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… works with carefully selected bloodlines of proven top breeders worldwide… breeder, specialized in selection of small sizes, various colours, very typey, for show homes or pets… Breeder of the Chihuahua smooth and longcoat… strive to breed happy, healthy little dogs that conform to the breed standard and type… focus on breeding quality chihuahuas that have elegance and beauty but above all soundness and health… dogs with good bloodlines from many different and excellent breeders around the world… correctly oriented in a breed, it is correct to grow the puppies… engaged in professional breeding the smallest and the most wonderful breed of short-haired Chihuahua as well as long-haired… sometimes have puppies for sale for dogshow and breeding program or Hobby aim… Chihuahua short and long hair from the best European bloodlines… Both parent dogs are tested on genetic disorders and… breed top quality chihuahuas of excellent type and soundness… carefully selected and carry one of the best bloodlines - England, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, Russia & USA… Breed and selection of Chihuahuas of short and long coat…     ***       Dog Breeders and Kennels -    


Chihuahuas Kennel Magic ShowEstonia

The first kennel of Silky Terriers and Chihuahuas in Estonia. It is registered in 1995..

Australian Silky Terrier

Chihuahuas SLO - White Rose KennelSlovenia Dog Breeders
Kennel SLO - White rose

Kennel SLO - White rose, breeding of Swiss white shepherds and Chihuahuas. Our breeding results in healthy, working and top quality show dogs.

White Swiss Shepherd Dog

Chihuahuas Action Alet KennelCzechia
Action Alet

Kennel chihuahua from the Czech Republic - quality home kennel.

MASSAR Chihuahuas & Japan Chins KennelRussian Federation Dog Breeders
Chihuahuas & Japan Chins Kennel

Professional breeding of Chihuahuas from 2001. We use best Europe and UK lines in our breeding program. We pay great attention to the health condition, feeding, grooming, and physical training of our dogs.

Our Chihuahuas have allthe best - best food, best care, best veterinary service.We are planning to produce very few litters per year. These high quality dogs will not only beautify the dog shows, but also will give their owners a real pleasure of friendship and communication.

Professional breeding and showing Japan Chins in Russia. We use best Europe, UK, Japan and of cause best Russian lines in our breeding program. We pay great attention to the health condition, feeding, grooming, and physical training of our dogs. We test all our Japan Chins for PL in our kennel.

Our Japan Chins have all the best - best food, best care, best veterinary service. We are planning to produce very few litters per year. These high quality dogs will not only beautify the dog shows, but also will give their owners a real pleasure of friendship and communication.

Japan Chin

Four Seasons Kennel & Four Seasons Mexican KennelHungary
Four Seasons Kennel
& Four Seasons Mexican Kennel

2009. Top Spaniel Kennel
(all spaniel breeds of the group 8!)
2003., 2004., 2005., 2007., 2008., 2009.years Top American Cocker Kennel in Hungary!

Bronze- Silver- and Golden Rooped Masterbreeders! ... and home of the Junior World Winner and Best Of Breed 2010. Herning, Dania:

Chihuahua long haired & short haired!

American Cocker Spaniel

Chihuahuas Andrax Gold KennelSlovakia
Andrax Gold kennel

Chihuahua & Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from Slovakia. Stud dog, shows, puppies, more informations and photos about our dogs.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Chihuahuas Helena's Band KennelRussia

HELENA'S BAND Chihuahuas. We'll breed both coats chihuahua and all colors and pattern. Our dogs are all members of our family, they warm our beds as well as our hearts.

Chihuahuas Pink Candy KennelMoscow/Russia Dog Breeders
Pink Candy - Chihuahuas

Pink Candy - Chihuahuas Puppies.

Chininas kennelSweden
Chininas kennel

We breeds Chihuahua, Cirneco dell'Etnas and Italian Greyhounds. Our dogs live as part of our family and sleeps in bed and sit in the TV sofa at night.

Italian greyhound Cirneco dell'Etna

Ehl Dynasty Chihuahuas kennelCzechia
Ehl Dynasty - Chihuahuas kennel

Breeding station of chihuahua long haired, information about dog shows, training, nutrition, care of coat and much more. Breed male and female and their puppies.

Shani ShanChihuahuasRussia
SHANI SHANpugs & chihuahuas

Pug & chihuahua "Shani Shan".


Chihuahuas Flor de Canela KennelNorway Dog Breeders
Flor de Canela

A small breed of chihuahua in home invirement.

питомник Босс КонсулатRussia
питомник Босс Консулат

Питомник "БОСС КОНСУЛАТ" приветствует Вас и представляет породы собак: чихуахуа, йоркширский терьер, пекинес.

Yorkshire Terrier Pekingese

Allevamento ChihuahuaItaly
del Baccano - Allevamento Bassotti, Chihuahua e Bouledogue Francese

Allevamento riconosciuto enci per la selezione Chihuahua pelo corto e lungo - Bassotti pelo corto nani e kanichen - Bouledogue Francese.

Dachshund French Bulldog

Arms Lion ChihuahuasRussia
Chihuahua & Yorkshire Terrier

The nursery Chihuahuas and Yorkshire Terriers "ARMS LION" (Saint Petersburg, Russia) is engaged in cultivation of the smallest in the world doggie. In their family trees - champions from world renowned nurseries. All our pupils of show-class. They live with us as members of our family.

On the site we represent our breeding dogs, bitches, puppies for sale, their pedigrees, photogallery, the helpful information, short stories about dogs, clothes and much another useful things about the Chihuahua and Yorkshire Terrier.

Yorkshire Terrier

Christichsun Chihuahua KennelRussian Federation Dog Breeders

Professional breeding long coat and smooth coat chihuahuas traditional and rare colors.

Chihuahua Elevage de MisandreFrance
Elevage de Misandre

Dogue Allemand et Chihuahua de Misandre.

Great Dane


Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Chihuahua But Were Afraid to Ask.

Space Invaders ChihuahuasRussia

Kennel chihuahua long coat and smooth coat and all colors of show of display. Professional duplication Chihuahuas. We pay the big attention to a condition of health, submission, leaving, and physical training of our dogs. Our dogs - all members of our family.

These high-quality dogs not only will decorate displays of a dog, but also and will give their owners real pleasure of friendship and the communications. Prestigious kennel Space Invaders with puppies sometimes for sale.

Chihuahuas z Jantarovej cestySlovakia
CHS z Jantárovej cesty

Longhair chihuahua kennel "z Jantarovej cesty" from Kysucke Nove Mesto, Slovakia. You are welcome to visit us, have a look at our chis!

Chovateľská stanica dlhosrstých čiváv "z Jantárovej cesty", Kysucké Nové Mesto, Slovensko

Chihuahuas Zvezdnaya StragaMoscow, Russia Dog Breeders
Zvezdnaya Straga chihuahuas

Chihuahuas "Zvezdnaya Straga", puppies chihuahuas, clothes for dogs.

Chihuahuas Xeliantos LittleRussia

Is glad to welcome you on pages of my site!
You for certain know, that chihuahua it is considered the smallest breed of dog in the world, differently to tell, pocket a dog. Not looking for the small size, these lovely creations give huge power to those whom love.

They are capable to be sensitive, is boundless the tender, devoted friends. Everything, that you here will see, is anyhow connected with my favourite chihuahua.

Chihuahuas Deli Bir'sRussian Federation Dog Breeders

Smooth and long-coated chihuahua kennel from Russia.

Caletto ChihuahuasPoland
CALETTO - Show Dogs Team

Caletto is a small kennel in Poland. Our passion are dogs and shows. With us live: Miniature Schnauzers, Whippets, Toy Poodle, Chiuhaha. I invite you to visit my web page.

Miniature Schnauzer Whippet Poodle

Chihuahuas de la Niche ImpérialeFrance
De la Niche Impériale Chihuahua

French breeder's chihuahua long coat since 1993.

Chihuahuas European FriendshipGermany
European Friendship Chihuahuas

Short and long hair Chihuahuas. We are breeding with excellent lines.

Chihuahuas Del Passo del TurchinoItaly
Del Passo del Turchino

Allevamento per la selezione del Chihuahua, shetland e collie.

Shetland Sheepdog Collie Rough Collie Smooth

Chihuahuas von CandybellGermany
von Candybell - Chihuahua

Welcome to all Chihuahua Friends!
Chihuahuas belong to one of the wonderfull Dog-Personalities. They are happy, brave, intelligent and especially proud. This feature are important in our breedingprogram. With infinitive and passion we are breeding after the standard and under the FCI with the kennelname "Chihuahua von Candybell".

Our dogs are growing up with best care. We put on value on a good social coinage, so that the living together with them becomes from beginning for a true pleasure, mutual profit and to the joy. We achieve this precoinage, while our chihuahuas live integrative as members of the family. So our puppies congeners and also grow up with us. In our small but fine breeding value on excellent Geno-and Phänotypus - faithful to our principle after which beauty, health and being firmness show a well balanced unity.

We promote this natural balance in our dogs, among other things by a excellent food which we hold in particular with smallest-races for inalienable, as well as by a comprehensively straightened, certified veterinary care. Quality goes for us in every regard before quantity, which is why we reserve ourselves to deliver our chihuahuas only to select holders and breeders - just in those best hands which these miraculous dogs earn. We are glad very much about your interest. Furthermore a lot of joy on our pages.

'Sholin Vikris' FCI KennelBulgaria

Sholin Vikris is a Bulgarian kennel for Chihuahua. We breed our dogs with much love and care. All of them are different. We select our chihuahua dogs from different champion bloodlines. The puppies have its own color, vision charm and character. Chihuahuas are our passion!!!

Chihuahua Herederos del OlimpoSpain
Herederos del Olimpo

Cria y selección de chihuahuas de pelo corto. Seriedad y calidad. Cachorritos para show y compañía. Pedigree de la R.S.C.E. Excelentes líneas de sangre.

Chihuahuas MoreliaEngland
Morelia Chihuahuas

Breeders of Smoothcoat & Longcoat chihuahuas in England.

Chihuahua de la PazGermany
de la Paz Chihuahua

Unser Zuchtziel ist es Chihuahua´s zu Züchten die Gesund, Typvoll und ein sehr kräftiges Wesen besitzen, sie dürfen nur mit PL 0/0, geschlossener Fontanelle, ein Gewicht zwischen 2-3 kg, und einen kompakten Körperbau zur Zucht haben.

Großen Wert legen wir auf die Sozialisierung und Prägung bei unseren großen Chihuahua´s und vorallem bei den Welpen. Deswegen wachsen sie mit Kindern und anderen Hunden, egal welcher Größe, bei uns auf.

Auch nach der Abgabe von unseren Welpen, stehen wir ihnen mit Rat und Tat zur Seite. Gerne können sie uns auch mal Besuchen kommen, mit Voranmeldung natürlich. Wir und unsere Rasselbande würden uns sehr freuen.

Unsere Welpen wachsen im mitte der Familie auf und des Rudels, rundum mit viel liebe und fürsorge aufgezogen. Die ersten 12 Wochen sind die wichtigsten Wochen eines Welpens, wo sie geprägt und sozialisiert werden. Unsere Welpen werden ab der 12 Lebenswoche in liebevolle Hände abgegeben. Die kleinen sind, dann ans Hundeklo, Geschirr, Auto fahren, alltägliche Geräusche, andere Hunde und Kinder gewöhnt.

Sie sind regelmäßig entwurmt, komplett geimpft (EU-Heimtier Impfausweis) und gechipt. Und bekommen VDH-VK Papiere mit.

Chihuahua von der RobinsoninselGermany
Von der Robinsoninsel Chihuahuas

A short hair and long hair chihuahua's breeding with excellent international lines. The dogs become big in the family. No kennel position. Are delivered with 12 weeks housebroken only in affectionate hands.

Eine Kurz- und Langhaar Chihuahuazucht mit ausgezeichneten internationalen Linien. Die Hunde werden in der Familie groß. Keine Zwingerhaltung. Werden mit 12 Wochen stubenrein nur in liebevolle Hände abgegeben.

Chihuahua Beautypaw KennelSweden
Beautypaw Kennel

A small kennel with goals of breeding nice, healty, quality chihuahuas. We don't breed on merles! We love our dogs and they are family members that lives with us inside the house. We are located in south Sweden. The kennel is reg. in FCI and SKK.

Chihuahuas vom SilberbergGermany
vom Silberberg Chihuahuas

Mein Name ist Christel Breyther und ich lebe mit meiner Familie & den Chi's im Harzer-Vorland zwischen Bad Harzburg und Wolfenbüttel in dem kleinem Dörfchen Börßum. Seit vielen Jahren züchte ich mit Begeisterung den bezaubernden langhaar Chihuahua. Meine Zucht ist bewusst klein und überschaubar gehalten.

Mein Augenmerk in der Zucht entspricht dem FCI-Rasse Standard und der VDH-Zuchtordnung. Mein Bestreben ist es, sehr wesensfest, gesunde, robuste und temperamentvolle Chi's zu züchten, die einen kompakten, quadratisch und korrekten Körperbau besitzen. Bei einem Gewicht von ca 2-3 kg und einer geschlossenen Fontanelle.

Das Gesamtbild eines intelligenten und unternehmungslustigen typvollen Chihuahuas ist für mich als Züchter sehr wichtig.

Meine Chihuahua-Familie, ob "alt oder jung" gehören selbstverständlich zu unserer Familien. Das ist auch der Grund dafür, dass ich manchmal von unseren Familienmitgliedern spreche, wenn ich unsere Chi's meine. Meine Familienmitglieder können sich frei bewegen und daher wohnen die Chi's selbstverständlich mit in unserem Haus. Somit wachsen alle Welpen in den Wohnräumen auf und nehmen von Anfang an teil an unserem Leben.

Alle Welpen werden mehrfach entwurmt, geimpft und gechipt. Sie werden gut sozialisiert und auf Stubenreinheit geprägt. Weiterhin werden sie spielerisch an ihre Umwelt gewöhnt, dazu gehören unter anderem:

* ihre zukünftigen Besitzer,
* die Gewöhnung an Kinder,
* das Autofahren,
* das Herumtoben im Garten,
* das Lernen an der Leine zu laufen
* und natürlich noch viel mehr...

Meinen Käufern stehe ich gern "vor & nach" dem Kauf eines Welpen mit Rat und Tat zur Seite! Bedenken Sie, daß es ein kleiner Freund für Ihr Leben sein sollte!

Die Überlegung kommt vor dem Kauf.

Ihre Christel Breyther

Van't land van Aalst ChihuahuasBelgium
Van't land van Aalst Chihuahuas

We bred and showing chihuahuas until many years with love for these beautiful dog. Our chies are living in our house with us. Sometimes puppies availible for serieus people. Always welcome here.

Le Jardin Des LutinsFrance
Le Jardin Des Lutins

Elevage LOF, spécialisé dans le chihuahua et le spitz allemand taille nain situé en plein coeur des vosges.

German Spitz

Damjan's Diamond FCI ChihuahuasSlovenia Dog Breeders
Damjan's Diamond FCI Chihuahuas

Diamonds are very precious like our chihuahuas are precious for us. We have small home kennel of this adorable breed. Our dogs are first of all our big pets but they are also successful show dogs.

Les Lutins Du GolfeFrance
Les Lutins Du Golfe

L’élevage des lutins du golfe est situé dans le Morbihan près de Vannes, venez découvrir en avant première sur notre site les photos de nos chihuahuas poils longs et leurs  bébés  ainsi que leur pédigrées. Vous pourrez y choisir tranquillement votre futur petit compagnon.

Elevage Des Secrets du LantanaFrance
Elevage Des Secrets du Lantana

Petit élevage familial de Chihuahuas. Visitez mon site !

Smatuvans Kennel FCI ChihuahuasSweden
Smatuvans Kennel (FCI)

A tiny breeding of chihuahuas since 1990 with top winning dogs in Sweden.

Amazing Tails ChihuahuasNorway Dog Breeders
Amazing Tails

Small Breeder of Chihuahua in Norway. Good quality lines from USA, Sweden and Ireland.

Domaci Stesti Kennels ChihuahuasCzechia
Domaci Stesti Kennels

We are a small family kennel breeding since 1995, we aim to breed healthy, quality chihuahuas as by the standard. Show quality puppies from our champion bloodlines occasionally availble.

Chihuahuas CondelinajesSpain
Condelinajes Chihuahuas

Chihuahuas puppies in all colours included Merle.

Vida perra chihuahua kennelCzechia
Vida perra chihuahua kennel

Vida perra chihuahua kennel, Prague, Czech republic. Our smoothcoated chihuahuas, shows, galleries.

RoedamarNorthern Ireland Dog Breeders

We are a small family run hobby kennel in the heart of the irish countryside.All our dogs are much loved pets first and foremost. They share our home and our lives. We breed for temperament, type, brains and beauty.Occasionaly we will have a litter of pups but only if we feel we can further the breed by the mating.

German Shepherd Dog Great Dane

Chihuahua kennel Zoya's Kingdom FCIRussia
Zoya's Kingdom FCI - Chihuahua kennel

Chihuahua breeding, chihuahua puppies for sale.

Chihuahua Kennel Vellory StyleKharkov, Ukraine Dog Breeders
Vellory Style - Chihuahua Kennel

Welcome to Chihuahua Kennel FCI "Vellory Style"!

Добро пожаловать в питомник чихуахуа "Vellory Style"!

The Little Jo's Yorkshire Terriers and ChihuahuasGermany
The Little Jo's
Chihuahua and Yorkshire-Terrier

Breeder & exhibitor of quality yorkshire terriers and Chihuahua.

Yorkshire Terrier

Chihuahua-Zucht vom WichtelhofGermany
Chihuahua-Zucht vom Wichtelhof

Unsere Chihuahua-Zucht "vom Wichtelhof" besteht nun seit vielen Jahren, in denen wir uns einen reichen Erfahrungsschatz über diese wunderschöne Hunderasse aufgebaut haben. Mehrfach im Jahr haben wir Welpen aus Championverpaarungen. Bei den Verpaarungen achten wir besonders auf die schönen,rassespezifischen Apfelköpfe und natürlich auf die Gesundheit der Tiere. Unsere Zuchttiere sind selbstverständlich alle PL-frei. Wir legen es nicht darauf an, diese schon sehr kleine Rasse, noch kleiner zu züchten. Mit andern Worten : wir wollen nicht um jeden Preis Minis heraus züchten. Alle unsere Zuchthündinen haben ein Gewicht ab 2kg (wie von Zuchtverbänden empfohlen), unsere Rüden sind entsprechend kleiner. Dennoch sind in sehr vielen Würfen auch Minis und besonders klein bleibende Welpen dabei. Nachfragen lohnt sich also. Wir betreiben auch keine Zwinger- oder Massentierhaltung. Alle unsere Tiere leben mit uns im Haus und haben Familienanschluß. Deshalb sind unsere Welpen auch sehr zutraulich, kennen alle Alltagsgeräusche und sind gesund.

Die Welpen, die zur Abgabe stehen, sind natürlich immer geimpft, gechipt, mehrfach entwurmt, besitzen den EU-Impfpaß und Ahnentafel und sind an Katzentoilette vorerzogen.Wir bilden die Welpen, die zum Verkauf stehen, immer auf unserer Webseite ab. Sehen Sie sich dort doch einfach einmal um.

Chihuahuazucht vom Lincolnsberg Switzerland
Chihuahuazucht vom Lincolnsberg

Chihuahuazucht vom Lincolnsberg (FCI, SKG, SZC)
Herzlich Willkommen bei Monika & Pit Kreuzwieser und den Lincolnsbergler. Wir wünschen Ihnen viel Freude bei Ihrem Besuch auf unserer Webseite. Seit vielen Jahren züchten wir Langhaar- und Kurzhaar Chihuahua's nach den strengen Vorschriften der FCI, SKG und des Schweizerischen Zwerghundverbandes.

Russian Toy Terrier and Chihuahua at mini-dogs.ruRussia
Russian Toy Terrier and Chihuahua

Dog club of breeders in Moscow who dedicated the whole their life to breed the smallest dogs in the world. At our website you can see photo albums of puppies Russian Toy terrier (Toy Dog) and Chihuahua who were already sold to our customers, so you can see the quality of our breeding.

Besides attractive pictures of our puppies and hot ads for sale you can find a lot of interesting information about these amazing dogs. Our website is operate for a while only on Russian, but if want to contact with us we have people who can communicate in English. Our slogan is: "Minimum problem - Maximum pleasure" for a family who love dogs!

Russian Toy

Питомник Шелковый НосRussia

Питомник "Шелковый Нос" (РКФ) предлагает щенков Йоркширского терьера, Чихуа-хуа, Русского той-терьера, Померанского шпица полностью привитых,клейменых. Мы с радостью поможем Вам выбрать щенка,для души или для выставок. Приглашаем на вязки сук с высокопородными, кобелями. Также ведётся предварительная запись на щенков-Шпица, Йоркширского Терьера, Чихуа-хуа и Русского Той-терьера. При Питомнике есть свой ветврач и груммер, который всегда даст граммотную полезную консультацию.

German Spitz Yorkshire Terrier Russian Toy

Chihuahua von Hohenlohe FichtenauGermany
von Hohenlohe Fichtenau Chihuahua

Gepflegte Chihuahua Zucht "von Hohenlohe Fichtenau". Wir züchten diese reizende Rassehunde in Lang- und Kurzhaar sowie in besonderen Fellfarben. Sollten wir Ihr Interesse geweckt haben, schauen Sie sich doch unsere Homepage an und Sie können sich ein Bild über unsere Hundehaltung und Chihuahua´s machen. Zeitweise im Jahr Welpen abzugeben aus liebevoller Familienaufzucht.

Die Welpen, die zur Abgabe stehen, sind natürlich immer geimpft, tragen einen Transponder Microchip, wurden mehrfach entwurmt, besitzen den EU-Impfpaß und eine Ahnentafel und gehen auf die Katzentoilette.

Chihuahuas vom BodenseeGermany
vom Bodensee Chihuahuas

Wir züchten Chihuahuas in Kurz- und Langhaar und haben zeitweise typvolle Welpen abzugeben.

Chihuahuas By Mylove'sDenmark
By Mylove's

Breeding with love for both long and short hair chihuahua. Member of DKK/FCI.

Cyara's ChihuahuasGermany
Cyara's Chihuahuas

Wir widmen uns der Zucht gesunder, charakterstarker und hochtypischer Chihuahuas in den Varietäten Langhaar und Kurzhaar im VDH / FCI. Unsere Hunde leben mit uns in Haus und Garten und begleiten uns recht erfolgreich zu Ausstellungen in viele Länder.

Chihuahuas de YucatanAustria
De Yucatan Chihuahuas

Smooth- and longcoated chihuahua kennel with exellent lines in Austria. It is registrered in 1979 and you find pictures and information on our web-sites!

Питомник   МИНИ КРОШКИRussia
Питомник   МИНИ КРОШКИ

Племенной питомник "МИНИ  КРОШКИ"входящий в состав ПКО "ПРИРОДА-ЦЕНТР" занимается разведением самых маленьких, самых крошечных,карманных собачек - Чихуахуа, Русский Той-терьер и Французский бульдог.

В своей работе мы стараемся получить таких  миниатюрных "лапочек", определением для которых станет-"радость на  лодошке". В нашем питомнике вседа найдется малютка на любой ,даже самый изысканый вкус.

Russian Toy French Bulldog

Chiatena ChihuahuasPoland

Zapraszam do obejrzenia mojej stronki z fotkami moich suczek chihuahua oraz szczeniaczkami na sprzedaż.

Kennel Koru ChihuahuasNorway Dog Breeders
Kennel Koru - Chihuahua

Kennel Koru, Chihuahua breeder in Norway!
The affix "Koru" means new life, peace, strength and growth. We have a small breeding of long-and smooth coated chihuahuas.

We will never have a huge kennel. For us it is important that we have time for each dog, the shows and litters that come with each dog. Our dogs live in the house with us, and are a big part of the family.

On our website you can participate in our life of dogshows,litters and offcourse our beloved little dogs.

Saint Simon Kennel ChihuahuaHungary
Saint Simon Kennel

Little sweety puppys from Saint Simon Kennel.

vom Montfortwald Chihuahuas (VDH/FCI)Germany
vom Montfortwald Chihuahuas (VDH/FCI)

I'm a FCI Chihuahua Breeder from Germany. We breed only with PL 0/0 and healty Dogs with good Bloodlines.

Azmirs kennel russkiy toy coton de tulear chihuahuaSweden
Azmirs kennel
russkiy toy - coton de tulear - chihuahua

Small homely breeding of Russkiy toy, coton de tulear and chihuahua in Sweden.

Russian Toy Coton de Tulear

Astra Vitus Chihuahua kennel Russia
ASTRA VITUS Chihuahua kennel

The nursery is registered in РКФ-FCI in 2002. We professionally are engaged in cultivation of sleek-haired and long-haired Chihuahua every possible окрасовю In our nursery you always will pick up to myself the pupil to liking, receive professional consultation on education, cultivation and veterinary science.

Chihuahuas Kennel Happy DooNorway Dog Breeders
Kennel Happy Doo

Small breeding of Chihuahua.

Elevage du Grand BaronnetFrance
Elevage du Grand Baronnet

We breed several races of pets: Dogs : Shar-Pei, Chihuahua, and Dachshund. Cat : Sacred of Burma (Burma cats).

Our website will introduce you to the reasons that brought us to breed these races, and you will find all puppys and Kittens that are available. Moreover, there are pictures of our reproductors, and in every page contact informations. We speak English, German, French, and a little bit of Spanish.

Shar Pei Dachshund

Sugarhills Chihuahua kennelSweden
SUGARHILLS Chihuahua kennel

We breed Chihuahuas, and have imported the most famous lines from very nice kennels,from all over the world.

In our breeding program we strive to breed perfect Chihuahuas in every way, In Health, Body and Soul! We are located on the exotic island of GOTLAND in the baltic sea, belongs to Sweden. We ship world wide. We are members of FCI, SKK, AKC.
Welcome to contact us! Sincerely
Mr Peter Borgenstrand

Honor ShantevalMoscow, Russia Dog Breeders
Honor Shanteval

Top kennel of Shih-tzu, Chihuahua, Russkiy Toy from Russia, Moscow.

Shih Tzu Russian Toy

DolcechihuahuaSan Cesareo - Rome, Italy Dog Breeders

Allevamento Amatoriale esclusivodel Chihuahua: Selezione pelo lungo e corto, San Cesareo - Roma - Italia.

 Del Templo Mayor ChihuahuasFrance

We love chihuahuas since 31 years and breed them at home since5 years, in France. Our dogs are healthy, show quality and sometimeswith rare colours... We breed long and short coat...have a look on our website and make your dream come true !

Los Reyes del Nueve ChihuahuasSpain
Los Reyes del Nueve Chihuahuas

Cría y selección familiar de chihuahua de pelo corto y largo. Chihuahuas para compañía, cría, y exposición.

Breeding and selection family of the chihuahua short hair and long. Chihuahuas for company, breeding, and exhibition.

Baby Killer Kennel Italy
Baby Killer Kennel

Allevamento, altamente qualificato, che alleva nel rispetto dei propri cani, i cuccioli nascono e vivono in casa.

La passione, l'amore per i cani e le soddisfazioni nel campo espositivo hanno contribuito il successo dell'allevamento. I proprietari Dario e Francesca allevano con amore Le razze che allevano, Bulldog Inglese e Chihuahua a pelo corto e lungo. Selezionano le migliori linee di sangue Inglesi per i bulldog e le più rinomate e prestigiose linee mondiali di Chihuahua da esposizione.

Situato alle porte di Milano, in un tranquillo paesino della campagna lombarda, vanta bellissimi esemplari di Bulldog, Greyhound si affiancano Chihuahua pelo corto e lungo di cui è noto il carattere vivace ed estroso.

Nati da genitori allevati con assoluto amore e passione, di cui si possono vedere all’ interno dell’ allevamento i genitori, cuccioli BABY KILLER KENNEL si presentano assai docili e assolutamente socievoli, tali da essere adatti anche come fedeli compagni.

English Bulldog Greyhound

Des Disciples de Yoda ChihuahuasFrance
Des Disciples de Yoda

Elevage de chihuahuas LOF poils courts.

Z Dynastie Chan ChihuahuaCzechia
Z Dynastie Chan - Chihuahua

Small kennel with qualitty chihuahuas for show and breeding, we prefare smooth coat type.

FCI Ammeron - kennef of chihuahuaSlovakia
FCI Ammeron - kennef of chihuahua

A short hair and long hair chihuahua's breeding with excellent international lines.

Belissimo Bravo ChihuahuasRussia

Chihuahua Belissimo Bravo it is our children. It is a little of them and we do everything that they were happy.

Intergalaxia Chihuahua KennelSlovakia
INTERGALAXIA - Chihuahua Kennel

Kennel chihuahua long coat and smooth coat and all colors from Slovakia. - DOMAIN FOR SALE - MAKE AN OFFER!
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