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Fawn and black Briards with balanced character for work, sport and companion… find information about dogs and puppies from champion bloodlines, many photos, news from dog shows… breeder specialized in black and fawn trained and tested dogs in both work and show… breeding in a home environment a typical and sound construction Briards considering the standard… well socialized Berger de Brie puppies with a good character…     ***       Briard Breeders and Kennels -    

Berger de Brie / Briard


Briard.RU devoted by most beautiful and most cheerful among the cleverest dogs - briards. You will see here briards of Russian kennel "Mohnatoe Chudo" and our friends and relatives also. Briard.RU works since 2000.

Here are more than 1600 briard' pictures, results of shows and sport competitions across all Europe, puppies, links and many fun briard' pictures :)

Moonlight Black Bear BriardsAustria

Our small breeding, called MOONLIGHT BLACK BEAR, is located right in the middle of Austria where my Briards are enjoying their lifes together with us. We expect our first litter in early summer 2008 and are looking forward to healthy, well sociated family dogs who offer show-qualities as well as working-capacity.

Don't hesitate to contact me for more information or visit us online at our homepage! You are welcome at any time at our house!

Briard de la Maison du Garde-BarrièreAustria
de la Maison du Garde-Barrière - Briard

Briard Hobby-Zuchtstätte in Niederösterreich. Unser Ziel ist die Zucht von Qualität und nicht Quantität! Deshalb gibt es nicht regelmässig Würfe. Besuchen Sie uns einfach einmal.

Briard Hobby Kennel in Lower Austria. Our aim is breeding quality and not quantity! Therefore, we have only every now and then puppies. Feel free to visit us.

Briardy w Polsce - Briards in PolandPoland
Briardy w Polsce - Briards in Poland

Everyone interested in French - Sheep Dogs Briards - welcome! Briards in Poland is an independent website paying a tribute to this magnificent breed.

This website contains: information, catalog od dogs, list of breeders,show results, lots of photos in our gallery, announcements (puppies for sale), information on The Polish Briard Club. Please come in!

Briards Toujours L'AmiGermany
Toujours L'Ami Briards

Wellcome! We are breeding black and tawny Briards since 1994.

Gaelic crown'sGermany
Gaelic crown's

Together with our dogs we live in the beautifull Allgäu (Bavaria) near to Kempten in a small village called Günzach.

Currently in our Cannel are 2 Briards and 4 Cao da serra des Aires. Our dogs life integrated and with close contact in our family life. Our puppys grow up in our (often crowded) living room or - depending on the season also in the garden and at their puppy playground. They get optimal preparation for their further life in their new families and good socialisation.

For many years I work with my own and other dogs in several kinds of dog sports and working education. (dayly life competence, Obedience, Agility, rescuedog, guardiancedog, companiondog, work at sport an rescuedog tools, therapie of dogs with behaviour problems) Now I fell in love with Dogdancing an Obedience, both trained by click and treat and me and my dogs have much fun with it.

My Breedingdogs are all free from hip-disorder (HD) and of course all pups have VDH/FCI document, are vaccinated, have worm profilaxe , mikrochips and examined by a vet when they leave us to move to their new families. Aditionally every new dog owner gets an information folder about puppies. Giving advice to my puppies new people before and after they get their dogs is very important to me.

Portuguese Sheepdog

Heaven Devil Briard KennelCzechia
Heaven Devil Briard Kennel

Heaven Devil is a Czech Briard Kennel with long briard (berger de brie) breeding tradition. We have been breeding briards since 1988 and our dogs belong to Czech and European briard elity.

Our finest dogs Celestyna Bar-Bar Beskydy, Angee Heaven Devil, Emilly Heaven Devil and Cornelius Heaven Devil are Czech champions and acquired many CACIB, CAC, CAJC and BOB titles.

Currently we are offering puppies by Emilly Heaven Devil and Usually the Best Moravia Campanella.

Caipirinha's Briard & Chinese CrestedAustria
Caipirinha's Briard & Chinese Crested

Briard and Chinese Crested hobby kennel. We only have litters every now and then. All our adult dogs are health tested (Briards for HD and CSNB, Chinese Crested for Patella, eye tested and prcd-PRA) and are clear.

We breed quality Briards and Chinese Crested for pet owners and show enthusiasts. We strive to have puppies free of inherited genetic diseases, health and quality is important for us. All puppies come with shots and wormings up to date as well as a Microchip and FCI pedigrees.

Chinese Crested Dog

Faire Des Amis BriardsNetherlands
Faire Des Amis

All about the briards en our puppy's. Enjoy visiting our website.

Briardzucht Avec la Force de l'OursAustria
Briardzucht Avec la Force de l'Ours

ÖKV (FCI) Zuchtstätte in Niederösterreich rd. 40 km südlich von Wien. Besuchen Sie unsere Homepage und lernen Sie unsere grau-schwarze Briard-Gang kennen.

ÖKV (FCI) Kennel in Lower Austria - about 40km in the south of Vienna. Visit our homepage and meet our black/ grey Briard-Gang.

Briards Los LaurelesSpain
Los Laureles Briards

Criadero familiar y apasionado del Pastor de Brie. Especial seleccion de caracter y belleza.

v.d. Schaope Dobbe Briard en Schapendoes kennelNetherlands
v.d. Schaope Dobbe
Briard en Schapendoes kennel

Sometimes we have puppies from beautyful and nice dogs.

Dutch Schapendoes

Briards van de HoolhoeveNetherlands
van de Hoolhoeve Briards

Wij fokken af en toe een nestje uit wel overwogen combinaties, Wij fokken op karakter, gezondheid en werkeigenschappen. puppen ondergaan op de leeftijd van 7 weken een karaktertest.


Website of Kennel Heritage in Czech Republic. Our breeds are Briard, Tervueren and Zwetna Bolonka.

Belgian Shepherd Dog - Tervueren Russian Coloured Bichon

Fostebrie BriardsUK

Top UK Breeders 2009.

El'Bridorado FCIPoland
El'Bridorado FCI

Briard breeding in Cracovia - Poland. Our dogs, photos, shows and puppies. Ch. XANADU CHIC Moravia Campanella, EMPREINTE de Chester.

Bearded Collie

Claire Noir Briard kennelHungary
Claire Noir Briard kennel

Our kennel is for briards in Hungary, in Center-Europe, close to Budapest. We have beautiful and healthy briards with balanced character. Their puppies are for family, sport, working, show and breeding aims with FCI pedigree.

We are looking for the healthy, the morphology and the working instinct too.

We have multi-Champion, multi-BOB dogs. All of them have working certificates, most of them have Cotation result in France. Some of them are active sporting dogs.

If you have some questions, or you want a puppy, visit our homepage, or write me an e-mail.

Złota Elita KennelPoland
Złota Elita Kennel

Welcome to our site!
Złota Elita  is Polish kennel specialized in Briards, Leonberger and Tibetan Terrier. News, our dogs, photos, shows, litters and puppies. Your always welcome to contact us for about our dogs,
Mariola & Agnieszka Ekiert

Leonberger Tibetan Terrier

Xamira Z 1 LigiZawiercie, Poland Dog Breeders
Xamira Z 1 Ligi

We breed Briard for over 20 Years. We live in Poland. The dog "Z 1 Ligi" have good exterier and very good characters.

Created by Wind - Berger de Brie KennelPoland
Created by Wind - Berger de Brie Kennel

Website our briards Ch. BIMBER Coeur d'Ambre de Baltique & JUST FOR FUN Złota Elita. On our website you can see many pictures, results of dog shows, information about the berger de brie, news in our kennel.

We recommend briard's puppies with a very interesting pedigree. Welcome!

Black Death briardsFinland
Black Death briards

Working with briards in Finland.

Kennel Field UnionRussia

KENNEL FIELD UNION многопородный питомник.
Aмериканский Бульдог (American Bulldog), Aмериканский Пит Буль терьер (American Pit Bull Terrier, АРВТ), Английский Сеттер (English Setter), Йорширский терьер (Yorkshire Terrier), Померанский Шпиц (Pomeranian), Мопс (Mops),  Бриар (Briard).

Kennel Field Union
Kennel FIELD UNION - многопородный питомник

Kennel Field Union
Field Union - American Pit Bull Terrier, English Setter

На сайте представлены наши питомцы, породы: American Pit Bull Terrier - English Setter.

Kennel Field Union Old.Bulldog
Kennel FIELD UNION Old.Bulldog

Olde Bulldogge - Эта порода является, прежде всего- отличными компаньонами, а также обладая шармом, темпераментом и ловкостью быть почти универсальной породой- как служебная так и спортивная собака.

Старо-английский бульдог (Олд бульдог) обладает чувством собственного достоинства, шармом, преданностью, отлично ладит с детьми, превосходный друг.

American Bulldog American Pit Bull Terrier English Setter Pug Yorkshire Terrier Pomeranian Olde English Bulldogge

Les briards du Domaine des PeluchesFrance
Les briards du Domaine des Peluches

Nos briards depuis 1984 en photos et videos d'hier à aujourd'hui. Les briards du Domaine des Peluches en expositions, concours de travail, leur genealogie et le briard a travers les disciplines et leur histoire.

Our Briards since 1984 with pictures and videos. Les Briards du Domaine des Peluches in dog shows, work, their genealogy and the Briard through their use and history.

Cani di Via Verde FCIPoland
Cani di Via Verde FCI

Welcome to our site!

On our website you can seeresults of dog shows, information about the berger de brie, news in our kennel and many pictures.

Mátragyöngye Berger de BrieHungary
Mátragyöngye Berger de Brie

Hello, I'm Attila Bonta from Hungary. i very like dogs. I have got Berger de Brie (briard) family. Parents are from Marky-kennel and Isildur kennel, and ten puppies were born on 29.04.2014...

Pearls of SouthPoland
Pearls of South

Pearls of South is a Polish kennel specialized in fawn briards. On our website you can find informations about Int.Ch Aurelia Bellezza Dilorini, her puppies and you can also contact us !!!

Briard and Chinese Crested Dog Fuzzy luck kennelCzechia
Fuzzy luck kennel

We are a small familial kennel since 2010. We breed and train Berger de Brie and Chinese crested dog. Our dogs are members of our family.

We do agility and obedience, sometimes herding and coursing. We have 2 litters with Berger de Brie and 3 litter with chinese crested.

Now we have got one stud male On Oktavo Bar-Bar Beskydy, one female Highland Spring Bar- Bar Beskydy (berger de brie) and two feemale veterans Aneko and Berenica (chinese crested)

Chinese Crested Dog

Velmond Briard, English Cocker Spaniel & Scottish TerrierPraha, Czechia

Briard, English Cocker Spaniel and Scottish Terrier breeder in the Czech Republic.

English Cocker Spaniel Scottish Terrier

Nisroque Kennel - briardsHungary
Nisroque Kennel - briards

We are breeding briards. Our first litter is expected for the end of August 2021. Speaking English, French, German and Hungarian.