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Dachshund / Teckel

Calpus KennelCroatia
Calpus Kennel

Breeders of standard smooth and wire haired dachshunds, miniature smooth and kaninchen smooth. Dogs that can be used as show dogs, working dogs or just love them for being with You. More about them You can find out on our web page.

Dachshunds Kokopelli KennelNorway Dog Breeders
Kennel Kokopelli

Kennel Kokopelli is a small kennel located in the south-eastern part of Norway. We breed standard and miniature smoothaired dachshunds. Dogs from us is used for hunting, blood-tracking, family-pets and shows.

Dachshunds Jazz & Roza - Kan TraceCroatia
Jazz & Roza - Kan Trace

Home of standard smooth dachshunds.

Kantri Park's Dachshunds KennelRussia
kennel Kantri Park's

kennel Kantri Park's from Russia. Dachshunds standart kurzhaar for show and breeding.

Cyberdachs Dachshund KennelHungary
CYBERDACHS Dachshund Kennel

25 years ago smooths dachshunds kennel. Many world european and others champion dogs home.

Ygeia Dachshunds KennelGreece
Ygeia kennel

Bred for Quality and Elegance!!!

Excellmagic Dachshunds KennelRussia
Excellmagic kennel

Standart smooth Dachshund.

Kreizi Toi - kennel DachshundRussia
Kreizi Toi - kennel Dachshund

The kennel "Kreizi Toi" is registered in FCI in 2000 year. We have Dachshund Zwerg Kurzhaar, Dachshund Kaninchen Kurzhaar, Dachshund Kaninchen Langhaar. We shall be very glad to dialogue and cooperation with fans of this wonderful breed.

Dachshunds Kennel DakslandRussia
Kennel Daksland

Kennel Daksland from Russia. Dachshund standart long haired for show and breeding.

Allevamento Bassotti, Chihuahua e Bouledogue Francese del BaccanoItaly
del Baccano - Allevamento Bassotti, Chihuahua e Bouledogue Francese

Allevamento riconosciuto enci per la selezione Chihuahua pelo corto e lungo - Bassotti pelo corto nani e kanichen - Bouledogue Francese.

Chihuahua French Bulldog

Hultängnen's Longhaired Dachshunds and Great Danes kennelSweden
Hultängnen's kennel

We are a small kennel from Sweden since 1977. Priority in our breed is to get good temperament, health, beauty and working. For shows, for companionship and for hunt.

Great Dane

Poodles and Miniature Dachshunds Tornado Bleiz Russia
Kaninchen and miniature dachshunds

Kennel Tornado Bleiz - Kaninchen and miniature dachshunds (teckels).

Dachshunds kennel KinchvilleRussia
Kinchville - Dachshunds kennel

Small dachshund's kennel.

Toklarama's kennelCzechia

TOKLARAMA'S kennel of Teckels & Professional handling and grooming.

Trois mages de paladines et Dom teckelFrance
Trois mages de paladines et Dom teckel

Wire, smooth and long haired daschunds. Only miniature and Kaninchen. Many champions, many results in Germany, france, luxembourg ... World Winners ... Puppies and young dogs available for show home. Our boys are available at stud!
Please contact us for more information.

Zwergdackel vom SternbergGermany
Zwergdackel vom Sternberg

Zwergdackel in schwarz-rot langhaar und Schwarztiger Mit Papieren vom VDH/DTK aus Familienbezogener Zucht.

Ze Stoupovy chaloupky DachshundsCzechia
Ze Stoupovy chaloupky

We breed longhaired dachshund (Dachshund Zwerg / Kaninchen Langhaar) since 2005.

Dachshunds Bach du GraalFrance
Bach du Graal

We are Dachshunds miniatures, wire haired, descended from a family kennel. situated on the outskirts of Chartres, 55 miles from Paris. We live in a family atmosphere in the country with lots of space. Our owner welcomes his customers in a friendly spirit, he will listen to them and give advises during all the life of their companion.

There are lots of champions among us. Almost all reproductives are winners in their class, they do a lot of National and International shows. You can visit us when you want, you are welcome.

Elevage du Jardin d'ArcosFrance

Venez rencontrer des races de chien que vous connaissez peu: Loup Tchèque, Shiba-inu, Akita-inu, Berger d'Islande, Spitz loup, Eurasier, Chien de Canaan, Suédois de Laponie, Teckel nain a poils longs, Caniche, Yorkshire.

Czeslovakian Wolfdog Shiba-inu Akita-inu Icelandic Sheepdog Wolfspitz Eurasier Canaan Dog Swedish Lapphund Poodle Yorkshire Terrier

French Bulldog and Dachshunds du clos des voinaudsFrance
Elevage du clos des voinauds

Elevage Familial de bouledogues français et teckel à poil ras, inscrit au lof et FCI.

French Bulldog

Ex Sentia - wirehaired dachshundsPoland
Ex Sentia - wirehaired dachshunds

Welcome to ex Sentia kennel. We breed standard wire-haired dachshunds with sound structure, style and good temperament.Our dogs, puppies, show results, photos.

Zwerglanghaarteckel von WeinreichGermany
Zwerglanghaarteckel von Weinreich

Kleine Hobbyzucht von Kleinteckel in den Farben rot, schwarzrot, schokobraun, schwarztiger & brauntiger.

Dachshunds Kennel Le Petit Chien de ChasseNetherlands
Kennel Le Petit Chien de Chasse

We selectively breed for health, type, temperament and hunting ability in Standard wires exclusively.

Longhair Kaninchendachshund vom Siebendörfermoor FCIGermany
vom Siebendörfermoor FCI
Longhair Kaninchendachshund

Longhair Kaninchendachshund in red and black-tan.

Longhaired Dachshunds Kennel Bandia'sItaly
Bandia's Kennel

I breed longhaired dachshunds, miniature and rabbit size in different varieties of colours.

Dachshunds Kennel Grand AmityCzechia

Small familly kennel, home of wire-haired and smooth-haired dachshunds with dual purpose.

Dachshunds miniature and rabbit Kennel ElsantaPoland
Kennel Elsanta - dachshunds

The long-haired miniature dachshund and the rabbit's - the dachshunds' kennel the Elsanta, information about novelties, dogs and the bitches, litters, exhibitions, thin lines to the dachshunds' the best kennels, the history of kennel the Elsanta, and also the dachshunds' origins,as well as their picture and many different interesting information.

Dachshunds kennel RustbøleNorway Dog Breeders
Rustbøle kennel

Breeder of longhaired miniature dachshund.

Dachshunds Kennel HaricotFinland
Kennel Haricot

Miniature Smoothaired Dachshound.

Dachshund Kennel Elimar DoubravaCzechia
Elimar Doubrava - kennel of long haired
teckels and irish red setters

We are breeding standard, miniature, kaninchen long haired teckels and irish red setters.

Irish Red Setter

Teckel Elevage de ker ki douarFrance
Elevage de ker ki douar - Teckel

Bienvenue chez les Teckels BRETONS DE KER-KI-DOUAR Teckel Nain et Kaninchen Poil ras et poil dur.

Elevage de sélection crée en 1978, ayant pour vocation l'amélioration de la race des teckels nains kaninchens poil ras et poil dur. Après un premier succès lors de l'exposition Nationale du Club des teckels en 1986, l'élevage a remporté tous les ans, un ou plusieurs CACS, avec des sujets différents.  Les teckels nés et ou élevés à la maison comptabilisent aujourd'hui plus d'une soixantaine de titres de champion reconnus par la FCI et notamment en France, Hollande, Luxembourg, Allemagne, Espagne, Portugal, Suisse,  à l'International, ainsi qu'aux championnats d'Europe et du Monde.

Dashing Dackels' KennelGermany
Dashing Dackels' Kennel

We have been breeding miniature dachshunds for pet, show or breeding for over 20 years. We have champion lines such as Ralines and Sniff N' Tell. Our specialty here in Germany are the English Cream and piebalds dachshunds. All of our dogs are raised under foot and not in kennels or kennels.

Allevamento di Casa MainardiItaly
Allevamento di Casa Mainardi

Standard, miniature and kaninchen Wirehaired Dachshunds.

Kennel LuchshügelFinland
Kennel Luchshügel

Longhaired dachshunds minuature and standard, short haired German pointer, breeding in small scale.

German Shorthaired Pointer

Samayed KennelsCyprus
Samayed Kennels

Breeder of Samoyed and Dachshund.


Такса ПаркUkraine
Такса Парк

Блог о таксах, про такс и для такс! Такса парк - блог о популярной породе собак - таксе. Самые последние новости, интересные статьи и рассказы о жизни такс, уморительные фото и весёлые аватары, анекдоты с таксой в главной роли, информация об известных таксах - всё это и даже больше вы найдёте на нашем блоге.

Allevamento amatoriale dell'AlballegraItaly
Allevamento amatoriale dell'Alballegra

Nelle campagne del vercellese alleviamo con passione e serietà il Bovaro dell'Appenzell, il Bovaro del Bernese ed il Bassotto tedesco. Cuccioli disponibili.

Appenzell Cattle Dog Bernese Mountain Dog

Kennel Dachshund LandRussia
Kennel Dachshund Land

Kennel "Dachshund Land". Database Dachshunds from the World information about dachshunds, photo, pedigree, dog show.

Kollapsar DachshundsPoland
Kollapsar - jamnik długowłosy standard

Domowa hodowla jamników długowłosych standardowych. Cieplutko o jamniorkach. Jak ich nie lubisz wejdź tym bardziej, wyjdziesz zakochany.

Heesa Meesas Italian Greyhound and Mini DachshundSweden
Heesa Meesas
Italian Greyhound and Mini Dachshund

Welcome to Heesa Meesas Italien Greyhound & Smooth Miniature Dachshund. We breed Italien greyhound and Smooth Miniature Dachshund, we want a happy, helthy and nice looking IG/dachs, so our puppies can make many happy familys around the world!

Italian Greyhound

Dachshunds Kennel HafuschkaCzechia

I am breeding mini longhaired and wirehaired dachshunds, I prefer black and tan color and I do NO INBREEDING.

Casa Mammola Allevamento Bassotto tedesco pelo cortoItaly
Casa Mammola
Allevamento Bassotto tedesco pelo corto

Dachshund smoothhaired mini and kaninchen kennel. Selection of dapple (silver and brown and tan), brindle (red and black and tan), and solid colors (black and tan, red and brown and tan).

Allevamento bassotto tedesco a pelo corto. Selezione dei colori più particolari: arlecchino (silver e chocolate), tigrato (fulvo e nero focato), piebald (non ammesso) e colori solidi (fulvo, nero focato e chocolate).
Casa Mammola - di Michele Fiorini

La Banda BassottiItaly
La Banda Bassotti

Allevamento riconosciuto Enci per la selezione del bassotto. Bassotto a pelo corto nei colori chocolate, arlecchino chocolate, arlecchino, nero focato e fulvo nelle taglie nana e standard.

Allevamento bassotti AZ.AG. Della NaveItaly
Allevamento bassotti AZ.AG. DELLA NAVE

Allevamento bassotti a pelo corto e duro, nani, kaninchen, standard, alta genealogia, linea campioni di bellezza e lavoro; colore fulvo, nero focato, arlecchino, cioccolato, tigrato; Italy.

Miniature smooth and wire haired dachshunds kennel;Champions in the Dog Shows and Work; colours red, black/tan, dapple, chocolate and brindle; Italy.

VDH/FCI Kennel vom RehsprungGermany
Kennel vom Rehsprung - VDH/FCI

We are breeding moothhaired Standard Dachshund for health, working and beauty. Selection of red, black/tan, chocolate/tan and dapple (silver/tan and chocolate/tan).

Kennel s Zelenogo GorodaRussia
Kennel s Zelenogo Goroda

We will be glad to see you on pages of a site of our kennel "s Zelenogo Goroda"! We are breeding dogs of next breeds - all varieties of dachshunds, german boxer, american staffordshire terrier, pug, griffon, petit brabancon. Take a look at our beloved dogs, maybe you will find here your future puppy!

German Boxer Brussels Griffon Belgian Griffon Pug American Staffordshire Terrier

Marosmenti-Rudifogó Aranykoszorús Szálkásszőrű Tacskó kennelHungary
Marosmenti-Rudifogó Aranykoszorús Szálkásszőrű Tacskó kennel

Breeding wirehaired standard and miniature dachshunds. Since 1986.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Bukavu-Bawu Rhodesian Ridgeback KennelHungary
Rhodesian Ridgeback Kennel

"Einen RR zu besitzen ist kein Hobby, es ist eine Leidenschaft!"

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Dutch DapplesTheNetherlands Dog Breeders
Dutch Dapples

Welcome to our website!
Here you will find information about our passion what has stolen our hearts. You will see all our doxies in different official colors and patterns. We specially like to breed choc/tan and choc/tan dapple puppies.

Our puppies are raised as a part of our family, they are happy and well socialized. We are dedicated to finding loving homes for our puppies.

Kan Trace Keep CoolCroatia
Kan Trace Keep Cool

My pedigree name is Kan Trace Keep Cool, but all my friends call me Mylo. I live with my two best friends Maja and Nikolina. They love me, and pet me all the time.

People say I'm very friendly, so everyone want's to play with me, and kiss me, but I don't mind.. I like that!! My motto in life is "All dogs are my friends!!", so be my friend and play with me!

Dachshunds Kennel MinstemannNorway Dog Breeders
Kennel Minstemann

Breeder of smoothhair miniature and smoothhair kaninchen dachs.

Taniec MotylaPoland
Taniec Motyla

Dachshund kannichen langhaired and Russian Toy longhired.

Russian Toy

Dachshunds Kennel Fire Girl'sFinland
Kennel Fire Girl's

Long-hair miniatyr and kaninchen dachshunds small-scale breeding.

Elevage du Grand BaronnetFrance
Elevage du Grand Baronnet

We breed several races of pets: Dogs : Shar-Pei, Chihuahua, and Dachshund. Cat : Sacred of Burma (Burma cats).

Our website will introduce you to the reasons that brought us to breed these races, and you will find all puppys and Kittens that are available. Moreover, there are pictures of our reproductors, and in every page contact informations. We speak English, German, French, and a little bit of Spanish.

Chihuahua Shar Pei

Yygeia Kennel DachshundsSweden
Yygeia Kennel

Show quality dachshunds. Ussind the best loodlines from Europe and USA. Bred for quality and Elegance.

Sundoxie Miniature and Kaninchen Smooth DachshundsItaly
Sundoxie Miniature
and Kaninchen Smooth Dachshunds

Home-raised dachshunds in Rome - Italy since 1997. We breed only miniature and kaninchen smooth dachshunds for good temperament, health, and beauty. We raise chocolate and tan dachshunds, black and tan, chocolate dapples, very small size.Gallery of our dogs and puppies, info about the breed and pedigrees.

Allevamento di bassotti nani e kaninchen a pelo corto nei colori chocolate e nero focato. Selezionati per bellezza e temperamento, alta genealogia, taglie piccolissime. Gallery di foto dei nostri cani e cuccioli, informazioni sulla razza e pedigree.

Gilovam kennel DachshundsCzechia
Gilovam kennel

Kennel Gilovam,Czech republic. Smoot-haired and long-haired mini dachshunds (zwerg und kaninchen).

Zarcrest Show DogsUK
Zarcrest Show Dogs


We hope you enjoy your visit and call back soon,
We have been involved in the world of dogs since 1968, something of a lifetime that we never expected and yet our passion is still as strong as it was then ...

Zarcrest is primarily an experienced Hound hobby kennel, having made up Champions covering four breeds within that group,

It is currently active and highly successful in the two longhaired dachshund varieties, Zarcrest covers three generations of humans with the younger member exhibiting Gundogs.

Want to Learn more? ... Then Enter The Website

Will Harris is one of the Our Dogs principal photographers covering major championship dog shows and canine events in the UK, Will also builds websites both flash or static and specializes in advert design, his repositary for his work is known as Snap An Image...We have put together a small amount of information here, for you to get a better idea of what we do.

Want to Learn more? ... Snap Am Image

Irish Red Setter

FENellaFLEUR Miniature Long Haired DachshundsUK
Miniature Long Haired Dachshunds

We love Miniature Long haired Dachshunds particularly the silver dapple, chocolate dapple, chocolate and tan and black and tan varieties.

Pups from our litters are normally made up from silver dapple, chocolate dapple, chocolate and tan, black and tan varieties. To learn more about us and our Miniature Long haired Dachshunds please visit our web site.

Vives BohemiaCzechia

Hunting dogs kennel from Czech Republic. "Vives Bohemia" affix. Our goal is to breed healthy puppies with temperament, working premises and conformation closest to as described by the breed standard. We prefer Dachshunds Normalgrösse Rauhhaar, Deutscher Kurzhaariger Vorstehhunds,  English Cocker Spaniels and Rövidszörü Magyar Viszlas of high quality hunting characteristics.

German Shorthaired Pointer English Cocker Spaniel Hungarian Shorthaired Vizsla

Abedar's & Hermels Hoeve DachshundsNetherlands
Abedar's & Hermels Hoeve Dachshunds

Dachshunds are our passion since 1974. We breed standard smooths and miniature smooths of high quality. Visit our homepage to see more!

Zwerglanghaarteckel vom FundsteinhofGermany
Zwerglanghaarteckel vom Fundsteinhof

Hobbyzucht von Zwerglanghaarteckel. Wir züchten Teckel in den Farben: Schwarzrot, Rot, Schwarztiger, Braun, Brauntiger. Welpen, Teckel, Dachshund, Hund. Besuchen Sie uns auf unserer Homepage, wir würden uns sehr freuen. MFG Arens/ Unnewehr.

Golden Dakshaund DachshundsRussia

We are working from 1994. Our kennel is breeding dachshunds smooth- and long-haired of all types: standard, mini and caninchen, classic and rare colour. English Cream in Russia!!!

Bonfire Kennel IKU Rottweilers and DachshundsMoscow, Russia Dog Breeders

Rottweilers and Dachshunds.


Teckels v.d.Mibaf'sHoeve Sinds 1973Netherlands
Teckels v.d.Mibaf'sHoeve Sinds 1973

I am a breeder from all variety's dachshunds. Standard, mini, kaninchen. All FCI colors. My specialty is smoothhair and longhair in dapple color and brindle.

Allevamento del Tocai DachshundsItaly
Allevamento del Tocai

Breeders of Wire-Haired Dachshunds Standard, Miniature and Kaninchen, colour wild-boar and red.

Kennel van de Josephina's HoeveNetherlands
Kennel van de Josephina's Hoeve

We breed standard whirehaired dachs.

Światołdycz TeckelPoland
Światołdycz Teckel

Dachshond langhaar normal, multi champions, multi dog shows, litters.

Kennel BiwasSweden
Kennel Biwas

Small family breeding of miniature short-haired and normal wire-haired dachshunds with a good mentality, exterior and good hunting instincts.

Santander FCI dachshundsPoland
Santander FCI - dachshunds

The long-haired miniature dachshund and the rabbit's - the dachshunds' kennel the Santander, information about novelties, dogs and the bitches, litters, exhibitions, thin lines to the dachshunds' the best kennels, the history of kennel the Santander, and also the dachshunds' origins,as well as their picture and many different interesting information.

Oet Shuwik's TipiNetherlands
Oet Shuwik's Tipi

We breed standard wirehaired Dachshunds and Australian Shepherds. Please visit our homepage for more information.

Australian Shepherd

Manaca's Cocker spaniels & Miniature DachshundsSweden
Cocker spaniels & Miniature Dachshunds

Breeder of English Cocker spaniel at Top level. Also a small breeding of shorthaired miniture Dachshunds.

English Cocker Spaniel

Diva Noire standard short haired dachshund kennelHungary
Diva Noire
standard short haired dachshund kennel

I'm a dachshund fan, so I'd like you to know more about my pets, my kennel. My breed have outstanding qualitiesin terms of appearance (phenotype). They are born and bred dachshund with a stable nervous system (excellent for burrowing).

Lizus MaksimusPoland
Lizus Maksimus

Presentation of our kennel, gallery of our dogs and our friend's dogs, results from shows, info about the breed and many more.

Wirehaired dachshunds Kennel Iz Novo-PeredelkinoRussia
Kennel Iz Novo-Peredelkino
Wirehaired dachshunds

Kennel "Iz Novo-Peredelkino" is breeding the wirehaired dachshunds of all size. For soul, dogs shows and breeding.

Dagi DogPoland
Dagi Dog

Standard and miniature longhaired dachshunds.

Bassotti MonnagiòItaly
Bassotti Monnagiò

Selective breeding of Kaninchen Dachshunds in Italy.

Hokus Pokus z PerlowejPoland
Hokus Pokus z Perlowej

We breed rabbit, miniature and standard Dachshunds longhaired. Our kennel is based on good type Dachshunds with friendly character and we try to make good choice with breeding combinations. We love dogs and Dachshunds are our beloved breed and it helps us in breeding.

San Valentino Kennel DachshundsItaly
SAN VALENTINO Kennel - Dachshunds

Standard, miniature and kaninchen smooth and wire haired. high selection for morphology and behaviour.

Köd-hegy DachshundPolgardi, Hungary Dog Breeders
Köd-hegy Dachshund

Standard dachshund kennel - Passz v.Golf and Faworek Basta.

Long-haired dachshunds kennel Rud�Lithuania
Rudė Long-haired dachshunds kennel

Long-haired dachshunds kennel "Rudė" since 1990.

Van DesaroNetherlands
Van Desaro

Teckels in het langhaar dwerg en kaninchen en ruwhaar kaninchen.

Hollywood TeckelFrance
Hollywood Teckel

Bienvenue dans notre élevage familial deTeckels Nains et Kaninchens à poils longs.

A travers ces quelques images, nous espérons vous faire partager notre passion...

Nos Teckels ... Ces petits bouts ont tout des grands !!!Un caractère en or, une joie de vivre , et un amour inconditionnel ... Sur le ring ou sur le canapé , ce sont nos petites stars à quatres pattes ... Quand à leur couleur , évidemment nous adorons le fauve, mais nous aimons aussi le noir et feu et puis l'arlequin , et enfin ma douceur préférée , le chocolat ...Tout ce petit monde est élevé en famille avec nous ,et les chiots qui naissent à la maison , sont tous issus de parents primés ou selectionnés pour leur beauté et leur bon caractère ... Si vous avez la moindre question , n'hésitez pas à nous contacter au tél ..., nous nous ferons un plaisir de vous guider ...

Bonne visite ...

Kennel Little SweetFinland
Kennel Little Sweet

Breeding long haired miniature and kaninchen dachshunds in Finland.

Smartdac Miniature & Kaninchen DachshundsNorthern Ireland Dog Breeders
Miniature & Kaninchen Dachshunds

We are a small show kennel based in Morthern Ireland. We exhibit mini smooth, mini long and kaninchen smooth haired dachshunds. Experienced in the world of dog showing since 1982. Top winning hounds in three variety of dachshund.

Kennel vom KrummholzGermany
Kennel vom Krummholz

In our Kennel you can find from time to time beautyful Dachshounds, standard, smooth haire puppies. All our dogs live with us as family members.

Gaspet DachshundsItaly
GASPET Dachshunds

GASPET short hair Dachshunds ENCI / FCI recognised Dachshund breed. Let's drive you into a wonderfull Dachshund's World !!!

Dwrgwyn Minature Smoothhaired DachshundsEngland
Minature Smoothhaired Dachshunds

We are a small family based kennel based in Blackburn, Lancashire. It is our intention to breed healthy, happy puppies only when the demand exists. Please visit our website today for more information.

Er Tash KennelRussia
Er Tash Kennel

Longhaired and wirehaired standard dachshunds.

Aradik - Barbado da Terceira, Dachshund & DreverPortugal
Aradik - Barbado da Terceira,
Dachshund & Drever

Aradik - A reference in the Barbado da Terceira! Outstanding Standard Wire-haired Dachshunds and Drevers. We strive for type, character, health and soundness. Visit our site, visit us and feel free to contact us!

Barbado da Terceira Swedish Dachsbracke

Kennel dogs ze Sfory CętkowanejPoland
Kennel dogs ze Sfory Cętkowanej

Home kennel. Breeder - zoopsychologist. Now we have puppies Dashund langhaar kaninchen and zwerg. Parents of puppies are champions.

Tigrida FCI - dachshundsPoland
Tigrida FCI - dachshunds

The long-haired miniature dachshund and the rabbit's - the dachshunds' kennel the Tigrida, information about novelties, dogs and the bitches, litters, exhibitions, thin lines to the dachshunds' the best kennels, the history of kennel the Tigrida, and also the dachshunds' origins,as well as their picture and many different interesting information.

Randachs KennelItaly
Randachs Kennel

Allevamento amatoriale per la selezione del bassotto tedesco a pelo duro. Riconosciuto Enci-Fci.

Randachs Kennel FCI, Wire Haired Dachshund.

Svarta PIMRussia
Svarta PIM

Kennel Swart PIM - Basset Hound, Rottweiler, Dachshund.

We are happy to invite you to visit our web page and we are happy to represent our lovelydogs. We have a forum. On the pages of the forum a lot of interesting information -articles, reports from exhibitions, photos and video.

Our Kennel is located in St. Petersburg, Russia.
Yours faithfully,
Irina Mukhina

Basset Hound Rottweiler

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