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 Dogo Argentino

 Dogue argentin / Argentinische Dogge

Dogo Argentino Kennel Golden LineRussia Dog Breeders
kennel Golden Line

Kennel "GOLDEN LINE". Great dane, dogo argentino,french bulledogue. Puppies. It is a lot of photos useful references, regular updating.

French Bulldog         Great Dane

Dogo Argentino Kennel Cazador CriolloHungary Dog Breeders
Cazador Criollo
Dogo Argentino Kennel

The kennel for Strong and Athletic Dogo`s.

Dogo del Bianco MantoItaly Dog Breeders
Dogo del Bianco Manto

Breeding for the selection of dogs of Argentine Dogo race.

Dogo Argentino El Rey De Las PampasCroatia Dog Breeders
El Rey De Las Pampas

Dogo argentino kennel. If you are interested in adding one of El Rey de Las Pampas puppies to your family, please feel free to contact us. We will find time to talk about your wishes and expectations, answer all your questions and most certainly discuss if Dogo Argentino is right dog for you.

Dogo argentino kennel Iz Lunnoy StaiRussia Dog Breeders
Iz Lunnoy Stai - Dogo argentino kennel

The kennel "Iz Lunnoy Stai" (RKF-FCI) welcome you to the our site. This site devoted to an amazing and mysterious breed of dogs - Dogo Argentino.

Our kennel can help you to choice, education, feeding and training the Dogo Argentino puppy. Professional handler, with extensive experience showing this breed, can prepare yours Dogo Argentino for shows.

De Los Porteños Dogos Argentinos KennelThe Netherlands Dog Breeders
De Los Porteños Dogos Argentinos Kennel

See our; Website of De Los Portenos Dogos Argentinos Kennel located in The Netherlands. Dogo Argentino Puppy`s, Info, Standards, Photo`s, health-certificates, Dogo argentino history and much more.

We occasionally have puppy`s from top quality bloodlines from the Netherlands and Argentina ...

Dogo Argentino Kennel La Garganta Del DiabloPoland Dog Breeders
La Garganta Del Diablo
Dogo Argentino Kennel

Zapraszamy na naszą stronę hodowli Dogo Argentino - Dog Argentyński La Garganta Del Diablo. Zdjęcia, szczeniaki, linki...

Welcome to our website Dogo Argentino - La Garganta Del Diablo kennel. This page is the result of a continuous lifelong passion to this particular dog breed which has lasted since 1996. Pictures, puppy, links ...

Divina Fortitudo Allevamento e selezione dogo argentinoItaly Dog Breeders
Divina Fortitudo
Allevamento e selezione dogo argentino

Divina Fortitudo seleziona da 14 anni esclusivamente la razza dogo argentino ottenendo soggetti importanti sotto l'aspetto morfologico e caratteriale.

Kennel Blanco PirataSweden Dog Breeders
Kennel Blanco Pirata

We breed Dogo Argentino and Miniturepinscher in Sweden. We have been living with the breeds since year 1999.

Miniature Pinscher

Del Kristofer Dogo Argentino KennelHungary Dog Breeders
Del Kristofer Dogo Argentino Kennel

We started our Dogo Argentino kennel with two Argentine import dogos in 1996. Our dogs are family members, and they have been very successful at various dog shows too.

Our kennel is Master Beeders in Hungary since 2006. We believe that both health and standard regulations are equally essential. We like tracing the life of the dogs from our kennel and try to keep in friendly touch with the new owners. Welcome to our homepage!

Von Bel Mondo KennelIreland Dog Breeders
Von Bel Mondo Kennel

We are a small hobby kennel based in Dublin City of the Republic of Ireland.

Our kennel was established in 1998 and we dedicate a big part of our time to our dogs. We are proud for great achievements in the show rings, breeding and owning dogs with titles as Irish Junior Ch.-- Hungarian Jun.Ch.--Romanian Ch. and Bulgarian Ch.

As the Rottweiler is a working breed we also work our dogs to the BH, SchH, and IPO, level. Our main goal is to breed quality and quality refers to Excellence in Type, Temperament, Soundness and Working abilities.


Sueño de la vidaGreece Dog Breeders

Very small hobby kennel based in Patra. Our dogos traiining sociallized and live with familly. Our dogos are very ballanced, friendly with people, good hunters.

Blanco Solar Dogo Argentino kennelEstonia Dog Breeders
Blanco Solar Dogo Argentino kennel

We have a home kennel. All our dogs are living next to us and our friends as members of family. Our breeding dogs are carefully selected, they are Winners of dogshows and excellent dogs. Our puppy owners are our friends as well. We do our best to support them in everything.

Magnifico Blanco Dogo ArgentinoSerbia Dog Breeders
Magnifico Blanco Dogo Argentino

Magnifico Blanco kennel from Serbia.

In Love Eclipse Chinese crested & Dogo ArgentinoThe Ukraine Dog Breeders
Chinese crested & Dogo Argentino

Kenel of Chinese crested dog and Dogo Argentino. Employments on hendler specialized hall. All details on a site.

Chinese Crested Dog

kennel Dobyvatel - Dogo ArgentinoCzech Republic Dog Breeders
kennel Dobyvatel - Dogo Argentino

Dogo Argentino is family kennel from Czech Republic.

'Estela  Blanco' Dogo Argentina KennelUkraine Dog Breeders
'Estela Blanco' Dogo Argentina Kennel

We are the first Dogo Argentina kennel in Ukraine.

At our nursery lives Dogos with best bloodlines of the world famous kennels We use in breeding dogs with good type and excellent pedigree. So if you want to own real Dogo welcome to us.

del doguerosBelgium Dog Breeders
del dogueros

In our dogo argentino breeding program, we use the bloodlines La vieja diana and Ackon cahuak. These are bloodlines who have proven themselves many times already in the past. Therefor we travel in and outside Europe, to find the right import dogs to refresh our bloodline. We hope this way,in the future, we can do something good for the dogo argentino in Belgium and Europe.

Our goal is to breed a good, stabile and healthy dogo argentino without losing their original typical identity. All our puppies are born and raised inside our house.We make sure that al the puppies come in contact with everything inside and outside the house. We make sure they meet aswell different kind of people, other animals as different situations.This way the dogs can get a good start in life when they are going to their new owners. The parents and grandparents of our dogs all come from healty bloodlines, they not only have good results on national and international dogshows, they also have the fysical and mental conditions that are required for a dogo argentino.

All our dogs are tested for hip dysplasia, and BAER-tested.

If you have any questions or you want to visit our kennel, you are always welcome.

We would like to thank you for showing interest in our kennel.

Kind regards,

La Fiera Blanca - Dogo Argentino KennelSlovakia Dog Breeders
La Fiera Blanca - Dogo Argentino Kennel

La Fiera Blanca - Dogo Argentino kennel small hobby kennel from Slovakia.

Kennel Casa RoqueFinland Dog Breeders
Kennel Casa Roque

Our goal is to breed healthy, well balanced dogs to the standard. We plan our combinations extremely subtly, being ready to travel thousands of kilometers to find the best possible stud male.

We will never settle for mediocre and will never make a combination if we are not positive that the combination can bring something special to the breed. We make every combination so, that is one we would like to have a dog from ourselves.

Kennel TigidasFinland Dog Breeders
Kennel Tigidas

In a world of compromise, some don't!

'Mary M. Style' Dogo Argentino KennelUkraine Dog Breeders
'MARY M. STYLE' Dogo Argentino Kennel

Our kennel is monobreed. In breeding, we believe, the main is correct and qualitative selection of bloodlines, to get healthy offsprings. All dogs in our kennel are tested for dysplasia. Our dogs participate in international dog shows and have excellent results. Visit our website for more information about us.

Cikuta Dogo argentino kennelLithuania Dog Breeders
Cikuta Dogo argentino kennel

Dogo Argentino - Coat of white satin, body of steel, heart of gold.

Allevamento dei Falchi BianchiPoviglio, Italy Dog Breeders
Allevamento dei Falchi Bianchi

Alleviamo e selezioniamo dogo argentino da oltre 30 anni.

de la Brancada Dogo ArgentinoItaly Dog Breeders
de la Brancada Dogo Argentino

Breeding for the selection of dogs of Argentine Dogo race.

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