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Tomohisa Yusuke Akita InuSpain

Me hice criador, cuando vi el nacimiento de los cachorritos de un amigo mio. Fue una experiencia muy bonita que jamas olvidare.. Mis razas son Akita Inu..

Akita Inu

Vetonia Thai Ridgeback DogSpain

We are a couple who love dogs, especially primitive breeds. This made us choose the Spanish Mastiff and the Thai Ridgeback.

And with illusion we started with dogs of pure breed and the best genetics.

Our kennel is situated in the beautiful County of La Vera (Cáceres), about 200kms from Madrid.

I grew up among them when they used to run freely in my village and we knew all and every one of them by their names; when the old folks told us how they would defend their cattle in the presence of wolves. Since then I love these big "teddies": faithful,noble,careful and patient with children but brave guardians of family and home.

​As I am so keen on primitive breeds, I accidentally found out about these Thai dogs .It is well- known in northen Europe and Russia, but not so in the South of Europe.

At fist sight, their porte and ellegance called my attention, but I decided to start breeding them when I learnt about their independent character, their love to the family, how good they are at keeping an eye on every member, how quiet they are (only bark at real threatenings),......It wasn't easy to get the first couple, but here they are. And the more I get to know them, the more I enjoy their quiet and loving character

Spanish Mastiff         Thai Ridgeback Dog

Kennel UBBADAT Spanish Water DogSpain
Kennel UBBADAT Spanish Water Dog

Spanish water dogs. Ubbadat Kennel. Spain. FCI. Dogs Show. Puppies long tail avaliables.

Spanish Water Dog

Lovong ButterflySpain

Welcome to the site of kennel papillons most beautiful dogs!


Do Palleiro Bouvier des flandresSpain
Do Palleiro Bouvier des flandres

Cría ocasional de Bouvier des Flandres utilizando las mejores lineas de Belleza y trabajo.

Flandres Cattle Dog

Hoshinofuru - Breeding Shiba InuSpain
Hoshinofuru - Breeding Shiba Inu

We are people who love dogs and especially of this wonderful breed; believe and live by this wonderful breed since 2008 We based the concept on the typical breeding of Shiba Inu, both physically and psychologically, seeking the innate qualities that have made this race in Japan of a symbol. (Kan -i, Ryosei, soboku)

Shiba Inu

Can Nel whippetsSpain
Can Nel whippets

Can Nel keennel since 1992.


Obotnichij Dvor & Los Machaderos
 Kennels of deutsch kurzhaarsSpain
Kennels of deutsch kurzhaars

All life with kurzhaars: breeding, judging, hunting, showing and love it..

German Shorthaired Pointer

'Kyubi No Kitsune' Criadero Shiba InuSpain
'Kyubi No Kitsune' Criadero Shiba Inu

Selección del Shiba Inu a partir de perros importados de Japón. Nuestro deseo es conseguir la esencia del Shiba Inu y poder compartirla con aquellos que saben valorar la raza en cuerpo y alma.

Shiba Inu

Los Taquitos del sur ChihuahuasSpain
Los Taquitos del sur Chihuahuas

Breed and selection of Chihuahuas of long and short coat.Our dog crosses are always for improve the breed,we dont sell dogs by kgs.We want to guarantee the best personality and health of the dog.

We began with the breeding in 2007, we fell in love with the chihuahuas. Affix-17758 Fédération Cynologique Internationale Nº 706/2012 "Los taquitos del sur".



Border Collie the work.

Criador Border collie.

Border Collie

Amatsu-Kami Shiba inuSpain
Amatsu-Kami Shiba inu

We breed selectively breed the Shiba Inu. Super happy puppies with the best genetics in the world and Champions parents.The babies born at home with all our attention and affection. Upcoming litters September and October 2014!

Shiba Inu

Javer-keleb Labrador RetrieverSpain
Javer-keleb Labrador Retriever

Javer-Keleb Labrador Retriever, criadero de labrador retriever situado en Málaga. Cria y selección de labrador retriever de forma responsable y testando la salud de los reproductores.

A la venta cachorros eventualmente disponibles y en las mejores condiciones. Puede consultar sin compromiso, siempre y le informaremos de camdas actuales o próximas

Labrador Retriever

Los Jacks de Meuskans / Jacks of MeuskansSpain
Los Jacks de Meuskans
Jacks of Meuskans

Cría y selección de Jack Russell Terrier en Cambre, provincia de La Coruña, España.

Jack Russell Terrier

Kennel  Von Turia DrimasSpain

''German Shepherds VON TURIA DRIMAS'' Desde 1982 / Since 1982 All our puppies have top pedigree - best German & European bloodlines Breeding and selection of Elite German Shepherds since 1982.

Our dogs and puppies are recognized by the RCEPPA (Real Club Spanish Shepherd Dog German), RSCE (Royal Canine Society of Spain), SV (German Club Dog German Shepherd) WUSV (World Clubs German Shepherd Dog) and FCI (International Federation Cynologic) Being recognized for these important institutions, we have to have certain requirements with the fathers of our puppies are:
* Free Dysplasia Hips And Elbow
* DNA (We are the first Spanish breeders we process DNA)
* Working Tests (which may or BH Obedience Test and Utility SchH or IPO, which consists of 3 tests Tracking, Obedience and Attack and Körung Confirming granted by a German Master).
* Minimum Qualification Of Very Good Exposure In Specialized German Shepherd.

Some of our breeding females have been used in German breeding because of her quality. - Our guarantee: All puppies are cleaned from parasites, vaccinated and chipped. We give helth guaranty, DNA proven controll and HD & ED guaranty.

German Shepherd Dog

Kasukabe golden retrieverSpain
Kasukabe golden retriever

Impresionante camada de Golden retriever pedigree de las mejores lineas de europa.padres campeones de belleza Criamos muy poco y estudiamos cada cruce hasta el último detalle para obtener los mejores ejemplares.

Todos nuestros reproductores están libres de taras genéticas y todos tienen certificados oficiales de libres de displasia de caderas y codos por (AVEPA) o (BVA) así como libres de taras oculares artrofia progresiva de retina por la Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona. mas informacion www...

Golden Retriever

Hayato Kumi - Shiba, ShikokuSpain
Hayato Kumi - Shiba, Shikoku

Shiba Inu, selection and conservation

Site dedicated to our Shibas and Shikokus and this great breeds, and about our selection and conservation work since year 2001, to improving the Shiba maintaining the best approach to FCI Standard.

Shiba           Shikoku

Oro del Olimpo Golden RetrieverSpain
Oro del Olimpo Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever Oro del Olimpo. Exposición, Selección, Cría Exclusiva, Familiar y Responsable de Golden Retriever en España.

Golden Retriever

Diana Campo RetrieversSpain
Diana Campo Retrievers

Since 1998 we have developed a specialized and unique center in Spain dedicated to the selection and breeding of Labrador Retriever. DIANA CAMPO RETRIEVER has the most modern and comfortable facilities that exist for Labrador Retrievers in SPAIN, just 30 minutes from Madrid.

Our kennel is registered as zoological No. 28391001 and authorized for the activity. We have ample space for dog kennels, both covered and outdoor adult Labradors, and special areas for puppies & juniors. To perform a selected breeding we have modern rooms and special areas for puppies. DIANA CAMPO RETRIEVER keys are: Over 16 years of experience in breeding and selection of Labrador Retriever. High genetic quality in our line of Labrador Retriever. Over 42 titles in Dog Shows and guarantee our work dedication.

Labrador Retriever

Rayla di Cors KennelMadrid, Spain Dog Breeders

Tras conocer y convivir varios años con los Cane Corsos la evidencia de haber encontrado nuestro tesoro es evidente. Nuestros perros son casi perfectos: Serios, fieles, protectores, reflexivos, dulces, alegres, ágiles, nada obstinados, muy listos y fáciles de enseñar.

A la vez son sensibles (una de las cualidades más destacadas de la raza), tranquilos, así que tenemos que declararnos sin remedio Locos Del Cane Corso Para Siempre. Nuestra filosofía se puede resumir en la crianza y tenencia seria de perros de show y compañía en un entorno familiar donde convivir y educar es un acto constante de cariño y respeto.

Raul Aguero y Laura Vidal

Cane Corso Italiano

Small Cottons MaltesesMadrid, Spain Dog Breeders

Maltese Breeder that exclusively breed Maltese Dogs, according to the AKC Breed Standard for Maltese. -Small Cottons breeds for the love of the breed.


Cani AamicusSpain

Cria selectiva de labrador retriever y nova scotia duck tolling retriever.

Labrador Retriever

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Belliamici chien de berger belgueSpain
Belliamici chien de berger belgue

Perro de pastor belga, especialmente groenendael de alta selección con varios campeones de España, del club, sujetos seleccionados del club del pastor belga, y sujetos recomendados de Francia. Exentos de displasia,test de carácter criados en familia.

Belgian Shepherd Dog - Groenendael


Criadores de Schnauzer en España, información de la raza.

Schnauzer         Miniature Schnauzer

Kennel DarkbluedreamSpain

Kennel DARKBLUEDREAM healthy and beautiful dogs

Healthy and beautiful Labrador Retrievers, English Springer Spaniel and Setter Gordon, for the family joy, exhibition and the hunting pleasure. All the dogs that are in use for the reproduction are DNA controled, X-rayed and found free of hereditary diseases. We have available males for mate with suitable bitches. Members of FCI.Ocassionally selected an healthy puppies, of Scandinavian, European and Nordamerican blodlines. In our page you will be able to learn also of the different breeds, of each of our dogs, information of health, advices of taken care and much, much more.You can also see the drawings and paintings of dogs and commissioned works.

Labrador Retriever         Gordon Setter         English Springer Spaniel

Hijos de Odin CorgisSpain
Hijos de Odin Corgis

Spanish Welsh Corgi Pembroke breeder.

Pioneros en la cría y selección del Welsh corgi Pembroke en España.

Welsh Corgi Pembroke

Algarvia KennelSpain

Spanish Breeder of Dalmatian and Shiba Inu.

Criador de Dálmatas y Shiba Inu. Seleccionamos por Salud, Caracter y Belleza.

Shiba Inu         Dalmatian

Ariston Call of Duty - Cane Corso KennelSpain
Ariston Call of Duty - Cane Corso Kennel

Cane Corso en Cantabria - Spainish Cane Corso Kennel

Description: Esta espectacular y antigua raza italiana con vasta historia nos apasionó desde el primer día que vimos un ejemplar. Transmite seguridad y confianza, es un perro tranquilo, poderoso, rápido, inteligente, astuto, alerta, silencioso. Apasionado de su amo y la familia le gusta la tranquilidad y atención, los juegos, paseos, nadar, escalar, saltar, playa, montaña, coche, barco, avión,… el Cane Corso es un perro valiente y compañero fiel.

De mentalidad equilibrada y salud de hierro, musculoso cuerpo, huesos fuertes, manto suave y brillante. No son perros para pisos o casas pequeñas, ni para personas que no puedan disfrutar de tiempo libre para dedicar mínimo dos horas a su amigo diariamente. El Cane Corso es un perro que debe recibir una educación adecuada y correcta tanto en modales como en tiempos. No es un perro para personas que nunca antes tuvieron un perro. La persona que quiera adquirir un Cane Corso debe ser una persona equilibrada, tranquila, con conocimientos de comportamiento canino, pasión por los animales y esta bella raza. No solo te vendemos un perro sano, equilibrado, bonito y alegre, sino que queremos que adquieras un compromiso con nosotros de por lo menos unos 10 años.

Nos gustará recibir noticias de cómo le va a tu nuevo amigo, que nos mandes fotos, cuéntanos que personalidad tiene. Queremos que le des la mejor vida posible como nosotros se las damos en nuestra casa. Coman lo mejor, beban fresco, estén protegidos, cuidados, sanos, vacunados, curados, confortables y alegres. No queremos venderte un perro queremos proporcionarte a tu nuevo mejor amigo, queremos que experimentes nuestro estilo de vida, nuestras alegrías en cada juego y momentos especiales al lado de nuestros Cane Corsos.

Cane Corso Italiano


Comunidad web de la raza de perros Golden retriever en España donde podrás conocer todo sobre esta magnífica raza.

Golden Retriever

Kennel CaboviloSpain
Los Baganes Border Collie

Criadero familiar de esta gran raza, el Border Collie. Nuestros cachorros nacen en casa, donde conviven con nosotros y nuestros hijos. más información en www...

Border Collie

Vom Deutsche StilSpain
Vom Deutsche Stil

Criadero familiar selectivo de Bull Terrier Miniatura. Cachorros criados en ambiente familiar. Seleccionamos belleza y salud, solo reproducimos con ejemplares testados de las mejores lineas europeas.

Miniature Bull Terrier

Goldens de La CabanyaSpain
Goldens de La Cabanya

Goldenretriever breeder since 1997 Our dogs are our family dogs All health clearances.

Golden Retriever

Bichiloba & Lobezno Siberian HuskySpain
Bichiloba & Lobezno Siberian Husky

Somos unos amantes de los animales y en especial de la de Raza Siberian Husky. Desde nuestro criadero de Valladolid, intentamos día a día hacer felices a nuestros siberianos y mejorar, en lo posible la raza con ejemplares correctos, cariñosos y equilibrados. Disponemos de formación en neonatología, adiestramiento, educación, comisariado de ring, mushing, fertilidad en machos, nutrición, gestación, etc. Además somos socios de la RSCE, de la Asociación de Mushers, y participamos activamente en talleres infantiles para el fomento de la raza Siberian Husky y la iniciación al mushing.

Siberian Husky

Kabluna Alaskan MalamutesSpain
Kabluna Alaskan Malamutes

Top Alaskan Malamutes in Spain since 1991.

Alaskan Malamute

Wheatshine rhodesian ridgebacksSpain  Dog Breeders
Wheatshine rhodesian ridgebacks

Rhodesian Ridgebacks bred from exceptional lines. Bred from champion lines U.K USA Africa to produce sinus free puppies. Which include many top winning champion dogs. The puppies are fully injected pet passport and chopped, sinus free, wormed socialized and vet checked. I breed my dogs in a family environment. I have had ridgebacks for over 40 years and will be available for advice. next litter will be bred early 2014

Rhodesian Ridgeback  Dog Breeders

Official Real Sociedad Canina de España for TRD Breeding Spain we live in Caudete - Albacete - Spain .

Thai Ridgeback Dog

Von den RegenbogenkriegernSpain
Von den Regenbogenkriegern

German Boxer and German Sheppherd breeder in Alicante. Breeding with german standards.

German Boxer         German Shepherd Dog

Monsbay Pack BeaglesSpain
Monsbay Pack Beagles

Spanish beagle breeder. Show quality puppies. Contact us for more details and information.


Quite Divine Coton de TulearSpain
Quite Divine Coton de Tulear

Coton De Tulear Puppies For Sale The best companion you could wish for. Rare elegant dogs, of aristocratic heritage developed in Madagascar by the royal families. Coton de Tulears are attentive, intelligent, loving and very gentle and exhibit absolutely no aggression.

They are hypo-allergenic and don´t moult. I am an accredited licensed breeder with the RSCE in Spain. All puppies are registered and have their pedigree (LOE) and export pedigree. Also, please note the RSCE is FCI certified which allows you to compete in European shows, while the KC only allows showing within U.K. My breeding philosophy means healthy puppies, with sweet personalities and good intellect. I do not breed for colour or size. I believe the breed is defined by their personality and that is my focus. The puppies are born and raised in my home in Spain where they are socialized with people and children handling them from birth. They experience a range of sounds such as radio, television, telephone, my noisy son and his friends. They also play and interact with our house cat who thinks he is a dog himself! Their character is outgoing and well-balanced, not shy or nervous.

My puppies spend their first 3 weeks in my bedroom in privacy with mother, then move to the living room to mix with the adult dogs and the rest of the family. They live and sleep in the living room until they leave home. By the time they leave they are house-trained and use the garden for their pees and poos and are paper trained for night-time. Quite Divine Puppies have the following guarantees: I use only pure-bred pedigree healthy dogs for breeding. All puppies have thorough regular check-ups with my vet. My puppies go to their new homes at 12 weeks old and each Quite Divine puppy has: All necessary de-worming and anti-parasite treatment All 3 vaccinations and special de-worming for travel Rabies vaccination. Microchip. RSCE Pedigree ( LOE ). Export pedigree. EU Passport. A bag of Royal Canine Junior food. Information about how to care and groom your new puppy.

Coton de Tuléar


Comunidad de amantes de la raza yorkshire terrier. En ella encontrarás toda la información sobre los perros yorkys, sus características, comportamiento, pelaje, fotografías, consejos de adiestramiento y mucho más. Si ya tienes un yorkshire o pensabas tenerlo, visítanos.

Yorkshire Terrier


Comunidad de la raza caniche, toda la información sobre estos magníficos perros.



Web sobre los perros shih tzu. Una comunidad entorno a esta magnífica raza, en ella podrás encontrar fotografías subidas por usuarios, preguntas al veterinario, vídeos, artículos muy interesantes y mucho más. Si eres un amante de los shih tzu, visítanos.

Shih Tzu

Pinscher Miniatura de TotanaSpain
Pinscher Miniatura de Totana

Crianza familiar del pinscher miniatura de calidad. Cachorros ocasionalmente, para exposición o compañìa.

Miniature Pinscher

Taraway Border CollieSpain
Taraway Border Collie

Breeding and loving border collies, with all health guarantees.

Border Collie

Asturshelkie KennelSpain
Asturshelkie Kennel

We are a small family kennel located in Northern Spain, we are dedicated solely to breeding Shetland Sheepdog breed, all dogs are raised in our home with all our love.

Shetland Sheepdog


Web sobre la raza golden retriever: sus caracterA�sticas, fotografA�as de perros de la raza, vA�deos, noticias, consejos para su cuidado, criaderos reconocidos y mucho mA?s. Somos la comunidad del golden retriever.

Golden Retriever

Libertybox Kennel Jack RussellSpain
LIBERTYBOX Kennel Jack Russell

Breeder And Selection Of High Jack Russell Terrier. All our dogs are carefully selected to retain its character and typicity according all standard. All Our Puppies Are Raised In Family All hair types.

Jack Russell Terrier

Delacaxuca teckel miniatura y kaninchenSpain
Delacaxuca teckel miniatura y kaninchen

Cri y seleccion teckel miniatura y kaninchen.


Perro de agua espaA�ol jmaceliaSpain
Perro de agua espaA�ol jmacelia

Criador desde hace hace mas de 20 aA�os en la zona de Ubrique , CA?diz , EspaA�a.

Spanish Waterdog

Centro Canino RiberboxSpain
Centro Canino RIBERBOX

Residencia canina y felina. Atendida por expertos en conducta animal. EducaciAln y correcciAln de conductas indeseadas. Adiestramiento deportivo. PeluquerA�a canina. Criadero de Schnauzer Miniatura y Dogo Canario (Presa Canario). Estamos en la zona sur de Navarra y La Rioja. ...

Miniature Schnauzer         Canary Islands Mastiff


Molosos y Terriers: El Blog

Blog del proyecto "Molosos y Terriers" , cuyo fin es la defensa, difusion y proteccion de las razas caninas mas condenadas por la sociedad: Las denominadas "razas peligrosas". Todo nuestro trabajo y esfuerzo se realiza altruistamente por amigos y amantes de estos perros y razas. Esperamos que disfruteis tanto como lo hacemos nosotros trabajando en este proyecto. Un cordial saludo a todos y gracias de antemano.

Dobermann         Rottweiler         American Staffordshire Terrier

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Saraoz Kerry Blue TerrierSpain
Saraoz Kerry Blue Terrier

Specialist only breed and show Kerry Blue Terriers. Results & pics from our dogs in Shows, and our breeding.

Kerry Blue Terrier

Serendipity Dog Golden RetrieverUtrera, Sevilla. Spain Dog Breeders
Serendipity Dog Golden Retriever

Serendipity Dog Kennel High quality breeding of Golden Retrievers. all health tests made We Living in Utrera- Sevilla - Spain.

Golden Retriever

De La Escarapela Shar-PeisSpain
De La Escarapela Shar-Peis

We are three veterinarians at home. I If you have any doubt or you just want more info about our puppies, do not hesitate to contact me ...

Thanks. Best Regards,
Juan A. Castro

Shar Pei

Kirdalia Yorkshire TerrierMadrid, Spain Dog Breeders
Kirdalia Yorkshire Terrier

Alta SelecciAln de Yorkshire Terrier.

Yorkshire Terrier

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