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BestMudi KennelCzechia
BestMudi Kennel

Smart, fast, tough. The Mudi. Working mudis for working/sporting homes only. FCI BestMudi Kennel is focused on natural instincts, stable temperament, working drive and health, included in well proportioned and strong bodies, with almost no inbreeding. Visit our website.

Shepter Mudi KennelPoland
SHEPTER Mudi Kennel

FCI SHEPTER Mudi Kennel Enjoy Visiting Us :D

Csudacifra Mudi KennelHungary
Csudacifra Mudi Kennel

Black and gaudy mudi puppies from excellent parents with well work abilities on sale.

Wartownik Wiatru FCIPoland
Wartownik Wiatru FCI

We have puppies from beautifull, sporty and healthly parents! Registered in FCI and ZKwP.

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