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Newfies with strong head, nice and careful look… breeder and owner of several champions, National and European winners… large size, excellent temprement and soundness of the Newfoundland breed… dedicated to the selective breeding of healthy and strong champion sired puppies… grow up in the family socialized puppies with international recognized pedigrees and great show potential… breed primarily for temperament and tradirional qualities of the breed… licenced Breeders of black, brown and white/black Newfoundlands comes from working and show lines… selection on character, work skills and beauty… find inforamation about history and development of the breed, grooming, puppy, exhibitions and champion title…     ***       Newfoundland Breeders and Kennels -    

Newfoundland / Neufundländer / Terre-neuve

Newfoundlands Viva Zabajka FCIPoland
Viva Zabajka FCI

Poland breeder of quality Newfoundlans. We breed for type and temperament in line with the breed standard. All dogs live in our home as part of our family and are not kennelled in outdoor kennels. Puppies sometimes available.

Anmalamual and Basaburua Newfoundlands BreederSpain

All the animals we breed that are selected for breeding are clinically controlled in order to avoid genetically transmitted diseases.

Moreover - to ensure thas these magnificent dogs maintain their particular identity that makes them so special - the dogs are subsequently subjected to careful morophological and character selection criteria.

Kennel Neufundländer vom MühlradGermany
Neufundländer vom Mühlrad

Private Hobbyzucht seit 1996.

Newfoundland Kennel KirieleisonItaly

Allevamento di cani terranova visita il sito troverai tutte le informazioni necessarie.

Watercubs Newfoundlands KennelBelgium
Kennel Watercubs

Black and Brown working newfoundlands: shows, waterwork, carting, obedience, frisbee, dog dancing, ... and many other ...

'Dd la Bessiere de Javol' Terre Neuve Noir et Noir&BlancFrance
Terre Neuve Noir et Noir&Blanc

Bienvenue sur notre site familial de Terre Neuve élevés en famille.

Mały Budda Newfoundlands KennelPoland
Kennel Mały Budda
Lhasa Apso & Newfoundland

Black Newfoundland & Lhasa Apso kennel Mały Budda

Lhasa Apso

Tutti Quanti La Terre aux Loups Terre NeuveFrance
Tutti Quanti La Terre aux Loups
Terre Neuve

Elevage chiens de terre neuve noirs et noirs et blancs . Meilleur elevage terre neuve France 2009 2008 2007 2005 2004 2003 2002.

Newfoundland Kennel Nuo Ozo KalvuLithuania
Nuo Ozo Kalvu - Newfoundland Kennel

Lithuanian Newfoundland Kennel "Nuo Ozo Kalvu". Founded in 1989. Breeder Olga Gordejeva.

Newfoundland Dogs Orme di KajalItaly
Cani di terranova Orme di Kajal

Tutto sui meravigliosi cani di Terranova. Soggetti testati per le patologie ereditarie, cuccioli, standard, foto ed esposizioni.

Newfoundlands vom SterntalGermany
Neufundländer vom Sterntal

We Newfoundland Breeding at the VDH / VND. We have our HP also in English and French translate. We have Puppies in brown and black. Our puppies are at best Sozialisiert un levy.

Familienbezogene Zucht von braunen und schwarzen Neufundländern. Weitere Infos auf der HP.

Newfoundlands de l'Etoile de CyriceFrance

Visitez notre site et découvrez au travers de nombreuses photos, nos magnifiques Terre-neuve noirs, bruns et blancs et noirs. Informations sur nos portées actuelles et à venir. Nous vous souhaitons une agréable visite.

Visit our site and discover through many photographs, our splendid Newfoundland black, brown and white and black. Information on our current ranges and to come. We wish you a pleasant visit.

Newfoundlands PiternewfRussia
Piternewf - newfoundlands

Newfoundlands of our kennel all are show and breeding level. Besides we are dealing with water rescue work. We care about the quality and helth of our dogs! We love them and we are sure that newfoundlands are the most beautifull and smart dogs in the world!

Newfoundlands Green Parc'sFrance
Green Parc's Newfoundlands

Green Parc’s newfoundlands is a small kennel blackNewfoundlands. My kennel is established in the region of Normandy, closed of the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel. I am a member of Newfoundland Dog Club of France since 1995. I already exported adults and puppies to USA, the greatest number are US Champions.

All my puppies are with pedigree, registered with the French Société Canine (SCC) I welcome you into my dream and love of the Newfoundland dogs.

Krambjörnen's NewfoundlandsSweden
Krambjörnen's Newfoundlands

Small, serious breeding of newfoundlanddogs, black and white/black.

Angels GabooCzech Republic Breeders
Angels Gaboo

Small kennel in Czech Republic - black and black&white newfoundlands.

Nufidea Newfoundlans KennelPoland
Nufidea - Newfoundlans Kennel

The household Newfoundland Kennel from Poland. We breed black and brown dogs - leaning on good quality lines. Dogs are a part of our family. Visit our Homepage.

Neufundländer vom Oberen PerftalGermany
Neufundländer vom Oberen Perftal

Wir züchten aus Liebe und Überzeugung den europäischen Typ in schwarz und braun.

Starry Town KennelItaly

STARRY TOWN Kennel in ItalyBernese Mountain Dog & Newfoundland for all reasons: to work, to show, to love, to serve!

Bernese Mountain Dog

Les Terre-Neuve des Seigneurs des ÔBelgium
Les Terre-Neuve des Seigneurs des Ô

Elevage de Terre-Neuve Noir et Noir & Blanc.

Sweet Riverdance Lagotto Romagnolo and Newfoundland dogsBelgium
Sweet Riverdance - Lagotto Romagnolo and Newfoundland dogs

Sweet Riverdance has been devoted to the Newfoundland breed for about 16 years old. We recently added a new breed to our Family and after about 3 years the little Italian Lagotto Romagnolo or truffel dog is another breed we closed into our heart.

Romagna Water Dog

Terre Neuve de La Contrée Du MilieuFrance
Terre Neuve de La Contrée Du Milieu

Newfoundland Kennel in France. Our Healthy and beautiful Newfoundland are on our website! Let's go ...

Wichrowe Łąki NewfoundlandsPoland
Wichrowe Łąki Newfoundlands

Both me and my husband like all animals, small land big ones so that's why our animal husbandry education. We have been members of Polish Kennel Club since 1977 and we are also mollosoid breed judges.

Our adventure with newfoundland dogs began in October 1976 when a black 7-week-old female puppy arrived At our peaceful life. Our first litter at born 7.06.1978 was the beginning of our breeding called "WICHROWE ŁĄKI". We invite.

Domaine du Grand Croignes NewfoundlandsFrance
Domaine du Grand Croignes

Elevage familial de Terre-Neuve noir et marron situé dans le Sud de la France dans les bouches du Rhônes.

Leonberg et de Terre Neuve noir et blanc Le Champ du CrickelBelgium
Le Champ du Crickel

Élevage de Leonberg et de Terre Neuve noir et blanc.


Hanningfield Newfoundland'sUK
Hanningfield Newfoundland's

A small family kennels that hold dear the values of breeding and exhibiting quality Nefoundlands with sound temperament and structure.

Neufundländer von der BergstrasseGermany
Neufundländer von der Bergstrasse

Braune, schwarze, s.-weiße Neufundländer.

Private website Kennels "von der Bergstrasse", Bensheim, Germany, Founded 1982. Information about breeding dogs and puppies. We look forward to receiving your message.

Kennel of Newfoundland Dogs and Caucasian Mountain Dogs Kara DenizUkraine
Kennel Kara Deniz - Newfoundland Dogs and Caucasian Mountain Dogs

Our kennel specializes in the color of chocolate chihuahuas and other attractive colours - like blue, lilac - lavander, atc.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog


We are a Small successful Show Kennel, Having produced Mulitple UK Champions. We Breed for Temprament/Health/Type. We have imported from some of the Top Kennels.

Arrige Aures Newfoundland KennelPoland
ARRIGE AURES Newfoundland Kennel

Small newfoundland kennel from Poland.

Kennel ErefCzechia
Kennel Eref

Small kennel black plus black and white Newfoundland in Czech republic. Shall we Newfoundland since 1990.

Gran TerranovaSpain
Gran Terranova

Criadores de la raza Terranova en Marbella - Malaga.

Criadores particulares de la raza de perro Terranova, con el afijo Terranovas de Salma Aragon. Nos dedicamos a la cría selectiva de cachorros sanos y fuertes.

Black perleCzechia
Black perle

Newfoundland dog in the Czech republic.

Eddys TeddysGermany
Eddys Teddys

We are a breeder from Germany of quality Newfoundland Dogs. We breed for type in line with the breed standard. All dogs live in our home as part of our family. Puppies sometimes available.

Newfoundland dog tutti quanti terre aux LoupsFrance
tutti quanti terre aux Loups
Newfoundland dog

Newfoundland dog breeder black newfoundland dog and landseer newfoundland dog Better newfoundland dog Kennel France 2002 2003 2004 2005 2007 2008 2009.

Od řeky DyjeCzechia
Od řeky Dyje

Newfoundland kennel in the Czech republic.

Bear MountainCzechia
Bear Mountain

Black newfoundland dogs kennel from Czech republic.

Terre neuve de la Croisee des SourcesFrance
Terre neuve de la Croisee des Sources

Elevage familiale de terre neuve noir et marron.

Newfoundlands vom KaninchenbergGermany
vom Kaninchenberg Newfoundlands

We are breeding Newfoundlands since 18 years. We are member in the "VND". VND is the shortcut for "Verein von Neufundländerfreunden und -Züchtern in Deutschland e.V.". The VND is member in the German Kennel-Club (VDH) and internationally member of the FCI. Our puppies have international recognized pedigrees.

We have no kennel and raise our puppies in the family. They are very well sozialized if they come to their new homes. If you are interested in a puppy fell free to contuct us.

Neufundländer Filippa'sGermany
Neufundländer Filippa's

I'm breeding under the kennel name "Filippa's". In 2010 I had my first litter with 10 puppies, five black and five brown puppies.

I'm member in the VND. VND is the shortcut of "Verein von Neufundländerfreunden und -Züchtern in Deutschland e.V.". The VND is member of the German Kennel Club, VDH and the VDH is member of the FCI. My puppies have international recognized pedigrees. If you are interested in an Puppy feel free to contact me.

Newfoundlander kennel van het StolzhofNetherlands
Newfoundlander kennel van het Stolzhof

Newfoundlander liefhebbers.

We breed black and brown newfoundlanders.

Snow Dancer's Newfoundland KennelGermany
Snow Dancer's Newfoundland Kennel

Our Newfoundland Kennel is registered by ADKN. We have from time to time nice Newfoundland Puppies.

Ulligårdens KennelSweden
Ulligårdens Kennel

Small, serious breeding of newfoundlanddogs, black and Brown and Griffon Fauve de Bretagne.

Fawn Brittany Griffon

Grandiouse Black Dog kennelRomania
Grandiouse Black Dog kennel

Greeting to all on our website introducing our favorite dogs, bred by us.

I am Balazs Gal Hunor and I live in Transylvania in the village called Uriu. I have been attracted to animals since my childhood and this is why our family has always had a pet, i.e a dog. It happened several times over the years that I took home stray puppies that I had found on the street or even thrown in ditches. After I had moved to our new home together with my wife, our first pet became an Irish setter called Bruno, which became our favorite four-legged friend. Unfortunately, he is no longer with us. He passed away last year, at the age of 12.

Since I've dreamed of Newfoundland dogs for many years but I've never got the chance, time has come for us to own such dogs. Since they are available in so many colors, we were not able to decide about the color. After a long search, we have found the kennel where we bought our first puppy from in 2008 and later on the others. This is when we founded the Grandiouse Black dog kennel. It has become such a hobby that now, in 2009 we have got the entire range of colors and hopefully it will stay this way!

We are very happy to receive visitors and if you'd like further information, feel free to contact and ask us via e-mail or phone.

Sent Djons NewfoundlandRussia
Sent Djons Newfoundland

Our kennel is located in a big town from Russia, called Moscow. We breed Newfoundlands black & White and Black colors and leaning on good quality lines.  Our kennel Has registration at the FCI-RKF. We breed dogs for quality, show, health and splendid temperament.

We love them and we are sure that newfoundlands are the most magnificent and smart dogs in the world!  Dogs are a part of our family. Visit our Homepage.

The Inkomo Stud - Newfoundland breedersGreat Britain Dog Breeders
The Inkomo Stud - Newfoundland breeders

small family run, licensed kennel in South Wales. Our dogs are all health tested to British standards and have the temperament that you would expect from the breed.

Our aim is to produce high quality healthy pups in all colours. We have 3 stud dogs with excellent health credentials and with superb pedigrees.

Kennel vom BurgseeliNetherlands
Kennel vom Burgseeli

We have had Newfoundland since 1984. Our goals are longevity, type and temperament, which is paramount in our lines. All our dogs are screened for hip & elbow displasia, Heart, Cystiniria.

We prefer to breed big, impressive, chunky & well boned Newfoundland, with superbe movement and the typical Newfoundland temperament which means lifely & devoted.

Our Puppies will be born and reared in the house and will be FCI Registered. 1st injection given, wormed, vet checked, microchiped, diet sheet, help and advice. Be prepared for questions about you and your family.

Once I have seen you and happy with you then I will let you have one of my puppies.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Le Domaine De FlambeauFrance
Le Domaine De Flambeau

Elevage de Terre Neuve noirs et Blanc&noir.

Canadian BeardogCzechia
Canadian Beardog

Our kennel is located in Czech Republic. We have newfoundlands since 1998. Our goal is beautiful and healthy newfoundland with typical temperament. We are interested in breeding and shows.

Erdőalji - Newfoundland, Golden Retriever,MoscovskayaRomania
Erdőalji - Newfoundland,
Golden Retriever,Moscovskaya

We are proud that we are offering high quality breeders, have golden retriever, Newfoundland, Newfoundland, Moscow defender All dogs come from champion line.

Golden Retriever Moscow Watchdoge

La Légende d'HutakhaFrance
La Légende d'Hutakha

Elevage familial de Terre neuve LOF.

Czarny Bez Moje Słoneczko� -Stud DogPoland
CZARNY BEZ Moje Słoneczko
Stud Dog

Czarny Bez Moje Słoneczko is the winner of numerous exhibitions, which resulted in the titles:

* Polish Champion
* Polish Junior Champion
* Best Male of Breed (The Winner)
* BOB - Best of Breed
* BOG III - Best in Group - Third place
* Best Young Dog 2008 - 3rd place
* Nomination for Crufts 2008

Czarny Bez Moje Słoneczko is a working dog in Water Rescue Dogs Section.
His commitment towork made it possible to get the titles:

* Polish Champion of Water Rescue Dogs and Working in Water
* Polish ViceChampion of Water Rescue Dogs and Working in Water
* Completion of training with distinction and passed the kynotherapeutic dog exam
* Certifications of Pulling Work – all of them finished on the 1st place in his class
* Jumping from Helicopter :)

In rating of kennel judges from different countries he is: excellent in type and condition...
...very impressive, elegant, anatomically correct...
...correct posture with a beautiful topline...
...elegant dog with a strong male head...
...magnificent quality of coat...
...excellent coat...
...excellent dog in excellent condition...
...head typical for the breed...
... a strong, well-balanced, masculine head ...
...very nice head, small well-set ears...
...excellent bent...

Welcome breeding bitches to the mating.

Baranova NewfoundlandsUK
Baranova Newfoundlands

We are a small kennel with over 30 years experience breeding Newfoundlands for beauty and water work ability.All our dogs are fully health checked for Cistinurea, echo dopplered,elbow and hip exrayed. We have had much success both in the show ring and water trialing.

Barachois Newfoundlands and Irish WolfhoundsUK
Newfoundlands and Irish Wolfhounds

Licenced Breeders of Newfoundlands and Irish Wolfhounds.Black and Brown Newfoundlands, all health screened and superb examples of the breed.All fabulous temperaments in loving country home with 14 acres.

Irish Wolfhound

Les Pandas Des Terres RougesFrance
Les Pandas Des Terres Rouges

Elevage de Landseer et de Terre neuve. Selection sur le caractère, les aptitudes au travail et sur la beauté. N'hésitez à nous contactez pour en savoir plus.


'Almas-Alana' Newfoundland and Chinese CrestedUkraine
Newfoundland and Chinese Crested

Welcome to our website.It is dedicated to our beloved dogs - Newfoundlands and Chinese Crested.

Chinese Crested Dog

Z Helmowego JaruPoland
Z Helmowego Jaru

Newfoundland dogs and Tibetan Terrier.

Tibetan Terrier

Lindgreave Polish Lowland Sheepdogs & NewfoundlandsUK

My life has always had a dog in it, and my hobby is showing & breeding occasionally hope you enjoy my website.

Polish Lowland Sheepdog

Fayrebears NewfoundlandsScotland
Fayrebears Newfoundlands

We are a family devoted to our Newfoundlands. We are planning to breed one litter this year. Midnight lady's Wish for Fayrebears (IMP HUN) X (INT CH) King of Helluland Feel the Win. Please have a look round our website and contact us for any more information.

Chernaya MafiaRussia
Chernaya Mafia

Black & White/Black Newfoundlands Julia Naumova (Russia).

Minjimba Ridge kennelSweden
Minjimba Ridge kennel

Minjimba Ridge kennel situated outside Gothenburg, Sweden. Breeding for the future using sound and healhty speciments only. Puppies born and live in home environment and are used to children, other dogs, horses & chickens.

Ridgebacks puppies available for family, show,obidience, hunting & breeding. In cooperation with Maendeleo kennel - 30 year of experience with RR.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

HodowlaKraniec Swiata Nowofundland i Bichon FrisePoland
Hodowla Kraniec Swiata
Nowofundland i Bichon Frise

Hodowla psów rasowych Nowofundland i Bichon Frise.

Bichon Frise

Sakala NewfoundlandsEstonia

A little hobby-kennel in south Estonia 8 yrs.

Tursiops newfoundland kennelPortugal
Tursiops newfoundland kennel

Breeder newfoundland dogs since 2000, Tursiops. Brown and black newfoundlands.

Newfoundlands Diamentowe Marzenie FCIPoland
Diamentowe Marzenie FCI

Hodowla Nowofunlandów.

Newfoundlands Obush ShedRussia
Obush Shed

Kennel of Newfoundland dogs of all standard colors. We are engaged Newfoundlands since 1982.

Laskovuy I Nezhnuy Zver NewfoundlandsUkraine

"LASKOVUY I NEZHNUY ZVER" - небольшой питомник в Украине. Зарегистрирован в FCI-КСУ.

Все наши собаки являются частью нашей жизни - они наши дети! К рождению и выращиванию щенков у нас очень трепетное отношение.

Приглашаем посетить наш сайт, где вы можете увидеть наших собак и выбрать щенка. - DOMAIN FOR SALE - MAKE AN OFFER!
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