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… selection of black and fawn pugs, home raised and presented in many national and international shows… raised in the family home first and foremost as pets… creation of the best famous American and European Pug bloodline and beautiful dogs… find valuable information such as photos, dog show results and titles and pedigrees as well… familydogs in the show ring… Breeding, participation in exhibitions, grooming, handling, puppies show, pet and breeding class… Small, family breeding with quality, healthy pugs… dogs, results of exhibitions, puppies for sale, consultings… work on highest standard and only with show class dogs… Small but pefect family of champions… Breeder of quality black and fawn pugs… breed with American lines, yet according to the FCI standard…     ***       Dog Breeders and Kennels - EuroBreeder.com    

Pug / Carlin / Mops

Pugs Kennel Princes de KazanFrance

Breeding for 35 years with passion and with the best European blood-lines. Our dogs are for shows or as pets. Enjoy our web.

Borzoi Italian Greyhound

Pugs Kennel VinddragetsSweden
Vinddragets hemsida

Small breeder of pugs in the north of Sweden.

Kennel Blå Mandag'sNorway Dog Breeders
Blå Mandag's Kennel

Breeder of Pug and Chinese Crested.

Chinese Crested Dog

Mira CanisPoland
Mira Canis

We have a small kennel, the pug breeding is our passion for life. We are putting all our heart and energy in it. All dogs in Mira Canis FCI find, and will always find, love, warmth and respect in our home.

Snowpug Pugs KennelNorway Dog Breeders
Snowpug - Pugs In Western Norway

I have a small kennel situated in Norway, and my sole aim is to produce sound, healthy pugs with quality and good temperament.

Pugs Fatinat Al Sjark KennelNetherlands
Fatinat Al Sjark

Quality, not quantity! We own Shih-Tzu since 1980. You can find sibblings of our Shih-Tzu on pedigrees all over the world. We don't sell puppy's to puppymills. Our puppy's won't leave their mother before they are 12 weeks old. We want to enjoy our litters.


Pugs Tangetoppen KennelNorway Dog Breeders
Tangetoppen kennel

Breeder of high quality pugs and miniatyrpinscher in Norway, our dogs are high loved familydogs that also do well in the show ring. Please contact us for a nice dog-vhat.

Miniature Pinscher

Pugs S Gradskogo Priiska KennelRussia
S Gradskogo Priiska
Chow Chow Kennel

Chow Chow Kennel "S Gradskogo Priiska" Russia, Cheliabinsk. Owner Alevtina Boiko.

Chow Chow

Pugs Valespes KennelRussia
Kennel Valespes - Pugs

Pug Dog Kennel Valespes Owners Pestova Elena and Pestov Sergei. Russian Federation, Cheliabinsk.

Little Heart Mops KennelHungary
Little Heart Mops Kennel

Pug kennel from Hungary with healthy and show quality dogs.

Rush Respect - Pug kennel clubRussia
Rush Respect - Pug kennel club

Pug kennel club. Puppies of a pug. Owner Sitnikov Alexander. Russia.

Shani Shan PugsRussia
SHANI SHANpugs & chihuahuas

Pug & chihuahua "Shani Shan".


Little Lord's Land Kennel PugsNetherlands
Little Lord's Land Kennel - Pug

A site full information about the pug.

Pug kennel Na Każdą Pogodę FCIPoland
Na Każdą Pogodę FCI
Saint bernard and pug kennel

Kennel ,,Na Każdą Pogodę" command Saint bernards and pugs beige and black. Puppies and stud dogs. At present new plans litters and puppies for sale! If you have problem with travel from me-We can bring puppies from you. More info in our homepage.

Saint Bernard

Kennel Stellanova pug & franch bulldogPoland
Kennel Stellanova pug & franch bulldog

Kennel Stellanova - Our dogs have following titles: International Champion, Champion of Poland, Champion of Russia, Champion of Czech Republic, Best of Europe, Best of Poland, Best of Club, Best of Breed, Best of Group, Best of Junior, Best in Show Puppy, Best in Show Junior, Best in Show, Best Female of Club.

All our life we deal with animals, mostly with dogs. Our favorite breeds are: pugs which are always in a good mood and French bulldogs wishing to play all the time. In our kennel we try to fulfill all the rules and our dogs are in a very good shape what could be seen on the shows. We show our dogs frequently participating in most of the shows organized by Polish Kennel Club. We took orders/sell French bulldog and pug puppies. The film “ The alphabet of breeds” was recorded in our kennel. The well known journal” My dog” decided to choose our farm to present the portrait of pugs. Many pictures were taken and then presented in different journals and newspapers. In our kennel was also recorded a film “ Our pets”. Our French bulldogs, pugs and basenji dogs participated in “ Szymon Majewski show”, one of the most popular talk show in Polish TV.

French Bulldog

Pibaro kennelCzechia
Pibaro kennel

Top dog kennel & profesional handler.

American Akita

Pug Kennel BaskervilBulgaria
Baskervil Pug Kennel

Kennel for pugs.

Mad Mops kennelSlovakia
MAD-MOPS kennel

Pug breeding station is Slovakia, Champion pug males, imported dogs.

Pugs ArcitaCzechia
ARCITA - English Bulldog and Pug

Our breeding station ARCITA was established in 1990 and except for english bulldogs we also successfully breeded Dandie Dinmont Terriers and moloss races. We always started goal-directed animal breeding on the imported stallion dogs that exceeded in quality and absence of problems.

Outbound dogs from our station are already representing their owners at exhibitions. They are holders of the highest assessments and prizes from national, international and european exhibitions. We breeded Champions, Interchampions, Multichampions and World and European champions and winners. We ensure an all-day and affectionate care for the dogs and for puppies particularly. We strictly obey principals of correct diet and a permanent contact with people and dogs.

English Bulldog

ReinkarnacjaPoland FCIPoland

Our Kennel currently has three breeds: pugs, French bulldogs and Grifons. If you are interested in any of the breed and would like to have a dog please contact us. You know you enabled canine love.

Remember that a person without a dog is a dog without a man.

We breed dogs for 30 years, we can also boast that the dog from our kennel was awarded WINNERS OF THE WORLD. and the other boys championships Polish and occupy top positions at prestigious national and international exhibitions.

Belgian Griffon French Bulldog

kennel Bestas FCI Bestas VeislynasLithuania

Bulldogs and Pugs breeding in kennel Bestas.

English Bulldog France Bulldog

Pugs Smiling FarmGreece
Smiling Farm Pugs

Black and Fawn Pugs in Greece.

Золото НефертитиRussia
Золото Нефертити

Cattery show career and breeding dogs breed Pug.

Kennel Of Golden PugsGermany
Kennel Of Golden Pugs

Kennel "Of Golden Pugs" Germany VDH/FCI - black & fawn Pugs.

Wir eine kleine Hobbyzucht in Südbaden. Wir züchten mit exklusiven gesunden Elterntieren besonders schöne Nachkommen. Unser Motto: Klasse statt Masse!

Mousingdale's MopszuchtGermany
Mousingdale's Mopszucht

Liebevolle Zucht mit Herz und Verstand.

Auf unserer Website finden sie alles über unsere Hunde, aber auch noch ein bisschen mehr:-) So gibt es bei uns auch Gedichte, Sachen zum Schmunzeln, Wissenswertes über Gesundheit und Ernährung, und viele, viele Bilder ...

French Bulldogs and Pugs SkorpiusCzechia

Saint Bernard, French Bulldog and Pug kennel.

French Bulldog St. Bernard

Action Alet KennelCzechia
Action Alet

Kennel Pugs and French Bulldogs from Czech Republic.

French Bulldog

Pugs TussilagoUK
Tussilago Pugs

Small quality hobby kennel breeding for type and temprement, our dogs live as much loved family members in the home and are occasionally exhibited. Fawn and blacks from quality lines.

Member of the Pug Dog Club UK, Kennel Club UK granted affix and member of the Portsmouth and Southsea Kennel Association (UK).

Landseer and Mopskennel vom Libris Hort FCI/MEOEHungary
vom Libris Hort FCI/MEOE
Landseer and Mopskennel

We start to breed Landseer 1999 in our family ...we are a german family, who live since 2000 in Hungary and breed this friedly breed on our cottage ... This year (2008) we have our frist litter from our pugs. You can contact us in german, english or hungarian and we will answer all your questions ...


Mopszucht RosepugsGermany
Rosepugs Mopszucht

Wir züchten aus Liebe und Leidenschaft zur Rasse, mit der Verantwortung und dem Ziel gesunde und schöne Möpse zu züchten.

We breed with love and passion. Our goal and responsibility is to breed healthy and beautiful pugs.

The DoodleEngland
The Doodle

Care for the Shar-pei and pugs We are based in Liverpool and we keep these two very special breeds. We do breed a small number of these and do have puppies from time to time however numbers are kept small as these dogs are our pets and not just to breed from.

If you need any help or advice about these two great breeds please email me and I will be glad to help if I can.

Shar Pei

Kisci Pekingese & PugsDenmark
Kisci Pekingese & Pugs

Breeder for more than 30 years - breeding for quality not quantity.


Carlinos de salber nas covasSpain
De salber nas covas - Carlinos

De salber nas covas, selección y cria familiar del carlino.

Due Parchi Happy Days Border ColliesSlovakia
Angelical glamour kennel

Small family kennel in Slovakia. We breed with lot of love and passion english bulldogs and pugs. Please visit our Webpage.

English Bulldog

Glen Nevis Kennel of PugsSpain
GLEN NEVIS Kennel of pugs

We are a small Hobby Kennels situated in Valladolid, Spain. All our pugs are from quality lines.

Lotheart Pugs KennelUkraine
'LOTHEART' Pugs Kennel

Welcome on a web site kennel FCI "LOTHEART" from Ukraine. You will obtain information about our favourite pugs, will see their photos and will read many interesting reasons about this breed and will understand that pug - this is the best dog for you!

You will feel that pugs - this is love and gladness in our life. We will help you to choose a puppy, grow, educate a friend and champion. In our kennel - only winners! We will be glad to see you!

Paradiz Ronado CarlinoItaly

Breeding of pugs, fawn & black.

Kennel DarikarUkraine

Welcome on a web site kennel FCI “DARIKAR” from Ukraine. Kennel specializing in breedings Mops/Pug, Pomeranian Spitz, Yorkshire Terrier, English Bulldog.

Добро пожаловать на сайт питомника “DARIKAR”. Питомник специализируется на породах: мопс, померанский шпиц, йоркширский терьер, английский бульдог.

Pomeranian Yorkshire Terrier English Bulldog

Mopszucht vom Mägdebrunnen VDH/FCI/DMCGermany
Mopszucht vom Mägdebrunnen VDH/FCI/DMC

Mopswelpen von Mopszucht vom Mägdebrunnen. Mopszüchter im VDH, FCI, Mopsclub DMC. Gesunde Mopswelpen finden Sie beim seriösen Mopszüchter im VDH, diese Mopswelpen haben natürlich immer die entsprechenden Papiere/Stammbaum.

Sparen Sie lieber etwas länger auf Ihren Mopswelpen und nehmen eine eventuelle Wartezeit in Kauf, als das Sie einen "Billigwelpen" aus zweifelhafter Herkunft kaufen und fallen Sie nicht auf Internetbetrüger herein, die Mopswelpen zum Schleuderpreis anbieten.

Kennel s Zelenogo GorodaRussia
Kennel s Zelenogo Goroda

We will be glad to see you on pages of a site of our kennel "s Zelenogo Goroda"! We are breeding dogs of next breeds - all varieties of dachshunds, german boxer, american staffordshire terrier, pug, griffon, petit brabancon. Take a look at our beloved dogs, maybe you will find here your future puppy!

Dachshund German Boxer Brussels Griffon Belgian Griffon American Staffordshire Terrier

Pug Kennel Montes AuriRussia
Kennel Montes Auri

Kennel Montes Auri was registered in 1998. Amanda Monpasje (Anja) became its founder. Her date of birth is the 14th of July 1996 (Sire Efor Sireni Shpiev, dam Feja Flerdorange) The breeder is Ms. Drosdovskaja E.

She started our history. Anja grew; we attended dog shows without her, looking narrowly to growing up former competitors. When we were invited to take part in the 2nd National Club ChNC dog show, we didn't have any doubt whether participate or not. And we were so happy, when our Anja became The Best female - junior.


Jesbob Sarplaninacs & PugsFinland
Jesbob sarplaninacs & pugs

Sarplaninacs and pugs from Finland!

Yugoslavian Herder

Pugs Villa de MarvãoPortugal
Villa de Marvão Pugs

Small kennel, but  with quality, located in Portugal, city of Águeda. We breed Pugs with big passion and love. We do this with all the care and the love they deserve.  Visit our site and enjoy it.

Great Danes and Pugs Von Haus vom SteraldtedNetherlands
Von Haus vom Steraldted

We breed Great Danes and Pugs. Great Danes from the year 1964 and Pugs from 2004. We have bred several National, International chmpions and 1 Worldchampion.

We started with Great Danes in Fawn and Brindle, later bred also Harlequin and Black and Blue. My most famous dog I owned was Minos du dog du Vexin. At this moment we only have Harlekin and Black. Visit our website for more information about our dogs.

Great Dane

Enchanting PugsDenmark
Enchanting Pugs

Enchanting Pugs is a loving breeder of pugs under DKK (FCI).

Our goal is to breed pugs of high quality, where health will be our main priority!

Kennel MinodoraUkraine

We will be glad to see You on pages of a site of our kennel "Minodora" ! We are breeding dogs of next breeds - Boxer, Pug, Chinese Crested Dog.
All the Best for you!!!

Будем рады видеть Вас на страницах сайта питомника "Minodora" ! Мы занимаеся разведением пород - боксер, мопс, китайская хохлатая собака. Все Лучшее для Вас!!!

German Boxer Chinese Crested Dog

Fomielens kennelLatvia
Fomielens kennel

Pug and French bulldog from Latvia.

French Bulldog

Delkatina French bulldog and PugLatvia
Delkatina French bulldog and Pug

French bulldog and Pug kennel from Latvia.

French Bulldog

My Little Giant Pug and Leonberger KennelHungary
My Little Giant
Pug and Leonberger Kennel

We are a Pug and Leonberger kennel from Hungary. Our pugs have great pedigrees, conformation and temperament. For more information and photo please look at the our homepage.


Mopszucht vom MägdebrunnenGermany
Mopszucht vom Mägdebrunnen

Mopswelpen aus der deutschen Mopszucht vom Mägdebrunnen in FCI/VDH/DMC. Weitere Informationen über meine Mopszucht und meine Mopswelpen finden Sie auf meinen Internetseiten.

carlinsdes trois cerisiersFrance
carlinsdes trois cerisiers

I am little breeder of fawn and black pug in France.

Hobbymopszucht Il Bella CarlinoAustria
Hobbymopszucht Il Bella Carlino

Wir sind eine kleine Hobbymopszucht aus Österreich. Hunde sind unsere Leidenschaft, besonders der Mops hat es uns angetan.

Belaja magijaRussia
Belaja magija

Kennel "Belaja magija" from Russia (FCI).Breed: Pug, English Bulldog, Chihuahua, French bulldogs. Shows, puppy for sale.

English Bulldog French Bulldog Chihuahua

Allevamento del BombaItaly
Allevamento del Bomba

Un piccolo allevamento di Carlini da esposizione e compagnia. Risultati in campionati nazionali, internazionali e al World Dog Show. Selezione per carattere, salute e tipicita.

We are a small successful show kennel of Pug dog. Having national and international champions and great result in the World Dog Show. We Breed for Temprament, Health, Type.


Forum miłośników psów rasy mops. Ciekawe tematy, wiele informacji, porady, instrukcje. Podziel się doświadczeniem lub skorzystaj z doświadczenia innych. Dołącz do nas! Czekamy!

Mops Kennel UšticaSerbia
Uštica Mops Kennel

A couple of words about us

We started 23 years ago. Our first dogs were German Shepherds, then Great Danes, French Bulldogs and Mops. All of these dogs have returned to us provided them love and attention, but there is something about Mops that cannot be compared with anything.

It is a lively dog, loving to his landlord and his household. Tireless in the game, full of joy which shows at any time. Therefore, we have registered dog kennel "Uštica" and dedicated to the cultivation of this race. We acquired two quality females and males who have achieved remarkable results in exhibitions. From these combinations we raised two young females who have also achieved notable results.

Today we have several males and a large number of females, and we strive to get some fresh blood from the world famous kennels. Our basic orientation in breeding mops is the health and quality of dogs. We work on that from the very beginning!

Our mops kennel is located in Lazarevac, Serbia.

Black Jade Pakony KennelHungary
Black Jade Pakony Kennel

Show quality, well socialized pugs. Black pugs.

Pulcherrimus Ga-BoUkraine
Pulcherrimus Ga-Bo

Pulcherrimus Ga-Bo kennel is located in Kiev, Ukraine. We occasionally breed for quality and not for quantity. Our aim is to breed healthy dogs with good movements and excellent exterior.

Canis Deluxe Pug KennelGermany
Canis Deluxe - Pug Kennel

We are a small kennel of quality Pugs.

Zlatá nymfa FCICzechia
Zlatá nymfa FCI

Chováme černé a béžové mopse, máme malý, domácí chov, zaměřený především na zdraví a kvalitu odpovídající standardu plemene.

Han's Union kennel pugRussia
HAN'S UNION - kennel pug

Professional kennel Pug Champions.

Los NiniosRussia
Los Ninios

Los Ninios is a small kennel located in Moscow, Russia. I own pugs and boxers. Welcome to my pages!

Team Leiksaid Finnish kennelFinland
TEAM LEIKSAID Finnish kennel

Finnish kennel "TEAM LEIKSAID": german shepherd dog, welsh corgi pembroke, mops.

German Shepherd Dog Welsh Corgi Pembroke

VelesRavelin Kennel UKU-FCIUkraine

Welcome to website ofkennelVELES RAVELIN – pug, shih tzu, rottweiler. On pages of our site you can get acquainted with our pets, look at their photo, a pedigrees, puppies.

Добро пожаловать на сайт питомника “VELES RAVELIN” – мопс, ши-тцу, ротвейлер. На страницах нашего сайта Вы можете познакомиться с нашими питомцами, посмотреть их фото, родословную, щенков.

Shih Tzu Rottweiler

Le Donjon d'AlsatisFrance
Le Donjon d'Alsatis

Petit élevage de carlins situé dans le Sud de la France ...

Konfident StepUkraine
Konfident Step

Welcome to kennel FCI Konfident Step!
Here you can get acquainted with our dogs, their show results and progeny. We welcome you to our site!

French Bulldog Small Brabant Griffon

Allevamento Professionale Del Drago d'OroItaly
Allevamento Professionale Del Drago d'Oro

Allevamento Professionale per la Selezione delle Razze Bouledogue Francese, Carlino (Pug ) e Jack Russell Terrier.

French Bulldog Jack Russell Terrier

Kennel AivovoBelarus
Kennel Aivovo

Pug Dog Kennel Aivovo from Belarus, Minsk. Owner Stepanenko Mila. Breeder of high quality fawn and black pugs.

Sveitana Geil pug kennelRussia
Sveitana Geil pug kennel

We have been breeding pugs for 15 years. In the nursery, a large number of dogs that have the highest titles. For more information about our dogs you can visit our site.

Kennel Đany Land"SSserbia Dog Breeders

Kennel "ĐANY LAND" S" had bought its first pug dog in the distant year of 1994. During all these years, we have been working hard and we succeded to make high quality representatives of this wonderful breed by using careful selection. Since the foundation, Kennel "ĐANY LAND "S" has also produced many champions and interchampions. Please feel free to leave your comment or message in the guest book or contact us via e-mail, we will respond to all of them.

Charm Beside kennel Shih-Tzu & PugUkraine
Charm Beside kennel Shih-Tzu & Pug

Kennel Shih-Tzu and Pug "Charm Beside", owner: Polishuk Oksana (Vinnitsa, Ukraine).

Shih Tzu


Miniature bull terrier for sale, buldogs and pug. You are always Wellcome.

Miniature Bull Terrier English Bulldog

Bully-Fen - kennel of english bulldogRussia
Bully-Fen - kennel of english bulldog

Our kennel presents breeds: Bulldog, Bouledogue Francias, Pug. Information about these breeds you can find in corresponding divisions.

English Bulldog French Bulldog

Mops und Griffonzucht von SuttonbridgeGermany
Mops und Griffonzucht von Suttonbridge


Wir freuen uns, Sie auf unserer Homepage begrüßen zu können. Wir möchten Ihnen, unseren Zwinger und unser Zuchtziel etwas näher bringen.

In unseren primären Zuchtzielen unterscheiden wir uns kaum von denen anderer seriöser Malinois oder Mops- Züchter. Auch wir wollen gesunde, wesensfeste Hunde züchten, die in ihren äußeren und charakterlichen Eigenschaften dem FCI-Standard der Rasse entsprechen.

Brussels Griffon Small Brabant Griffon

Quartz-Amor's KennelFinland
Quartz-Amor's Kennel

Fawn and Black Pugs from Finland.

Mops und Bully Zucht von DrilandGronau, Germany Dog Breeders
Mops und Bully Zucht von Driland

Unsere Mops und Bully Zucht betreiben wir aus Liebe zu diesen wundervollen Rassen.

Es ist mir ein Anliegen , möglichst gesunde, freiatmende und sportliche Möpse zu züchten. Einen Mops wie es ihn schon für kurze Zeit in den 50ziger Jahren gab. Damals glich er einem normalen kleinen Hund, mit einem etwas höherem Gangwerk , weniger oder geteilter Nasenfalte und einem etwas mehr ausgeprägtem freiliegendem Nasenrücken.

Wir züchten Möpse... in den Farben... beige mit Maske, apricot, sable, schwarz, silver-grey und brindle!!! Wir züchten Bullys in den Farben ...fawn, red, brindle und chocolate Unsere Mops und Bully Eltern sind gesund , freiatmend und sehr sportlich!!!

French Bulldog

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