. We love the breed, our kids love the bredd and the dogs are their best friends. We have two beautifull, great caracter girls that by the age of 18 month got Romanian Champion title.

Hanc Bass kennel Greater Swiss Mountain Dog and Shiba Inu
HANC BASS kennel

We established our kennel, because we want to share with you the joy of having Greater Swiss Mountain Dog and Shiba Inu.Be welcome on our website!

Shiba Inu

Great Swiss Mountain Dog Helvetian Star
Helvetian Star

FCI registered small family kennel Great Swiss Mountain Dogs (Grosser Schweizer Sennenhund) breeder in north-west of Poland.

It is in the eyes of ‘Swissy’, where you will find endless love, trust, loyalty and undoubtful happiness coming solely from the fact that you are close to him. :)

Great Swiss Mountain Dog GRAND'HUND (FCI kennel)

First breeder in Chile of Greater Swiss Mountain dog. Since 2017. FCI and AKC pedigrees. Champions. Health tested.

Hocicos da Montaña - FCI Kennel Great Swiss Mountain Dog

Main breeders of Greater Swiss Mountain dog in Spain since 2019. Healthy dogs and chapions in Spain and Portugal. Animal health and welfare garantees.

Swiper's Greater Swiss Mountain and Entlebucher Mountain Dogs

Swiper’s is a small and loving kennel of Swiss Mountain Dogs, such as Greater Swiss Mountain Dog and Entlebucher Mountain Dog. We are doing our best to breed the healthiest, happiest, and prettiest puppies that you will immediately fall in love with.

Our puppies have friendly characters and a precisely selected pedigree full of award-winning champions. Our kennel is located in the heart of western Slovakia with close access to nature, forests, fields, and meadows, which are so loved by our dogs.

Entlebuch Cattle Dog

From Flora Ranch Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
From Flora Ranch

We are greater swiss mountain dog kennel From Flora Ranch. We are from Slovakia. For more information please contact us.