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Landseer (Continental-European type)

Kennel MareusFinland
Kennel Mareus

Small breeding for Cane da Pastore Maremmano-Abruzzese and Landseer. As breeder I will look a good character and most important that dogs is allowed to do their work, what is ment to be. PMA as guardian (with animals or area) and landseer in water rescue.

If enviroment is right for breed to grow, it should keep character and behavior as good as possible. And when dog is suitable for it's work it is usually also very good with outfit and appearance. At this moment my sites are only finnish, but maybe I have time I will put some in english.

Maremma and Abruzzes Sheepdog

Landseer and Mopskennel vom Libris Hort FCI/MEOEHungary
vom Libris Hort FCI/MEOE
Landseer and Mopskennel

We start to breed Landseer 1999 in our family ...we are a german family, who live since 2000 in Hungary and breed this friedly breed on our cottage ... This year (2008) we have our frist litter from our pugs. You can contact us in german, english or hungarian and we will answer all your questions ...


Landaria's Kennel LandseersSweden
Landaria's Kennel

A small breeding of Landseer in home surroundings. For you, which want to training swimming and rescuing. The Landseer is also well suited to companion dog. Please visit our site (only in Swedish).

Landseers Formenos GilCzechia
Formenos Gil - Landseers

Welcome to web sittes breeding station - landseers - Formenos Gil
Apart from impressive greatness, landseer is very gentle and friendly dog. He is very inteligent, calm, faithful and loyal to his owner, modest, obey and sociable. He needs patient, delicate, but especially consequential way of training. He dearly loves people and children and family can always reliance upon him. He is fondling as well as any dog from the others community race. He loves water and admire swimming.

Do you have cottage and large garden within reaching distance of short walking from the river or the pond? Thereafter obtain exactly the landseer - you will not find more appropriate breed.

Hodowla Psów Rasowych Rokada FCIPoland
Hodowla Psów Rasowych Rokada FCI

Berneński Pies Pasterski, Landseer - Szczeniaki Reproduktor, Hodowla psów rasy Landseer i Berneński Pies Pasterski.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Rozcoe'z Kennel LandseerSweden
Rozcoe'z Kennel - Landseer

Uppfödning av Landseer.

Landseer Z OtmarovaCzechia
Z Otmarova Landseer

We are small kennel breeding Landseers with excellent pedigree. Now we have litter B. Pappies were born on 12.January 2010.They could leave us for new home in the middle of March. Landseers are friendly dogs well disposed to children. Good for a house with garden. More information you can find on our website.

Kennel IstralandSlovenia Dog Breeders
Kennel Istraland

Perhaps by saying that we are a family and that we are crazy about animals. We live in a village at the edge of a forest, which is an ideal place for our dogs. Besides Landseers we own a goat, a sheep, rabbits and many chickens, and we are thinking of having others, too.

Our animals live in harmony and we are all one big family. Landseers accompany us on our hiking trips around Slovenia and abroad. We cannot imagine going on a vacation without them. We love to visit exhibitions where we get great results and make new friendships. Recently we have registered a family kennel because we think we will contribute to this breed by giving it our love. Unfortunately there are many breeders who promise quality but can disappoint greatly. This is why we decided to breed dogs with love and respect. We are happy to have our dogs because they are giving us their love on an every-day basis.

Loved by The SeaBulgaria
Loved by The Sea

Kennel for Landseer e.c.t. in Bulgaria.

Alvemia - landseerCzechia
ALVEMIA - landseer

Welcome to kennel Landseer in Czech.

Les Pandas Des Terres RougesFrance
Les Pandas Des Terres Rouges

Elevage de Landseer et de Terre neuve. Selection sur le caractère, les aptitudes au travail et sur la beauté. N'hésitez à nous contactez pour en savoir plus.



Berneński Pies Pasterski, Leonberger, Landseer, Pirenejskie Psy Górskie, te ostatnie od niedawna sprowadzone ze Szwecji, z hodowli pod Sztokholmem. Jest to podstawowe stadko naszej hodowli.Hodowla rowadzi bardzo rzadką rasę psa jakim jest landseer a w hodowli Reproduktor Ch.Pl.Burago Zw.Polski Kolejny rok, Zw. Europy, Zw. Swiata, oraz Zw. Pl Kasandra - Psy linii zachodniej.Landseer to duży pies. Prawidłowa anatomia i niezbyt masywna budowa zapewniają mu znakomitą ruchliwość i sprawność. Landseer ma zrównoważoną psychikę, doskonale sprawdza się jako pies rodzinny, wspaniały towarzysz dzieci, uważny i spokojny stróż. Jest odważny, niekonfliktowy i cichy. Potrafi znakomicie zachować się w różnych sytuacjach, a będąc z natury czysty i elegancki, może się udać ze swym panem zarówno do parku miejskiego, jak i restauracji, budząc ogólny podziw swym wyglądem i zachowaniem. Do tej charakterystyki pasuje nowy nasz nabytek jakim jest Pirenejski Pies Górski, mimo że podstawowy kolor to biel, jest prawie nie brudzący, potwierdza to eleganckim kontrolowanym ruchem omijając wszelkie kałuże i nie wdając się w niepotrzebne zabawy mogące pobrudzić eleganckie futerko. Berneńczyki i leonbergery to najstarsza rasa w naszej hodowli i można dużo obejrzeć i poczytać na naszej stronie int.

Leonberger Bernese Mountain Dog Pyrenean Mountain Dog

MalnskaSlovenia Dog Breeders

We are small Landseer kennel in Slovenia with small children and very big house. In our pleasure are our 2 veterinary ambulantes and 3 pet shops in Slovenia. If you have children, house with garden and water close to you is landseer excelent breed to you! We will have first A litter with beautiful, health and champion parents in summer 2014. More information you can find on our website.

Czarcia Farma - Landseer, Berneński Pies PasterskiPoland
Czarcia Farma
Landseer, Berneński Pies Pasterski

Hello! For many years we have been breeding dogs: Landseer and Bernese mountain dog. We belong to the Polish Kennel Club Branch in Kielce. We have beautiful dogs and bitches both races. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the site of our kennel

Bernese Mountain Dog

'Lucky Giants' Landseer FCI KennelAustria
'Lucky Giants' Landseer FCI Kennel

We plan our E-throw for the autumn / winter 2014 mother of the litter is to be Elise (Lisa) by Peter Berg, the males we give yet known. Landseer breed dogs with FCI / ÖKV papers. We breed with healthy parents animals (HD - free, ED - free OCD - free, Cystinuria - free CTP (Canine Trombopathie - hereditary bleeding disorder) - clear, heart ultrasound with color Doppler - oB).

Our puppies receive internationally recognized FCI - papers, aremicrochipped and wormed. Our puppies grow up in our house withinthe family. They are prepared by us by intensive embossing ontheir later life in the new family. We are available to our puppybuyers have and always with words and deeds. We are members ofthe Landseerfreunden Austria and DLC (German Landseer Club eV).Our kennel "Landseer Lucky Giants" is registered since 24 November 2007 in FCI and the ÖKV, registered and protected!!!

Landseer vom Kreuzfelsen - FCI/ÖKV-KennelAustria
Landseer vom Kreuzfelsen
- FCI/ÖKV-Kennel

Landseer Rassehunde mit ÖKV/FCI Papieren. Elterntiere in allen Befunden frei.

Von den Süßen BärenAustria
Von den Süßen Bären

Bei uns leben Pyrenäenberghunde und Landseer als Familienmitglieder im Haus und Garten. Die meisten unserer Hunde sind Therapiehunde und Rettungshunde, da sie ein sehr ruhiges, ausgeglichenes Wesen haben.

Pyrenean Mountain Dog