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BestMudi KennelCzechia
BestMudi Kennel

Smart, fast, tough. The Mudi. Working mudis for working/sporting homes only. FCI BestMudi Kennel is focused on natural instincts, stable temperament, working drive and health, included in well proportioned and strong bodies, with almost no inbreeding. Visit our website.

Shepter Mudi KennelPoland
SHEPTER Mudi Kennel

FCI SHEPTER Mudi Kennel Enjoy Visiting Us :D

Csudacifra Mudi KennelHungary
Csudacifra Mudi Kennel

Black and gaudy mudi puppies from excellent parents with well work abilities on sale.

Sárfehér mudi kennelHungary
Sárfehér mudi kennel

We are a small kennel in Hungary.

Small Munsterlander

Bariguard border collie & mudi kennelHungary
Bariguard border collie & mudi kennel

My name is Papp Róbertné Aliz (in English: Alice), herding judge and vice-president of Fényes Mudi Klub. I live with my husband in Békéscsaba-Hungary.

We together established the Bariguard Kennel. We are both big animal lovers, which means that now we share our home with 20 dogs and 4 cats. My husband and me decided the first meeting, we will be keep lot of dog, and so we will build up with dogs our future. The time that we spend our animals is the best relaxion for us, and it will be varied, meaningful time. The most important factor in our idea is that all dog's life will be balanced, adventurous, playful, and sporty.

Our kennel's traits: power, activity, passion, maximalism!

Motto: happy dog=satisfied dog :D

For us, the most perfect leisure time is the sport with my dogs. We deal with our dogs every day, their training is continuous, and we take part in many competitions as possible. We think the most important factor is that our dogs can be good more different sports.

Border Collie

Regerastace Komondor & MudiUK
Regerastace Komondor & Mudi

Regerastace Komondor and Mudi is a small kennel based in Northern Ireland, breeding healthy happy dogs who have complete all suggested and more health testing in breeds, all of our dogs compete in Conformation showing and most also partake in Sports as well.

Each and every dog lives in the house with us as part of the family, enjoying spending time in our company.


Iszkiri Mudi KennelsCalgary, Alberta, Canada
Iszkiri Mudi Kennels

Breeder of the Mudi since 1996 in Canada. Well Socialized, Balanced Temperament, Loving and Loyal Mudi puppies. Raised in our home with an enrich play and learning environment.

Registered with the Canadian Kennel Club. Mudis for Sport, Show, Companion and Therapy.

Tiszai Hullámtörő Mudi kennelHungary
Tiszai Hullámtörő Mudi kennel

We are a small kennel in Szolnok, Hungary. We breed dogs with good temperament, insticts and health.

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