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Awe some sarplaninac FCI 4302Serbia Dog Breeders
Awe some sarplaninac FCI 4302

Dog shows, breed standard, tv shows about sarplaninac dog, interesting stories and helpful tips and much more ...

Yugoslavian Shepherd Dog - Sharplanina

Lenite Corde KennelSerbia Dog Breeders
Lenite Corde Kennel

We are a small family kennel of French bulldog in Serbia.

French Bulldog

BekiYara Belgian Shepherd Dog - Malinois KennelSerbia Dog Breeders
Belgian Shepherd Dog - Malinois Kennel

Kennel existed for ten years.Products, exclusively, working lines malinois.Most dogs are imported from the Netherlands from the well known kennel Perle de Tourbiere...


Belgian Shepherd Dog - Malinois

La Bella PerlaSerbia Dog Breeders
La Bella Perla

Maltese and Havanese kennel "La Bella Perla" is registered in FCI under the number 5322 and it is located in Serbia in the city of Sombor. Zoran, my husband and I deal with the dogs for almost 30 years. Our puppies are now in Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Turkey, the UK and Luxembourg.


Urban-Akita Akita Inu KennelSerbia Dog Breeders
Urban-Akita Akita Inu Kennel

We are one of rare kennel with white and brindle variety of Akita Inu dogs. Our white and brindle males have Championship Titles. We are proud to say that are puppies have reached over 10 countries across Europe.

Akita Inu

'From Emperor Dusan' Kennel of Serbian Defense DogSerbia Republic Dog Breeders
Kennel of Serbian Defense Dog

Home Of The Real Serbian Defense Dog Breeding 100% Pure Mr. Nenad Gavrilović lines only!!! Goran Bojičić ,Goran Miljković and myself are united in one kennel, with one goal – to produce 100% pure Mr. Nenad Gavrilović’s blood lines. We are the only kennel in the World that own the best lines of SDD and do planned mating with best lines of SDD according to mr.Nenad’s advices . We are the team of enthusiasts gathered around the idea of mr Gavrilovic, the creator of SDD and we believe that he is the only competent person who knows what kind of planned mating should be done.

'Od Cara Dušana -  Odgajivačnica Srpskih Odbrambenih Pasa
Odgajivačnica Srpskih Odbrambenih Pasa

Kuća Pravih Srpskih Odbrambenih Pasa 100% Od Gavrilovićevih Krvnih Linija Sopa Goran Bojičić, Goran Miljković i moja malenkost, smo ujedinili naše napore da sačuvamo i unapredimo sopa pod vođstvom gosp. Nenada Gavrilovića . Ovo je jedina odgajivačnica na svetu koja poseduje samo proverene pse 100% Gavrilovićevih krvnih linija i koja se bavi ovakvom vrstom odgoja. Mi smo tim entuzijasta okupljeni oko ideje Gospodina Nenada Gavrilovića tvorca Sopa i verujemo da je on jedini kompetentan čovek koji zna koja planska parenja treba raditi.

'От Царя Душана' -  Питомник
сербских защитных собак
Питомник сербских защитных собак

Дом сербских защитных собак 100% чистокровная линия СОПА породы Гавриловичевых. оран Бойичич, Горан Милькович и мое почтение, мы объединили наши усилия, для того чтобы сохранить и усовершенствовать СОПА, под руководством господина Нэнада Гавриловичева. Наш питомник является единственным, имеющим только 100% чистокровных собак Гавриловичевых линий, и занимается разведением, воспитанием и выращиванием этой породы. В нашем хозяйстве находятся собаки самых лучших чистокровных линий из пород СОПА. Мы представляем собой команду энтузиастов, сплоченных идеей господина Гавриловича (творца СОПА). Мы убеждены, что господин Нэ над, единственный компетентный человек, знающий какое именно спаривание(вязку) необходимо совершать. Горан Бойичич великолепный человек и знаток собак. Можно абсолютно заслуженно сказать, что питомник имеет бережно селекционированных собак. Обойдя все значимые питомники по Сербии, Боснии и Герцеговине, Горан Бойичичсобрал большое количество собак и совместно с господином Нэнадом Гавриловичем, отобрал лучшие единицы для генетической основы питомника. Сербская защитная собака-это очень умная, интеллигентная и совершенная собака, привЍ ?рженная своему хозяину. Из этой собаки может получиться, как прекрасный сторож и охранник, так и хороший домашний любимец. Целью нашего питомника является сохранить высокое качество этой породы, а также планировать все дальнейшие вязки в сотрудничестве с господином Нэнадом Гавриловичем, творцом самой породы. Мы имеем действительно необыкновенное сотрудничество с этим человеком и стараемся следовать всем его идеям и планам. все советы полученные на сегодняшний момент были применены досконально и оказались исключительно полезными. Псы вышедшие из нашего питомника-это правильные и характерные псы, с крепкими костями, развитой мускулатурой и одличным характером, что по нашему мнению не мало важно. Наш питомник находится в Вальеву, Ягодини и Чуругу-40 км от Нови Сада.

Serbian Defensive Dog

Sarah Lee's Pack BeaglesSerbia Dog Breeders
Sarah Lee's Pack Beagles

Home of top quality show beagles and FCI registered kennel. Place from where healthy and good looking beagles come from!


Ideal AireDale Terrier kennelSerbia Dog Breeders
Ideal AireDale Terrier kennel

Do You Want The Best Dog? So, You Want Airedake - Terrier King! ! !

Airedale Terrier

Kennel 'Von House Zoric'Serbia Dog Breeders
Kennel 'Von House Zoric'

We are a small kennel and we are in Celarevo, a beautiful small town in Serbia. See our website.

Coton de Tuléar         Labrador Retriever

Punk Rock Stars Dogue De Bordeaux show teamSerbia Dog Breeders
Punk Rock Stars
Dogue De Bordeaux show team

We are a small family oriented kennel in Serbia dedicated to preserving the magnificence of this historic breeds. Promoting Responsible And Ethical Breeding To Preserve These Amazing Canines.

The symbiosis with these beautiful creatures makes us different and more fulfilled, and it makes us happier because we have an opportunity to participate in the creation of something beautiful and perfect as either Dogue De Bordeaux or Boston Terrier is. Our aim is to maintain the balance between our dreams of breeding with that which we have achieve so far, as well as with nature and with that dictated by the highest standards of breeding. We live for a day when every new litter which we created will be bread, hoping that we shall achieve to create an even better litter from the one that came before and we shall further improve the breed. Even after so many years we still have many sleepless nights because we contemplate another combination in the future. It is nice to live daily with sweet uncertainty while watching how the beautiful small creatures grow into the fulfillment of your dreams every day. Dogue De Bordeaux is family. Boston Terrier is friendship.

Punkrockstars is a living dream. We thought it might be appropriate for us to share our ‘lifestyle’ and ‘belief system’ around our family of Punk Rock Stars Dogue De Bordeaux and Boston Terrier. We believe passionately in trying to maintain good structure and condition in our stock, i.e. that our Dogue De Bordeaux puppies and Boston Terrier puppies could efficiently and effectively manage a days work if called upon to so do. We run our dogs out over some fairly rough terrain, thus maintaining a level of fitness, commensurate with the task for which they were bred. Our management of the dogs at Punk Rock Stars United Kennels is very demanding, but undoubtedly reaps the rewards we seek - fit, happy and healthy dogs. We feed only a natural diet and the benefits are obvious, not only in our show age dogs, but particularly in both our young and our senior citizens.

Our goal is to breed healthy, typical and well balanced dogs with great movement. Longevity is a very important issue for us. We think old age in the lineage often can be seen as a good indicator of good health. We like to focus on old proven bloodlines rather than the "next new thing". Our priorities being health , temperament, intelligence and appearance of the dog. In this order. We decided to follow the quality plan of the French Kennel Club S.A.D.B. by submitting our dogs to the following detection tests: [HD] Detection of hip dysplasia [ED] Detection of elbow dysplasia [DNA] Genetic identification We are members of: FCI (World Canine Organisation) KSS (Serbian Kennel Club) KSV (Kennel Club Of Vojvodina) CDBS (Club Dogue De Bordeaux Serbia)

Dogue de Bordeaux

Fleur De Vanille - French BulldogsSerbia Dog Breeders
Fleur De Vanille - French Bulldogs

Fleur De Vanille - Home of champion French Bulldogs

„Fleur de Vanille“ is a small family kennel in Serbia. Our main goal is to breed the best specimen of French Bulldogs, while maintaining all the characteristics of this beautiful breed. Our motto by which we live and breed is ethical and responsible breeding. That and our great love for these little creatures is the main reason we keep this “business” small and a matter of family. We have invested too much time and effort in learning about these dogs, training them and living with them and we simply cannot allow someone else to handle them.

We believe that this way is the only way! It makes us more fulfilled and we know the dogs are happy, healthy and in good and friendly hands! When it comes to breeding, our priority is health! We exclusively breed dogs that passed all health checks and are generally healthy, vibrant, friendly and without any serious diseases in their blood line. Since French Bulldog is not a dog who needs much exercise, we make sure he is active, fit and we prefer to feed them fresh and natural food. We choose dogs who are well-tempered, good companion and off course, physical appearance is also important.

French Bulldog

Baby ANGEL of EdenSerbia Dog Breeders

Odgajivacnica maltezera BABY ANGEL OF EDEN registrovana pod brojem FCI 4859 2009.god iz Indjije/Novih Karlovaca bavi se uzgojem i popularizacijom ove prelepe rase u Srbiji. Iz Italije smo 2007.god uvezli prelepu zenku, iz jedne od najboljih odgajivacnica na svetu iz cuvene CINECITTE iz Rima.

Odgajivacnice sa puno svetskih i evropskih sampiona, ciji su psi raspostranjeni po celom svetu. Daljim nasim radom birali smo samo kvalitetne muzjake iz Evrope, Amerike i Azije sa vrhukskim krvnim linijama i odlicnim pedigreom. Cilj nam je da se podigne svest o maltezerim i njihovom izgledu i da ih bude sto vise jer ih na nasim prostorima ima jako malo sa pravim odlikama koje cine maltezera.Maltezeri su platili danak nemoralnih i necasnih ljudi koji se bave svercom i stancerajem svega i svacega i posle nude neupucenima kao "maltezere" koji su jako loseg kvaliteta. Na nama je tezak posao i c eka nas jos puno truda i rada da se podigne svest o tome kako treba da izgleda pravi predstavnik ove prelepe rase.Nadamo se damo Vas na ovim stranicama makar malo pribliziti ovoj prelepoj rasi, uzivajte. Dok drugi samo pricaju o svome kvalitetu mi to i dokazujemo, ako zelite maltezera, kupite pravog tu smo za Vas.

“BAOE Team" Marija i Dalibor


BoKaLenia FCI 5619 Labrador RetrieverSerbia Dog Breeders
BoKaLenia FCI 5619 Labrador Retriever

Welcome to our kennel of Labrador Retrievers. BoKaLenia is located in Veliko Gradiste (Serbia). We are young kennel which aims is to breed healthy and typical labradors with excellent temperament. We breed puppies primarily to become your best friend. We hope that you will enjoy with our Labradors...

Labrador Retriever

Guardia Of The Emperor KennelSerbia Dog Breeders
Guardia Of The Emperor Kennel

Our kennel, The Guardian Of The Emperor kennel has a strong-minded notion about what must should be a real Akita! We give this name - The Guardian Of The Emperor - to our dogs, that try to showing you what kind of type is preferred by us. We think that Akita is dainty, lightsome, eminent, properly speaking it must have imperial appearance.

These advantages have got to conjugate with balanced and stable nervous system, strong and definite character, as well as devoted and legendary faithful heart! Our dogs help us to achieve these attributes with their excellent, mostly Japanese and American-bloodline benefits. They also had great results at the exhibitions.

Akita         American Akita

Husky Center LothlorienSerbia Dog Breeders
Husky Center Lothlorien

Husky Center Lothlorien is a home for huskies and people who love adventure, nature and life with dogs!

Siberian Husky

Leona's MalteseSerbia Dog Breeders
Leona's Maltese

Welcome to Leona's Maltese. My daughter and I love raising Maltese dogs and puppies. They have become a huge part of my family, first as pets and then my interest grew to showing as well as breeding. I take breeding very seriously and study constantly to improve my lines in soundness, health, beauty and conformation. I try to make each litter better than the last. We are located in about 40 km from Belgrade, Serbia. You can also see our Website on Facebook Leona's Dogs and Puppies.


Odgajivacnica 'Baby Mops Land'Serbia Dog Breeders
Odgajivacnica 'Baby Mops Land'

Zadovoljstvo nam je predstaviti Vam našu odgajivačnicu mopsa "BABY MOPS LAND" Veliki smo ljubitelji pasa i svi smo se složili da to bude Mops. Kada je stigla prva ženka u naš dom osvojila nas je svojom vedrinom i razigranošću. Svi smo je gledali kao ravnopravnog člana porodice.

Kao što mnogi vlasnici čistokrvnih pasa krenu na izložbu sasvim slučajno iz zabave, tako smo i mi krenuli na izložbu. Posle lepih pohvala i nagrada odlučujemo se da registrujemo odgajivačnicu, kupujemo još jednu ženku i mužjaka. Sada redovno posećujemo izložbe a imamo i štence koji će i Vaš dom učiniti srećnim i veselim kao što su i nama naši mopsići..


'Bestanera' Doberman KennelSerbia Dog Breeders
'BESTANERA' Doberman Kennel

BESTANERA Doberman kennel engaged with in enthusiasm and quality breeding and selection for progress of this wonderful breed.


South-LamanisSerbia Dog Breeders

Our kennel is a young but very ambitious plans. We are located in Leskovac in the southern of Serbia. Credits for our love for this breed goes to my first labrador TEA, who I got as a gift from my father, back in 2002. She has been my best friend and the driving force of all that we are having now in our kennel.

The first show dog came to us in 2010. – The yellow male BEN. With it, we have achieved the first important show results. Finally, 2011. thanks to the trust kennel “Sun in Their Eyes” from Slovakia, in our kennel came female named Sany, and she has knocked us all off our feet. Besides that, she captured eyes of judges and observers, and in a short time she became Srb CH, CH SRB, MK, BG. Also, one of the greatest success of hers was when she won the European Championship CAC show in Bucharest 2012th year. In the same year from the kennel “Sun in Their Eyes” came the black male “nody”. Already in the first few months of his stay in our kennel, he proved that he is unequaled in the area and became Junior Champion of Serbia.

Our collection of good genetic material through beautiful examples of the breed continued through the 2012th year. From France was imported black male HUNTER de “L’Etang balancet” and the male from Canadian Kennel “Chablais Lamanis” who stands for its strength, appearance and incredible color of chocolate. In the same time we have registered “FCI” kennel name “South – Lamanis” FCI – 5375. As a highlight of the 2012th year is that my wife and I became parents. Our home and our lives completed and beautified new family member – Demetrius. Our son is the most precious treasure and we hope that he is going to fallow our steps into cynology. In addition to adore their dogs as pets, we will try to be conscientious breeders and to improve the quality of Labrador in Serbia. Our breeding will always be based primarily on healthy specimens of the breed.

Labrador Retriever

Danube Dwarf KennelSerbia Dog Breeders
Danube Dwarf Kennel

Danube Dwarf kennel - Deutscher Spitz - Belgrade, Serbia '' A house is not a home without a Spitz ''.

German Spitz

Shadow Of The Darkness FCI 5238 dobermann kennelSerbia Dog Breeders
Shadow Of The Darkness FCI 5238
dobermann kennel

Shadow Of The Darkness FCI 5238 Dobermann kennel in Vojvodina/ Serbia/ Europe Contact: Erdelyi Andrea and Ervin Skpye and facebook (english, hungarian, serbian).


'Solaris' German Shepherd KennelSerbia Dog Breeders
'Solaris' German Shepherd Kennel

German Shepherd kennel from Serbia with over 35 years of experience and tradition. We sell top quality German Shepherd puppies and adult dogs.

German Shepherd Dog

Rosteco kennelSerbia Dog Breeders
Rosteco kennel

Welcome to Rosteco kennel - small, quality breeding of black miniature poodles.


Corso Di Munteanu KennelSerbia Dog Breeders
Corso Di Munteanu Kennel

Cane Corso breeder from Serbia. The goal of our kennel is to breed healthy and quality cane corso with very good and healthy character.

Cane Corso Italiano

Luxwelld kennelSerbia Dog Breeders
Luxwelld kennel

Golden Retriever breeder from Serbia.

Golden Retriever

BoulebastikSerbia Dog Breeders

Quite by case we came in contact with the world of Frenchies, and the love for boule breed was born... We have to mention that this love does not subside with time, but it becomes just stronger and stronger...

The first French Bulldog comes into our home in 2007. His name is Toto. He is our great love, but unfortunately due to congenital health problems he lives with us just a little more than a year...

2008 – Nenad starts the internship for the canine judge. 2010 – reach the goal and becomes the judge for the French Bulldog.

Our primary objective is to contribute at least a small part in preserving the breed, breeding and genetic health of the French Bulldog - the perfect friend. All this needs to be done for future generations and future owners, to let them enjoy this little wonder capable of getting under your skin and the blanket as well.

We are proud members of the Kennel Club ODŽACI.

Kennel is registered with the FCI and KSS at the end of 2011 – under the number 5251.

For now, that’s all folks...
Greetings to all dog lovers.

French Bulldog

Quelebrris KennelSerbia Dog Breeders
Quelebrris Kennel

Miniature Pinscher kennel "Quelebris" is located in Serbia. Welcome to visit our site!

Miniature Pinscher

Vom Bullenfed Rottweilers Serbia Dog Breeders
Vom Bullenfed Rottweilers

Vom Bullenfed Rottweilers is a AKC/ADRK/FCI registered German Rottweiler breeder with 30 + years experience breeding top German Bloodlines in America as well as Serbia.

We produce champion pedigreed Rottweilers extremely suited for show/work and loving family homes. Please visit our website for more information on us and our German Rottweilers.


Presa De Casa GoxySerbia Dog Breeders
Presa De Casa Goxy

Dogo Canario kennel "Presa De Casa Goxy" Proud to present our dogs from champion bloodlines with roots in Canary Islands(Spain).

My dogs managed to show their quality on many dog shows. We breed quality dogs and breed them to the highest standards.

Canary Islands Mastiff

Maumi BulldogsSerbia Dog Breeders
Maumi Bulldogs

Engleski Buldog Maumi odgajivacnica ima vrhunske muzjake za parenje, stence za prodaju.

English Bulldog

Bear Of Gold KennelSerbia Dog Breeders
Bear Of Gold Kennel

Golden Retrievers Kennel.

Golden Retriever

samoyeds.coSerbia Dog Breeders

Odgajivačnica Samojeda iz ljubavi nudi štence za prodaju i mužjake za parenje.

Kennel Samoyeds for love have puppies for sale and male for mating.


Odgajivačnica šarplaninaca Balkan MountainsSerbia Dog Breeders
Odgajivačnica šarplaninaca Balkan Mountains

Odgajivacnica Sarplaninaca Balkan Mountains. Odgoj i prodaja štenad sarplaninca.

Yugoslavian Shepherd Dog - Sharplanina

Heartily kennelSerbia Dog Breeders
Heartily kennel

Home Of World And European Champions

In our kennel we breed Jack Russell terriers, Westies and Scottish terriers. In our breeding it is not imortant only beuaty but also very important is health of our dogs!

Jack Russell Terrier         West Highland White Terrier         Scottish Terrier

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