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Mariedon PulisGermany
Mariedon Pulis

Breeder of hungarian pulis in black, white.

Wir lieben Pulis. Wir züchten diese einzigartigen Hunde ala Liebhaber der Rasse.

Rasztari-Duci Puli KennelHungary

I am József Tari, animal health protector, stock-breeding engineer. I live in the Southern part of the Great Hungarian Plain, in Sándorfalva near Szeged and I work for the County Veterinary Hygiene Station. I met the Puli first during my studies, at field works, and I got acquainted with this gorgeous type through its work and this feature of it became my pet hobby.

The Pulis in my kennel typically have three dissections, suggestive of the stability of the well-known three-leg chair. It accidentally happened due to the fortune’s hand that the Rasztari Pulis could inherit a rare and special origin, as both the maternal female side of my founding bitch /Aranyági Utonálló Bors “Gombos”/ and the paternal side of my male /Szellőháti Béres Bence/ have unfortunately died out. Therefore, during the breeding, unrepeatable, heterozygote lines are united, which were avoided by detrimental effects of popularity and fashion and which were rarely tried with each other. Moreover, even black and white pairing is to be found among the ancestors of the newest member of the family /Kalácsos Sutyi and Gyálhatári Gold/. Napfényvárosi-Csahos Duci is the founder of my kennel and at the same time she has the best results. She has obtained 5 HPJ, Hungária Junior Champion, Young Club Winner, 3 CAC, Res. CACIB, CACIB titles, she became the most successful young black bitch of year 2003, she was screened for dysplasia, she has an FDB number. Duci has also performed in the field of usage, she has passed an obedience examination.

The newest member of the kennel, Kisgyarmati Dorka has Hungaria Champion and Hungaria Show Champion results, and with maszkos fako gene!

Csaholó-Borzas Cimbi Koppany is my male. He has Hungaria Junior Champion result and he is Derby Winner, but he is very good work Puli. He is a BH Obedience Dog!

During the breeding activity, it is my definite conception to preserve the famous temper and usability of the Puli, as created by our forefathers. In order to achieve this, I am fanatically performance-orientated, and as several ones are to be found among the ancestors of my Pulis who performed in work well, we regularly attend a dog school in order to improve the internal features as much as possible. In conformity with the principle of trinity, my definite intention is to create the harmony of health, look and character.

Komondor und Puli von RüxGermany
von Rüx Komondor und Puli

Komondor und Puli gehören in Deutschland noch zu den seltenen Rassen.  Wir haben uns ihrer Zucht verschrieben und züchten unsere Hunde als Liebhabertiere.


Puli Kennel ImpeccableSweden

Welcome to our small Puli kennel! The ultimate goal with our breeding is reflected in the kennel name (impeccable as in 'with no faults') -healthy offsprings with sound temperament and type.

Quality, not quantity, is definitely our top priority!

Jesselliot Pulis & Spanish Water DogsSpain
Jesselliot - Puli & Spanish Water Dog

A small English kennel based in Málaga, Spain. Breeders of Hungarian Pulis and Spanish Water Dogs.

Spanish Water Dog

Rábaközi-Nemes Puli KennelHungary
Rábaközi-Nemes Puli Kennel

Rábaközi-Nemes White Puli Kennel! Pictures about puli dogs and white puli puppies. The sales of white puli puppies!

It was founded on the spring of 2005. However, we work already with Pulis for six years. Our goal is that many people should get to known this type of a Hungarian dog and possibly there should be one lovely Puli in every household. Puli is a type of a dog that a person can trust in without any conditions since it is a faithful kind. It is a devoted dog to its owner without terms.

Kennel HaxeboetSweden
Kennel Haxeboet

Breeder of Leonberger and Hungarian Puli We are lokated in Bograngen, Sweden. Close to the Norwegian border. We are breeding family dogs, with 0 inbreed.



Puli pas za 21.st. Nadamo se da će vam se svidjeti ova vrsta psa - mađarski Puli kada vas bolje upoznamo sa njom.

Z Korczówki FCI - Puli & French Bulldog & Afghan HoundPoland
Z Korczówki FCI
Puli & French Bulldog & Afghan Hound

Small kennel in Poland. We breed Puli White and Color, French Bulldog and Afghan Hound. Please feel free to visit our website and contact to us.

French Bulldog Afghan Hound

Hungarian White Rasta Puli kennel Hungary
Hungarian White Rasta Puli kennel

Welcome to our website!
We are proud to present you on this site our Pulis. We will inform you about our days with the dogs. You can read about the exhibitions and fair and we can inform you about the possible puppies.

Háromszéki Góbé Kennel - Puli, pumi, kuvasz &
Háromszéki Góbé Kennel
Puli, pumi, kuvasz & komondor

Puli, pumi & kuvasz dogs from the Háromszéki Góbé breed. Dr. Blága Zsolt István

Pumi Komondor Kuvasz

Loncsosi-Bátor KennelHungary
Loncsosi-Bátor Kennel

Home of the white, black, grey and fawn pulies.

von den zotteligen GefährtenGermany
von den zotteligen Gefährten

We breed the original hungarian Puli in our family with passion for this fantastic dogs.

Wir haben seit über 15 Jahren diese wunderbare Rasse Puli. Wir züchten wesensstarke und gesunde Pulis.

Pulizucht von Pulindo'sGermany
Pulizucht von Pulindo's

Hallo, wir haben eine kleine liebevolle Pulizucht und würden uns über mehr Pulibegeisterte Menschen freuen. Unsere Zuchtpuli´s sind vom Deutscher Puli Klub zugelassen. Unsere Puliwelpen ziehen wir mit der ganzen Familie groß und unser Deckrüde sorgt für die Sozialisierung genau so wie auch unsere Hundefreunde in der Nähe. Mehr über uns und unsere Puli´s erfahren sie bei einem Besuch auf unserer Hompage. Ihre Fam. Klautke

Szentmihályi-Szabó puli kennelHungary
Szentmihályi-Szabó puli kennel

In 1987 I received my first Puli, Tengerdi-Hazi Morgo. A couple of years later, for Morgo az a mate, we obtained Diofastelki Hiros, who in my view even today, was the ultimate Female Puli. It is because of her that my life changed radically.

Currently we live near Budapest in Maglod, due to Puli breeding we had to give up our Matyasfoldi home in Budapest to provide adequate facilities for our Puli family.


Dva pulija iz Zagreba, Arnika i Tibor imaju prekrasna tri crna štenca, dečka i dvije cure. Štenci su oštenjeni 14.05.2013. Za više informacija pogledajte našu stranicu.

vom Müllersgrund PuliGermany
vom Müllersgrund Puli

Wir züchten schwarze und weiße Pulis.

Dorozsmai fehér kennelHungary
Dorozsmai fehér kennel

Hi. Welcome to the Dorozsmai White Kennel High quality Puli és Kuvasz breed from Hungary. We proudly present our own dogs. Come and see our champions and available puppies. Family of healthy and top quality excellent show dogs. Puppies is looking for loving home.


Borzos Puli Pestimrei kennelHungary
Borzos Puli Pestimrei kennel

My name is Klára Imre, I am a hungarian puli lover and breeder. I live in the 18th district of Budapest, in the suburb of Pestimre. I bought my first puli dog at the age of 16, ever since then, this marvelous, clever and special dog has become a part of my life.