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 Podengo Portuguęs / Portuguese Warren Hound / Portuguese Podengo /
 Portuguese Podengos Pequenos

 Chien de garenne portugais - Podengo portugais / Portugiesischer Podengo

Viamonte PodengosPortugal Dog Breeders
Viamonte - Podengos

VIAMONTE is recognised by the FCI since 1993. The wire hair Portuguese Podengo Pequeno is our passion. Several World Winners, European Winners and Champions from diferent countries have born in our home. Our Podengos are well known worldwide. Take a look at our website and sign our guestbook.

PlushcourtUnited Kingdom Dog Breeders

Top Winning Show Kennel of Portuguese Podengos Pequenos, Wire and Smooth Coats, Border Terriers and Petit Basset Griffon Vendeens.

Border Terrier         Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen

mastiffs-podengos-grandes.blogspot.comPortugal Dog Breeders

Um site das raças mastiff e podengos portugues de pelo liso.


Pharaoh Hound & Portuguese Warren Hound Kennel ChassellisSweden Dog Breeders
Kennel Chassellis

A small breeding of Pharaohhound and Podengo Portugues smooth pequeno. All the dogs lives in the house with the rest of the family out in the country in South of Sweden.

Pharaoh Hound

Casa dos Gigantes mastiffs e podengos grandes de pelo lisoPortugal Dog Breeders
Casa dos Gigantes

Breeder mastiff and portuguese podengo grande.


Pia's kennelSweden Dog Breeders
Pia's kennel

Japanese chin, Podengo Portugues Grande, Italien Greyhound, Yorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua in Sweden. Sound, helthy and happy dogs for pet, show and breed.

Japanese Chin

Italian Greyhound         Yorkshire Terrier         Chihuahua

Zagubione Marxenia (FCI)Germany Dog Breeders
'of Great Promise' - Podengo portugese, Irish Wolfhounds

Frist Kennel of Podendo portugese pequeno wire hair in Germany. Small breeding with Top Winning Show Kennel of Portuguese Podengos Pequenos. To know more, please, visit our website. We are looking for podengo lovers worldwide. English and german spoken.

Irish Wolfhound

Stormwitch Portuguese PodengoEngland Dog Breeders
Stormwitch Portuguese Podengo

We are a small breeder based in East Anglia, in England. We are very dedicated to the sensible promotion, breeding, and maintenance, of the Portuguese Podengo. We strive to keep to the breed standard and Portuguese origins.

Health and temperament are our utmost priority. All our dogs are first and foremost our companions through life, but being a very versatile breed, we participate in exhibiting (UK and Europe), agility, lure chasing, all for fun and exercise.

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