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A small family breeding programme by choice our dogs are all pets first, and show dogs second… Yorkshire terriers come from some of the top European blood lines… In puppies' pedigrees you can find famous dogs… The Yorkie is a little Royalty with his silver and gold shining coats, with his head and tail up, with his expressive eyes full of dignity and affection… agreat attention not only to the exterier, but to training and socialisation… colors: biewer, biro, chocolate, golddust… puppies are socialized and the puppies are well started on their training skills… from the predesigned combinations and combinations of bloodlines…     ***       Dog Breeders and Kennels - EuroBreeder.com    

Yorkshire Terrier / Biewer terrier

Yorkshire Terriers Kennel Made In SuperiorHungary
Made In Superior

Top breeder in Hungary.

Yorkshire Terriers Kennel Modern LifeRussian Federation Dog Breeders
MODERN LIFE a kennel of Yorkshire Terrier

Welcome to our website! You can find out more about the breed of yorkshire terrier in Moscow, Russia.

Yorkshire Terriers Iz Legendi o borodachah KennelUkraine
Kennel FCI Iz Legendi o borodachah

Питомник ИЗ ЛЕГЕНДЫ О БОРОДАЧАХ. Цвергшнауцеры всех окрасов, ризеншнауцеры, брюссельский гриффон, йоркширский терьер. Производители, щенки на продажу.

Giant Schnauzer Miniature Schnauzer

Fortuna Jorikas Yorkshire Terriers KennelSlovakia
Fortuna Jorikas Yorkies

Breeding station.

Yorkshire Terriers Kennel Stellar GardenPoland
Stellar Garden

Stellar Garden (FCI) Yorkshire terrier kennel from Poland. Yorkies, puppies, photogallery, movies ... welcome to our web site!

Yorkshire Terriers Kennel Black TaurusSlovakia
Black Taurus Yorkshire terrier

Photos, movies, puppies ... Kennel from Slovakia. Our name is Black Taurus.

Yorkshire Terriers Kennel z Dynastie ChanCzechia
Z Dynastie Chan Yorkshire Terrier

Our dogs have freedom, homecare, big love. We offer pupps for show and breeding program show quality, healthy, happy.

Devils of York KennelHungary
Devils of York

Yorkshire Terrier Champion dogs. My Kennels are Durrer's, Parkside's, Lonely Tune's, Majodian, Niknack's bloodlines, Europewinners, Vice Junior Worldchampion, Interchampions, Multichampions and many countries champion dogs. Puppies available now.

Dolce Sinfonia Yorkshire Terriers KennelItaly
Dolce Sinfonia Yorkies

Dolce Sinfonia is the glamorous home of several stunning Yorkshire Terrier champions of beauty known worldwide.Its founder, Sabrina Parisi has been involved in dog shows and breeding since the early age of 13.Her Yorkies are AKC and FCI registered.

They have won over 100 championships worldwide. They have also been featured in several famous magazines, books, encyclopedia documentaries, CD covers, TV shows; and have been used in dog commercial such as the Eukanuba Dog Food.These amazing Yorkies have also become the choice of many celebrities.Sabrina is the founder of Dolce Sinfonia fashion; founder and president of "America Health For All" a not for profit organization (to assist to pay for pet health care for the needy); supports various charity events. She is the author of "Passport Of A Champion" (an amazing and informative book on toy and terrier breeds) that has been released and sold out in December 2006.

Blandy's Madeira Yorkshire Terriers KennelCzechia
Blandy's Madeira Yorkies

Presentation of our dogs - show results, pictures and more. Occasionally we have puppies.

Malé potěšení Yorkshire Terriers KennelCzechia
Malé potěšení Bohemia Nobility

Yorkshire terrier kennel (FCI) from Czech. Photos, results of shows and atc.

Hekaba Yorkshire Terriers KennelCzechia

Yorkshire Terrier from kennel Czech Republic.

Jasmínový Sen Yorkshire Terriers KennelCzechia
Jasmínový Sen

Yorkshire Terrier breeding station FCI, Czech Republic.

 Yorkville Yorkshire Terrier KennelPoland
YORKVILLE - The Yorkshire Terrier Kennel

Welcome Very Cordially to the website of YORKVILLE - The Yorkies Kennel from Poland - Cracow. Come in and take a look !!!

Joranza Yorkshire TerrierSlovakia
Joranza - Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier breeding station.

Питомник Веа-СтарRussia
Питомник Веа-Стар

Добро пожаловать на сайт питомника "Веа-Стар" (РКФ-FCI), посвященного породам - пекинес, йоркширский терьер,папийон.

Pekingese Papillon

питомник Босс КонсулатRussia
питомник Босс Консулат

Питомник "БОСС КОНСУЛАТ" приветствует Вас и представляет породы собак: чихуахуа, йоркширский терьер, пекинес.

Chihuahua Pekingese

Alibi YorkshireItaly
ALIBI Yorkshire

In Italy: first class breeding center yorkies as pet-companions. Some quality show-dogs. Alibi's dogs are all DNA tested. Dvd, articles, TV advertising. Sponsor of Italian yorkie portal (Il Portale Italiano dello Yorkshire).

Maryons Home Yorkshire TerriersSlovakia
Maryons Home

Top kennel yorkshire terrier of Slovakia.

Arms LionYorkshire TerriersRussia
Chihuahua & Yorkshire Terrier

The nursery Chihuahuas and Yorkshire Terriers "ARMS LION" (Saint Petersburg, Russia) is engaged in cultivation of the smallest in the world doggie. In their family trees - champions from world renowned nurseries. All our pupils of show-class. They live with us as members of our family.

On the site we represent our breeding dogs, bitches, puppies for sale, their pedigrees, photogallery, the helpful information, short stories about dogs, clothes and much another useful things about the Chihuahua and Yorkshire Terrier.


Yorkshire Terrier Aesthetics kennelRussia
Aesthetics kennel

Fine pomeranians and yorkshire terriers of Russia.


Yorkshire Terriers Danube's heritageSlovakia
Danube's heritage

Yorkshire terriers - our males, females, puppies. You are welcome!

Yorkshire Terrier hafíka ŇufíkaOstrava, Czech Republic Dog Breeders
Stránky jednoho hafíka Ňufíka

This is site for my beautiful doggy Ňufi. It's yorkshire terrier from Ostrava from Czech republic.

Yorkshire Terriers Elevage du Jardin d'ArcosFrance

Venez rencontrer des races de chien que vous connaissez peu: Loup Tchèque, Shiba-inu, Akita-inu, Berger d'Islande, Spitz loup, Eurasier, Chien de Canaan, Suédois de Laponie, Teckel nain a poils longs, Caniche, Yorkshire.

Czeslovakian Wolfdog Shiba-inu Akita-inu Icelandic Sheepdog Wolfspitz Eurasier Canaan Dog Swedish Lapphund Dachshund Poodle

Yorkshire Terriers Kennel Skogsville'sSweden
Skogsville's Kennel

Proud breeders of IG's with show attitude.

Italian Greyhound

Yorkshire Terriers Kennel FireflitesSweden
Russkiy Toy & Yorkshire terrier

We are a small Kennel that breeds Russkiy toy and Yorkshire Terrier. With such small breeds it's of great weight and importance that the breeding is done with focus on healthy, mentally stable, anatomically correct animals.

We have taken on The Challange to do this in a ethical and sound way. Welcome to our site to see what we are all about!

Russkiy Toy

Yorkshire Terriers Shilhayork'sSpain
Shilhayork's Yorkshire Terriers

Specialized and small Yorkie kennel in Spain, breeding and exhibiting since 1989. Meet my lovely Yorkies, see many photos, pedigrees, information, etc. The best blood-lines of Europe and America.

Yorkshire Terriers Declan'sSlovakia
Declan's Yorkies

Yorkshire Terrier Kennel FCI.

Yorkshire Terriers Blue Teodoro'sItaly
Blue Teodoro's yorkshire terrier

Breed Yorkshire Terrier, puppies, exhibitor, photos, dog show.

Yorkshire Terriers Kennel Dinastija LKD-FCILithuania

Breeding Griffons Bruxellois,Griffons Belge, Yorkshire Terriers, Sealyham Terriers, West Highland White Terriers and Zwergschnauzer Black&White.

Brussels Griffon Belgian Griffon Miniature Schnauzer Sealyham Terrier West Highland White Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers Blue Star YorkyItaly

BLUESTARYORKY (FCI) Yorkshire Terrier Kennel from Italy! You can find puppies, photos, dog show ... Welcome to our website!!!!

Yorkshire Terriers Goodwill Silver BerryHungary
Goodwill Silver Berry

Goodwill Silver Berry Yorkshire Terrier Kennel.

Yorkshire Terrier Kennel Pensiero StupendoItaly
Pensiero Stupendo
Yorkshire Terrier Kennel

Pensiero Stupendo Yorkshire - The Best Yorkshire from Italy Champion, Photos, Puppies, Expo Dog.

Yorkshire Terrier Desire - YorkPoland
DESIRE - YORK Yorkshire Terrier

LADY PUNK Bakarat, BABYLON de la Pam'Pommeraie, VELVET-AMBITION du Domaine de Monderlay and all DESIRE Yorkies are inviting to visit our side.

Of Little Bunny Fu Fu Yorkshire Terrier KennelBudapest, Hungary Dog Breeders
Of Little Bunny Fu Fu
Yorkshire Terrier Kennel

of Little Bunny Fu Fu Yorkshire terrier Mesterkennel from Hungary. Dog Show & breeding.

Henceforths Yorkshire Terrier NewsNorway Dog Breeders
Yorkshire Terrier News

Yorkshire Terrier News from all over the world.

Alda's GoldStar Yorkshire TerrierPortugal
Alda's GoldStar - Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier from Portugal.

Royal Talisman Yorkshire TerriersGermany
Royal Talisman

Welcome to the VDH and FCI Yorkshire Terrier Breeder's home Royal Talisman!

Nové Kasio Yorkshire TerrierCzechia
Nové Kasio Yorkshire Terrier

Kennel Yorkshire Terrier from Czech Republic.

Питомник БертрашаRussia
Питомник Бертраша

Йоркширский терьер и Бивер- Йоркширский терьер,Yorkshire Terrier, Biewer Yorkshire Terrier, разведение, щенки. документы FCI - РКФ.

The Little Jo's Yorkshire Terriers and ChihuahuasGermany
The Little Jo's
Chihuahua and Yorkshire-Terrier

Breeder & exhibitor of quality yorkshire terriers and Chihuahua.


kennel L'End ShowRussia
kennel L'End Show

Welcome to us on a site! Here you will find beautiful bedlington and yorkshire terriers!!!!

Bedlington Terrier

Питомник Шелковый НосRussia

Питомник "Шелковый Нос" (РКФ) предлагает щенков Йоркширского терьера, Чихуа-хуа, Русского той-терьера, Померанского шпица полностью привитых,клейменых. Мы с радостью поможем Вам выбрать щенка,для души или для выставок. Приглашаем на вязки сук с высокопородными, кобелями. Также ведётся предварительная запись на щенков-Шпица, Йоркширского Терьера, Чихуа-хуа и Русского Той-терьера. При Питомнике есть свой ветврач и груммер, который всегда даст граммотную полезную консультацию.

Chihuahua German Spitz Russian Toy

Kennel DarikarUkraine

Welcome on a web site kennel FCI “DARIKAR” from Ukraine. Kennel specializing in breedings Mops/Pug, Pomeranian Spitz, Yorkshire Terrier, English Bulldog.

Добро пожаловать на сайт питомника “DARIKAR”. Питомник специализируется на породах: мопс, померанский шпиц, йоркширский терьер, английский бульдог.

Pug Pomeranian English Bulldog

Les Bruyères de Line Yorkshire TerrierFrance

Elevage familliale de Yorkshire terrier situé en Limousin (France) excellentes lignées, chiots LOF, têtes de poupées et petits nez, sérieux assuré.

Zuchtstätte ProvocateurSwitzerland
Zuchtstätte Provocateur

For more informations, please visit our Website.

German Shepherd Dog

De Sandra Yorkshire TerriersUkraine
De Sandra

The nursery is engaged in Yorkshire Terrier.

Vom Woogthal Yorkshire-TerrierGermany
Vom Woogthal Yorkshire-Terrier

Gesunde, typvolle Yorkshire-Terrier Vom Woogthal. Seit 1974.

Fun von Ernest Yorkshire Terrier kennelCzechia
Fun von Ernest Yorkshire Terrier Kennel

ICH, MCH. April Fun Bohemia Platina
CH. Semtex Bohemia Platina

Royal Sensation's Yorkshire TerriersNetherlands
Royal Sensation's

Yorkshire Terrier Kennel Royal Sensation's In the Netherlands. Presentation from our dogs. Show results, pictures and more.

Lindos Perritos Yorkshire-TerrierGermany
Lindos Perritos Yorkshire-Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers from Germany. Very nice Yorkies! Visit our website!!

IBC - Internationaler Biewer Yorkshire Terrier Club e. V.Germany
IBC - Internationaler Biewer Yorkshire Terrier Club e. V.

The IBC (Internationaler Biewer Yorkshire Terrier Club e.V.) is the largest, leading Biewer Yorkshire Terrier Club in the world. Please visit our website for all information.

We're looking forward to your visit,
Dagmar Pzystaw, President IBC

Anastasia York KennelCroatia Bulgaria
Anastasia York Kennel

My name is Maria Tzaneva and I'm from Sofia (Bulgaria) but at the present moment I'm living in Split (Croatia). The love of my life is my family, my two children, Anastasia, after who I have named the kennel, my son Martin and my Yorkshire terriers which is my hobby. At this moment I am President of the Bulgarian Yorkshire Terrier Club, FCI judge for 3rd and 9th groups as well as a professional handler. Everything started back in 1993, when it was still not so famous in Bulgaria and it was almost impossible to find a puppy in here. So with a lot of desire and impatience in 1994 I bought my first Yorkie from a foreign country. Her name is Von Sternfeld Happiness. Later she became a mother of four wonderful puppies, two of them, Zino and Sherry left in my home. Soon after that they started their appearence on shows and they took some well deserved awards, but that was only the beginning...

With the time, my love for Yorkies grew bigger and bigger and so does the number of Yorkies in our home. Some of my colegues compare the love for the Yorkies with "contagious desease", the cure for which is only buying a Yorkie. Our breeder owns doggies from famous european and world breeders. The main goal of our breeder is to improove the breeding selection in order to get healthy and beautyful puppies. Last but not least we're proud with our new friends, not only from our country but from countries worldwide. Now I wish You a pleasent day and a joyful stay on our site and if you feel captive of those lovable Yorkies, feel free to join the family and be our friends too!

Best Regards: Maria Tzaneva

ze Stribrne PlanetyCzechia
ze Stribrne Planety

We only use healthy tested males and females (DNA CEA, CL, TNS, HD...) with the best character and typical exterieur.

Border Collier

Kennel RadoorDenmark
Kennel Radoor

We are a small hobby kennel with yorkshire terrier in Denmark. Visit our homepage and look at our dogs, show results, pictures and more. Occasionally we have puppies.

Goldzhen'C kennelRussia
Goldzhen'C kennel

Yorkshire terrier in Moscov.

Kennel Frontrunner'sDenmark
Kennel Frontrunner's

Breeder of Whippets, Chihuahuas.

Chihuahua Whippet


"Lux-Liurex" Yorkshire terrier & Biewer Yorkshire a la pon pom Kennel in Italy.

Belyi Voin PekingeseRussia
BELYI VOIN Pekingese

Разведение собак породы Пекинес, Южнорусская овчарка, Йоркширский терьер. Лучшие представители пекинесов г. Самара. Результаты выставок, фотоальбомы, информация о щенках.

Pekingese South Russian Ovtcharka

Yorkshire Terrier Nobelland FCIPoland
Nobelland FCI Yorkshire Terrier

Kennel of dogs Yorkshire Terrier.

Hello Yorkies Yorkshire Terrier KennelRomania
Hello Yorkies - Yorkshire Terrier Kennel

A family based kennel, holding the purpose of raising good quality (pet or show) puppies, that are surrounded with lots of love and the best attention!

Satin Doll yorkshire terrier kennelRussia
Satin Doll yorkshire terrier kennel

Yorkshire terriers, puppies, photos, dog show.

Mabonda Yorskhire TerrierCzechia

Yorkshire terrier kennel (FCI) from Czech Republic.

Elevage du Diamant d'OrFrance
Elevage du Diamant d'Or

We are breeding german dog shepered and Yorkshire.

Nous elevons des bergers allemands et des yorkshires.

Nie sme jivotnoved ot German shepered i yjorkshirski terieri.

German Shepherd Dog

Igora Stars Yorshire TerrierRussia
Igora Stars

Yorkshire Terriers from Russia, Saint-Petersburg! Yorkshire terriers - our males, females, puppies. You are welcome!

ПКО Природа-Центр РКЦRussia
ПКО Природа-Центр РКЦ

Tribal Cynological association monobreed and mnogoporodnyh clubs and pitomnikov. Razvedenie and puppies for sale miniature, decorative, offices and hunting breeds.

Chihuahua Russian Toy West Highland White Terrier

Royal FunRussia
Royal Fun

Exclusive dogs breeds' small kennel. We focus on breeding top quality pure Biewers from Champions' bloodlines, rare Biro yorkshireand Russkiy Toy dogs of bright and exclusive colorings. You are most welcome to our website to admire our beautiful and exclusive dogs!

Russian Toy

Criadero Villa Maltes, shihtzu y yorkshireSpain
Criadero Villa
Maltes, shihtzu y yorkshire

Cria y venta de cachorros bichón maltes, líneas americanas. Hacemos una cria familiar y responsable, ofrecemos fotos y vídeos de malteses en nuestra web.

Maltese Shih Tzu

Dolce PaeseRussia
Dolce Paese

Hello, we are breeders of Chihuahuas and Yorkshire terriers. The tribal base of our kennel dogs are known to the world's nurseries. We regularly visit dog shows. In our nursery you can find a puppy for the show and just a pet.


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