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… dogs with good bloodlines from many different and excellent breeders around the world… correctly oriented in a breed, it is correct to grow the puppies… works with carefully selected bloodlines of proven top breeders worldwide… breeder, specialized in selection of small sizes, various colours, very typey, for show homes or pets… engaged in professional breeding the smallest and the most wonderful breed of short-haired Chihuahua as well as long-haired… sometimes have puppies for sale for dogshow and breeding program or Hobby aim… Breeder of the Chihuahua smooth and longcoat… strive to breed happy, healthy little dogs that conform to the breed standard and type… Chihuahua short and long hair from the best European bloodlines… Both parent dogs are tested on genetic disorders and… breed top quality chihuahuas of excellent type and soundness… carefully selected and carry one of the best bloodlines - England, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, Russia & USA… focus on breeding quality chihuahuas that have elegance and beauty but above all soundness and health… Breed and selection of Chihuahuas of short and long coat…     ***       Dog Breeders and Kennels -