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Bouledogue français / French Bulldog / Französiche Bulldogge

… come close to the original type of the French Bulldog, that means away from the short-nosed, stocky bulldog type… pure and high quality puppies from our champion line adults… fans and Breeders of the French Bulldog… high loved familydogs what also do well in the show ring… show quality, champions bloodlines… a small family operated French Bulldog Kennel located in… dogs are fully tested for all typical diseases and healthy… pure and high quality puppies from champion line… more sporty, agile bulldogs within the given breed standard… breeding quality, healthy, true to type dogs with the best of temperments… breeders of top quality French bulldogs… our dogs being family pets, with our puppies brought up in the family home… vibrant, friendly and without any serious diseases in their blood line… breeding typefull French Bulldogs in Red-Fawn and Fawn… a good social and stable character… frenchies in red-fawn in the sporty type and athletic, a happy-go-lucky attitude… the high quality of the breed for show and breeding with excellent bloodline and perfect dogs… an extraordinary dog with solid gold character, Kindness, good health, socialization and beauty… exclusively mate dogs that have excellent genetic code… successfully breed the French Bulldog and occasionally give up healthy, socialized, typey, muscular and free-breathing Bullys in the colors fawn and redfawn… puppies grow up in the family and are therefore, very loving, social and child friendly… strong and breathable French Bully puppies, dewormed and receive a pedigree of a recognized association… attach great importance to a mating of genetically well matched parent… work with bloodlines with international recognition… various information about the breed as well as a presentation of French Bulldog… breeding dogs from international champion lines… breed strictly according to valid FCI standard cute doggies… home of champion French Bulldogs very successful pedigree dogs at various dog shows… breed typical representatives of Frenchies – compact, strong and in good health… hobby breeding the french bulldogs: blue, blue pied, blue fawn, and blue brindle… with the best bloodlines and only with selected, highly rated parents… French Bulldogs from the best champion lines… puppies are optimally shaped and socialized…     ***       French Bulldog Breeders and Kennels -