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American Pit Bull Terrier

Rambo KennelRussia
Rambo Kennel

American Pit Bull Terrier - bloodline Frisco, SixBits, Nigerino.

Rambo Kennel
Rambo Kennel

The American Pit Bull Terrier has a huge energy in a compact package, always included full drive 4x4. Sport, training, shows and much more subject to this breed. Our Kennel is engaged in this breed since 2000.

The ancestors of the dogs of our kennel became a pit bulls of known kennels of Russia, in whose veins flows the blood of legendary working dogs of nurseries of the United States, Europe and Russia.

Empire of Demons Kennel American Pit Bull TerriersRussia

Питомник Американский питбультерьер "ИМПЕРИЯ ДЕМОНОВ" - Россия. Питомник занимается разведением и Шоу-выставками.

Coelhos Kennel American Bulldog and American Pit Bull TerrierPortugal
Coelhos Kennel - American Bulldog
and American Pit Bull Terrier

Paulo Coelho Breederof American Bulldog americano and American Pit Bull em Portugal.

American Bulldog


На сайте представлены наши питомцы, породы: American Pit Bull Terrier - English Setter.

English Setter

Pitbull Kennel Brave FighterMoscow, Russia Dog Breeders
Brave Fighter Pitbull Kennel

Pitbull pups, our breeding, forum about American pit-bullterrier.

Pit Must Survive American Pit Bull Terrier Kennel'sRussia
American Pit Bull Terrier Kennel's

Our Kennel American Pit Bull Terrierwas established in 2000. Kennel not accidentally named "PIT MUST SURVIVE", because the pit bull is always and everywhere have to win a "place in the sun, struggling with gossip, haters, liars, and dropout from the dog breeding ... work again and again to prove to everyone that unique breed of dog DESERVE, in order to survive!"

NewagepitbullsXL Blue Bully'sNetherlands

Xl blue bully pitbull breeder. Specializing in Xtreme Bully,Royal Blue Generation, Mugleston, Gotti bloodlines.


Onze woonplaats is Assendelft, dat ligt in Noord Holland, ten noorden van Amsterdam. Wij houden van old english bulldogs en pitbulls.

De old english bulldog die wij houden zijn old english bulldogs waarvan sommige uit de leavitt lijn. De Leavitt lijn is opgezet door David Leavitt. De pitbulls zijn Amerikaanse pitbull en American  Bully

Af en toe zullen we een nestje hebben, wat we met veel liefde zullen verzorgen. We zullen iedere keer een weloverwogen combinatie van teef en reu maken.

Zodat wij er alles aan doen om gezonde, mooie en vooral lieve Pups te krijgen. Alle honden maken deel uit van ons gezinsleven en verblijven dan ook in onze woonkamer.

Old English Bulldog American Bully

Kennel Field UnionRussia

KENNEL FIELD UNION многопородный питомник.
Aмериканский Бульдог (American Bulldog), Aмериканский Пит Буль терьер (American Pit Bull Terrier, АРВТ), Английский Сеттер (English Setter), Йорширский терьер (Yorkshire Terrier),  Померанский Шпиц (Pomeranian), Мопс (Mops), Бриар (Briard).

Kennel Field Union
многопородный питомник

Kennel Field Union
Field Union
American Pit Bull Terrier, English Setter

На сайте представлены наши питомцы, породы: American Pit Bull Terrier - English Setter.

Kennel Field Union Old.Bulldog
Kennel FIELD UNION Old.Bulldog

Старо-английский бульдог-Эта порода является, прежде всего- отличными компаньонами, а также обладая шармом, темпераментом и ловкостью быть почти универсальной породой, как служебная так и спортивная собака.

Старо-английский бульдог (ОЛД бульдог) обладает чувством собственного достоинства, шармом, преданностью, отлично ладит с детьми, превосходный друг.

American Bulldog English Setter Pug Yorkshire Terrier Pomeranian Briard Olde English Bulldogge


We are the only Pitbull Club in Bulgaria. for international applicants: Please use our e mail.


We are a small Pitbull kennel, located in The Netherlands. Specialized in the XL & XXL Pitbulls! If you are looking for a big and correct XL pitbull puppy, look no further! We have taking the best bloodlines out there and we work together with the best kennels worldwide to better the breed!

Our mission is to produce healthy pitbulls, with a solid temperament, lots of muscles, amazing bone structures, which are athletic and not fat and sloppy We will not breed our dogs just for colors, we'll have a variation of different kinds of colors. So there is something special for everyone! All our dogs will be UKC registered! - DOMAIN FOR SALE - MAKE AN OFFER!
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