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Ukraine Dog Breeders: We breed beautiful dogs Alabai. Now we have puppies; American Cocker Spaniel in Ukraine; On our site you could find a lot of information about the bichon frise breed. It's also possible to book a puppy or ask one of our titled males for usage; We enjoy showing our dogs and sometimes have nice puppies available; Breeding giant and mini schnauzersl I am a member of the Federation of Hunting Dog Breeding in the Ukraine, manager of the hunting dogs in the Kennel Club, judge the work of hunting dogs; Italian Greyhounds of Ukraine; Professional collie breeding kennel; We are always glad to the old friends, and also to the new acquaintances; Site of Fox Terrier Smooth kennel; Hound hobby young kennel in Kiev, Ukraine; Site about dobermann kennel in Kharkov; All dogs pass obligatory social adaptation and differ in even temper; Junior competitions examined by different judges; Breeder of English bulldogs in Ukraine; Breeding and selection of black and harlequin Great Danes; Full information on our Japanese Akitas and Westies; Our dogs have nice titles at dog-show. We can deliver our puppy in any place if you need it;.

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Nordnix Amazing Winner Timantti Solid Vincenzo Batiat Labradors.

Labrador Retriever

Child of Sunrise Labrador Retriever KennelUkraine Dog Breeders
Child of Sunrise Labrador Retriever Kennel

Child of Sunrise specializes in breeding Labrador Retriever Retriever. Our kennel is FCI and Ukraine Kennel recognized. We try to raise dogs, increasingly better, with real temperaments, and healthy dogs. Welcome to our site and find information about our dogs, planned litters.

Labrador Retriever

Peri Bright SoulUkraine Dog Breeders
Moriani kennel

Мальтезе — нежные и чувствительные небольшие собаки, чье тело покрывает густая, ослепительно белая шерсть с оттенком цвета слоновой кости. У мальтезе также огромные, слегка выпуклые глаза. Мальтезе необыкновенно добродушны и нежны в отношении хозяина и членов его семьи. Особенно ласковы они с детьми. К другим собакам относятся с лаской и добротой, любят общаться с ними.


morianiUkraine Dog Breeders
Moriani kennel

Welcome to our website kennel MORIANI (golden retriever).

Golden Retriever

La Casa DemianiUkraine Dog Breeders
La Casa Demiani

Welcome to the kennel "La Casa Demiani". Here you can see our dogs, our breeding dogs, see the show results of our dogs and our graduates.


La Perle De Versailles French Bulldog KennelUkraine Dog Breeders
La Perle De Versailles
French Bulldog Kennel

I am a breeder, lovers, and breed French Bulldog! Is breeding quality puppies for 6 years! French bulldog is my second job. I do it because I love this breed! Our dogs live with us in the house, grow in love and care with our babys! My whole family has French bulldogs for the past many years. Many families around the world have one or two of our puppies, and very satisfied.

All of our puppies are healthy and active. Have two vaccinations vetpasport, pedigrees and stigma. By purchasing a puppy in our kennel, you do not have to spend on the veterinarian, because all of my puppies are healthy, have a strong and healthy heart, a sharp mind, good docile nature. Our French get along very well with cats, birds, dogs of different breeds and are perfect for small children!

French Bulldog

Sunshine Of The SouthUkraine Dog Breeders

В 1994 году в моей семье появился щенок миттельшнауцера. Эта моя первая собака этой породы, с нее все и началось. ШНАУЦЕР - одна из самых чудесных пород собак в мире. Это очень серьёзная собака, бесстрашная, чуткая, внимательная, легко дрессируемая и преданная хозяину. Они очень любят детей, ребёнку всегда можно доверить и заботу о собаке, и прогулки с ней. С ним никогда не соскучишься. он не линяет, не пахнет, что дает возможность держать собаку аллергикам. Его бородатая мордашка придаёт ему свою красоту и привлекательность. Шнауцер - это порода собак, которая покорила меня ещё с детства и в дальнейшем изменила кардинально всю мою жизнь. Оставаться равнодушным, проходя мимо щенка или взрослого "бородача" просто невозможно. Сейчас у меня 2 цвергшнауцера, черный и перец с солью. Это отличные выставочные собаки, итальянских и чешских кровей с шикарным темпераментом настоящего шнауцера и очень преданные друзья. "В разведении считаю что особое внимание нужно уделять вопросам здоровья и хорошему темпераменту , а также правильному экстерьеру собак. Надеюсь получать в своем питомнике гармоничных, стильных собак" В 2014 году я зарегистрировала свой завод, чтобы заниматься разведением шнауцеров и покорять вершины выставок.

Miniature Schnauzer

Kennel 'Flora Style'Ukraine Dog Breeders

Kennel "FLORA STYLE" had been officially registered by the Ukrainian Kennel Union within FCI in August 2013, and is located in Kyiv (Ukraine). Our family has always preferred molosses, but in 2009 our 11 -year-old son, Alexander had showed an interest in the Italian Greyhound breed, or Piccolo Levriero Italiano.

That is how Fabio Valentina Premium (pet-name Fabio) had come to our house, being not just a Christmas gift, but an inspirer and a full member of the family. And this fact marked the beginning of many of our family hobbies: during past years Alexander had become a multiple winner of the Junior Handler at the dogshows of all levels, including participation in JHs competitions on European and World Dog Show, as well as victories in the breed ring due to his hard work and talent of our teacher on Handling Anna Tarnovskaya. My husband had become a wonderful photographer, who is often asked to take shots on th e Dog Show rings and not only in the rings. And collars made by me are happily worn not only by Italian Greyhounds of Ukraine and CIS countries, but many other breeds of dogs around the world, including World and European Champions.

We are also interested in breeding activity: during these years Fabio became the father 12 offsprings, many of whom are Champions and Grand Champions in different countries. In August 2012 in our kennel came IG Nicoletta Divina Is Noveles, imported from Lithuania, which became a breeding female FS kennel: on November 24th, 2013 the first litter "A" had born in our kennel FLORA STYLE.

Italian Greyhound

Briscola kennelUkraine Dog Breeders
Briscola kennel

Chihuahua kennel "Briscola" from Ukraine, Ukraine in Europe presentation our dogs, bitches, puppies, galery , results from shows and many more.


Eleve Boxer KennelUkraine Dog Breeders
ELEVE Boxer Kennel

"ELEVE" Boxer kennel from Ukraine. Beauty, health, boxer character.

German Boxer

Bral Ma Tibetan MastiffsUkraine Dog Breeders
Bral Ma Tibetan Mastiffs

Bral Ma Tibetan mastiff FCI registered kennel in Ukraine. You are welcome to visit our site and reserve a tibetan mastiff puppy.

Tibetan Mastiff

'Luxury Style' Kennel of Great DanesUkraine Dog Breeders
'Luxury Style' Kennel of Great Danes

We always glad to see You to website of kennel "Luxury style", dedicated to the wonderful breed Great Dane. Here you can enjoy our victories at dog shows, achievements breeding and get to know our pride - our dogs! You can’t but agree that these wonderful creatures - dogs make our home a real home!

Great Dane

Mani Daeng FCI KennelUkraine Dog Breeders
Mani Daeng FCI Kennel

Welcome to Mani Daeng FCI Kennel. We breed Thai Ridgeback Dog. Enjoy visiting our web.

Thai Ridgeback Dog

Kennel 'Vinnitsa Lend'Ukraine Dog Breeders
Kennel 'Vinnitsa Lend'

Welcome to kennel "Vinnitsa Lend"! We will be happy to provide any assistance on breeds that are we have in kennel!

German Shepherd Dog         English Bulldog

Royal Moloss KennelUkraine Dog Breeders
Royal Moloss Kennel

Kennel - professional breeding of ca de bou Tosa Inu and. Ca de bou puppies. Tosa Inu puppies.

Majorca Mastiff         Tosa Inu

Pangor Bull Terrier KennnelUkraine Dog Breeders
Pangor Bull Terrier Kennnel

Ukrainian family Kennel of English Standard bull terriers. Welcome to our web-site and have a good day!

Bull Terrier

Kennel FCI Rodnichok Iz Tiger Sada Japanese Chin, Russian Toys, ChihuahuaUkraine Dog Breeders
Japanese Chin, Russian Toys, Chihuahua

Professionally breeds Chow chows and American Akita's!

Russian Toy         Chihuahua         Japanese Chin

Mon Ange Chow chow & American akita kennelUkraine Dog Breeders
Chow chow & American akita kennel

Professionally breeds Chow chows and American Akita's!

Chow Chow         American Akita

Kennel ZazimieUkraine Dog Breeders

Tibetan Mastiff (Do-Khyi) kennel ZAZIMIE is located in Ukraine. Welcome to our web-site!

Tibetan Mastiff

Kvitka SakuryUkraine Dog Breeders

Breeding of dogs: Japanese chins, Shih Tzu- Kennel Kvitka Sakury. Welcome to website of kennel Kvitka Sakury! On pages of our site you can get acquainted with our pets, look at their photo, a pedigrees, puppies.

Племенное разведение собак: японских хинов и ши-тцу- Питомник Квитка Сакуры. Добро пожаловать на сайт питомника Квитка Сакуры! На страницах нашего сайта Вы можете познакомиться с нашими питомцами, посмотреть их фото, родословную, щенков.

Japanese Chin         Shih Tzu

Yokuzuna YushaUkraine Dog Breeders

Kennel registered in FCI. Professional breeding breed Tosa Inu.


Alpine Flowers Beagles KennelUkraine Dog Breeders
Alpine Flowers Beagles Kennel

Welcome to the Alpine Flowers Kennel!

Our kennel was officially registered in 2013.I hope you will enjoy the website. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Regards, Olga


RADUZHNY STIL Scottish Terriers KennelUkraine Dog Breeders
RADUZHNY STIL Scottish Terriers Kennel

Raduzhny Stil is a young Scottish Terries kennel UKU-FCI located in Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine. We breed with love scottie since 2006, have World Junior Winner-2012 and periodically we have quality puppies for sale. Always welcome new friends!

Scottish Terrier

maltese-stars.comUkraine Dog Breeders

Сайт посвящен замечательной породе мальтезе - мальтийской болонке: кобель для вязки в Крыму, Симферополь, щенки мальтийской болонки, вопросы содержания, воспитания и обучения - Мы будем рады помочь вам в этих вопросах!


Kari OchiUkraine Dog Breeders

Питомник KARI OCHI занимается племенным разведением Брюссельских и Бельгийских Гриффонов. В нашем питомнике собраны лучшие представители породы Гриффон, чьи предки - Чемпионы Мира, стран Европы, Северной и Латинской Америки - были у истоков ее воссоздания. Наши производители несут в себе крови известных мировых линий. В нашем питомнике постоянно ведется работа над получением высокопородного потомства. Вы сможете выбрать у нас щенка в разведение, для выставок или для души. Добро пожаловать на наш сайт-всегда рады ответить на интересующие Вас вопросы . ! С уважением,Елена и Алексей Кашпуровы . Украина, г. Харьков

Belgian Griffon         Brussels Griffon

'Sobaka-Ulybaka' - Kennel Petit Brabancon and German ShepherdsUkraine Dog Breeders
'SOBAKA-ULYBAKA' - Kennel Petit Brabancon and German Shepherds

My name is Sergey A. Grigorov, I trained cynologist of-the breeder! Our cattery is engaged in the professional breeding dogs Griffon and the German Shepherd Dog! Puppies of our the kennel grown in excellent conditions: high-end pet food, vaccination, veterinary inspection! Puppies is given to in new families only after vaccination with the whole set of documents! Assistance in growing, handling! To reserve a puppy, or just to socialize write, call, I'll be glad to talk! My telephone number...

German Shepherd Dog         Small Brabant Griffon

Ferz' KattyvalUkraine Dog Breeders
Ferz' Kattyval

The most titled black male of East Europien Shepherd in Ukraine - Super Grand Champion of Ukraine. Pups for sale! You can see more information at our website.

East European Shepherd / VEO

Cherry Dog Club - Akita inu, Shiba inu, Labrador retrieverUkraine Dog Breeders
Cherry Dog Club
Akita inu, Shiba inu, Labrador retriever

Cherry Dog Club Kennels situated in the Vinnitsa of Ukraine. Our Akita's,shiba inu,labrador are all from exceptionally well bred and respected lines. All of our dogs have wonderful, loving and playful temperaments and all enjoy free roam of our home and gardens, they spend time indoors with us as a family every day.

Akita Inu         Shiba Inu         Labrador Retriever

O.Iskras питомник собак китайский
шарпей и английский бульдогUkraine Dog Breeders
O.Iskras питомник собак китайский шарпей и английский бульдог

O.Iskras-питомник собак китайский шарпей и английский бульдог существует 15 лет, зарегистрирован в FCI под номером 65/05. Профессионально занимается разведением и выставочной деятельностью. На сайте питомника можно посмотреть фотографии собак, их титулы, а также выбрать щенка, или кобеля для вязки..

English Bulldog         Shar Pei

Питомник шпицев FalcnoryUkraine Dog Breeders
Питомник шпицев Falcnory

Мы приветствуем Вас на сайте нашего питомника Falcnory! Нас зовут Марина и Татьяна Соколовы из Харькова (Украина). Мы рады приветствовать Вас на сайте племенного питомника померанских шпицев. Наш питомник занимается редкими окрасами породы померанский шпиц. Мы имеем померанцев кремового, черно - подпалого, крем - соболиного, рыжего и красного окрасов.


Stepovyj Viter kennelUkraine Dog Breeders
Stepovyj Viter kennel

Japanese Chin breeding. Top quality dogs. Puppies sometimes available. Kryvy Rih, Ukraine.

Розведення Японських Хінів. Здорові собаки, що відповідають стандарту породи FCI. Час від часу продаж цуценят.

Японские Хины отвечающие стандарту FCI. Продажа щенков.


Justa VictoriaUkraine Dog Breeders
Justa Victoria

Scottish terrier kennel. Kiev, Ukraine.

Scottish Terrier

Cherry-Merry TailsUkraine Dog Breeders
Cherry-Merry Tails

Scottish terrier kennel. Khmelnytsky, Ukraine.

Scottish Terrier

Sonas OrtUkraine Dog Breeders
Sonas Ort

Scottish terrier kennel. Kiev, Ukraine.

Scottish Terrier

'Yoltay AllaN' Breeding kennelUkraine Dog Breeders
'Yoltay AllaN' Breeding kennel

Breeding kennel is located in the most picturesque part of Ukraine - Crimea, in the hero city of Sevastopol. Kennel officially registered in 2010, but the Central Asian sheep live in our home and our hearts more than 11 years. We love this breed and admire its beauty, originality, dedication, hard work, intelligence and charisma.

Central Asia Shepherd Dog

Brabary TownUkraine Dog Breeders

Griffon Bruxellois and Petit Brabancon in Ukraine. Kennel FCI № 174/12.

Brussels Griffon         Small Brabant Griffon

Alta YrockUkraine Dog Breeders

Welcome to the “ALTAY ROCK” kennel. As conscientious breeders we try to breed dogs with all features and standards of the breed - dogs with good temperament, structure, health, worthy representatives of breed. Our dogs, as dogs that we are breeding, were born from healthy parents, have a good gene from the best dogs of breed, recognized both in Ukraine and abroad.

We provide our dogs with everything they need, but we do not forget about helping those animals who have no love and care the owners. On our pages you can read all those amazing and sad stories about animals that are (or were) in our care. Also, you will meet the girl, named Alice, whose owners threw her in the street when she was a puppy, story about how she has become a full member of our own, yet small, but still very worthy pack.

Alaskan Malamute         Labrador Retriever

BrisArt NorDomUkraine Dog Breeders
BrisArt NorDom

Boxer and Pug kennel "BrisArt NorDom".

German Boxer         Pug

Sabona StyleUkraine Dog Breeders

Welcome to Miniature pinsher kennel SABONA STYLE !

Miniature Pinscher

Kennel 'from Golden Monarchy'Ukraine Dog Breeders
Kennel 'from Golden Monarchy'

Miniature Pinscher Kennel in Ukraine. FCI 455/11.

Miniature Pinscher

питомник Совские ПрудыUkraine Dog Breeders
питомник Совские Пруды

Professional dog kennel Central Asia Shepherd Dogs.

Профессиональный питомник рабочих среднеазиатских овчарок.

Central Asia Shepherd Dog

Dorofeya - Golden shore Collie rough kennelUkraine Dog Breeders
DOROFEYA - Golden shore
Collie rough kennel

Welcome to collie rough kennel - DOROFEYA ! Ukraine, Odessa - Golden shore! For money it is possible to buy the most beautiful dog, but only the love will force it to wag a tail.

Collie Rough

Galaxy Crystal - Yorkshire terrier & MalteseUkraine Dog Breeders
Galaxy Crystal - Yorkshire terrier & Maltese

Welcome to kennel Galaxy Crystal!

We are a Maltese & Yorkshire terrier Kennel. We are breeding with great passion maltese and yorkie dogs. Our dogs are our family. In our kennel we have only show dogs with high quality. All of our dogs are champions and parents are champions and multi Champions. Please visit our site. We are very glad to new friends!

Yorkshire Terrier         Maltese

Est EtiamUkraine Dog Breeders

We do our breeding with a great love for the breed Airedale. Our Airedales are successful at shows and sports!

Airedale Terrier

Nikandr-November de Grande VinkoUkraine Dog Breeders
Nikandr-November de Grande Vinko

Дорогие друзья!

Добро пожаловать на сайт одного из моих любимых доберманов Nikandr-November de Grande Vinko (Ник). Я надеюсь, что после посещения нашего сайта, Вы не останетесь равнодушным к породе доберман, мы же постараемся сделать сайт информационно наполненным, красочным и интересным. Нам будет очень приятно если Вы зайдёте в нашу Гостевую книгу и оставите там свои коментарии и пожелания.


Azov Sun CityUkraine Dog Breeders
Azov Sun City

Наш племенной питомник « Azov Sun City » основан в 2002 году, занимается разведением пород : Немецкая овчарка, Брюссельский и Бельгийский гриффон, Мопс, Китайская хохлатая собака, Цвергшнауцер.

German Shepherd Dog         Brussels Griffon         Belgian Griffon         Pug

Chinese Crested Dog         Miniature Schnauzer

'Almas-Alana' Newfoundland and Chinese CrestedUkraine Dog Breeders
Newfoundland and Chinese Crested

Welcome to our website.It is dedicated to our beloved dogs - Newfoundlands and Chinese Crested.

Newfoundland         Chinese Crested Dog

Igriviy LuchikUkraine Dog Breeders
Igriviy Luchik

Welcome to my site!

Japanese Chin         Pomeranian

Une DezirUkraine Dog Breeders

Ukrainian Kennel of American Staffordshire Terrier "UNE DEZIR".

American Staffordshire Terrier

Rhodesian Ridgebacks kennel From Gold Bobbery PackMoldova Dog Breeders
kennel of rhodesian ridgebacks

On our site you can meet with a breed, its features.To visit the pages of our dogs and their puppies.To choose a puppy.To meet with our friends.

'from Gold Bobbery pack' <br> kennel rhodesian ridgebackUkraine Dog Breeders
'from Gold Bobbery pack'
kennel rhodesian ridgeback

Welcome to the site of our kennel! We are glad to introduce You with our dogs and their puppies, their achievements and pedigrees. Our kennel is engaged in the breeding and exhibition activity Rhodesian Ridgebacks since 2002.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Starry SparkUkraine Dog Breeders

Welcome to Giant Schnauzers and Miniature Schnauzers kennel! Dedication to the beautiful breeds able to change, preserve and beautify human life!

Giant Schnauzer         Miniature Schnauzer

Kholister ConstellationUkraine Dog Breeders
Kholister Constellation

Scottish terrier cennel UKU-FCI.

Scottish Terrier

Altamiruas Italian greyhound kennel FCI/UKUUkraine Dog Breeders
Altamiruas Italian greyhound kennel FCI/UKU

Welcome to our Altamiruas family of PLI! Altamiruas is a small kennel. We are fell in love with the Italian Greyhounds many years ago, and we bred for good health, excellent temperament, great beauty and successful show career.

You will find the information about our dogs, breeding and Show results, puppies for sale and lots of great photos in our website!

Italian Greyhound

Severnaya Luna kennelUkraine Dog Breeders
Central Asian Shepherd Dog (Alabai)

The site contains information about the dogs kennel, their achievements in the exhibitions and test trials, the puppies for sale and dog for mating.

Central Asia Shepherd Dog

'Mary M. Style' Dogo Argentino KennelUkraine Dog Breeders
'MARY M. STYLE' Dogo Argentino Kennel

Our kennel is monobreed. In breeding, we believe, the main is correct and qualitative selection of bloodlines, to get healthy offsprings. All dogs in our kennel are tested for dysplasia. Our dogs participate in international dog shows and have excellent results. Visit our website for more information about us.

Dogo Argentino

Zabava Znaty kennelUkraine Dog Breeders
Zabava Znaty kennel

Borzoi's and Italian Greyhounds by Ukrainian kennel Zabava Znaty. Learn about Zabava Znaty, PLI's and Borzoi's at our site, with news and information, and lots of photos.

Borzoi         Italian Greyhound

TKing's PreferenceUkraine Dog Breeders
King's Preference

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels from Ukraine. Our dogs live in the family. Big photogalery, results from shows and many more. Welcome to visit our website!

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Barbe La Gris kennel schnauzer pepper & saltUkraine Dog Breeders
Barbe La Gris kennel
schnauzer pepper & salt

Standard schnauzers pepper & salt from Ukraine Schnauzer puppies from champion parents with the best bloodlines. We are working to improve the breed. Our dogs have excellent external data for exhibitions and working qualities. Flag this goodness to our site.

Standard Schnauzer

Stardrive Team Beagle KennelUkraine Dog Breeders
Stardrive Team Beagle Kennel

Welcome to our kennel of Beagle "Stardrive Team"! Our dogs have a lot of prestigious titles.


KsenDiJenUkraine Dog Breeders

Сайт посвящен таким прекрастным породам собак: Йоркширский терьер, Китайская хохлатая, Померанский шпиц, и моим любимым Британским кошкам. Наш питомник профессионально занимается разведением.

Yorkshire Terrier         Pomeranian         Chinese Crested Dog

Francian TriumfUkraine Dog Breeders
Francian Triumf

Питомник померанских шпицев.


Mon Meilleur Ami kennelUkraine Dog Breeders
Mon Meilleur Ami kennel

Mon Meilleur Ami kennel French bulldogs and Chihuahua all dogs and information on web page kennel.

French Bulldog         Chihuahua

Kennel Golden Age of KingUkraine Dog Breeders
Kennel Golden Age of King

Kennel Golden Age of King, have been breeding beautiful breed Shar Pei. As well as the exhibition career of their pets. Our dogs are in good health, a great mind and a beautiful breed vid.U Here you can to buy a puppy for show and for the soul. We are always happy to help you make a choice.

Shar Pei

kennel WinsburgUkraine Dog Breeders

Рады приветствовать Вас на персональном сайте питомника жесткошерстных фокстерьеров мопсов и бивер йоркшир терьеров "WINSBURG".

Pug         Fox Terrier Wired Haired         Yorkshire Terrier

'Радужная жемчужина' Питомник йоркширских терьеровUkraine Dog Breeders
'Радужная жемчужина'
Питомник йоркширских терьеров

Мы занимаемся разведением йоркширских терьеров. Ждем вас на нашем сайте.

Yorkshire Terrier

питомник 'Mini Bambini'Ukraine Dog Breeders
питомник 'Mini Bambini'

Добро пожаловать на сайт питомника "Mini Bambini" ! Наш питомник занимается разведением замечательных пород: Мальтезе и Йоркширский терьер.

Maltese         Yorkshire Terrier

akkerman-ksu.jimdo.comUkraine Dog Breeders

Белгород-Днестровское ГО КСУ кинологический центр "Динго".

AqvilonUkraine Dog Breeders

Please browse our site, devoted to our passion - Dobermanns. We are small select kennel located in Ukraine, East Europe, where we strive for excellence in all facets of the Dobermann breed.


Brilliance ToyUkraine Dog Breeders
Brilliance Toy

Питомник собак породы Русский Той.

Russian Toy

bast-best.jimdo.comUkraine Dog Breeders

Мы рады предоставить Вашему вниманию нащих собак породы средне азиатская овчарка. Нащи собаки неоднократные победители международных и национальных выставок.

Central Asia Shepherd Dog

dogNafanyaUkraine Dog Breeders

Nursery, puppies, are viscous, producers.

German Shepherd Dog         English Cocker Spaniel

Golden PackUkraine Dog Breeders
Golden Pack

Professional kennel, puppies, breeding males for mating. Our dobermans with great eksterernymi and working qualities.


Black Laguna KennelUkraine Dog Breeders
Black Laguna Kennel

Kennel "BLACK LAGUNA" is created on the base of,, MORSKAYA LAGUNA” and has been registered in UKU in 1998 year and in FCI in 2001 year. Dogs of this kennel have the best estimations on the many dog shows in the different countries.

Yorkshire terrier- tiny, cute, perky and glamorous dog with character and heart of adopted us. Shiba- Inu, it is a national patrimony of Japan. That downy and canning as a fox dog just recently in our kennel.

Yorkshire Terrier         Shiba Inu

Питомник лабрадоров Terra NataleUkraine Dog Breeders
Питомник лабрадоров Terra Natale

Приветствуем Вас на сайте питомника "Terra Natale", занимающегося разведением и популяризацией высокопородных собак замечательной породы – Лабрадор ретривер. Ищите ли вы здорового, красивого и отлично выращенного щенка лабрадора, или вы просто зашли познакомиться с нами, почитать статьи и посмотреть видео, мы с радостью говорим Вам - Добро пожаловать в мир лабрадоров "Terra Natale"!

Labrador Retriever Dog Breeders

The site, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel devoted to remarkable breed.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Elen House PomeranianUkraine Dog Breeders
Elen House Pomeranian

Kennel (FCI) of breed pomeranian. Photos and video.


FCI, КСУ 'KepKas'Ukraine Dog Breeders
FCI, КСУ 'KepKas'

питомник Гладкошерстных фокстерьеров и Джек Рассел терьеров "Кеп Кас", Украина.

Fox Terrier Smooth         Jack Russell Terrier

CsodaretUkraine Dog Breeders

We breed purebred dogs - friends and fellow man. We offer puppies. Consulting assistance in the cultivation and education of dog.

Hungarian Shorthaired Vizsla

питомник ротвейлеров'WHIT FANG ARK'Ukraine Dog Breeders
питомник ротвейлеров 'WHIT FANG ARK'

Рады вас приветствовать. Мы занимаемся разведением собак породы ротвейлер и мопс. Здесь вы посмотрите наших питомцев, сможете приобрести достойного щенка, узнаете что то интересное для себя.

Rottweiler         Pug

'Estela  Blanco' Dogo Argentina KennelUkraine Dog Breeders
'Estela Blanco' Dogo Argentina Kennel

We are the first Dogo Argentina kennel in Ukraine.

At our nursery lives Dogos with best bloodlines of the world famous kennels We use in breeding dogs with good type and excellent pedigree. So if you want to own real Dogo welcome to us.

Dogo Argentino

Main Trump Kennel Riesenschnauzer and ZwergschnauzerUkraine Dog Breeders
Riesenschnauzer and Zwergschnauzer

Наш питомник занимается разведением собак породы ризеншнауцер и цвершнауцер.

На страницах нашего сайта предоставлена информация о собаках нашего питомника и их потомках, предлагаемых на продажу щенках, фото, видео материалы и интересные статьи об этих замечательных породах.

Giant Schnauzer         Miniature Schnauzer

Roman-Kosh kennel of Riesenschnauzers  
Ukraine Dog Breeders
Roman-Kosh kennel of Riesenschnauzers

Giant schnauzers kennel of FCI.

We invite you to the site, to see representatives of the breed. We are engaged in breeding and improvement of the breed for many years, this breed Giant Schnauzers of good character, strong, reliable travel companion, guard, stylish, active animals for sport, excellent conformation and style, beautiful and harmonious Schnauzer! You can travel with our dogs on the show, and beauty contests be proud of these monumental and noble animal!

Giant Schnauzer

Spirit Dream Bernese Mountain Dog kennelKiev, Ukraine Dog Breeders
Spirit Dream Bernese Mountain Dog kennel

Oll from breed Stud dogs, puppies, shows, librery.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Iz Malen'Koy Strany FCI <br> American cocker spaniels & PekingesesUkraine Dog Breeders

American cocker spaniels & Pekingeses Show dogs!

American Cocker Spaniel         Pekingese

pomeranian-and-biagle.jimdo.comUkraine Dog Breeders

Наши породы: Померанский шпиц и бигль.

Pomeranian         Beagle

Sed'moe NeboUkraine Dog Breeders
Sed'moe Nebo

I would like to invite you to the site of the kennel Sed'moe Nebo.


From Ridzhin Brill HouseUkraine Dog Breeders

Ukrainian Basset Hound Kennel "From Ridzhin Brill House".

Basset Hound

kennel Roda FudzivaraUkraine Dog Breeders
kennel Roda Fudzivara

Welcome to our website. We have been breeding dogs. Our dogs have proven themselves as champions of good health.

Fox Terrier (Wire)         Russian Toy

Gloria Terra Australis German Shepherd KennelUkraine Dog Breeders
Gloria Terra Australis
German Shepherd Kennel

We began our German Shepherd Import in 2009. Our continued efforts to improve the quality of our German Shepherd is the key to our successful programm.

Our dogs possess impressive Bloodlines and� very rich red and black colour. They are impressive, learge, strong, with particularly correct body proportions, musculine, very good shaped head, well muscled thighs, harmonious movements and correct powerful transmission. All our puppies are vaccinated and de-wormed.

German Shepherd Dog

from Lovely GuysUkraine Dog Breeders

The site acquaint you with activity of Lovely guys kennel, which realize breding with Russian tsvetnaya bolonka breed and Russkiy Toy.

Russian Coloured Bichon         Russian Toy

Pleasure of lifeUkraine Dog Breeders
Pleasure of lifel

Наш питомник занимается разведением сенбернаров и ши тцу.

St. Bernard         Shih Tzu

Toy EleganceUkraine Dog Breeders

Welcome to our site.

Russian Toy

kennel Favorit DevilUkraine Dog Breeders

Kennel FCI of American Staffordshire Terrier from Ukraine. Welcome to our website !!!

American Staffordshire Terrier

Ananda Tenderness Petal Of LotusUkraine Dog Breeders
Ananda Tenderness Petal Of Lotus

This site is devoted to a dog of unique and ancient breed - Thai Ridgeback Dog (shot variant TRD) You will find information about breed, literature about education and training of dogs and all about our favourite Nany.

Thai Ridgeback Dog

Iz DruzhinihiUkraine Dog Breeders

Kennel Iz Druzhinihi - shih-tzu. Welcome to our kennel! We are very glad to new friends!

Shih Tzu

Kennel Luce ForteUkraine Dog Breeders
Kennel Luce Forte

Welcome to our kennel! On pages of our site you can get acquainted with our pets, look at their photo, a pedigreesand their puppies. We are very glad to find new friends!

Chihuahua     Chinese Crested Dog     Golden Retriever

Ex Silva Densa Dog kennelUkraine Dog Breeders

Welcome to our kennel! On pages of our site you can get acquainted with our pets, look at their photo, a pedigrees, puppies.


Iz Slavii (FCI) SRO kennel Ukraine Dog Breeders
Iz Slavii (FCI) SRO kennel

Мы занимаемся разведением южнорусских овчарок классического типа. Племенная Книга питомника открыта в 1990 году. Мы очень любим наших собак и заботимся о получении здоровых щенков, сохраняющих породное поведение и тип нашей линии.

Мы поможем Вам подобрать щенка от наших производителей и спланировать выставочную и племенную карьеру малыша. На нашем сайте Вы найдете уникальную информацию о породе, истории питомника "Iz Slavii", а также фильмы, фотографии наших собак и много других материалов из личного архива владельца питомника.

South Russian Ovtcharka

Amini Bingwa Kennel of Rhodesian RidgebackUkraine Dog Breeders
Kennel of Rhodesian Ridgeback

Kennel of Rhodesian Ridgeback AMINI BINGWA - the island of the wilderness in urban jungle

Faira Amini Bingwa (CH INT, CZE, SLO, HUN, POL, AST ASCOT ALTA MIRANO X CH RUS, RKF CHITONGA FAIRA) 15.05.2009; color wheaten, eyes dark brown, height 67,5 sm, weight: 39 kg, scissor bite, full dentition, HD – A/A, ED – 0/0, heart (doppler) clear


JMULTI CH, CH MOL AMINI BINGWA ALFAJIRI (WW’09, EW'10, Int CH, Multi CH Aresvuma Zulu Zuka x Hasta) 27.06.2010* heigt 66 sm, weight 36 kg, scissor bite, full dentition

JCH UA AMINI BINGWA ALIE NA ARI (WW’09, EW'10, Int CH, Multi CH Aresvuma Zulu Zuka x Hasta) 27.06.2010* heigt 68 sm, weight 40 kg, scissor bite, full dentition.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Ruslan's english bulldogsUkraine Dog Breeders
Ruslan's english bulldogs

Сайт титулованных Английских Бульдогов Руслана Оберенко, Украина. На страницах сайта Вы познакомитесь с нашими бульдогами, найдете много полезной информации, фотографий выставок, щенков.

Добро пожаловать на сайт, всегда рады откликнуться.

English Bulldog

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