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… breed quality and tested Mastiffs with great pedigree… dogs live in our house and are family members, not kenneled dogs… apricot, brindle and fawn English Mastiffs from different old high quality champion lines… the passionate breeder gives all her time and energy to her dogs… home mastiff kennel FCI, dogs from American and English bloodlines… the quality of reproduction in order to get puppies closer to the standard of their breed…     ***       English Mastiff Breeders and Kennels -    

Mastiff / English Mastiff

Del Fracasso KennelItaly
Mastiff Del Fracasso

Breeder of old english Mastiff, fawn, brindle and apricot. Stud service and puppies available. Dogs tested for displasya from four generation. All immage and information about our Champion.

Kennel Maxt out'sSweden
Kennel Maxt out's

Breeder of English Mastiff.

English Mastiffs U Tri OrechuCzechia

English Mastiff Kennel and The Czech Club of English Mastiff Breeders. Excelent breeding dog Westgort Anticipation.

Mastiffs MastineuM FCIPoland
MastineuM FCI Mastiffs

We welcome in MastineuM Mastiffs. We live in Poland near Gdynia. We breed with passion. We have fresh blood lines. We have the biggest female in Poland 103kg/80cm. Our kennel named MastineuM and genesis of the word comes from English language "mastin, mastino". It perfectly symbolizes the character of our breed.

Mastiff is a great family friend, a guardian and a defender. In its homeland Mastifs are perceived to be a symbol of loyalty and power. An saying states: 'Powerfull as a Mastifs'. Mastifs are dogs of a very poised character. They require a tender but consequent education and this means that the owner of Mastifs should be placid, self - confident and patient. He should spend a lot of time with his mastif and only then the dog will strike its loyalty back. Only then we can be sure that Mastif will never disappoint its master in any situation.

MastineuM is the domestic kennel. Our dogs are a perfectly socialized dog, she doesn't show any sign of unfounded aggression toward other people or animals. They loves playing with other dogs. They a typical domestic pet, but, what is typical for mastif, they are suspicious toward strangers. We can give you a guarantee, that puppies born in our kennel will also be well - socialized and, what is also very important - their exterier will be outstanding.

As great fans of Mastiffs we try our best to have the dogs of the highest quality, either in the name of a character and the beauty. Our aim is to breed a dog that can attend to the dog shows and the dog that you can feel safe during the walks. We are always ready to give you any piece of advice and a help that you would need. Puppies out of MastineuM kennel are healthy and vaccinated, and each of them takes some presents to its new homes.

We recieves many e-mails from people interested in buying a puppy from us. Please do yourself a huge favour by doing a proper presentation of yourself. We will not even consider to send any of our puppies to people we do not know anything about. Some of the mails we recieve consist of only one or two lines, like; "I want to buy a puppy from you. What does it cost and when can you send it?". Some of these mails are only signed by the first name, or not signed at all (yes, it is true). Our puppies are dear to us and we hope that you understand that we must know who you are before considering to export a puppy to you. On our site you can find all about this kind of dogs.

Best Regards to all who love's the Mastifs

Assisi - MolosserGermany
Assisi - Molosser

Breed of Quality Englich Mastiff, Neapolitan Mastiff and Dogue de Bordeaux, Member of VDH / FCI.

Neapolitan Mastiff Dogue de Bordeaux


Um site das raças mastiff e podengos portugues de pelo liso.

Portuguese Warren Hound

Abbas Cane English MastiffCroatia
Abbas Cane english mastiff

Breed of very Quality English mastiff lots of praises on euro dog show. Good genetics no displasia, strong and heavy also is very toll, super dark mask, rest you can see on may web. Tino Kotaran

I Mastiff di TerabithiaItaly
I Mastiff di Terabithia

Allevamento amatoriale di mastiff Inglesi.

Mastiffs von der Villa GrafGermanyFrance
von der Villa Graf Mastiffs

Top No.1 Mastiff kennel of France in 2008 (Grand Prix d'Eleveur).

Elevage de mastiff et bouledogues français de la Grande AlzineFrance
De la Grande Alzine - Elevage de mastiff et bouledogues français

Selection on our mastiffs and french bulldog ... you can see our dogs and our kennel on the website ...

French Bulldog

Mastiffs from Slnko ZemplinaSlovakia
Slnko Zemplina Mastiffs

Slnko Zemplina kennel - stud males, puppies available. Puppies from our kennel are charactarized by their muscularity, great motion, and flawless temper. They are dedicated to contribute on highest shows with achievements. We breed mastiffs more than 20 years.

Whititera MastiffsFrance
Whititera Mastiffs

Welcome in the Whititera Family!!!

Our dogs come from England, Spain, USA and from Brazil ... We selected European blood (Kumormai, Brookview, Del Fracasso, De Molossie) and American blood (Iron Hills, Southport, Caledonia, Chaputepek)

If we went so far, it is, in the first place, for working on prestigious lineages to obtain typical dogs as we like them. All of our dogs are a part of our familly. We also put a point of honor in the socialization of ours mastiffs as they are all educated whitin our family.

CamastiffNorway Dog Breeders

Welcome to Camastiff
Breeder of English Mastiff in Norway.

Danube TitansSerbia
Danube Titans

Mastiff dogs kennel based in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Varvary SkifiiUkraine

UKU - FCI "VARVARY SKIFII" leading kennel of Ukraine on breed English mastiff, we breed mastiffs from 1996. Our dogsparticipants and winners of the European and world dogshow. During the kennel vigorous activity are grown up: champions of Ukraine,Grandchampions of Ukraine, winners of Ukraine, international champions, champions of Russia, champions of RKF, the champion of Belarus, the champion of Moldova,Baltic winner, the champion of Croatia, the winner of a class in the WorldDogShow 2006, the champion of Europe 2007, the champion of Eurasia 2008.

Exclusive accumulation of valuable blood of an origin. In parallel the kennel breedthe Central Asian sheep-dog from 1990.
Welcome! We will be glad to see!
With regards Iryna & Sergey Guzhvin

Central Asia Shepherd Dog

Sveahovs MastiffSweden

Breeder of English Mastiff in Sweden. Mainly old english blood lines.

Brullemail MastiffsFrance

At BRULLEMAIL Mastiffs, we are  very selective dog breeders. Just one litter a year, our Mastiff puppies are sold at 9 weeks old after PPM test and vaccinations.

All our dogs have DNA test, Hips or Elbow X-rays score, PPM test. Top Mastiff breeder for many years, BRULLEMAIL is the breeder of many champion (French champion, International Champion, English Champion, Multi Champion, Junior World Winner & World Champion). We owned the only mastiff who won BOB at CRUFTS and WORLD WINNER.

Some of the best Mastiff breeders in Europe started to breed their champions from BRULLEMAIL stock.

Of Seven Oaks MastiffsGermany
Of Seven Oaks Mastiffs

Mastiff Zwinger "of Seven Oaks". Mastiff Zucht seit 1977.

Mastiff Kennel "of Seven Oaks". Mastiffs since 1977.

Avesta PeritasCzechia
Avesta Peritas

We are small breeders of the English Mastiff. Our goal is to breed healthy dogs for Shows and familly life.

de Molossie<br>Mastiffs, Bullmastiffs &bulldogs Anglaispays de la Loire, Mayenne, France Dog Breeders
de Molossie
Mastiffs, Bullmastiffs &bulldogs Anglais

Une passion et une connaissance de la race depuis 30 ans. Notre sélection, est la santé, le caractère et la beauté.

égulièrement nous avons de nouvelles lignées, ce qui est indispensable pour avoir un élevage en bonne santé, nos lignées sont américaines et anglaises.

Bullmastiff English Bulldog

Plant breeding - New Isan Племенной Завод - New IsanUkraine
Plant breeding - NEW ISAN
Племенной Завод - NEW ISAN

Breeding English Mastiff s1995 year. At present, our children live in the U.S., Germany, Italy, China, Egypt, Cyprus, India, Israel, Ukraine (more than 10 cities).

Племенное разведение АНГЛИЙСКИХ МАСТИФОВ с1995 года. В настоящее время наши дети проживают в США, Германии, Италии, Китае, Египте, на Кипре, Индии, Израиле, Украине (более 10 городов)

Krozairs of Kregen Mastiff KennelGermany
Krozairs of Kregen Mastiff Kennel

One of the oldest Mastiff Kennel in Germany. We breed healthy, typical, quality Mastiffs. All our Mastiffs are x-rayed in hips, ellbows and back and they are also DNA tested in PRA and Cystenurie. We are members of the Old English Mastiffclub Germany and breed under the rules of the VDH and the FCI.

All our dogs live in our home not in kennels. They are all familymembers.

Eine der ältesten Mastiffzuchtstätten in Deutschland. Wir züchten gesunde, typvolle und qualitätsvolle Mastiffs. All unsere Hunde werden auf HD, ED und Spondylose geröngt und sind DNA getestet auf PRA und Cystenurie.

Wir sind Mitglied im Old English Mastiff Club Deutschland und züchten unter der Kontrolle des VDH und der FCI.

Unsere Hunde leben in unserem Haus  und sind Familienmitglieder und keine Zwingerhunde.

Les Mastiffs Du Domaine D'AbraxasFrance

Situé dans le nord de la France, nous serions heureux de vous accueillir afin de vous faire découvrir cette merveilleuse race.

Tous les chiots seront inscrits au LOF et avant de partir dans leur nouvelle famille ils seront vaccinés, "pucés" et auront subit le test pour la PMP par un vétérinaire (l'attestation sera livré avec le chiot). En tant qu'éleveur passionné, je m'engage à rester à votre disposition tout au long de la vie de votre compagnon ainsi que de vous délivrer un feuillet de conseils.

Tous nos reproducteurs subissent différents testes afin d'assurer une descendance de qualité (PMP, Dysplasie, ADN, ...)

Питомник Империя ДемоновRussia
Питомник Империя Демонов

Многопородный Питомник Империя Демонов  образован в Москве (Россия). Руководитель Питомника Эксперт-Кинолог Михайлова Екатерина В нашем питомнике Mastino Napoletano, English Mastiff, Spanish Mastiff, Pomeranian, Yorkshire Terrier.

Neapolitan Mastiff Spanish Mastiff Pomeranian Yorkshire Terrier

Aurora Panonica mastiffCroatia
Aurora Panonica mastiff

Aurora Panonica is small family kennel stationed in Croatia. Our dogs are part of our family. We breed dogs of great type and stature.

We breed Old English mastiffs and Caucasian Ovcharka. Excellence is our guiding in our breeding program. We are completely dedicated to our goal - keeping all best from both breeds.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Ahlitah Quest KennelRomania
Ahlitah Quest Kennel

The good looks, the elegant movement, the silent warmth and playfulness of the White Swiss Shepherd attracted me at first sight. The eagerness to learn, the unlimited devotion, the patience, the need to share and express love made this breed perfect for me.

I chose Solo, a newborn from a loving family in the southern Hungary. I met the 22 months old Faust and he simply came home with me. Then Digit was born, in the north of Germany, to instantly become my most beloved. Next winter, the 11 months old Ahlitah added a feminine touch to our pack, and a Mastiff fawn to our white world of wolves. Thus, we became complete. We are the AHLITAH QUEST kennel.

White Swiss Shepherd Dog

From The Proud FamilyNetherlands
From The Proud Family

Old English Mastiff Breeder from the Netherlands. We breed on character and health. All our dogs are tested for hips,Elbow and tested for PRA. Our dogs are part of the family life and all the pups are growing up in house. For more information of our dogs or pup info please check our website.

I Mastiff della FavoritaItaly
I Mastiff della Favorita

Old english mastiff breeding since 1991, bredwardine, kumormai, damaria and others english lineblood. We have puppies and adults avaiable.

Nezny zmatkarCzechia
Nezny zmatkar

We breed Old english mastiffs for 10 years. Stud dogs and puppies available. Hip and elbows scored. Our mastiffs are members of our family.

élevage canin des Honey's BullsFrance
élevage canin des Honey's Bulls

A 200 km de Paris. Elevage Professionnel dans un cadre familial de Mastiff, bull terrier miniature, boston terrier et petit brabançon. L'éleveuse passionnée, donne tout son temps et toute son énergie à ses chiens.

L'accent est mis sur: -la qualité de la reproduction afin d'obtenir des chiots au plus près du standard de leur race. -Le bien être des chiens, avec des promenades et des grands parcs herbeux contenant des bungalows et de s niches chauffées l'hiver -L'hygiène et le suivi vétérinaire. Des renseignements vous seront donnés avec plaisir. -Conseils et suivi

Miniature Bull Terrier Boston Terrier Small Brabant Griffon

Big-Boss BohemiaCzechia
Big-Boss Bohemia


We are small English Mastiff Kennel located in the west of the Czech Republic. Our goal is to breed healthy dogs for Shows and family life with an excellent character. Puppies available now - Jan 2014 Please feel free to look at our website.

Komorowianka English MastiffPoland

English Mastiff Kennel run by an Englishman settled in Poland - expert in the breed Dogs only from the best healthy lines, dogs checked for known illnesses, dysplasia scaned.

Mastiffs vom BrandgutGermany
Mastiffs vom Brandgut

Wir wohnen in dem beschaulichen Erzgebirge in Sachsen. Seit über 25 Jahren züchten wir die schöne Hunderasse "Englischer Mastiff".

Besuchen Sie uns doch einfach auf unserer Homepage und lassen Sie sich von den Lieblingen inspirieren.

Herzliche Grüße
Ihr Richard Trommler

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