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Chien de berger belge / Belgian Shepherd Dog - Groenendael, Laekenois, Malinois, Tervueren

Kennel GratsianoUkraine
Gratsiano Kennel

We breed dobermanns, zwergpinschers and malinois and train them. Invite to our site. You can find there videos, pictures and information about our dogs.

Dobermann Miniature Pinscher

Belgian Shepherd Dogs Casa Mont'Alves KennelPortugal
Casa Mont'Alves
Laekenois & Shetlands

Site dedicated to the belgian shepherd and Shetland sheepdog breeds. Our dogs go throught the PRA, HD and ED tests before they are breed from. We also test them in Caracther, both in portugal and Abroad.

We also show our dogs in Holland, belgium, Gibratar, Spain and off course Portugal.

Shetland Sheepdog

the Red Dragon Kennel Belgian Shepherd DogsBelgie Dog Breeders
the Red Dragon tervuerense herders

This page is about our Tervuren and their pups.

Belgian Shepherd Dog de l�origine de faucon rougeGermany
de l'origine de faucon rouge
Malinois Zwinger

Working Malinois, DMC, VDH, FCI.

Belgian Shepherd Dog Picard Precio de BrunalinesFrance
A Groenendael - Picard Precio de Brunalines

Website of the beautiful French dog of Brunalines breeding Picard de Brunalines. You'll find his palmares, photos, certificates, ...

Malinois Kennel vom StapperwegGermany
vom Stapperweg Malinois Kennel

DMC/FCI Kennel, with best french, german and belgian working lines.

Belgian Shepherd Dogs Kennel Suny Days FCI 4318Serbia
Suny Days - Belgian Shepherd Kennel
FCI 4318

Belgian Shepherd Malinois, Groenendael and Tervueren. In the first place we aim to provide our dogs a good life, a good family, and that they are loved and cared! Our goal is to breed quality dogs of excellent health and character.

Our wish is to preserve good and recognizable type of Suny Days dogs and to work in this direction together with breeders and fans.

Belgian Shepherd Dog kennel GladlyStonesFinland
kennel GladlyStones

Our kennel is so-called home kennel where our dogs live with us as equal family members. We breed Cao da Serra de Aires (Portuguese Sheepdog) and Estrela Mountain Dog. Maybe something days Belgian Shepherd Tervuerens litter.

Portuguese Sheepdog Serra da Estrela Mountain Dog

Groenendael & Tervueren vom MotodromGermany
vom Motodrom
Groenendael & Tervueren

Groendael & Tervueren since 1982.

Tervuren Off Line'sFinland
Off Line's - Tervuren

Tervueren breeding Off line's =)

Malinoiszucht Vom LahbergGermany
Malinoiszucht Vom Lahberg

Wir züchten reinrassige Malinois(kurzhaarige Belgische Schäferhunde) in einem vom F.C.I & VDH geschützten Zwinger aus alten französischen, belgischen und holländischen Arbeits- bzw. Leistungslinien.

We breed thoroughbred Malinois in one of the F.C.I and VDH of protected kennel from old French, Belgian and Dutch working lines.

Loups du Mousette GroenendaelItaly
Loups du Mousette

Allevamento Amatoriale Selezione del Pastore BelgaRiconosciuto ENCI-FCI dal 1995.

Laekenois Kennel VajertSweden
Kennel Vajert

Here you can find everything about our breed - the Belgian Shepherd/ Laekenois - history, standard, our dogs, litters, statistic and a lot of photos! Welcome!

Malinois Kennel von der SteinteichmühleGermany
von der Steinteichmühle
Malinois Kennel

Wir beschäftigen uns intensiv über einen langen Zeitraum mit der Rasse Malinois. Unser Ziel ist es gesunde, leistungsstarke Malinois zu züchten die den Herrausforderungen des Lebens gewachsen sind. Wir züchten mit DMC/VDH/FCI Papieren.

Di Trevi GroenendaelPoland
Di Trevi - Groenendael

Small, family kennel of groenendaels - our dogs, puppies and a lot of pictures.

Les laekenois d'EroudurBelgium
Les laekenois d'Eroudur

20 years ago, I booked my first Laekenois: today I'm still in love with this rare but so lovely breed!

Firefox malinois kennelHungary
Firefox malinois kennel

Bronzelevel masterbreeder malinois kennel.

Kennel A-Te-Ell's GroenendaelSweden
Kennel A-Te-Ell's Groenendael

If you want a nice looking companion to show, agility, obedience, tracking, long walks or whatever, just give me a call or an email. I usually have one, or maybe two, litters a'year with social, happy and friendly dogs. Wellcome to my webpage.

Mechelaars Van het Berkenmeer - Malinois NegundorBelgium
Mechelaars Van het Berkenmeer
Malinois Negundor

FCI kennel, breed only with the best working lines.

ProSport MalinoisSweden

We are breeding Hi Energy Malinois for demanding people.

Belgische Schäferhunde vom Schwarzen Ulan & vom QuaestenbergGermany
Belgische Schäferhunde vom Schwarzen Ulan & vom Quaestenberg

Belgische Schäferhunde, Groenendael, Malinois, Tervueren vom Schwarzen Ulan & vom Quaestenberg

Seit 1979
Belgiererfahrung, Haltung und Ausbildung.

Seit vielen Jahren nun, zählen die Schwarzen Ulane zu den Erfolgreichsten in Deutschland und werden mit grossem Erfolg im In- und Ausland auf Schauen vorgestellt. Besonders stolz bin ich auf die Erfolge unserer Nachkommen, da wir dies bis heute mit einer durchschnittlichen Wurfanzahl von nur 1 - 2 Würfen per Anno erreicht haben.

Unser Zuchtziel ist es, den gesunden Belgischen Schäferhund mit stabilem, sozialverträglichen Wesen zu Mensch und Tier zu züchten. Die Welpenaufzucht erfolgt bei vollem Familien- und Anschluß an das restl. Rudel, wodurch ein wichtiger Grundstein für das Sozialverhalten, bereits bei uns gelegt wird.

Kennel TangterrNorway Dog Breeders
Kennel Tangterr

Breeding Irish Softcoated Wheaten terrier and Belgian shepherd, Tervueren.

Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

vom roten MerlinGermany
vom roten Merlin

Malinois für Dienst und Sport
Kleine leistungsorientierte Malinoiszucht in Norddeutschland.

Malinois für den Hundesportler, Diensthundeführer, oder als aktiven Familienhund.

Ugglebos kennelSweden
Ugglebos kennel

Small breeder of dogs.

Bohemian Grow malinois and german shepherd dogsHungary
Bohemian Grow
malinois and german shepherd dogs

Working malinois and slovak bloodline working german shepherd dogs.

German Shepherd Dog

od Suché horyCzechia
od Suché hory

Our small kennel presents dogs breed Chien de berger belge - Laekenois and Kleinspitz.

German Spitz

Jetaime GroenendaelsEngland
Jetaime Groenendaels

We live with 4 Groenendaels. Including 3 generations of bitches. We are in Surrey, South East England. We occasionally have puppies available to loving and suitable homes only.

Malinois Kennel Extreme SpitfirePoland
Extreme Spitfire Malinois Kennel

Small kennel of belgian malinois. All about malinois!


Website of Kennel Heritage in Czech Republic. Our breeds are Briard, Tervueren and Zwetna Bolonka.

Briard Russian Coloured Bichon

Treasure of Hill malinois kennelHungary
Treasure of Hill malinois kennel

Treasue of Hill malinois kennel from Hungary.

Kennel Grondoras Belgian Shepherd GroenendaelsFinland
Kennel Grondoras
Belgian Shepherd Groenendaels

Little home kennel in Finland Europe. Where dogs are living at our home. Female Groguard Besucadora is a great dog with a children. Puppie plans with Dora in a future.

Bella Mafia Griffons & Chien de Berger BelgeRussia
Bella Mafia - Griffons and Chien de Berger Belge Groenendael kennel

Russian Professional Kennel RKF-FCI "Bella Mafia". Our breeding principles are getting griffons and groenendaels with the best anatomy possible. We try to judge our dogs fairly and correctly and make them better by means of good selection of pedigree couples aiming at getting healthy offspring first of all. Our dogs they have many titles and rewards on shows.

We also concerns psychic balance and best pedigree behaviour of griffons who are actually real dogs - companions, affectionate and fearless. Oua groenendaels - the best working polismens K-9 dogs in oua district.

Belgian Griffon Brussels Griffon Small Brabant Griffon

Форд от Сольника - FORD OT SOLNIKA Грюнендаль Бельгийская овчаркаRussia
Форд от Сольника - FORD OT SOLNIKA - Грюнендаль Бельгийская овчарка

My chien de berger belge groenendaels: eva ot solnika, ford ot solnika. Foto, news, info. Puppies.

Мои собаки породы бельгийская овчаркагрюнендаль: ева от сольника, форд от сольника. Фото, новости, информация, щенки.

Goldmali Malinois and PapillonsEngland, UK Dog Breeders
Goldmali Malinois and Papillons

Kennel Goldmali, breeder of versatile show line Belgian Shepherd Dog Malinois and also Papillons, in the UK.


Vale dos Lobos - Malinois, German shepherdPortugal
Vale dos Lobos
Malinois, German sheperd

Malinois working german shepherd. Only high drives.

German Shepherd Dog

Widholmens KennelSweden
Widholmens Kennel

Small breeding of groenendael, tervueren & longhaired dachshund (dwarf), we usually have at least one litter/year & sometimes two. Welcome to visit our homepage for more information about our dogs, puppies, breeding, imports, results and more.


Be Aware - Malinois & TervuerenAustria
BE AWARE - Malinois & Tervueren

We operate with our Belgian Malinois and Tervueren Dog in IPO & Ring Sport and breed pure lines of work in terms of health, temperament, performance and vitality!

Info's and a lot of videos for breeding, history, training, IPO, KNPV, Belgian Ring, French Ring, Reality, Campagne, rescue work, character tests and much more. Feel free to visit us on our website!!

Nightsabre GroenendaelsUK
Nightsabre Groenendaels

We are a small showing and breeding kennel. We only breed occasionally and then mostly when we want to keep a puppy. We aim to produce healthy puppies with sound temperaments, excellent breed type and working ability.

We occasionally have puppies available to suitable & loving homes.

Irline of BeautyRussia
Irline of Beauty

Питомник длинношерстных колли и бельгийских овчарок Тервюрен. Прямые потомки Чемпионов Франции и Англии

Kennel of Collie Rough and Belgian Shepherd Tervuren. Lineal descendants of the Champions France and England.

Collie Rough

Sportmalinois elevage de berger belge malinoisBelgium
elevage de berger belge malinois

Elveur de berger belge malinois reconnu par la société royale st hubert. Chiot disponibles toute l'année.

le blason à croix d'argentDouchy 45220, France Dog Breeders
le blason à croix d'argent

Breeders of belgium malinois and tervueren shepherd dogs. We have shih-tzu and cavaliers king charles too.

Shih Tzu Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Kennel Polaris - belgian sheepdogs & great danes Poland
Kennel Polaris
belgian sheepdogs & great danes

Polaris is a name of our kennel, which was created in 1982. On beginning we breeded only great danes, later belgian sheepdogs and golden retrievers.

The dogs from our kennel have a lot of titles Polish Champion, Junnior Champion, Club Winners, Junnior Club Winners and a lot of Best of Breed and Show Winners. Our kennel received title of Best Groenendael Breeding in Poland 2002, 2003, 2005, 2008, 2011 and our females recived titels The Best Groenendaels Breeding Females in Poland 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2008. We invite on our site :)

Great Dane

Zuchtstätte vom Haus ZumbachSerbia
Zuchtstätte vom Haus Zumbach

Wir züchten Malinois, Tervueren, Groenendale, Riesenschnauzer und Deutsche Jagdterrier. Nach den Regeln der FCI unter Kontrolle des KSS. Unsere Devise lautetGesundheit-Wesen-Arbeitsfreude.

Giant Schnauzer German Hunting Terrier

of Braveheart Oradinum
of Braveheart Oradinum Malinois

Of Braveheart Oradinum kennel is dedicated to breed Malinois, with FCI pedigree, healthy with excellent working abilities.


We are small family kennel of Berger Belge Groenendael. We also train and work with our dogs. Our goal is to breed quality dogs of excellent health and character.

Flambards Belgian ShepherdsEngland
Flambards Belgian Shepherds

Home of all four varieties. We are a small showing kennel in the Lincolnshire Wolds breeding only very occasionally. Our dogs are very much part of our family.

Anubis Kingdom KennelCyprus
Anubis Kingdom Kennel

We don't care for quantity but for quality! Our dogs and puppies grown up and live as part of our family, and we propel socialize our dogs and puppies.

Samoyed Japanese Spitz German Shepherd Dog

De Roxy Box Boxer and Malinois KennelCroatia
De Roxy Box
Boxer and Malinois Kennel

We are a Kennel from Croatia! We have dog of excellent quallity, allways we have at least one litter available!

German Boxer

Plané louky & vom NilpferdhofCzechia
Plané louky & vom Nilpferdhof

Our small kennel has working german shepherd.

FCI kennel vom Nilpferhof we have more than 10 years experience with Appenzell. We have havanna female (HD, ED, PL 0/0) and we want produce healthy, good character, excellent exterior and also havanna puppies. Our female has many working exams (tracking, obedience, protection) she is preparing for IPO. We have working malinois. Our females are very fast, high drive, temperamentful and healthy. Our first female is preparing for IPO3 championships. We are waiting puppies! More info:,,,

German Shepherd Dog Appenzell Cattle Dog

Belliamici chien de berger belgueSpain
Belliamici chien de berger belgue

Perro de pastor belga, especialmente groenendael de alta selección con varios campeones de España, del club, sujetos seleccionados del club del pastor belga, y sujetos recomendados de Francia. Exentos de displasia,test de carácter criados en familia.

Gafia's Little Pack KennelRomania
Gafia's Little Pack Kennel

Focused exclusively on growth Kennel breed Pomeranian, males and females very beautiful with excellent pedigree and potential for show.

The puppies offspring from parents of exceptional national and international champions, with excellent result in national and international exhibitions very healthy and will be accompanied by Pedigree, peformance license, microchip, passport card with vaccines. Perfect breed for family and children.


Gafia's Little Pack Malinois

Welcome to GAFIA'S LITTLE PACK Malinois.

BekiYara Belgian Shepherd Dog - Malinois KennelSerbia
Belgian Shepherd Dog - Malinois Kennel

Kennel existed for ten years.Products, exclusively, working lines malinois.Most dogs are imported from the Netherlands from the well known kennel Perle de Tourbiere...


Eucleia kennel FCI 6098Serbia
Eucleia kennel FCI 6098

If you are looking for a beautiful dog but yet intelligent, faithful, trainable, dog suited for family and community.

We carefully and with devotion planning our each litter. Parents of our puppies are dogs with results in specialty shows, club shows, European and World dog shows. All our dogs are judged by respected judges who are authority for the breed.

We are members of CFCB and every our dog fulfilled requirements considering health and character presented by the Club.

Kennel vom StedeparkAustria
Kennel Tatrankaunottaren

Unsere Zuchtstätte ist seit 2004 von der FCI geschützt .Die Hauptmerkmale unserer Zucht gelten in erster Linie der Gesundheit und dem einwandfreien Wesen.

Schönheit und Leistung sind für uns reine Bonuspunkte, wir lassen aber keinesfalls den jeweilligen Rassestandart ausser . Wir planen und recherchieren daher genauestens und sehr lange bis wir die idealen Zuchtpartner zusammen bringen.

Giant Schnauzer French Bulldog Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen

Black SummitSerbia
Black Summit

Black Summit Kennel is family owned rottweiler and malinois kennel located in Jagodina, Serbia. With 20 years of experience in breeding dogs, in 2016 we have decided to make big step and officially register our kennel in FCI.

We named it Black Summit, which is the name of the mountain near our hometown where our country is located, and got FCI number 6128. What you can expect from us is to use all of our experience and expertise to provide the quality breeding and nurture for all our dogs, in order to develop their physical characteristics and character they are known for. We form an honest and open relationship with our clients, and stand at their disposal for any dilemmas or questions, and for anything else that they might come to need.


Tervueren and French Bulldog Sen VysočinyCzechia
Sen Vysočiny Tervueren

Tervueren and french bulldog breeder in the Czech Republic.

French Bulldog

Tervueren Belgischter aux Ludvai kennelHungary
Belgischter aux Ludvai kennel

Belgischter aux Ludvai kennel since 2011 but belgian sheepherd dog lovers 1994.

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