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Thai Ridgeback Dog / Chien thailandais a cręte dorsale / Thailandischer Ridgeback

Thai-Ridgeback von den drei KaiserbergenGermany
von den drei Kaiserbergen Thai-Ridgeback

Selten, exotisch, ausdruckstark.

Thai Ridgeback Dog Kennel ThaimLine - ТаймЛайнRussia
Kennel ThaimLine - ТаймЛайн

ThaimLine is the first monobreed TRD kennel in Russia. Now we have the best blue TRD in Russia. We also have black and isabella colors. The Blue Diamond is the World winner 2008.

Hodowla z Lasow PreczowskichPoland
Hodowla z Lasow Preczowskich

Site devoted to three breeds of dogs breeding, Weimaraner, Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, Thai Ridgeback. Our dogs win high marks for exhibitions. We are inviting cordially.

Weimaraner Czeslovakian Wolfdog


Here you can find the information about Thai Ridgeback Dog, such as a history of the breed, its character and nature. You can also have the opportunityto learn more about Thai Ridgeback Dog according to FCI standard of this breed.

In the section "Hiro Thai Ponlamaj" you can make the  better acquaintance of our lovely blue Thai Ridgeback  Dog - Hiro Thai Ponlamaj.


Breeder Thai ridgeback dog.

Sofa Surfer Kennel - Thai RidgebackCzechia
Sofa Surfer Kennel - Thai Ridgeback

A family kennel of blue Thai ridgeback lady Chang based in Prague.


I would like to invite everyone on my website Thai Ridgeback Dog kennel in Poland.

Ananda Tenderness Petal Of LotusUkraine
Ananda Tenderness Petal Of Lotus

This site is devoted to a dog of unique and ancient breed - Thai Ridgeback Dog(shot variant TRD) You will find information about breed, literature about education and training of dogs and all about our favourite Nany.

Breeder AmebaPoland
Breeder AMEBA

AMEBA is Polish kennel specialized inFrench Bulldog,Basenji,Thai Ridgebackand Weimaraner. News, our dogs, photos, shows, litters and puppies. Your always welcome to contact us for about our dogs.

French Bulldog Basenji Weimaraner

Neudor's Treasure - Thailand Ridgeback Kennel
Neudor's Treasure
Thailand Ridgeback Kennel

Welcome to our website of Thai Ridgeback Dog Kennel "Neudor's Treasure"! Breeder - Breed info - Puppies - Pictures & Videos.

Herzlich Willkommen auf unserer Webseite des Thai Ridgeback Dog Kennels "Neudor's Treasure"! Züchter - Resseinfo - Welpen - Bilder & Videos.

Caramel Suite der ThairidgebacksNetherlands
Caramel Suite der Thairidgebacks

Alles über die Thairidgebacks: Standard, Rassenbeschreibung, Fotos, Welpen.

All about thairidgebacks: standards, breeddescription, photogalery, puppies. Breeders

Official Real Sociedad Canina de España for TRD Breeding Spain we live in Caudete - Albacete - Spain .

'Canis Regalis'Thai Ridgeback Dog
 and Rhodesian RidgebackCzechia
'Canis Regalis'Thai Ridgeback Dog
and Rhodesian Ridgeback

Welcome to our kennel "Canis Regalis". The name comes from Latin, Canis means dog and Regalis means royal. Our breeding kennel was established in 2012 and we are specialized in breeding Rhodesian Ridgeback and Thai Ridgeback Dog. We are located in Czech Republic.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Mani Daeng FCI KennelUkraine
Mani Daeng FCI Kennel

Welcome to Mani Daeng FCI Kennel. We breed Thai Ridgeback Dog. Enjoy visiting our web.

Ancient Kynopolis Thai Ridgeback DogPoland
Ancient Kynopolis Thai Ridgeback Dog

Thai Ridgeback Dog Kennel based in Poland. For more information / photos / videos about Thai Ridgeback Dog breed please visit my website!

Hodowla psów rasy Tajski Ridgeback w Małopolsce. Serdecznie zapraszamy do odwiedzenia naszej strony internetowej, aby zobaczyć wiele zdjęć i filmów z Tajskimi psami. Jeśli chcecie kupić szczeniaka Tajskiego Ridgebacka / interesuje Was cena - zapraszam do kontaktu.

Pozdrawiam serdecznie!

Vetonia Thai Ridgeback DogSpain

We are a couple who love dogs, especially primitive breeds. This made us choose the Spanish Mastiff and the Thai Ridgeback.

And with illusion we started with dogs of pure breed and the best genetics.

Our kennel is situated in the beautiful County of La Vera (Cáceres), about 200kms from Madrid.

I grew up among them when they used to run freely in my village and we knew all and every one of them by their names; when the old folks told us how they would defend their cattle in the presence of wolves. Since then I love these big "teddies": faithful,noble,careful and patient with children but brave guardians of family and home.

​As I am so keen on primitive breeds, I accidentally found out about these Thai dogs .It is well- known in northen Europe and Russia, but not so in the South of Europe.

At fist sight, their porte and ellegance called my attention, but I decided to start breeding them when I learnt about their independent character, their love to the family, how good they are at keeping an eye on every member, how quiet they are (only bark at real threatenings),......It wasn't easy to get the first couple, but here they are. And the more I get to know them, the more I enjoy their quiet and loving character

Spanish Mastiff

Thaiunig Thailand Ridgeback Dog KennelGermany
Thailand Ridgeback Dog Kennel

FCI/VDH Zwinger Thailand Ridgeback Dog in Germany Thaiunig .

Siam's Pearl Thai Ridgeback kennelHungary
Siam's Pearl Thai Ridgeback kennel

Siam's Pearl is the first TRD kennel in Hungary. Our females bring a brand new bloodline to EU and USA. Our gilrs born and growed up in Thailand and 2016 moved to Hungary. Both females healthy tested such as: HD, ED, EYE, SPINE.

Thai Ridgebacks Chiang Exotic Wolfs KennelHungary
Chiang Exotic Wolfs Kennel

Breeder at Thai Ridgeback. We start breeding in 2020 with this wonderful, great breed.