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Andalucía, Aragón, Canarias, Cantabria, Castilla-La Mancha, Castilla y León, Cataluña, Comunidad de Madrid, Comunidad Foral de Navarra,Comunidad Valenciana1, Extremadura, Galicia, Islas Baleares, La Rioja, País Vasco,​ Principado de Asturias, Región de Murcia,

Hocicos da Montaña - FCI Kennel Great Swiss Mountain DogSpain

Main breeders of Greater Swiss Mountain dog in Spain since 2019. Healthy dogs and chapions in Spain and Portugal. Animal health and welfare garantees.

Great Swiss Mountain Dog

Maynefus Akitas AmericanosSpain
Maynefus Akitas Americanos

Cria y Selección del Akita Americano.

American Akita

Dracmon Dachshunds Miniature and RabbitSpain
DRACMON Dachshunds

Cría y selección de Teckel Miniatura y Kaninchen.

Dachshund (Miniature, Rabbit)

Westies De Los Duendes ZahoriesAlicante, Spain
Westies De Los Duendes Zahories

Breeders of West Highland White Terrier since 2003. Guaranteed health and character, selection orientation, towards therapy without losing the breed typicality.

- Who is the breeder?
Joaquín Sánchez-Almadén Subías

- How long have I been raising?
Since 2003

-Where is it located and registered?
We are in Elche, Alicante province, in Spain, belonging to the RSCE, a member of the FCI with affix no. 12192

- How many dogs do you have?
10 copies, all living together at home with us

- Where are the photos, pedigree, show results ...?
We are updating the web in which all the photos and videos will be shown.

What will he / she think?
Our slogan is: Your illusion, our passion

The serious breeder website or a "puppy dealer" website?
We are serious, we barely make litters and the ones we do are aimed at therapies for children who have autism, since our son has autism and therefore we had to stop going to shows, but now that our son is taking an interest in his westies, and COVID makes it possible, our goal is to resume ASAP activity.

West Highland White Terrier

Rough Collie Little HollywoodBarcelona, Spain
Little Hollywood Collies

Rough Collie Lovers and Breeders, contact us to know more about us.

Collie Rough

Criadero Kinderbull - Rottweiler y Bulldog InglésSpain
Criadero Kinderbull
- Rottweiler y Bulldog Inglés

Criadero Kinderbull - Bulldog Inglés y Rottweiler - Cachorros de Bulldog Inglés y Rottweiler con garantías víricas y genéticas. Cría familiar desde el año 2006. Consúltanos sin compromiso.

Rottweiler English Bulldog


An information site for understand all about this dog. Very usefull to know all that you need before you buy a puppee.

Golden Retriever

Soriena Yorkshire TerriersGalicia, Spain
Soriena Yorkshire Terriers

Best Yorkshire Terrier Breeder in North of Spain

Excelente blood line and with tittles of Champions, Juniors Champion and BOB in Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile and Brazil. Exclusively breeding Yorkshire Terriers to all the world. Small Kennel and dogs living with us. Come to visit us!

Yorkshire Terrier

Shun´You Kensha - Akita y ShibaSpain
Shun´You Kensha - Akita y Shiba

En Shun 'You Kensha criamos y vendemos la mejor selección y cría de cachorros y adultos de Akita y Shiba en España. Somos responsables de varios campeones del Mundo y de Europa.

Akita Shiba

de Dakota Border ColliesSpain
de Dakota Border Collies

Breeding and loving border collies, with all health guarantees.

Border Collie


Breeding and raising quality Pugs, since 2005.


Du Lia-Phail BloodhoundsSpain
DU LIA-PHAIL Bloodhounds

Breeding and raising quality Bloodhounds since 1977. Clearanced of hip, elbows, cardiac, DM, tyroid, glaucoma and free of brucella canis.


Kawairashii ShibasSpain
Kawairashii Shibas

Based in Murcia, at southeast Spain. All our shibas are bred solely for health and temperament being as close to the breed standard FCI & NIPPO as possible.

All parents have the relevant health checks advised by the CSIE (Club Shiba Inu en España). Health checks include DNA testing, gangliosidosis and degenerative myelopathy, as well as hips, elbow and patella luxation scorings. All puppies are reared in our home around other show dogs and people.

Shiba Inu

De Coroninas German Shepherds BreederSpain
De Coroninas
German Shepherds Breeder

We Breed German Shepherds since 1984 with passion and love, all our dogs are healthy tested against dysplasia and selected to breed.

German Shepherd Dog

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Bel AmiSpain
Bel Ami - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Apasionados por esta maravillosa raza, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, nuestro objetivo fundamental es intentar mejorar la raza y criar de forma responsable solo y únicamente ejemplares cuyas características respondan al estándar ideal de la misma, enfatizando sobretodo en la salud, carácter, belleza, por éste orden.

Para conseguir nuestro fin, hemos ido adquiriendo ejemplares de selectas líneas genéticas europeas. Los cachorros nacen y se crian en nuestro hogar. Desde el nacimiento reciben de nuestras manos el amor, todos los cuidados necesarios, observación y un estricto control veterinario. Todos nuestros esfuerzos se centran en conseguir cavaliers sanos, de magnífico porte, con el carácter dulce, gentil, juguetón tan propio de la raza.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Basset Hound del Castillo de SaitaiSpain
del Castillo de Saitai Basset Hound

Basset Hound. Calidad, Belleza, Funcionalidad, Tipicidad y Morfología. Camadas Altamente Seleccionadas. Cachorros Criados en Ambiente Familiar, con Toda la Documentación y Garantías Sanitarias.

Basset Hound

Saluki CaloSpain
Calo Saluki

We are a family kennel based in Southern Spain near Marbella, in Sotogrande. Our Saluki male (Latif) comes from a well known Saluki kennel in Italy holder of several champion titles in its Saluki bloodlines, and our Dam (Aisha) is part of the last litter of Portuguese Champion Elamir Sao Joao and International Beauty Champion Shefaro's Yasmin Al Din.


Sirokami Siberian HuskySpain
Sirokami Husky Siberiano

In Sirokami Siberians we have a family and exclusive breeding of Siberian Husky, in a natural environment that provides them with the proper psychological balance and health for their development. Our adults and puppies are raised and socialized WITHIN our house, as members of our family they are. All the players are certified free of hereditary diseases, have official pedigree LOE of champions, with official affix of the RSCE and FCI. You can always come to meet our puppies, the popes and us, which is what we like.

En Sirokami Siberians tenemos una cría familiar y exclusiva de Husky Siberiano, en un entorno natural que les proporciona la salud y equilibrio psicológico adecuados para su desarrollo. Nuestros adultos y cachorros son criados y socializados DENTRO de nuestra casa, como miembros de nuestra familia que son. Todos los reproductores están certificados libres de enfermedades hereditarias, tienen pedigree oficial LOE de campeones, con afijo oficial de la RSCE y FCI. Siempre podéis venir a conocer a nuestros cachorros, los papas y a nosotros que es lo que nos gusta.

Siberian Husky

Loyre de Aralla - Czechoslovakian Wolfdog and Labrador RetrieverSpain
Loyre de Aralla

Cría y selección de Perro Lobo Checoslovaco y Labrador Retriever. Progenitores con test genéticos y displasias certificadas. Cachorros de Perro Lobo Checoslovaco y Labrador Retriever en Madrid, España.

Breeding and selection of Czechoslovakian Wolf Dog and Labrador Retriever. Progenitors with genetic tests and certified dysplasias. Puppies of Czechoslovakian Wolf Dog and Labrador Retriever in Madrid, Spain.

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Labrador Retriever

Criadero UsaskuSpain
Criadero USASKU

Nos dedicamos a la cría familiar y responsable de la raza dálmata.

Tenemos solamente una o dos camadas al año para lograr la máxima dedicación a cada cachorro y un carácter excelente. Nos volcamos por completo en cada camada, desde la selección de ejemplares a cruzar, como en los cuidados intensivos de todos los cachorros durante su estancia en el criadero.


Tomohisa Yusuke Akita InuSpain

Me hice criador, cuando vi el nacimiento de los cachorritos de un amigo mio. Fue una experiencia muy bonita que jamas olvidare.. Mis razas son Akita Inu..

Akita Inu

Vetonia Thai Ridgeback DogSpain

We are a couple who love dogs, especially primitive breeds. This made us choose the Spanish Mastiff and the Thai Ridgeback.

And with illusion we started with dogs of pure breed and the best genetics.

Our kennel is situated in the beautiful County of La Vera (Cáceres), about 200kms from Madrid.

I grew up among them when they used to run freely in my village and we knew all and every one of them by their names; when the old folks told us how they would defend their cattle in the presence of wolves. Since then I love these big "teddies": faithful,noble,careful and patient with children but brave guardians of family and home.

​As I am so keen on primitive breeds, I accidentally found out about these Thai dogs .It is well- known in northen Europe and Russia, but not so in the South of Europe.

At fist sight, their porte and ellegance called my attention, but I decided to start breeding them when I learnt about their independent character, their love to the family, how good they are at keeping an eye on every member, how quiet they are (only bark at real threatenings),......It wasn't easy to get the first couple, but here they are. And the more I get to know them, the more I enjoy their quiet and loving character

Spanish Mastiff Thai Ridgeback Dog

Kennel UBBADAT Spanish Water DogSpain
Kennel UBBADAT Spanish Water Dog

Spanish water dogs. Ubbadat Kennel. Spain. FCI. Dogs Show. Puppies long tail avaliables.

Spanish Water Dog

Lovong ButterflySpain

Welcome to the site of kennel papillons most beautiful dogs!


Do Palleiro Bouvier des flandresSpain
Do Palleiro Bouvier des flandres

Cría ocasional de Bouvier des Flandres utilizando las mejores lineas de Belleza y trabajo.

Flandres Cattle Dog

Hoshinofuru - Breeding Shiba InuSpain
Hoshinofuru - Breeding Shiba Inu

We are people who love dogs and especially of this wonderful breed; believe and live by this wonderful breed since 2008 We based the concept on the typical breeding of Shiba Inu, both physically and psychologically, seeking the innate qualities that have made this race in Japan of a symbol. (Kan -i, Ryosei, soboku)

Shiba Inu

Can Nel whippetsSpain
Can Nel whippets

Can Nel keennel since 1992.


Obotnichij Dvor & Los Machaderos
 Kennels of deutsch kurzhaarsSpain
& LOS MACHADEROS - Kennels of
deutsch kurzhaars

All life with kurzhaars: breeding, judging, hunting, showing and love it..

German Shorthaired Pointer

'Kyubi No Kitsune' Criadero Shiba InuSpain
'Kyubi No Kitsune' Criadero Shiba Inu

Selección del Shiba Inu a partir de perros importados de Japón. Nuestro deseo es conseguir la esencia del Shiba Inu y poder compartirla con aquellos que saben valorar la raza en cuerpo y alma.

Shiba Inu

Los Taquitos del sur ChihuahuasSpain
Los Taquitos del sur Chihuahuas

Breed and selection of Chihuahuas of long and short coat.Our dog crosses are always for improve the breed,we dont sell dogs by kgs.We want to guarantee the best personality and health of the dog.

We began with the breeding in 2007, we fell in love with the chihuahuas. Affix-17758 Fédération Cynologique Internationale Nº 706/2012 "Los taquitos del sur".


Amatsu Kami Akita & Shiba Kennel Spain
Amatsu Kami Akita & Shiba Kennel

Family kennel in Spain, recognized by clubs for the conservation of Shiba inu as the NIPPO.

FCI beauty champions, exclusive bloodlines, you will only find these teddy bears in my house. More than 12 years studying the breed and making happy many families around the world. We guarantee our babies for life.

Character, health and beauty. Great quality and beauty. We ship our puppies throughout Europe.visit our website and social networks to meet us. Enjoy!

Shiba Inu Akita Inu

Javer-keleb Labrador RetrieverSpain
Javer-keleb Labrador Retriever

Javer-Keleb Labrador Retriever, criadero de labrador retriever situado en Málaga. Cria y selección de labrador retriever de forma responsable y testando la salud de los reproductores.

A la venta cachorros eventualmente disponibles y en las mejores condiciones. Puede consultar sin compromiso, siempre y le informaremos de camdas actuales o próximas

Labrador Retriever

Von Turia Drimas German ShepherdSpain

TURIA DRIMAS is not a commercial kennel or for profit. Our activity is familiar and is part of the hobbies considered as recreational-sports by the current legislation. Our main objective is to obtain quality individuals that allow us to improve the breed generation after generation, therefore, part of the puppies born in this house, are the basis of a generational renewal.

Our work is based on the improvement of our German Shepherds, both in the genotype and in the phenotype so that our specimens are apt for competition both in shows and in work and are fully socialized animals so that they can be perfectly integrated into the family nucleus .

Selection of beauty and character, both for protection of the home and for coexistence in society, we use the dogs with the best bloodlines, descendants of the most outstanding dogs of the international scene.

Our puppies are the result of a non-massive, selective and responsible breeding of high quality, bred under real veterinary supervision, with excellent pedigree, children and grandchildren of national and international Champions, with work tests or in the process of carrying them out, sociability, test of character, etc ... the puppies are delivered, vaccinated, wormed, with Sanitary Record or Passport, certifying the DNA of the parents and enrolled in the corresponding clubs so that in the future they have real and legal pedigree.

Something that we have in consideration with our dogs is that they have some guarantees that support them once they arrive at their new home. Genetics is very difficult to control 100%, but we like to maintain a lifelong contact with all those who have a TURIA DRIMAS dog and thanks to that, GUARANTEE our availability and help in case any mishap could arise, provided that when they comply with a logical ethic when raising a dog.

Based on many German breeding places that we have known over the years, we have special interest in how to feed our dogs, leaving aside the famous brands of feed, looking in detail at the ingredients and above all, learning every day about the digestive system of dogs. This is something that unfortunately few take into account, but to us it seems paramount to the future of a living being.

We are partners of the founding club of the race (SV), the Royal Canine Society of Spain (RSCE), the Spanish Club of the German Shepherd (RCEPPA) among others ...

Last but not least, we never use photos of other dogs to expose one of our property or born at home, we are very aware of the falsehoods that are published on the internet, so one of our priorities is to show how our dogs are in reality. The photos shown here are made by us (copyright T.Drimas), as well as by other photographers or stallions used in our breeding.

''German Shepherds VON TURIA DRIMAS'' Desde 1982 / Since 1982 All our puppies have top pedigree - best German & European bloodlines Breeding and selection of Elite German Shepherds since 1982.

Our dogs and puppies are recognized by the RCEPPA (Real Club Spanish Shepherd Dog German), RSCE (Royal Canine Society of Spain), SV (German Club Dog German Shepherd) WUSV (World Clubs German Shepherd Dog) and FCI (International Federation Cynologic) Being recognized for these important institutions, we have to have certain requirements with the fathers of our puppies are:
* Free Dysplasia Hips And Elbow
* DNA (We are the first Spanish breeders we process DNA)
* Working Tests (which may or BH Obedience Test and Utility SchH or IPO, which consists of 3 tests Tracking, Obedience and Attack and Körung Confirming granted by a German Master).
* Minimum Qualification Of Very Good Exposure In Specialized German Shepherd.

Some of our breeding females have been used in German breeding because of her quality. - Our guarantee: All puppies are cleaned from parasites, vaccinated and chipped. We give helth guaranty, DNA proven controll and HD & ED guaranty.

German Shepherd Dog

Kasukabe golden retrieverSpain
Kasukabe golden retriever

Impresionante camada de Golden retriever pedigree de las mejores lineas de europa.padres campeones de belleza Criamos muy poco y estudiamos cada cruce hasta el último detalle para obtener los mejores ejemplares.

Todos nuestros reproductores están libres de taras genéticas y todos tienen certificados oficiales de libres de displasia de caderas y codos por (AVEPA) o (BVA) así como libres de taras oculares artrofia progresiva de retina por la Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona. mas informacionwww...

Golden Retriever

Hayato Kumi - Shiba, ShikokuSpain
Hayato Kumi - Shiba, Shikoku

Shiba Inu, selection and conservation

Site dedicated to our Shibas and Shikokus and this great breeds, and about our selection and conservation work since year 2001, to improving the Shiba maintaining the best approach to FCI Standard.

Shiba Shikoku

Oro del Olimpo Golden RetrieverSpain
Oro del Olimpo Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever Oro del Olimpo. Exposición, Selección, Cría Exclusiva, Familiar y Responsable de Golden Retriever en España.

Golden Retriever

Rayla di Cors KennelSpain

Tras conocer y convivir varios años con los Cane Corsos la evidencia de haber encontrado nuestro tesoro es evidente. Nuestros perros son casi perfectos: Serios, fieles, protectores, reflexivos, dulces, alegres, ágiles, nada obstinados, muy listos y fáciles de enseñar.

A la vez son sensibles (una de las cualidades más destacadas de la raza), tranquilos, así que tenemos que declararnos sin remedio Locos Del Cane Corso Para Siempre. Nuestra filosofía se puede resumir en la crianza y tenencia seria de perros de show y compañía en un entorno familiar donde convivir y educar es un acto constante de cariño y respeto.

Raul Aguero y Laura Vidal

Cane Corso Italiano

Cani AamicusSpain

Cria selectiva de labrador retriever y nova scotia duck tolling retriever.

Labrador Retriever Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Belliamici chien de berger belgueSpain
Belliamici chien de berger belgue

Perro de pastor belga, especialmente groenendael de alta selección con varios campeones de España, del club, sujetos seleccionados del club del pastor belga, y sujetos recomendados de Francia. Exentos de displasia,test de carácter criados enfamilia.

Belgian Shepherd Dog - Groenendael


Criadores de Schnauzer en España, información de la raza.

Schnauzer Miniature Schnauzer

Hijos de Odin CorgisSpain
Hijos de Odin Corgis

Spanish Welsh Corgi Pembroke breeder.

Pioneros en la cría y selección del Welsh corgi Pembroke en España.

Welsh Corgi Pembroke

Algarvia KennelSpain

Spanish Breeder of Dalmatian and Shiba Inu.

Criador de Dálmatas y Shiba Inu. Seleccionamos por Salud, Caracter y Belleza.

Shiba Inu Dalmatian


Comunidad web de la raza de perros Golden retriever en España donde podrás conocer todo sobre esta magnífica raza.

Golden Retriever

Los Baganes Border CollieSpain
Los Baganes Border Collie

We are a family in love with Border Collies: their physique, their great intelligence, their great willingness to work, their understanding, their fidelity, their great capacity for communication ...

We are very grateful to share our life with them.

Border Collie

Goldens de La CabanyaSpain
Goldens de La Cabanya

Goldenretriever breeder since 1997 Our dogs are our family dogs All health clearances.

Golden Retriever

Bichiloba & Lobezno Siberian HuskySpain
Bichiloba & Lobezno Siberian Husky

Somos unos amantes de los animales y en especial de la de Raza Siberian Husky. Desde nuestro criadero de Valladolid, intentamos día a día hacer felices a nuestros siberianos y mejorar, en lo posible la raza con ejemplares correctos, cariñosos y equilibrados. Disponemos de formación en neonatología, adiestramiento, educación, comisariado de ring, mushing, fertilidad en machos, nutrición, gestación, etc. Además somos socios de la RSCE, de la Asociación de Mushers, y participamos activamente en talleres infantiles para el fomento de la raza Siberian Husky y la iniciación al mushing.

Siberian Husky

Kabluna Alaskan MalamutesSpain
Kabluna Alaskan Malamutes

Top Alaskan Malamutes in Spain since 1991.

Alaskan Malamute

Wheatshine rhodesian ridgebacksSpain
Wheatshine rhodesian ridgebacks

Rhodesian Ridgebacks bred from exceptional lines. Bred from champion lines U.K USA Africa to produce sinus free puppies. Which include many top winning champion dogs. The puppies are fully injected pet passport and chopped, sinus free, wormed socialized and vet checked. I breed my dogs in a family environment. I have had ridgebacks for over 40 years and will be available for advice. next litter will be bred early 2014

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Official Real Sociedad Canina de España for TRD Breeding Spain we live in Caudete - Albacete - Spain .

Thai Ridgeback Dog

Pinscher Miniatura de TotanaSpain
Pinscher Miniatura de Totana

Crianza familiar del pinscher miniatura de calidad. Cachorros ocasionalmente, para exposición o compañìa.

Miniature Pinscher

Taraway Border CollieSpain
Taraway Border Collie

Breeding and loving border collies, with all health guarantees.

Border Collie

Asturshelkie KennelSpain
Asturshelkie Kennel

We are a small family kennel located in Northern Spain, we are dedicated solely to breeding Shetland Sheepdog breed, all dogs are raised in our home with all our love.

Shetland Sheepdog


Web sobre la raza golden retriever: sus características, fotografías de perros de la raza, vídeos, noticias, consejos para su cuidado, criaderos reconocidos y mucho más. Somos la comunidad del golden retriever.

Golden Retriever

Libertybox Kennel Jack RussellSpain
LIBERTYBOX Kennel Jack Russell

Breeder And Selection Of High Jack Russell Terrier. All our dogs are carefully selected to retain its character and typicity according all standard. All Our Puppies Are Raised In Family All hair types.

Jack Russell Terrier

Delacaxuca teckel miniatura y kaninchenSpain
Delacaxuca teckel miniatura y kaninchen

Cri y seleccion teckel miniatura y kaninchen.


Perro de agua espaA�ol jmaceliaSpain
Perro de agua espaA�ol jmacelia

Criador desde hace hace mas de 20 años en la zona de Ubrique , Cádiz , España.

Spanish Waterdog

Centro Canino RiberboxSpain
Centro Canino RIBERBOX

Residencia canina y felina. Atendida por expertos en conducta animal. Educación y corrección de conductas indeseadas. Adiestramiento deportivo. Peluquería canina. Criadero de schnauzer Miniatura y Dogo Canario (Presa Canario). Estamos en la zona sur de Navarra y La Rioja. ...

Miniature Schnauzer Canary Islands Mastiff


Molosos y Terriers: El Blog

Blog del proyecto "Molosos y Terriers" , cuyo fin es la defensa, difusion y proteccion de las razas caninas mas condenadas por la sociedad: Las denominadas "razas peligrosas". Todo nuestro trabajo y esfuerzo se realiza altruistamente por amigos y amantes de estos perros y razas. Esperamos que disfruteis tanto como lo hacemos nosotros trabajando en este proyecto. Un cordial saludo a todos y gracias de antemano.

Dobermann Rottweiler American Staffordshire Terrier Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Serendipity Dog Golden RetrieverSpain
Serendipity Dog Golden Retriever

Serendipity Dog Kennel High quality breeding of Golden Retrievers. all health tests made We Living in Utrera- Sevilla - Spain.

Golden Retriever

Kirdalia Yorkshire TerrierSpain
Kirdalia Yorkshire Terrier

Alta Selección de Yorkshire Terrier.

Yorkshire Terrier

Luna de Media Noche WestiesSpain
Luna de Media Noche Westies

My name is Almudena, I live with my family and my westies in a region of south western Spain. What began as a dream is becoming reality. We look west highland white terrier breed quality, fully balanced and make their owners happy. Our goal is to make a big family with our puppies and their families.

West Highland White Terrier


Información sobre la raza Bichón Maltes. Consejos de salud y cuidados de la raza de perro.


Zoagolden Golden RetrieverSpain
ZOAGOLDEN Golden Retriever

Cria y selecion de golden retriever en Asturias (España).

Golden Retriever

Can Rinxols KennelSpain
Can Rinxols Kennel

Can Rinxols Kennel: Spanish water dog at Barcelona.

Spanish Waterdog

Costa do VentoSpain
Costa do Vento

We are pleased to introduce our dogs and great friends unconditional. We are in Galicia in northern Spain.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Campos del Sur - Dachshund KennelSpain
Campos del Sur - Dachshund Kennel

Teckels - Dachshund Kennel "Campos del Sur". F.C.I. 009451

We breed Miniature and Kaninchen Smooth Hair Dachshunds. They grow healthy in nature, with careful breeding. Suitable as Show,hunt or pet dog.

Criamos Teckels Kaninchen y Miniatura de pelo corto, en un entorno familiar y con gran dedicación.

Elevage de Teckel Kaninchen et Miniature à poil ras, en pleine nature et avec les meilleurs soins.


Can Manys Golden RetrieverSpain
Can MANYS Golden Retriever

Cría selecta y familiar del Golden Retriever en Madrid-España.

Selective and family breeding of Golden Retriever in Madrid-Spain.

Golden Retriever

De MirAlbriga Perro de Agua EspaA�olSpain
De MirAlbriga Perro de Agua EspaA�ol

Cria y selección del Perro de Agua Español. Ejemplares bellos y funcionales. Camadas ocasionalmente. Más información en nuestra web

High breeding and selection of Spanish Water Dog. Beautiful and functional dogs. Occasional litters. More info on the web.

Spanish Waterdog

Cote Basque criador de Bulldog FrancesSpain
Cote Basque criador de Bulldog Frances

Cria selectiva de Bulldog Francés. Asesoramos para la correcta eleccion antes de comprar su cachorro, nuestros bulldogs son perros sanos, siguen el standard y son perros con muy buen carácter y bien sociabilizados. Ocasionalmente tenemos cachorros de bulldog frances disponibles. Cria y seleccion de Bulldog Frances, criador de cachorros de bulldog frances en guipuzcoa, bajo estandar oficial de la raza. Ocasionalmente cachorros de bulldog frances disponibles. Cría y alta selección de Bulldog Frances. Criadero de Bulldog Francés que trabaja con genética de campeones. Cachorros bellos y saludables. Criadero familiar de Bulldog Francés, dedicado a la crianza en un entorno familiar de Perros de Raza Bulldog Frances para show y para mascotas. Cote Basque cria familiar de Bulldog frances. Bulldog frances calidad show. Criadores de bulldog frances, venta de cachorros bulldog frances.

French bulldog kennel, Ocasionally puppies available, Breeding and selection of French Bulldog, bulldog breeder of pups french under official breed standard. Occasionally litters available. Show quality french bulldog, Cote Basque breeding French Bulldog family. Breeding and selection of French Bulldog, bulldog breeder of pups french under official breed standard. French bulldog puppies occasionally available. Breeding and selection of French Bulldog high. French Bulldog Breeder working with genetics of champions. Beautiful and healthy puppies. French Bulldog family kennel dedicated to breeding in a family of French Bulldog breed dogs for show and pet. Cote Basque breeding French Bulldog family. French Bulldog show quality. French bulldog breeders, french bulldog puppies for sale.

French Bulldog

Cimillet MalteseSpain

Exclusive and selected top quality Maltese

CIMILLET Maltese is located half an hour from Madrid. We are dedicated to breeding top quality Maltese for show and for pet.

Our malteses are from one of the top quality Maltese Kennel in South Korea that have an exclusive and carefully selected bloodline.

Our purpose is directed to breed dogs of top quality for show, never leaving behind the essential criteria of beauty for those who wish to have these so adorable friends as loyal companions to their daily lives.

We are dedicated to show our most ideal dogs to thereby contribute in some way in improving race while we take care of the little details at the time of breeding to make them ideal partners with a very loving and open nature itself of the race.


Muguiris KennelSpain
Muguiris Kennel

Selective breeding of Coton de tulear and Havanese in Spain.

Coton de TulA�ar Havanese

Muvhimi Shumba Rhodesian RidgebackSpain
MUVHIMI SHUMBA Rhodesian Ridgeback

Breeding and Selection of Rhodesian Ridgeback. We breed with the best lines in Africa. Our dogs are bred in the countryside, the instnto mantienn from small wild race. Our dogs are free of any disease and congenital malformation. We breed according to the breed standard.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Garaba Deutsche DoggeSpain
Garaba Deutsche Dogge

Deutsche Dogge Breeder since 1979

We are breeding Great Danes in the 5 colors, with passion for more than 30 years and we are the most titled Spanish breeding of the history. We attach a lot of importance for the beauty and we count lot of champions all over the world, but we also select our dogs for their health and especially for their good character.

Great Dane


Cría familiar y muy selecta.

Boston Terrier

Torobully AB'sSpain

Passion for te American Bulldog.

American Bulldog


Eurasiers en españa, dedicados al eurasier desde 1997 consiguiendo multitud de titulos de belleza y haciendo una camada esporadicamente.


Dinner Jacket kennelSpain

Cria familiar y seleccion de Boston Terrier. Muestra gran pasion en la vida son nuestros pequeños Boston terrier.

Boston Terrier

Cijara MalamutesSpain

Selective top breeding of Alaskan Malamutes with import USA bloodlines.

Alaskan Malamute

Wolf-Canyon Alaskan Malamute BreedersSpain
Wolf-Canyon Alaskan Malamute Breeders

Selective breeding of Alaskan Malamutes. Beauty, health and working habilities. Health tests done on every breeding dog. Occasionally we have puppies. Champion bloodlines.

Alaskan Malamute

Del Rinconcillo DachshundSpain
Del Rinconcillo Dachshund

Small and familiar kennel, Miniature longhaired and smoothaired in Madrid, Spain.


Mallo ChicoSpain

Breeding zwergpinscher FCI 17199.

Miniature Pinscher

Edel Hund Cria y seleccion amateur del San BernardoSpain
Edel Hund - Cria y seleccion amateur del San Bernardo

Criamos y seleccionamos la raza del san bernardo en ambiente familiar, cuidando, ademas de la belleza de la raza, el caracter bondadoso e inteligente de nuestros ejemplares. Solo criamos dos camadas al año.

St. Bernard

kennel de los Cerros de Quinto
Perro de agua españolSpain
kennel de los Cerros de Quinto
Perro de agua español

Cría y selección del perro de agua español, en un ambiente totalmente familiar. Seleccionamos las mejoras líneas de sangre, tanto de Belleza como de trabajo. Nuestro resultados en exposiciones, así como la satisfacción de las familias que han adoptado nuestros cachorros, nos avalan.

Breeding and selection of Spanish water dog, in a family atmosphere. We select the best bloodlines of both beauty and work. Our show results and the satisfaction of the families who have adopted our puppies, our guarantee.

Spanish Waterdog

Boyeros de Berna Llobu AsturSpain
Boyeros de Berna Llobu Astur

Sentimos pasión por nuestros Boyeros de Berna y por lo que hacemos. Ellos conviven con nosotros diariamente.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Queen KennelsSpain
Queen Kennels

American Staffordshire Terrier Since 1992.

American Staffordshire Terrier

Cormallen Welsh Springer SpanielsSpain
Cormallen Welsh Springer Spaniels

Cormallen Gundogs bred for confirmation and temperament. A small established kennel breeding quality Welsh Springer Spaniel puppies.

Welsh Springer Spaniel Irish Red Setter Irish Red and White Setter

Bichones Habanero Amazing DanceSpain
Bichones Habanero AMAZING DANCE

Criador de Bichones Habaneros con líneas Europeas, Americanas y Cubanas. Exposición de perros.

Breeder Bichon Havanais with ligne EU, EEUU and Cuba. Exhibition Dog Show.


Criadero de Tierra de Olivos - perro de agua español y schnauzer miniaturaSpain
Criadero de Tierra de Olivos - perro de agua español y schnauzer miniatura

Selección y cria familiar de perro de agua español, solo criamos con ejemplares libres de taras oculares y displasia de cadera.

Spanish Waterdog Miniature Schnauzer

Villa Ellie - Golden RetrieverSpain
VILLA ELLIE - Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever criados en familia según el estandar de la raza.

Golden Retriever

Albuhaira Labrador RetrieverSpain
Albuhaira Labrador Retriever

Labradors Retriever. Seleccion top and breed for showing and work.

Labrador Retriever

Daitan Ni-Am's American AkitaSpain
Daitan Ni-Am's American Akita

Daitan Ni-Am's is a small breeder of American Akitas sited in Catalonia (Spain) that has had international success by keeping a small breeding programm, resulting in Champions American Akitas here and across Europe.

American Akita

San Bernardos De SolanetxeaSpain

Cría del perro san bernardo (pelo corto-pelo largo). Standar, salud y caracter equilibrado. Radiografías oficiales de displasia, ADN.

St. Bernard Dog

Del Rinconcillo Teckels/DachshundsSpain
Del Rinconcillo Teckels/Dachshunds

Cria familiar y selectiva de teckel, en las variedades miniatura pelo corto y largo.

Little kennel in Madrid, miniature longhaired and smoothaired dachshund.


La Cadiera Kerry Blue TerriersSpain
La Cadiera Kerry Blue Terriers

"La Cadiera" breeds for you with the best irish bloodlines and with all our care, so you can join this wonderful breed. We are specialists in Kerries with many Champions all over the world.

Kerry Blue Terrier

Criadero Boxer del EuroSpain
Criadero Boxer del Euro

Boxer's DEL EURO cria y Selección exclusiva del Boxer.

German Boxer

Carmidanick MalteseSpain

CARMIDANICK Maltese -Puppies Available For Show or Pet

We currently have One Boy and One Girl for pet home.


Dels Peluts Bichon HabaneroSpain
Dels Peluts Bichon Habanero

La primera camada en España

El 28 de noviembre de 1999, nacio nuestra primera camada y la que fue la primera camada nacida en España . El cruce fue con el macho CH Bailando Danzon de Belin y la hembra Oye Chico Gloria de Cuba.

Los cachorros que nacieron fueron 3 machos y una hembra:
- Habana dels peluts de color marron y blanco (hembra)
- Mojito dels peluts de color blanco y marron (macho)
- Son Cubano dels peluts de color blanco negro y fuego (macho)
- Ron dels peluts de color blanco negro y marron (macho).


Schnauzer Miniatura Illas CiesSpain
Schnauzer Miniatura Illas Cies

Illas Cies Miniature Schnauzers Breeder of Spain, with twentyfive years experience in breeding Miniature Schnauzers Black, White, Black and Silver, Salt and Pipper and showing dogs.

Miniature Schnauzer