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… wonderful cocker spaniels with a typical coat - blue roan, black and white… pedigrees are based on english famous bloodlines… Hobby kennel, solid and particolour cockers for sports, shows and like companion dogs… top European bloodlines and breed dogs that are a good example for the breed… proved as excellent show dogs, home pets, and also the assistant in the field… breeder and owner of Working type cocker spaniels… All our puppies are brought up in a family environment and make ideal pets… English, american and canadian bloodlines for show and work… a small hobby kennel breeding mainly blue roan cockers… Site dedicated to English Cocker Spaniels… A little kennel with the exigence of the high selection, between the english bloodlines… puppies available and lots of useful tips for cocker lovers… website dedicated to magnificent breed that is the English Cocker Spaniel… select dogs with morphology on the right and good character… with such passion and love for this wonderful breed… breeders and trainers of Quality Working English Cockers… Puppies in black, red, liver, sable, black and tan, chocolate and tan… more then several multi champions in all Europe and America… informations about our dogs, breeding and plans… top quality show English Cocker Spaniels with excellent bloodlines…     ***       English Cocker Spaniel Dog Breeders and Kennels - EuroBreeder.com    

English Cocker Spaniel / Spaniel (Cocker)

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