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Mastín del Pirineo / Pyrenean Mastiff / Mâtin des Pyrénées / Pyrenäen-Mastiff

Finigan Pyrenean Mastiffs KennelPoland
Finigan American Akitas

Breeder of American Akitas & White Toy Poodles.

American Akita White Toy Poodle

No'Lobos kennelSweden
No'Lobos kennel

No'Lobos kennel breeds Pyrenean Mastiff and Cão da Serra da Estrela. We also have a Cão da Serra de Aires. We've had Pyrenean Mastiff since - 96, Cão da Serra da Estrela since - 95 and Cão da Serra de Aires since 2005. If you want to know more about us and our dogs, please contact us!

Serra da Estrela Mountain Dog Portuguese Sheepdog

Pyrenees Breeding Farma ŠtěkotCzechia
ŠTĚKOT Pyrenees Breeding Farma

First Pyrenees breeding in CZ (Bohemia) mastin de los pirineos, chien de montagne des pyrenees, berger des pyrenees normale, berger des pyrenees face rase, puppies, cover male, health breeding hd 0/0, information,dogs show, juniorhandling, works dogs.

Pyrenean Mountain Dog Long-haired Pyrenean Sheepdog Pyrenean Sheepdog - smooth faced

Forever Drem FCICzechia

Breeding pyrenees dogs, puppies, dogs show, information,cover male,juniorhandling.

Zucht pyrenaen rassen, welpen, hundeausstellungen, info, deckenrüden, wettbewerb.

Pyrenean Mountain Dog Pyrenean Sheepdog

JCh. Murtoi's BongoCzechia

Cover male JCH.JCH.DJ (MURTOI´S BONGO) - young male, 90cm high, Juniorchampion cz, Juniorchampion klub, club young winner, National winner, BIS Adulthandling, 3x BOB, 7x CAJC, working dog.

Deckenrüde JCH.JCH.DJ (Murto´s Bongo) jung Rüde, 90 cm Höhe, multichampion, arbeit-hunde.

Gaspalleira Mastín del Pirineo y Jack Russell TerrierSpain
Gaspalleira Mastín del Pirineo
y Jack Russell Terrier

Cria y selección de Mastín del Pirineo y Jack Russell Terrier.

Jack Russell Terrier

Reis D'Aragón Mastines del PirineoSpain
Reis D'Aragón Mastines del Pirineo

Criadores de perros de la raza Mastín del Pirineo.

Dog breeders of Pyrenean Mastiffs.


We are pyrenean mastiff breeders.

Some years ago we couldn't find pyrenean mastiff female puppy in Russia. And because of that we went to the Spain and took puppy — Altoaragon Dalida to the our place with us. As she was growing we were feeling in love to such beautiful gigantic dog breed.

And now we are try to make that breed more popular in Russia. We met all pyrenean mastiff's breeders from Russia. And we also have conversation and meeting with many pyrenean mastiff's breeders from othe countries.

Today we have pyrenean mastiff's litter from World Champions! We are ready for the cooperation and consultation.

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