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kennel chihuahua Judi Teilor FCIBelarus
Judi Teilor FCI chihuahua kennel

Judi Teilor Chihuahua kennel FCI is engaged exclusively in one of the most devoted and smallest dogs in the world — Chihuahua, in our kennel you can buy, as short-haired Chihuahua, as well as long-haired representatives of the breed.

We regularly participate in dog shows, both in Belarus, and abroad. Our cattery Chihuahua is included in international organization FCI and has the corresponding certificate. All puppies of kennel receive pedigree documents, the international veterinary passport, and also are completely vaccinated at the moment of departure from kennel. The geography of residence of our graduates is very broad: Europe, Israel, Russia, Belarus, USA.

Each puppy is examined by a veterinarian before leaving the kennel. If you want to buy purebred Chihuahua puppies without surprises, you can buy a puppy Chihuahua from us. Dogs purchased in our kennel receive life-long advice for owners if necessary we will help prepare the dog for an exhibition, assist in veterinary care, we are constantly in touch.


Chihuahua Baccara StarBelarus
Baccara Star Chihuahua

Our Kennel "Bakkara Star" (FCI) is a professional, family Chihuahua cattery. We are engaged in purebred breeding of healthy physically, genetically and mentally balanced, beautiful dogs of rare and traditional colors. Chihuahuas have been in our family for over 10 years. Our days are filled with pleasant communication with these beautiful animals. It brings great pleasure and joy.


LeKowalli Yorkshire TerrierBelarus

Welcome to LeKowalli breeding kennel!

Here you can find the bright representatives of the breed Chocolate Yorkshire Terrier and Biewer Yorkshire Terrier. We tell you about our pets and show you the photos of dogs and puppies from our kennel. Buying a puppy from us, you can count on the help and advice of kennel experts, as well as on further assistance in training and grooming of dog.

Добро пожаловать на сайт питомника LeKowalli!

Здесь вы можете ознакомиться с яркими представителями породы шоколадный йоркширский терьер и бивер йоркширский терьер. Мы расскажем Вам о наших питомцах, предоставим Вашему вниманию фотографии собак и щенков из нашего питомника. Покупая у нас щенка, Вы можете рассчитывать на помощь и консультации специалистов питомника, а также на дальнейшую помощь в воспитании и груминге собак.

Yorkshire Terrier

Laving Briz kennelBelarus

whippet kennel is located in Vitebsk, Belarus.

We try to base our breeding program on the best bloodlines of Europe and USA. Our goal is to breed whippets in accord with FCI standard. All our puppies have full vaccination, microchip, export pedigree and good socialization.

Enjoy your visit to our website and to the individual pages of our dogs and if you have any questions, please don`t hesistate to contact us.

You are always welcome,
Julia & Elena


Solo Avanti IG kennelBelarus
Solo Avanti IG kennel

We are glad to welcome you on the site of the italian sighthound Solo Avanti. We are in Belarus, city - Lida. Welcome and injoy the italian greyhounds with us !

Italian Greyhound

Treasure HausBelarus
Treasure Haus

Cattery is registered in FCI-BKO and has been breeding pugs beige and black color. On this site you will learn about our achievements, get acquainted with our dogs, but also be able to buy a pug puppy.


Magic GuiseBelarus
Magic Guise

Cattery is registered in FCI-BKO and has been breeding pugs beige and black color. Here you can get acquainted with our pets, their show results, view photo albums, and choose pug puppy with a prospect for show, breeding or just a faithful friend for many years. All our dogs live in the house as family members.


'Oro D’Etna' Kennel of Labrador Retriever and Weimar PointersBelarus
'Oro D’Etna' Kennel of Labrador Retriever and Weimar Pointers

Good Afternoon! My name is Leonova Oksana and I’m glad to welcome you to the site of my kennel. I am engaged in dogs more than 14 years.

In course of time I understood the breed and the goals I set myself to improve the breed and to popularize it. So, in 2011 the Kennel of Labrador Retriever and Weimar Pointers «Oro D’Etna» was registered in International Canine Federation (FCI).

Labrador Retriever Weimaraner

'Ювелирная Игрушка' питомник Русских ТоевBelarus
'Ювелирная Игрушка'
питомник Русских Тоев

Our cattery is engaged in cultivation of one of the smallest breeds in the World-The Russian toy. Our breeding aimed at getting beautiful, emotionally stable and healthy dogs.

Also , on our site you can receive different information about our dogs, puppies, successes., order exclusive , comfortable clothing for your Pets, and more. We are waiting for You.

Russian Toy

Shalehan Shih-Tzu KennelBelarus
Shalehan Shih-Tzu Kennel

We have been breeding wonderful decorative rocks - Shih Tzu. The history of their breed leads from Buddhist monks and Chinese emperors. The site provides information about the graduates of our pets and kennel their successes at shows, for the sale of puppies.

Мы занимаемся разведением замечательной декоративной породы - ши-тцу. Историю свою порода ведет от буддийских монахов и китайских императоров. На сайте представлена информация о выпускниках и питомцах нашего питомника их успехах на выставках, о продаже щенков.

Shih Tzu

Kennel Royal SpanielBelarus
Kennel Royal Spaniel

Kennel Cavalier King Charles Spaniels «ROYAL SPANIEL». Kennel registered in FCI. Belarus, Minsk, owners - Krauchanka Tamara. Our aim is to breed healthy dogs for shows, for breeding and simply for loving homes.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Kennel Cavalier King Charles Spaniels «LELIWA». Kennel registered in FCI. Belarus, Minsk, owners - Lebiadzko Maya.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Happy Cammomile Keful Boy personal site Jack russell terrierBelarus
Happy Cammomile Keful Boy personal site
Jack russell terrier

Jack russell terrier. Studdog Happy Cammomile Keful Boy. Famous australian and european bloodlines.

Jack Russell Terrier

D'Everkors Imperia kennel FCIBelarus

Griffon kennel FCI in Minsk, Belarus. Welcome to our web site.

Brussels Griffon Belgian Griffon Small Brabant Griffon

Питомник БКО-FCI 'БЛЕСК ФОРТУНЫ / Kennel Blesk FortuniBelarus
Kennel Blesk Fortuni

Russkiy toy terrier, Papillon - Breeding cultivation, Puppies for sale. Welcome to our site.

Питомник БКО - FCI "Блеск Фортуны"/Blesk Fortuni(Беларусь, г. Витебск. Владелец - Ершова О.) занимается племенным разведением собак породы Русский той гладкошерстный и Папийон. Наши собаки успешно выставляются на выставках различного ранга, в т.ч. и на Международных, имеют титулы Юный ГРАНД Чемпион Беларуси, Чемпион Беларуси, Чемпион Породы, Юный Чемпион Беларуси... неоднократно в серьезной конкуренции становились Лучшими Представителями Породы, призерами БЕСТов... У нас вы можете приобрести как собаку с шоу перспективой так и любимца семьи. Все продаваемые в питомнике щенки имеют клеймо(либо чип), ветпаспорт Международного образца с отметкой о вакцинации соответственно возрасту и родословную FCI/БКО(либо щенячью карту). Мы несём ответственность за качество и здоровье предлагаемого Вам щенка и стараемся отслеживать(при желании владельца) своих выпускников в дальнейшем. Будущим владельцам гарантируем всестороннюю консультационную помощь и индивидуальный подход в вопросах покупки, выращивания, воспитания и выставочной подготовки(хендлингу) Вашего питомца. Возможен показ на выставках. На страницах нашего сайта представлена более подробная информация о наших собаках: фотографии, родословные, результаты выставок, титулы, наше потомство, а также расписание выставок и полезные статьи... Всегда рады старым друзьям и новым знакомым !!!!...

Russian Toy Papillon

Aisidora's DreamBelarus
Aisidora's Dream

Our little page about the Weimaraner Our kennelis the first in Belarus Weimaraner breeder. Welcome! We are glad to new acquaintances and communicate!


Laky Sharm KennelBelarus
Laky Sharm Kennel

We always welcome guests in our virtual house. We hope that you will find many interesting and useful.

Pomeranian Miniature Pinscher

Tsarstvo Zari-EosBelarus
Tsarstvo Zari-Eos

Pug Dog Kennel Tsarstvo Zari-Eos from Belarus, Minsk. Owner Cherkahshina Irina and Yelena. Breeder of high quality fawn and black pugs.


Dea Ventura French bulldog kennelBelarus
Dea Ventura French bulldog kennel

Our kennel based in Minsk, Belarus. Officially registered with the F.C.I. (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) . Visit our website and see our dogs and puppies.  Individual care for each dog with love !

French Bulldog

Счастье Тьюхи (Schast'e Tjuhi)Belarus
Счастье Тьюхи (Schast'e Tjuhi)

Welcome to our English Cocker Spaniel's Kennel!!!

English Cocker Spaniel

Lumiste Shelties FCIBelarus
Lumiste Shelties FCI

FCI Sheltie Kennel in Minsk Belarus. 20 years with shelties.

Shetland Sheepdog


Brave&Save - Scottish terriers kennel, Belarus, Minsk. Welcome!

Scottish Terrier

Gold Baby Kennel Pomeranian and Yorkshire TerrierBelarus
Gold Baby Kennel
Pomeranian and Yorkshire Terrier

On our web site introduces you to the dogs kennel, you can see photos of puppies and their parents. Will go and see it yourself.

Pomeranian Yorkshire Terrier

Super agent - west highland white terrierBelarus
Super agent - west highland white terrier

The kennel "Super agent" is engaged in breed west highland white terrier. On our site you can get acquainted with dogs of kennel. To ask a question to the professional factory owner. To reserve and get to itself a puppy of breed west highland white terrier.

West Highland White Terrier


A small family run kennel in Belarus. Breed of Quality Bracco Italiano & Fila Brasileiro.

Fila Brasileiro Italian Pointing Dog

Altero Pepper kennelBelarus
Altero Pepper kennel

Standard schnauzers pepper & salt from Belarus.

Standard Schnauzer

Carpen Diaz kennelBelarus
Carpen Diaz kennel

Our dogs are our pride!

American Bulldog

von Mironovshof - Parson Russell Terrier & German Shepherd dogBelarus
von MIRONOVSHOF - Parson Russell Terrier & German Shepherd dog

A Kennel "von Mironovshof" located in Belarus, Minsk. We successfully breed Parson Jack Russell Terriers and German Shepherd dogs. Our aim is to breed healthy, happy and beautiful puppies. Exports available to loving homes worldwide. Please visit our site for more information.

Parson Russell Terrier German Shepherd Dog

Prestizh Mistral pomeraniansBelarus
Prestizh Mistral pomeranians

Prestizh Mistral kennel litters are carefully planned with the main objective of producing outstanding quality puppies. with health gaurantee. Please visit our website to learn about us.


Kennel AivovoBelarus
Kennel Aivovo

Pug Dog Kennel Aivovo from Belarus, Minsk. Owner Stepanenko Mila. Breeder of high quality fawn and black pugs.


Kennel Sholom Aleihem Cavalier King Charles SpanielBelarus
Kennel Sholom Aleihem
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Welcome to the first Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Kennel in Belarus - Sholom Aleihem! We own cavaliers from the most famous European kennels such as "de la Fieffe ua Songeur", "Sevijean's", "L'angelarde". Our aim is to breed healthy dogs for shows, for breeding and simply for loving homes.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Enigma Gris kennelBelarus
Enigma Gris kennel

Standard schnauzers pepper & salt from Belarus.


Kennel Canis HhaundBelarus

Bassethound kennel in the Belarus since 2001.

Питомник бассет хаундов в Беларуси, основан в 2001 году.

Basset Hound

Ice Blizzard kennelBelarus
Ice Blizzard kennel

"Ice Blizzard" siberian husky kennel. Belarus, Minsk. Muhlya Olga & Anna. Our dogs:
Husky Haven Grand Prix Show Man
Husky Haven Gabriella Evita First Lady
Imperial Angel Sadeckie Pieszczochy
William Wallace of Nordica
Bloods: Foxfire, Winterfrost, Kaila, Oumiak, Sibex, Arlington, Tullemore, Articlight.

Siberian Husky

English Bulldogs Kennel Kiddy Win'sBelarus
KIDDY WIN'S English Bulldogs Kennel

English Bulldogs Kennel KIDDY WIN'S. All about English Bulldogs, Photos, Pedigree, Puppies.

English Bulldog

Питомник русских псовых борзых Цнянская ОхотаBelarus
Цнянская Охота

Питомник русских псовых борзых ЦНЯНСКАЯ ОХОТА.


Grin Tango English BulldogBelarus
GRIN TANGO english bulldog

Our kennel breeding English Bulldog, FCI registered. We have fine dogs of this breed and small puppies grown up in the big love and care, with professional and right cultivation.

English Bulldog

Shih-Tzu Ragsol LotosRepublic of Belarus
Ragsol Lotos Shih-Tzu

Site about shih-tzu Ragsol Lotos - Minsk, Belarus.

Shih Tzu