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Ghazoot KennelSweden
Sloughi & Pharaoh Hound

Welcome to a small kennel in Dalarna, Sweden. All our dogs live in the house as part of the family Please visit us and read more of our success! Welcome!

Pharaoh Hound Sloughi

Romantika KennelLithuania
ROMANTIKA Whippets kennel

Best winning whippets in Baltic states!

Dominija KennelLithuania

Kennel of BIS winning whippets in many countries !!!

Courtborne KennelNorway Dog Breeders
Kennel Courtborne - Whippet and Saluki

Norwegian topwinning whippet the last 4 year. Top male 2005 2006 - N S Dk Nord Int Ch Nw 05/06 Courtborne Keyzers Eomer Lots of best in show winners.

Best in show bredeers in 3 different country. Champions in Norway, Sweden, Denamark and Iceland. Top dog on Iceland 2006 - Bis Is Ch Courtborne Keyzers-Arwen 2 x Nordic junior winners 2006.


Lazarus KennelPoland
LAZARUS Whippets

Breeding and showing Whippet in Poland. Throughout of more then 40 years of history of polish whippet's A-HA Lazarus was the first ever to earn a title of the INTERCHAMPION.

The first female Interchampion was born 2 months earlier, black and white color - LOVE ME TENDER Lazarus. Welcome to visit our website.

Volar Blek Shark KennelRussia
VOLAR BLEK SHARK - Whippet's Kennel

Whippet's kennel in Moscow. Show and working dogs. We have Interchampions, Multichampions. Champions of countries, National Club of breed, Racing and coursing Champions. We use lines european whippet's kennel.

Tisza-parti Szélvész whippetsHungary
Tisza-parti Szélvész whippets

Tisza-parti kennel from Hungary since 1985.

Kennel Tajmahal Whippets and Afghan HoundsSweden
Kennel Tajmahal

High quality whippet for show are sometimes availible.

TheWhippet.netItaly Republic Dog Breeders

Whippets are beautiful, fun and easy care dogs and we are passionate about them. In this site you'll find whippet pictures and tips about how to train and care for this special dog breed.

Whippets in PolandPoland
Whippets in Poland

Website about whippets born in Poland, imported to Poland or exported from Poland to other countries. List of breeders, information about litters, show results and a lot of photos. More than two thousands whippets in database.

Nirse FCIPoland
Nirse FCI

Welcome to basenji & whippet kennel.

Our device: quality not quantity.


Voltaks Alfa Romeo - Whippet and Dog HandlingRussia
Voltaks Alfa Romeo

Whippet and Dog Handling - Voltaks Alfa Romeo and Lozin Sergey.

Whippets Kennel Wild and WickedDenmark
Kennel Wild and Wicked

Small International Whippet kennel. We are attending shows all over Europe. At Kennel Wild and Wicked the dogs are the focual point and members of the family and sleeps in the bed and sofa. The bond with a true DOG is as lasting as the ties of this earth can ever be.

Whippet London’s fogSlovakia
London’s fog Whippet

Small Whippet Kennel in Slovak Republic. Show line, stud male and puppies. Welcome to the world of London's fog Whippets!

Whippets Kennel Czech SpringCzechia
Kennel Czech Spring

Welcome to whippets from Czech Spring!

Whippets Kennel Time forGermany
Kennel Time for

Small Kennel in Germany - our passion is breeding the "real" Whippet - the English Standard-Whippet with gentle temperament - FCI/VDH/DWZRV.


Whippets for families - The perfect dog

Small breeder of high quality whippets with excellent temper from acknowledged danish/english lines. Our main goal is to breed whippets for every life and for ordinary families. The puppies will be used to others dogs, cats and children.

We socialise our dogs to cope in every aspect of a dog's life.


Slim Extreme whippet & bedlingtonPoland
SLIM EXTREME whippet & bedlington

Hodowla SLIM EXTREME FCI jest hodowlą domową, psy są dla nas bardzo ważne jak reszta domowników. Zapewniamy im jak najwięcej kontaktu z ludżmi, zabaw na świeżym powietrzu w dużym ogrodzie, spacery lub bieganie. Aby zapewnic jakość naszych szczeniąt, staramy się kryć tylko dobrymi reproduktorami.

Bedlington Terrier

Mossbawnhill WhippetsNorthern Ireland Dog Breeders
Mossbawnhill Whippets

First andforemost,we believe that whippets should be able to perform the function for which they were originally bred, whilst still maintaining breed type combined with excellent,sound movement.

Mossbawnhill is a small & successful,select "kennel" - we use that term loosely as we do not actually possess any kennels & none of our dogs live outdoors - of whippets and at present one Basenji, our aim is to try and maintain our breed and to strive to produce quality, sound,healthy dogs who are bred for temperament, type and beauty as well as being functional. We are quite unique within the UK & Ireland as we breed a more American/Continental type of whippet, our lines are based on & incorporate some of the top kennels in America, Canada & Europe including Bohem, Lorricbrook,Chelsea, Sportingfields, Starline and Paris (from America & Canada), Airescot, Di Mahana & Woodbrook's kennels (from Europe) and of course our foundation comes from Collooney here in Northern Ireland. The dogs on the following pages are our family, they live in our home with us & sleep in our bedroom,they may not all be showdogs but they are all loving family members.

Kennel Frontrunner'sDenmark
Kennel Frontrunner's

Breeder of Whippets, Chihuahuas.

Chihuahua Yorkshire Terrier

Whiteheads Whippets and GreyhoundsPoland
Whiteheads - whippets and greyhounds

Whiteheads - a little home kennel of whippets and greyhounds

We are a kennel only by a name as all of our dogs live happily at our house together with us. We are quite fresh breeders, but we strive for the significant features of the breed for their standard and temper. Our dogs come both from Europe and USA and we want to combine the best bloodlines of both continents.


Les Whippets de la Plaine de L'OrbeSwitzerland

Elevage FCI depuis 1991
Notre élevage est basé sur le standart du Whippet, qui est de surcroît notre passion depuis plusieurs années maintenant.


Criação de Dobermann's.


Kennel Absoliuti IdileLithuania

Home and kennel of elegant Whippets and of gentle giants - Leonbergers. Showing, breeding, living with dogs. You are always welcome in our website and in our home :-)


Fast Dunderry Whippet KennelCzechia
Fast Dunderry Whippet Kennel

Welcome to whippet kennel from Czech Republic:-)

We are planning puppies in 2012 out of Bellinda Lee Fast Dunderry (ICH. Multich. Adagio Love Supreme X CH. Butter & Jam Sobresalto). Sire will be announced.

Petula-Vera Whippet KennelCzechia
Petula-Vera Whippet Kennel

Naši whippeti, odchovy a společné akce.

Our whippet, litters, shows and races, all our life.

Stabmeldys WhippetsLithuania
Stabmeldys Whippets

Whippets puppies are born at 6th of September!

3 males (1 silver brindle, 1 reddish brindle with white trim, 1 brindle white)
2 females (1 white with brindle, 1 brindle with white markings).

Stella Cometa Whippet kennelSlovenia Dog Breeders
Stella Cometa Whippet kennel

Welcome to Stella Cometa, Slovenian Whippet kennel.

Ballygran Irish WolfhoundsNorway Dog Breeders
Ballygran Irish Wolfhounds

Breeder of Irish Wolfhounds in Norway.

Irish Wolfhound

Venatorius sighthoundsBelgium
Venatorius sighthounds

Welcome to our hobby kennel of Whippets and Piccolo Levriero Italiano. We breed to continue our champions bloodlines of racing. But in the first place we are always looking for a nice family and good home, where our puppies can live a happy life. Come and take a look at our big family of sighthounds...

Italian Greyhound

Novatica FCIPoland
Novatica FCI

Family kennel of italian greyhounds. Dogs with very successful show career, having Multi BOB & BOG winner, no 1 male in Poland CIB,MultiCH. M-E European Winner BAUBLIS Forum Romanum is our big pride. In breeding ... perfection depends on details.

Italian Greyhound

Allfirda KennelNorway Breeders
Allfirda Kennel

A small Norwegian breed based on top winning dogs.

September's Breeze whippetsMalta
September's Breeze whippets

A small new kennel, with love towards dogs. To us its not how much the dog is sold for but the home the dog is going to.

Rrady Go KennelCzechia

We plan puppies racing great parents (summer 2013). We take records on puppies.


Dogarium - small, home whippet kennel in Bydgoszcz, Poland.

Pendahr WhippetsNorway Dog Breeders
Pendahr Whippets

Whippet breeding since 1981. "Quality before quantity". Multi purpose high quality whippets for family life, shows, blood tracking and lure coursing. Champions or CC winners in all categories and sweet companions, of course!p>

Lorbri WhippetsScotland
Lorbri Whippets

Lorbri Whippets situated in the countryside of Scotland.

Kennel Mafija GracijaLithuania
Kennel Mafija Gracija

We are Toma and Viltė, two enthusiasts from capital of Lithuania -Vilnius and owners of this small kennel. All started in 2013 when we met each other, then Viltė became handler of Toma's dogs. It was beginning of our friendship and collaboration. We decided to register our own kennel of breeds we are Passionated- miniature schnauzers, whippets and lhasa apsos.

Now our goal is to breed healthy, highborn and great puppies for loving owners. We hope that after hard work and efforts our kennel will be known all around the world. All our puppies from birth lives with us and are grown with passion and love. In the future we would like to add 2 more breeds: boxers and greyhounds, but about this - little bit later. Now our small kennel consists of 2 whippet females: our 1st girl Felicity Tarytum Vėjai and Tylko Ty Kurkuma - hope of the kennel. Also, we have 2 miniature schnauzer males: champion Thunderbird Tyras Akvamarinas and retired sofa champion Ebony Devil Jūros Puta. And finally long waited lhasa apso girl came to join us this year! Never hesitate to contact us for more info about upcoming litters, questions about whippets/schnauzers, shows or only to know us.

We will be happy to help. With love,
Toma and Viltė

Miniature Schnauzer Lhasa Apso

Greyhound, Whippet and Polish Greyhound KollapsItaly
greyhound, whippet and chart polski

Kollaps Greyhound e whippet, allevamento riconosciuto ENCI FCI per la selezione del greyhound, del chart polski e del whippet. Alleviamo levrieri greyhound, chart polski e whippet per esposizione e compagnia utilizzando le migliori linee di sangue internazionali riproducendo così cuccioli di qualità e in salute con ottimo temperamento e carattere. Facciamo pochissime cucciolate cercando di pianificare con attenzione accoppiamenti e pedigree.

I nostri levrieri vivono in casa con noi e sono membri della nostra famiglia.

Anche i cuccioli vengono cresciuti ed educati in ambiente domestico e riceveno quelle attenzioni di cui hanno bisogno fin dai primi giorni di vita alfine di sviluppare un carattere forte e sicuro ed avere un temperamento stabile e affettuoso.

Selezioniamo attentamente le case per i nostri soggetti e restiamo presenti per tutta la loro vita cercando dove ci è possibile di dare un supporto e consigli alle nuove famiglie. Desideriamo garantire al cane un ottimo stato di mantenimento fisico ed equilibrio emotivo.

Allevare per noi è una passione che cerchiamo di seguire con la professionalità e la dedizione che in maniera assai diversa le nostre razze inglesi richiedono.

Greyhound Polish Greyhound

Fées de l'Or BlancFrance
Fées de l'Or Blanc

Elevage passion de Petits Lévriers Italiens et Whippets. Pratique loisir, exposition et travail (PVL et cynodrome).

Italian Greyhound

des Plaines des Buyeres WhippetsFrance

Exclusive Whippets Kennel - Our dogs are our passion. Show bred quality whippets with the best european origins - Multi Bred Champions Don't hesitate to contact us !


Small show & coursing whippet kennel in the heart of Europe.

Redcliffe's kennel DalmatianSweden
Redcliffe's kennel

Dalmatians sice 1984 and Whippets since 1990. Focus on healthy dogs with an easy going mentality and with genetic diversity and correctly built according to breed standards. Breeding indoors as family dogs.


Tetiaroa Kennel Whippets and Tibetan MastiffsFrance
Tetiaroa Kennel
Whippets and Tibetan Mastiffs

Kennel Tetiaroa is located in France, French Riviera. Puppies, Stud males.

Tibetan Mastiff

Petit Lévrier Italien du p'tit Grain de FolieFrance
Petit Lévrier Italien

"Voyage au coeur de l'âme d'un ange, né pour rire de la vie"

Plus qu'une passion, une addiction, un art de vivre. C'est avec plaisir que je vous invite à venir découvrir ce merveilleux petit être qu'est le Petit Lévrier Italien dans un élevage familial où la connaissance se mêle à la passion pour l'amour d'une race. Situé en plein coeur de la Bourgogne, nos lévriers vous attendent pour une visite et vous offre le café.

Italian Greyhound

Laving Briz kennelBelarus

whippet kennel is located in Vitebsk, Belarus.

We try to base our breeding program on the best bloodlines of Europe and USA. Our goal is to breed whippets in accord with FCI standard. All our puppies have full vaccination, microchip, export pedigree and good socialization.

Enjoy your visit to our website and to the individual pages of our dogs and if you have any questions, please don`t hesistate to contact us.

You are always welcome,
Julia & Elena

Dreamfinder kennel Whippets and DachshundsCzechia
Dreamfinder kennel

We are small family kennel located in Czech republic. We breed Whippets and Dachshunds.


Chianti Barina magyar vizslaSlovakia
Chianti Barina magyar vizsla

Hungarian smooth haired vizsla breeder in Slovakia.

Briskly Snap Dog Whippet KennelRomania
Briskly Snap Dog Whippet Kennel

A small whippet kennel that tries to bring excellence to the breed. We aim for the perfect temperament and conformation in our whippets.