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Golden Heart Helper - Golden Retriever KennelHungary
Golden Heart Helper
Golden Retriever Kennel

We are not only official breeders, but therapy dog and service dog trainers. Our golden retrievers are service dogs with all of health tests and with good pedigree.

Golden Retriever

Black Recording Angel BarbetHungary
Black Recording Angel

First Barbet kennel is Hungary!


Gerjementi Fényes Mudi KennelHungary
Gerjementi Fényes Mudi Kennel

Gerjementi Fényes is a small kennel in Hungary. We believe that it is important to retain herding instict and breeding healthy typic Mudis. We sell puppies for sport, breed or hobby as well.


Cairn terrier kennel Coeur de Lion d'HongrieHungary
Coeur de Lion d'Hongrie
Cairn terrier kennel

We are a small kennel located in Hungary. We breed for the love of these little companions with a Napoleoncomplex. We aim for confirmation, Charakter and health.

Cairn Terrier

Miniature Wire-haired Dachshund Royal Lily's Garden KennelHungary
Royal Lily's Garden Kennel

Royal Lily·s GardenHigh quality mini wire-haired Daschsund kennelOur kennel is our family, we believe in breeding well kept, high quality, well trained dogs. Our kennel is small, homey, and over all loving.​

Our puppies are brought up in our home, among our family making them extremely social and playful. They are given only the best quality food and have free roam in a giant garden. Each of our puppies is given the required shots and tests.Champion line of puppies with sociable demeanour is what Royal Lilies Garden Kennel promises.

Dachshund Miniature Wire-haired

Szivem Szittya Komondor and Pumi KennelHungary
Szivem Szittya
Komondor and Pumi Kennel

We are a small family business in Hungary breeding pumis and komondors. All our dogs are carefully selected for good temperament.

Since we live on a farm with livestock, our dogs are also working dogs as well as part of the family.

Pumi Komondor

St. Francis of Assisi Kennel Wirehaired DachshundHungary
St. Francis of Assisi Kennel

Wirehaired dachshund breeder with more than 10 years of experience. Beautiful, playful puppies from carefully selected parents.

Dachshund Wirehaired

Terriers From HellDale RanchHungary
Terriers From HellDale Ranch

Small quality kennel of Airedale and Irish terriers in Hungary.

Airedale Terrier Irish Terrier

Chicken Killer Security Kennel - Chihuahua sectionHungary
Chicken Killer Security Kennel
Chihuahua section

10 years we breed it and we love the Chihuahua dogs. Tested, prize winning parents, healthy puppies. Breeder guarantee from Hungary


Long and short hair dachshund Chicken Killer Security kennel
Chicken Killer Security kennel

Since 1993 we have been breeding and love the dachshund and collie. Tested, on exhibitions prize winner parentage. healthy, vivacious, puppies.

Dachshund (long and short hair)

Crying Wolf kennel Czechoslovakian WolfdogsHungary
Crying Wolf kennel

We breed czechoslovakian wolfdog from 1999, kennel also deal with american wolfdogs.

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

Arcanedale Welsh Corgi PembrokeHungary
Arcanedale Welsh Corgi Pembroke

Our aim is to breed healthy, well socialized show- and family dogs. We ONLY breed a litter when we intend to keep for ourselves. Our breeding goal can be divided into 3 basic pillars. Appearance, character and work.

The type of our dogs is extremely important, that is why our breeding dogs come from carefully selected bloodlines.In addition to the appearance, we place great emphasis on the character and the socialization of our dogs, as the corgi is a working dog enclosed in a small body. Its original function is herding therefore balanced nervous system and good character are essential.

We feel it is our vocation to preserve their original function and herding instinct of the breed. Our dogs are active herding dogs and we strive to preserve herding instincts for future generations.

Welsh Corgi Pembroke

Beauty of Wilderness kennel Coton de tulearHungary
Beauty of Wilderness kennel
Coton de tulear

Coton de tulear kennel in Hungary. 10years experience, healthy tested breeding examed show dogs have, animal breeding engeener breeder.

Coton de Tuléar

Regia Lordale Airedale terrier kennelHungary
Regia Lordale Airedale terrier kennel

Beauty, elegance, work, health. These are our dogs.

Airedale Terrier

Havanese Of Miracle CastleHungary
Of Miracle Castle Havanese

Breeder of top quality purebred Havanese. Loving home of home-raised beautiful Champion Havanese dogs. Since 1996 we have been breeding and love the Havanese.


Tranquilla Eleganza Kennel Italian Pointing DogHungary
Tranquilla Eleganza Kennel

Bracco Italiano Kennel in Hungary. On our website you will find information about us, our dogs and our breeding goals.

Italian Pointing Dog

Nisroque Kennel - briardsHungary
Nisroque Kennel - briards

We are breeding briards. Our first litter is expected for the end of August 2021. Speaking English, French, German and Hungarian.


Bloom of May-Fly rhodesian ridgeback kennelJász-Nagykun-Szolnok, Hungary
Bloom of May-Fly
rhodesian ridgeback kennel

We are a rhodesian ridgeback kennel, located in Hungary. Please visit our website, where you can find detailed information about our dogs, upcoming litters, photos.. etc.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Di Evisi Yorkshire Terrier KennelHungary
Di Evisi Yorkshire Terrier Kennel

Yorkshire Terrier kennel (FCI) from Hungary.

Yorkshire Terrier

Thai Ridgebacks Chiang Exotic Wolfs KennelHungary
Chiang Exotic Wolfs Kennel

Breeder at Thai Ridgeback. We start breeding in 2020 with this wonderful, great breed.

Thai Ridgeback Dog

Tiszai Hullámtörő Mudi kennelHungary
Tiszai Hullámtörő Mudi kennel

We are a small kennel in Szolnok, Hungary. We breed dogs with good temperament, insticts and health.


Anile Montanaro Kennel Neapolitan MastiffCsongrád, Hungary
Anile Montanaro Kennel

Breeder: Viktoria Illes. FCI registered Anile Montanaro Kennel. I work with neopolitan mastiffs over 20 years. You can find every informations on our website. Have a good time.

Neapolitan Mastiff

Diversity's CatahoulasHungary
Diversity's Catahoulas

We are a small breeding team in heart of Europe - Hungary. Our dogs are fully family members and best buddies for a lifetime. Beyond that our dogs are mostly sportdogs, some of our puppies work on boar too.

All of them fully health tested, healty, and well socialized and trained dogs. Most of them has working tests, sport championates and high quality obedience exams (IgBH, IGP) We prefer active/sport/working homes for our pups. Do not hesitate to contact us when you are intrested about a Catahoula Leopard dog puppy!

Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog

Savaria Excavator Smooth-haired Miniature Dachshund KennelHungary
Savaria Excavator Smooth-haired Miniature Dachshund Kennel

We are a shorthaired miniature dachshund kennel in Szombathely, Hungary. We breed this beautiful breed both for show and pet. Our dogs are living with us in our house among the biggest love and care, so we expect it from everybody who would like to have a puppy of us :)


Borzos Puli Pestimrei kennelHungary
Borzos Puli Pestimrei kennel

My name is Klára Imre, I am a hungarian puli lover and breeder. I live in the 18th district of Budapest, in the suburb of Pestimre. I bought my first puli dog at the age of 16, ever since then, this marvelous, clever and special dog has become a part of my life.


Dalmatian Duncansby SpottedHungary
Duncansby Spotted

Az első dalmatámat 1993 ban vásároltam, majd 1999 óta tenyésztem is a fajtát. Célom a minőségi dalmata mellett az egészségre való törekvés. Úgy gondolom, hogy dalmata nem való mindenkinek, csak aki nagyon sok szeretetet tud biztosítani neki. Ha ez a szeretet kölcsönös akkor viszont a világ legcsodálatosabb kis lényét kapja 😊.

Duncansby Spotted Dalmata
Duncansby Spotted

A dalmata szerelem gyermekkorom óta megvan. Teljesen elvarázsolt csodálatos külsejével, természetével. 1999 óta tenyésztem a fajtát. Először Duncansby majd Duncansby Spotted kennelnéven. Célom egészséges, gyönyörű kutyák tenyésztése akik lehetőség szerint a család tejes tagjaként élnek családjukban.


Blue Moonlight's World MalteseHungary
Blue Moonlight's World Maltese

Breeder of quality pure bred Malteses. The home of the homebred Junior World Winner, Junior European Winner and beautiful Champion Malteses. Top winning homebred Malteses in Hungary!


Giant Schnauzer and Miniature Schnauzers Box-Everest kennelHungary
Box-Everest kennel

Black Giant Schnauzer and Miniature Schnauzers in p/s and b/s color.

Giant Schnauzer Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Pinscher Kennel Be PawsitiveHungary
Kennel Be Pawsitive - Miniature Pinscher

We are a Hungarian / Dutch Miniature Pinscher / Zwergpinscher Kennel.

The most important to us is to breed the perfect balance between health, temperament, intelligence and beauty. Apart from our dogs having top bloodlines and being very succesful in dog show world, they are great familiy dogs, super loving and affectionate, intelligent and easy to live with. They are social with other animals and people.

Our dogs are our beloved family members. For us, our dogs come first, always and forever, even if it means putting our own needs and social life aside. This is our choice, breeding is not just a hobby, but a lifestyle for us! All our dogs live together with us in our house. We raise our puppies also as family members, with non-stop care.

Miniature Pinscher

Inspired by Nature Great Dane KennelHungary
Inspired by Nature Great Dane Kennel

Reliable breeder with unique lines and show dogs. Advice on puppy education and guidance in dog shows.

Great Dane

Sweet Fable Kennel BeagleHungary
Sweet Fable Kennel

We are breeding in Hungary in a little silence city. We want breeding so Beagle puppy which are healthy, beautiful and not least has an excellent nervous system. Come and visit our site. We hope you like our dogs and you will come back to see it!


Petrixy Kennel PapillonHungary
Petrixy Papillon Kennel

We are a small Papillon kennel located in Budapest, Hungary.


L'Argent Coeur kennelHungary
L'Argent Coeur kennel

A small beginning kennel in Hungary. To breed collie rough in colors blue merle and tricolor. Most important the character, health, moviment and size. Our kennel has been registered 2014 at the FCI.

Collie Rough

of Morpheus Galaxy BeaglesHungary
of Morpheus Galaxy Beagles

Our kennel “Morpheus Galaxy” was founded in 2017 and is internationally recognised by the FCI. On this webpage you can find information’s about our kennel and our activity.


Carnevil Boston Terrier KennelHungary
Carnevil Boston Terrier Kennel

We are a Family Boston Terrier Kennel. All our dogs live with us as members of the Family. We breed for health, and respect quality instead of quantity. Our puppies are available for pet, breed or show homes.

Boston Terrier

Beaverfield Mentality Australian ShepherdHungary
Beaverfield Mentality

Small family based Australian Shepherd kennel in the south of Hungary. Our goal is to breed versatile family friendly dogs according to FCI standards.

Australian Shepherd

Los Dulce Angel Dogo ArgentinoHungary

Bronzkoszorús mestertenyésztő.

Dogo Argentino

Bariguard border collie & mudi kennelHungary
Bariguard border collie & mudi kennel

My name is Papp Róbertné Aliz (in English: Alice), herding judge and vice-president of Fényes Mudi Klub. I live with my husband in Békéscsaba-Hungary.

We together established the Bariguard Kennel. We are both big animal lovers, which means that now we share our home with 20 dogs and 4 cats. My husband and me decided the first meeting, we will be keep lot of dog, and so we will build up with dogs our future. The time that we spend our animals is the best relaxion for us, and it will be varied, meaningful time. The most important factor in our idea is that all dog's life will be balanced, adventurous, playful, and sporty.

Our kennel's traits: power, activity, passion, maximalism!

Motto: happy dog=satisfied dog :D

For us, the most perfect leisure time is the sport with my dogs. We deal with our dogs every day, their training is continuous, and we take part in many competitions as possible. We think the most important factor is that our dogs can be good more different sports.

Border Collie Mudi

Sárfehér mudi kennelHungary
Sárfehér mudi kennel

We are a small kennel in Hungary.

Mudi Small Munsterlander

Von Schwarzer Schnuppe German pinscher kennel Hungary
Von Schwarzer Schnuppe
German pinscher kennel

A little kennel in Budapest, Hungary. We love German Pinscher with passion!

German Pinscher

German Wirehaired Pointer Simon's House kennelHungary
Simon's House kennel

My name is László Vörös, I live with my family in the suburbs of Szeged. Of course, this big family includes our dogs.Since childhood, I have been attracted to nature, animals and dogs.

When I decided in the early 2000s that I wanted to hunt, I didn't think about the need for a dog, a hunting dog, a good hunting dog! On one of my first solo hunts we managed to kill 4 ducks, but since we did not have a dog, unfortunately we could not pick up a single game. That's where I decided I needed a dog.The next week I bought my first visit. He was ADA. Who, unfortunately, could not be bred due to a tooth defect, but besides that he became a great hunting dog, a hunting companion. In 2011, when he died, I couldn't even hunt because I couldn't do it without him.

I didn't want a dog yet, but I couldn't stand it and bought Dorka. He came under the Christmas tree. We made progress in the tasks and since we liked the system of exams, one vizsla followed another. Since all the vizsla I like came from the Germans Freya. Currently, the two of them make up the stock of our vizsla kennel. We prepare for exams, competitions and, of course, hunt.

German Shorthaired Pointer

Siam's Pearl Thai Ridgeback kennelHungary
Siam's Pearl Thai Ridgeback kennel

Siam's Pearl is the first TRD kennel in Hungary. Our females bring a brand new bloodline to EU and USA. Our gilrs born and growed up in Thailand and 2016 moved to Hungary. Both females healthy tested such as: HD, ED, EYE, SPINE.

Thai Ridgeback Dog

Itadaki KennelHungary
Itadaki Kennel

We are the most successful Hokkaido Kennel outside Japan with World Winners, European Winners, Breed record holders and Best in Show Winners!

Our mission is to improve our bloodlines, genetic diversity, quality, temperament, therefore we are regularly importing dogs from different bloodlines.



Welcome to the first Thai Bangkaew Dog Kennel in Hungary! For more information please visit our website.

Thai Bangkaew Dog

Asterion's ShineHungary
Asterion's Shine

Kennel in the heart of Europe, In Hungary, breeding Staffordshire bull terrier since 2010.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Minimark Miniature American ShepherdHungary
Minimark Miniature American Shepherd

We established our kennel, Minimark in 2017, when we bought our two girls from US, from Peaceful Acres kennel. We based near to the capital city of Hungary.

After buying a nice male also from US we plan our future litters. All dogs are health tested. We want to breed as wonderful companion or show dogs as our minis are.

Miniature American Shepherd

Whitebloom Coton de TulearHungary
Whitebloom Coton de Tulear

Quality breeder of Coton de Tulears in the Hungary. On our website you can find information about coton de tulear litters, dog shows, our stud dog and many beauty photos. Please visit our website.

Coton de Tuléar

Székely Szentkirályi MastercultureHungary
Székely Szentkirályi Masterculture

Golden Diploma Master kennel located in Hungary. In 1995, I founded.


Netis Tala Saarlooswolfhonden kennelHungary
Netis Tala Saarlooswolfhonden kennel

Our Kennel is located in Hungary whit an branch in Germany! We would like you to participate from the outset in the planning, construction and initial success of our breeding.


Patrician kennelHungary
Patrician kennel

Patrician kennel World and European Winners Setters.

English Setter Gordon Setter

VALBURG KennelHungary

It is one little family kennel. We breeding tibetan mastiff dogs.

Tibetan Mastiff

Dorozsmai fehér kennelHungary
Dorozsmai fehér kennel

Hi. Welcome to the Dorozsmai White Kennel High quality Puli és Kuvasz breed from Hungary. We proudly present our own dogs. Come and see our champions and available puppies. Family of healthy and top quality excellent show dogs. Puppies is looking for loving home.

Puli Kuvasz

Téglási Szélbori komondor kennelHungary
Téglási Szélbori komondor kennel

Téglási Szélbori komondor kennel owner:Szebenyi Csaba & Ilona Paulina Szebenyiné.


Mátragyöngye Berger de BrieHungary
Mátragyöngye Berger de Brie

Hello, I'm Attila Bonta from Hungary. i very like dogs. I have got Berger de Brie (briard) family. Parents are from Marky-kennel and Isildur kennel, and ten puppies were born on 29.04.2014...


Von Flammen Der HolleHungary
Von Flammen Der Holle

The rottweiler is a working dog, thats why the workload and the instincs are important for us, like the health and the frame, appearance.


Rockwell - west highland white terrierHungary
Rockwell - west highland white terrier

I live in the southwest part of Hungary , in the city of Pécs. I've taken up breeding since 1983. At first I dealt with Irish setters. It was in 1991 when my good fortune led me to the westies. Fanny, my first bitch was acquired from Netherland and from that time on I 've been hooked on breeding mainly westies.

Gradually I gained knowledge on a really loveable and kind creature with a very pleasant temperament. Now my life would be totally unthinkable without westies. Fanny's descendants became very smart dogs and a lot of them were awarded by Hungarian, International and even Multichampionship honours. Our kennel really profited when Jack von Darscharia joined to it with his excellent features to be passed on. He was the direct descendant of World Champion Peppermint Drum Major. In 2004 a very promising male westie arrived from another very prestigious Dutch kennel, Armadale's Ian to Rockwell, who had good records. I think he is a really great asset and I hope that the quality level of my breeding enterprise will be raised even more.The westie can be recommended to those who favour dogs as members of the family. They are easy to live and travel with, they enjoy participating in family outings. It is also very fortunate that can take the other really well, without any disputes. And we certainly enjoy their company.

I want to express my truly heartfelt appreciation to Ellie Rijn who happened to be the owner of my first westie and whose continuos support and help I 've been able to count on since that time. The same big thank you goes to her daughter, Marianne Joosse, who guided me into the world of cosmetics. I'd like to thank the ever-pleasing Jack ( now in his 16th year) to Inge van Willigenburg. And last but not least I'd like Gert and Ilse Blankestijn to be added to the list who deserve my thanks, for Ian at first, and for the continuous attention they still provide for our joint efforts.

West Highland White Terrier

Hubertus Primus KennelHungary
Hubertus Primus Kennel

I am Andrea Deák. I breed Smoothhaired Miniature and Kaninchen sized Dachshunds in Hungary. My kennel's name is Hubertus Primus. On my site you can find interesting informations and images about my pets.


Sunshine of Bukovina KennelHungary
Sunshine of Bukovina Kennel

A full-bodied, powerful and impressive-looking dog. As a part of a family, they are calm and balanced but wary of strangers. The sexual characteristics are distinctive. They have huge heads and dark, amber- colored eyes.

Their hair is of medium length, and it is black-on-white, dun or gray spots. The single-colored ones are also acceptable, but not very popular. Their barks are strong, deep-toned, and can be heard from a very long distance. They have huge heads and dark, amber-colored eyes. Their hair is of medium length, it can be black-on-white and also with dun or gray spots.

Bucovina Shepherd Dog

Absolutely Cosmopolitan BostonsHungary
Absolutely Cosmopolitan Bostons

The Absolutely Cosmopolitan is a small kennel. We breed only FCI standard Boston Terriers in very limited quantity. Our main points are the heath, the bloodlines and healthy behavior, caracter (we try to prepare babies how to live in urban environment).

Boston Terrier

Eskashem Afghan HoundsHungary
Eskashem Afghan Hounds

We proudly introduce our Afghan Hounds. Come and see our champions and available puppies.

Afghan Hound

Bellissibolo Bolognese KennelHungary
Bellissibolo Bolognese Kennel

High quality breed dogs from Hungary.


Show Must Go On american cocker spaniel kennelHungary
Show Must Go On
american cocker spaniel kennel

Small hobby kennel Very limited number of litters Breeding only with health tested show winner dogs, with proper temperament.

American Cocker Spaniel


We breed our bassethouds with love !

We are a small breeder of Bassethounds. Healthy dogs are happy dogs!

Basset Hound

Alföldi-Vadálló KennelHungary
Alföldi-Vadálló Kennel

Breeding Hungarian vizslas for showing, hunting or as a family member.

Hungarian Vizsla

Tatami-Varázs kennelHungary
Tatami-Varázs kennel

Information on the website and e-mail!!! :)

Afghan Hound

Sunshine Land KennelHungary
Sunshine Land Kennel

We are a small, family kennel. We enjoy our common life with our dogs and our goal is to combine show quality, excellent temperament and hunting ability in our dogs. We attend shows around Europe and recently added grooming and handling services. Hope you enjoy your tour on our site!


Vizsóvári KennelHungary
Vizsóvári Kennel

Top Quality Vizslas from Hungary! Our vizslas are family members, they have exhibition and working results, active hunting dogs.

Hungarian Vizsla

The Majestic Lion KennelHungary
The Majestic Lion Kennel

We are a family Leonberger Kennel from Hungary.The Leonberger is our passion in life and we are now proud owners of 1 female and 1 male. For more information and photo please visit our homepage.


Flame of Phoenix Border Collie kennelHungary
Flame of Phoenix Border Collie kennel

My future plan to breed healthy dog with good character, general appearance is near to the standard to be suitable for any dog sport (like agility, frisbee, dogdancing), competition and being a perfect companion. Conservation of the basic characteristic of the breed, the natural herding instict is very important for me too. Please visit my website :)

Border Collie

Proud Hunter Standard Smooth Haired Dachshund KennelHungary
Proud Hunter - Standard Smooth Haired Dachshund Kennel

This breed is my passion, I love their personality, construction, appearance. This is a beautiful and all-round breed! I love to show them on dog shows and I hope I can make this breed better and better with my breedings!


Beauty of Mátra Border Collie KennelHungary
Beauty of Mátra Border Collie Kennel

Our dogs live with us as members of the family. Health and environmetal stimulation are very important for us.

Border Collie

Blue Dogs by Dead River kennelHungary
Blue Dogs by Dead River kennel

Kerry blue terrier puppies are expected at the end of December! ...

Kerry Blue Terrier

Tiszatáji Vadász kennelHungary
Tiszatáji Vadász kennel

Active hunting dogs with excellent show and working results.

Hungarian Short Haired Vizsla

Piperkőc KennelHungary
Piperkőc Kennel

Wirehaired Hungarian Vizsla and Labrador retriever. Hunting dogs for show and for work. Zöldmáli Csanád at stud for qualified wirehaired bitches.

Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Labrador Retriever

Happy Wonder kennelHungary
Happy Wonder kennel

Happy Wonder kennel The name giver of Happy Wonder kennel is my spaniel Happy died almost at the age of 17. His name has its history but this site is not about him. He had a beautiful long life, although I feel the time we spent together is so little and not enough. I have never thought there will be a dog comparable to him.

I looked for a hilarious dog with floppy ears which is not a spaniel. This is the way how I found Grand Basset Griffon vendéen in 2009. This breed was totally unknown in Hungary and I was so glad to see a funny GBGV in a Chappi tv spot. After a year of mailing and waiting, Dodó – Keiko Danda Bohemia –arrived in 2010 autumn. It is so hilarious to watch how Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen puppies trip over their dragging ears. They don’t really know what to do with them. Of course as they are growing up they are more clever and clever and eventually the grown up GBDV are standing in front of us as if they are miracles, they are as playful as they were as puppies but they are more confident and can be pretty serious, enthusiastic and resolute if there is a task to do, love attending (dog) school and learning, love tracking, swimming, hiking, or just lying in the sun they are proud to be champions at exhibitions- in one word they are „happy wonders”.

The aim of establishing our kennel in Hungary is to experience GBGV as a dog partner. Furthermore our aim is to breed dogs that can represent this breed with dignity both in Hungary and in other parts of the world.

Grand Basset griffon vendéen

Made In Superior ChihuahuaHungary
Made In Superior Chihuahua

High quality, healthy chihuahua babies.


Csudacifra Mudi KennelHungary
Csudacifra Mudi Kennel

Black and gaudy mudi puppies from excellent parents with well work abilities on sale.


Széphegyi Szimat - Beagle Master BreederHungary
Széphegyi Szimat - Beagle Master Breeder

Golden Master Breeder. From my kennel several World Winner and European Winner beagle.


Carbone BiancoHungary
Carbone Bianco

We breed showquality puppies from the best lines ofthe world ...

Coton de Tuléar