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Deutsch Drahthaar / German Wirehaired Pointer / German Wire-haired Pointing Dog / Chien d'arręt allemand à poil dur

German Wirehaired Pointers von MátraHungary
von Mátra - Deutsch Drahthaar kennel

Deutsch Drahthaar - best quality and working.
von Mátra, we not we live with the German wireharied pointers together simply, but we dream about them!

Kennel KarmdalDenmark
Kennel Karmdal

Kennel Karmdal is a smaller house breed in Denmark. We are breeding Petit Brabancon and Deutsch Drahthaar. On our homepage you will find information about our dogs, breeding etc.

Small Brabant Griffon         Brussels Griffon Sweden

Breeding high performancegun dogs.

Dog training techniques, methods and dog training approaches for hunting and everyday obedience by certified dog trainer Joni Viitanen.

German Hunting Terrier         Kleiner Münsterländer

Kimmax Deutsch Drahthaar's/German Wirehaired PointersUK
Kimmax Deutsch Drahthaar's
/ German Wirehaired Pointers

We are the only UK Kennel to have fully tested, (VJP/HZP/VGP) Drahthaars with top working scores and "perfect" form/hair scores. We are the only UK kennel to have competed in Germany and the only UK kennel to have UK bred Drahthaars which have returned to Germany to successfully compete.


Working German Wirehaired pointer Kennel.

z Wyżlego Stawu German Wirehaired PointerPoland
z Wyżlego Stawu
German Wirehaired Pointer

We are a working DD kennel from Poland. Our dogs working in hunting clubs. We have a lot of results from shows. Greedings!

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