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Nerium House Kennel FCIRomania
Nerium House Kennel FCI

Nerium House Kennel FCI (Romania) was founded by passionate dog breeders, dog lovers and dog owners of Rövidszőrű Magyar Vizsla and Deutsch Kurzhaar. Our passion, love and respect for nature and wildlife grew from an early age and it is closely linked to a grandfather who was a military man, as well as a versatile hunter and a skilled fisherman. Inherited or not, we love everything about nature and we absolutely respect animals.

Our dogs are the sweetest family companions, but they are also active hunters, and international champions at various FCI dog shows held throughout Europe. Our puppies are a reflection of our commitment to quality and responsible breeding of purebred dogs with the appearance, temperament, and abilities that are true to their breed standard. We would be honored to share some of our passion and commitment with you and would like to thank you in advance for the trust you put in us, for loving and taking care of the puppies from our kennel.

Hungarian Vizsla German Shorthaired Pointer

House Castamar ChihuahuasRomania
House Castamar

House Castamar Kennel with long tradition and experience. We raise Chihuahua puppies for breeding and shows. Our Chihuahuas are Beautiful, Intelligent, Healthy and well socialised! They make excellent pets for all families.


Kira's Indecent Proposal Miniature SchnauzersRomania
Kira's Indecent Proposal

We breed dogs from healthy and strong lines.

Miniature Schnauzer

Chamriah Yorkshire Terrier and PomsRomania
Chamriah Yorkshire Terrier and Poms

Passionate breeders, aiming for the most healthy and beautiful dogs.Our dogs have obtained nice results in expo shows, being recongnized as valuable, from important bloodlines throughout the world, with a long tradition of multi champions.

Yorkshire Terrier Pomeranian

Royal Blue of Romania - Yorkshire Terrier KennelRomania
Royal Blue of Romania
Yorkshire Terrier Kennel

Royal Blue of Romania is a small kennel, where our dogs are definitely considered as part of our family. Love and passion for Yorkshire were the main ingredients that made the dream to create my own kennel came true.

Excellent lineage, dedication and affection are the elements that give the best results in yorkshire breeding. On our website we have complete information about the standard, photo gallery, history and contact details.

Yorkshire Terrier

Beagle de MalibuRomania
'de Malibu' Beagle

Presentation about the dogs and puppy from "de Malibu" Beagle kennel.


Dacia Burebista Central Asia Shepherd DogHunedoara, Romania
Dacia Burebista

Our kennel are located in Romania on the mountain side. Our dogs are growing in very good conditions, have access on the large forest, large terrain lot and two rivers (crossing our property).

Central Asia Shepherd Dog

Russtil K.O. kennel of cairn terrier and caucasian shepherdRomania
Russtil K.O. kennel of cairn terrier
and caucasian shepherd

We are dog breeders since 2004, located in Romania and our dogs show quality of caucasian ovcharka, also cairn terrier, with a focus on character, temperament, conformation and structural soundness.

If you want to know about these two wonderful breeds, more about us, our dogs and our puppies or if you want to have one of our puppies, we please you to stay posted and let us know, you will not regret it!

Caucasian Shepherd Dog Cairn Terrier

Fairy's Kiss MalteseRomania
Fairy's Kiss

Bichon maltese kennel.


Vaspa Kennel BullmastiffsRomania
Vaspa Kennel

Champion Bullmastiff 4 you

Our dogs are family members and only after this are breeders in our kennel. We breed only champion lines for quality. For puppies pls. look on our site.


Hanc bass kennel Greater Swiss Mountain DogRomania
Hanc bass kennel

We established our kennel, because we want to share with you the joy of having a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog.

Be welcome on our website!

Great Swiss Mountain Dog

RottVIP Kennel - F.C.I. 3107Romania
RottVIP Kennel - F.C.I. 3107

Hello, dear rottweiler friends and welcome to our page! “ROTTVIP Kennel” was born in 2013 as a result of our passion for this great breed – Rottweiler.

We are members of A.Ch.R (Romanian Kennel Klub), A.Ch.M.IASI (IASI Metropolitan Kennel Klub), registered on FCI data base (3107), and we want to put our experience accumulated during the years, for breeding at high quality standards!


Game OnRomania
Game On

A good dobermann is a sum of details, but the best dobermann is the sum of all fears. Our goal is to breed dobermanns that meet the highest, most exquisite demands of the breed's connaiseurs.


Greater Swiss of Happy RanchRomania
Greater Swiss of Happy Ranch

Happy Ranch is the first Greater Swiss Mountain Dog kennel in Romania. We love the breed, our kids love the bredd and the dogs are their best friends. We have two beautifull, great caracter girls that by the age of 18 month got Romanian Champion title.

Great Swiss Mountain Dog

God Stones KennelRomania
God Stones Kennel

Chow Chow is our passion.

Chow Chow

Black Turk KennelRomania
Black Turk Kennel

Welcome to Black Turk Kennel !


Canisa 'De Cid Si Kira'Romania

Ceskoslovensky vlcak Kennel from Galati, Romania. Puppies for sale...

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

Gafia's Little Pack KennelRomania
Gafia's Little Pack Kennel

Focused exclusively on growth Kennel breed Pomeranian, males and females very beautiful with excellent pedigree and potential for show.

The puppies offspring from parents of exceptional national and international champions, with excellent result in national and international exhibitions very healthy and will be accompanied by Pedigree, peformance license, microchip, passport card with vaccines. Perfect breed for family and children.


Gafia's Little Pack Malinois

Welcome to GAFIA'S LITTLE PACK Malinois.

Belgian Shepherd Dog - Malinois

de Raduca - Presa CanarioRomania
de Raduca - Presa Canario

We are a kennel situated at 80km from Bucharest in the countryside of Romania. Our goal is to produce healthy dogs, with very good temperament and morphology.

Canary Islands Mastiff

Mioris Land Kennel - Romanian Mioritic ShepherdRomania
Romanian Mioritic Shepherd

MIORIS LAND is a small kennel, family type, located in NE of Romania, specialized in the growth and improving Mioritic Romanian Shepherd breed. We invite you in our page to see our experience with this wonderful breed!

Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Dog

Armars KennelRomania
Armars Kennel

Armars Kennel offers deutsch kurzhaar (Germany origin) and magyar vizsla (Hungary origin) puppies from very good bloodlines. The parents are beauty champions, used intensively at hunt, with work exams. The puppies are also great and special pets. The puppies have pedigree, cip, all the vaccination, health note.

German Shorthaired Pointer Hungarian Short Haired Vizsla

Ahlitah Quest KennelRomania
Ahlitah Quest Kennel

The good looks, the elegant movement, the silent warmth and playfulness of the White Swiss Shepherd attracted me at first sight. The eagerness to learn, the unlimited devotion, the patience, the need to share and express love made this breed perfect for me.

I chose Solo, a newborn from a loving family in the southern Hungary. I met the 22 months old Faust and he simply came home with me. Then Digit was born, in the north of Germany, to instantly become my most beloved. Next winter, the 11 months old Ahlitah added a feminine touch to our pack, and a Mastiff fawn to our white world of wolves. Thus, we became complete. We are the AHLITAH QUEST kennel.

White Swiss Shepherd Dog English Mastiff

Fiso Royal House KennelRomania

Breeding Golden Retriever and American Cocker Spaniel,with love,passion and responsability!

Golden Retriever American Cocker Spaniel

Imperial Fu Kennel Shar-PeiRomania
IMPERIAL FU Kennel Shar-Pei

Dedicated to the development and enhancement of the Chinese Shar-Pei breed.

Shar Pei

Canisa Schwarz - Ciobanesc German Linie de LucruRomania
Canisa Schwarz
Ciobanesc German Linie de Lucru

We strongly believe that, as John Billings said the dog is the only being on earth who loves his master more than himself. We respect the devotion of the dog and reward him with our love and appreciation. The decision to establish a German Shepherd kennel was natural, given that I discovered this breed since childhood and I was attracted by its qualities.

German Shepherd Dog

of Braveheart Oradinum
of Braveheart Oradinum Malinois

Of Braveheart Oradinum kennel is dedicated to breed Malinois, with FCI pedigree, healthy with excellent working abilities.

Belgian Shepherd Dog - Malinois

Nik Majestik Tosa KennelRomania
Nik Majestik Tosa Kennel

Our kennel - Nik Majestic - owns some very fine Tosa Inus, so we can offer our clientele high quality dogs, which fullfill the physical and temperamental requirements of a pure breed Tosa Inu.

Tosa Inu

Transylvanian LegendRomania
Transylvanian Legend

Transylvanian Legend Canisa de Miniature Pinscher(Zwergpinscher) inregistrata de (FCI,ACHR,COR) ''Pasiunea noastra pentru acesta rasa(miniature pinscher) este mai presus decat un hobby. Ea face Parte din viata noastra in fiecare zi''... Noi ne-am dedicat tot timpul si sufletul pentru cainii nostri si pentru cresterea lor .Fiecare catel este crescut într-un mediu social si familial.

Cu o doza considerabila de încredere în sine si un caracter stabil,ei sunt membrii dragi ai familiei. Scopul nostru de reproducere este sa obtinem exemplare de cea mai inalta calitate,incercam sa gasit echilibrul perfect între frumusete si caracter. Cainii nostri nu doar ca au cele mai bune linii genetice alese cu grija in reproducere ,ei sunt sanatosi(testati genetic) cu caracter echilibrat, personalitate simpatica si castigatori in expozitiile de frumusete atat pe plan national cat si international Miniature Pinscher sunt pasiunea noastra si stilul de viata pe care cu adevarat speram sa-l împartim cu voi . Bucurati-va de site-ul nostru.

Miniature Pinscher

Sissi Kennel - WestieRomania
Sissi Bichon Bolognese Kennel

Bichon Bolognese Kennel in Romania.


Erdőalji - Newfoundland, Golden RetrieverRomania
Erdőalji - Newfoundland,
Golden Retriever

We are proud that we are offering high quality breeders, have golden retriever, Newfoundland, All dogs come from champion line.

Newfoundland Golden Retriever

Benland KennelRomania
Benland Kennel

We present ourselves as hobby breeders and animal lovers. Our aim is to provide our dogs good living conditions and to promote the breed.

The name of the kennel comes from the memory of our most beloved Ben, our first St. Bernard dog.

Coming to know the specific characteristics of this breed we feel attached to it and we would have the utmost pleasure to see that other people would like to have them around , too for an enjoyable and rewarding company. They will experience love and fun.

St. Bernard


Complete information about the Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog, Romanian national breed, standard, photo gallery, video gallery, history, breeders, sheepdog.

Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog

Háromszéki Góbé Kennel - Puli, pumi, kuvasz &
Háromszéki Góbé Kennel
Puli, pumi, kuvasz & komondor

Puli, pumi & kuvasz dogs from the Háromszéki Góbé breed. Dr. Blága Zsolt István

Puli Pumi Komondor Kuvasz

Badea Gheo Dobermanns & BloodhoundsRomania
Badea Gheo Dobermanns & Bloodhounds

Badea Gheo Kennel is an Romanian kennel, was found since 2002 and was registred at FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) in 2007. We breed Dobermann & Bloodhound/ Chien de Saint Hubert.

Dobermann Bloodhound

Blackrosesrot KennelRomania

Hello friends and dog lovers, we are a young kennel located in central Transylvania - Romania.

Blackrosesrot Kennel waiting for you to get acquainted with "black roses". These wonderful dogs are as well known and loved by everyone, like roses.


Parmen Auriu Kennel Golden RetrieversRomania
Parmen Auriu Kennel

We are specialised in breeding top quality English Cream Golden Retrievers and provide puppies with full breeding rights and full registration, with excellent temperament and health.

Golden Retriever

vom Haus Emy Kennel for Deutscher SchaferhundRomania
vom Haus Emy
Kennel for Deutscher Schaferhund

"Vom Haus Emy" is a german shepherd dog kennel from Romania, Bucuresti city, since 2009.

German Shepherd Dog

Grandiouse Black Dog kennelRomania
Grandiouse Black Dog kennel

Greeting to all on our website introducing our favorite dogs, bred by us.

I am Balazs Gal Hunor and I live in Transylvania in the village called Uriu. I have been attracted to animals since my childhood and this is why our family has always had a pet, i.e a dog. It happened several times over the years that I took home stray puppies that I had found on the street or even thrown in ditches. After I had moved to our new home together with my wife, our first pet became an Irish setter called Bruno, which became our favorite four-legged friend. Unfortunately, he is no longer with us. He passed away last year, at the age of 12.

Since I've dreamed of Newfoundland dogs for many years but I've never got the chance, time has come for us to own such dogs. Since they are available in so many colors, we were not able to decide about the color. After a long search, we have found the kennel where we bought our first puppy from in 2008 and later on the others. This is when we founded the Grandiouse Black dog kennel. It has become such a hobby that now, in 2009 we have got the entire range of colors and hopefully it will stay this way!

We are very happy to receive visitors and if you'd like further information, feel free to contact and ask us via e-mail or phone.



Doggystyle isa Romanian kennel dedicated to breeding quality rottweilers.Excellent lines, dedication and affection is what give the best results in rottweiler breeding. We do not work on an industrual scale, quality being our motto. We lately started breeding Giant Schnauzer Slat and Pepper and soon to come, Yorkshire Terriers.


SamGuard KennelRomania
SamGuard Kennel

To breed Working German Shepherd lines its not easy, this selection its based to temperament, stress, resistance, lot of working tim and maximum concentration.

German Shepherd Dog

Kiraya's JoyBichon Havanese KennelRomania
Kiraya's Joy Bichon Havanese Kennel

Crestem Havanezi din 2010. Caini de familie sanatosi de rasa pura, cu un caracter de exceptie. Caini nostri fac parte din familie. In curand poate si din a voastra! Mai multe informatii si imagini le gasiti pe siteul nostru.

Wir zuchten Havaneser seit 2010. Gesunde und standartgemase Familienhunde, mit einem einzigartigem Charakter. Unsere Hunde sind Teil der Familie. Bald vielleicht auch eins Eurer. Mehrere Infos und Fotos findet Ihr auf unserer Home-Page.


von Ivan Hause KennelRomania
von Ivan Hause Kennel

Only german blood lines.



Complete information about the Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog: standard, photo gallery, video gallery, history, breeders ...

Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog

Arctic Village Alaskan MalamutesRomania
Arctic Village Alaskan Malamutes

We are a small kennel, and our dogs are, first of all, our family members.

Our goal is similar to that of any responsible breeder: to produce healthy, physically and mentally sound dogs, with working abilities. We believe this is possible only by breeding close to the standard, always keeping in mind that the quality and not the quantity is important.

We strive to produce sound, typy dogs, with excellent temperament. All our dogs have eyes and hips clearances, because health is an important aspect of our everyday life, and because we want the best for our dogs and their puppies.

We try to make our canine companions as happy as they make us each and every day!

Alaskan Malamute

Hello Yorkies Yorkshire Terrier KennelRomania
Hello Yorkies - Yorkshire Terrier Kennel

A family based kennel, holding the purpose of raising good quality (pet or show) puppies, that are surrounded with lots of love and the best attention!

Yorkshire Terrier

Kennel Larus Bichon friseRomania
Kennel LARUS - bichon frise

We are homebreeder, kennel Larus. Established in 1998, first kennel of bichon frise from Romania.

Bichon Frise

Bichon frise Tess de LarusRomania
Tess de Larus - Bichon frise

This is a website about bichon frise. We started our show career in 2008 and by now we have excellent results. For more information, I invite you to enter our webpage.

Bichon Frise

Clear Passion KennelRomania

We are a small kennel with the goal of improving our breeding program with each litter.We are involved in the dog world, showing and breeding since 2002. Our kennel name was established and is recognised by FCI since 2007. We are breeding high quallity Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, and West Highland White Terriers.

Labrador Retriever Golden Retriever West Highland White Terrier

Karpaten Irbis KennelRomania
Karpaten Irbis Kennel

Deutsch Kurzhaar kennel based on famous German bloodlines.

German Shorthaired Pointer

Wolf Point Aussies - Australian Shepherd KennelRomania
Wolf Point Aussies
Australian Shepherd Kennel

Wolf Point Kennel is well known amongst husky and american akita lovers as a reputable kennel, producer of international champions. Our newest passion is the australian shepherd, also known as aussie, this spectacular breed that conquers your heart once and for all.

Located near capital city Bucharest, Romania; we can also send puppies abroad, upon request. Enjoy your visit on our site!

Australian Shepherd

Hidalgo's Spirit Kennel RetrieversRomania
Hidalgo's Spirit Kennel

Hidalgo's Spirit specializes in breeding Labrador Retriever & Golden Retriever. Our kennel is FCI and Romanian Kennel recognized. We try to raise dogs increasingly better, with real temperaments, with excellent blood lines, but primarily healthy dogs. Our goal is increasing the quality of these 2 breeds to superlative in Romania. You're welcome for more details on our site!

Labrador Retriever Golden Retriever

The Cruel Rottweiler KennelRomania
The Cruel - Rottweiler Kennel

Features kennel history, news, pictures, litter information and show results. Pecica- Arad


Alaskan Malamute Balan Sports AssociationRomania
Balan Sports Association Alaskan Malamut

Alaskan Malamute - breeding and sport in Romania! We are FISTC members and the only Alaskan Malamute Sports Association in Romania.

Alaskan Malamute

Wild Look KennelRomania
Wild Look Kennel

Siberian Husky, West Highland White Terrier and Miniature Pinschers show quality dogs!

Siberian Husky West Highland White Terrier Miniature Pinscher

West Highland White Terrier von Winsberg kennelRomania
von Winsberg kennel

West Highland White Terrier - kennel "von WINSBERG".

West Highland White Terrier

Minibelle Top Dog KennelRomania

Small kennel of bichon frise, located in Oradea, Romania.

Bichon Frise

Bull PARADE KennelRomania
Bull PARADE Kennel

Bull PARADE is a kennel based in Timisoara, Romania. We breed Bullmastiffs.


Nid aux Nobles BreederRomania
Nid aux Nobles German Pointers

Breeder of German Shorthaired Pointer, located in Romania. Breed for quality, hunting, show and splendid temperament.

German Shorthaired Pointer

 Impala KennelRomania
IMPALA kennel

Show quality dogs from healthy lines.

Miniature Pinscher Pomeranian