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Newfoundlan Breeders and Kennels in Europe: Newfoundlands of our kennel all are show and breeding level. Besides we are dealing with water rescue work; We have puppies for sale in brown and black; We pride ourselves on temprement and soundness of the Newfoundland breed; Newfoundland Dog - Black and Brown Newfoundlands, all health screened and superb examples of the breed; Pups available f or show and as pets. Visit our site and discover through many photographs, our splendid Newfoundland black, brown and white and black; Small Breeding of Black and White and Black Newfoundland dogs; Welcome to our website and find out more about us and our dogs - Brown and black Newfoundlands; All pups are especially home raised and well socialized; Information and advices about breed, choosing and raising newfoundland puppy; We love them and we are sure that newfoundlands are the most beautifull and smart dogs in the world; Breeder of quality Newfoundlands in the UK; We prefer to breed big, impressive, chunky & well boned Newfoundland, with superbe movement and the typical Newfoundland temperament which means lifely & devoted; I already exported adults and puppies to USA, the greatest number are US Champions; Black newfoundland dogs kennel from Czech republic; We breed dogs for quality, show, health and splendid temperament; We are a breeder from Germany of quality Newfoundland Dogs. We breed for type in line with the breed standard; Newfoundlands of our kennel all are show and breeding level; We breed black and brown dogs - leaning on good quality lines. Dogs are a part of our family; Since I've dreamed of Newfoundland dogs for many years but I've never got the chance, time has come for us to own such dogs; Only black Newfoundlands, whitch are leaving in family; We breed Black and Black and White Newfoundlands; Small breeder of newfoundland dogs;.


 Neufundländer / Terre-neuve

Poland Dog Breeders
Viva Zabajka FCI

Poland breeder of quality Newfoundlans. We breed for type and temperament in line with the breed standard. All dogs live in our home as part of our family and are not kennelled in outdoor kennels. Puppies sometimes available.

Newgraden Newfoundlands BreedersScotland Dog Breeders
Newgraden Newfoundland Dogs

Small Show Kennel of the much loved breed The Newfoundland.

Anmalamual and Basaburua Newfoundlands BreederSpain Dog Breeders

All the animals we breed that are selected for breeding are clinically controlled in order to avoid genetically transmitted diseases.

Moreover - to ensure thas these magnificent dogs maintain their particular identity that makes them so special - the dogs are subsequently subjected to careful morophological and character selection criteria.

Les Portes de Caranusca Newfoundlands BreederFrance Dog Breeders

Elevage familial de Braque de Weimar (PC) et de Terre-Neuve (Noir & Noir&Blanc). Situé dans la Loire, à 1H de Lyon et de Clermont-Ferrand.

Braque de Weimar

Kennel Neufundländer vom MühlradGermany Dog Breeders
Neufundländer vom Mühlrad

Private Hobbyzucht seit 1996.

Newfoundland Kennel KirieleisonItaly Dog Breeders

Allevamento di cani terranova visita il sito troverai tutte le informazioni necessarie.

Vertigo Newfoundlands KennelItaly Dog Breeders

Newfoundlands Black & Black/White.


Watercubs Newfoundlands KennelBelgium Dog Breeders
Kennel Watercubs

Black and Brown working newfoundlands: shows, waterwork, carting, obedience, frisbee, dog dancing, ... and many other ...

'Dd la Bessiere de Javol' Terre Neuve Noir et Noir&BlancFrance Dog Breeders
Terre Neuve Noir et Noir&Blanc

Bienvenue sur notre site familial de Terre Neuve élevés en famille.

Maﻊ∙y Budda Newfoundlands KennelPoland Dog Breeders
Kennel Maﻊ∙y Budda
Lhasa Apso & Newfoundland

Black Newfoundland & Lhasa Apso kennel Maﻊ∙y Budda

Lhasa Apso

Tutti Quanti La Terre aux Loups Terre NeuveFrance Dog Breeders
Tutti Quanti La Terre aux Loups
Terre Neuve

Elevage chiens de terre neuve noirs et noirs et blancs . Meilleur elevage terre neuve France 2009 2008 2007 2005 2004 2003 2002.

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