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von Bagira Dobermann KennelTurkey Dog Breeders
von Bagira Dobermann Kennel

TR'nin ilk dobermann kenneli.


Trakya BretonTurkey Dog Breeders

Epagneul Breton Breeder.

Brittany Spaniel

Unique SheltiesTurkey Dog Breeders
Unique Shelties

We live in Turkey and are the first and the lonely breeder of shetland sheepdogs in this country. Our dogs are all genetically tested for both CEA and MDR1. We love this breed and hope to succeed in making shelties welknown and appreciated also in Turkey.

Shetland Sheepdog

British Pirates Istanbul, Turkey Dog Breeders
British Pirates

My name is Natalia Ceran, I live in Turkey and have been breeding English bulldogs. I consider my dogs to be an extension of my family so it goes without saying that they’re treated with the utmost care & respect & reared inside & not left to the confines of the outdoors to brave the elements.

I’m proud to state that I’m the first kennel in Turkey breeding thoroughbred English Bulldogs. My kennel is in registered with the FCI in August 2011. In conclusion, I vouch to share all the knowledge I have picked up with my prospective clients in an effort to continuously improve the health of our beloved breed.

English Bulldog

Bosphorus Kingdom KennelTurkey Dog Breeders

Welcome to BOSPHORUS KINGDOM kennel! We are engaged in breeding dogs chihuahua. Use dogs to both Russian and European breeding. All our dogs are healthy, well-groomed and loved.

Dünyada en küçük ırkı olarak bilinen Chihuahua cinsi köpeklerin Türkiye'deki FCI ve KIF kayıtlı üreticisi BOSPHORUS KINGDOM Kennel.


Altın KennelTurkey Dog Breeders
Altın Kennel

Pure breed Kangal dog breeding farm.

Kangal Dog

Ottoman Guardiana KennelTurkey Dog Breeders
Ottoman Guardiana Kennel

We are the first FCI approved cane corso home kennel in Turkey. Our dogs are from world champion bloodlines. Our aim is to breed top quality cane corso puppies. Cane corso is like an angel, calm and sweety. It is very suitable for families with children and homes with a garden. Cane corso can fascinate everybody at first look. This is the reason for me to breed them ...

Cane Corso Italiano

Von Erk - Alman Çoban Köpeği Üreticisi - Zuchtstätte für Deutsche SchäferhundeTurkey Dog Breeders
Von Erk - Alman Çoban Köpeği Üreticisi
Zuchtstätte für Deutsche Schäferhunde

We have the first "Newfoundland Breeder" in Turkey with the approval of our national federation "KIF" and international "FCI".

German Shepherd Dog

Asya CordeliaTurkey Dog Breeders
Asya Cordelia

Türkiye de FCI onaylı, yerli kaliteyi üst düzeylere çekecek üretimler yapmayı hedefledim her zaman. İlk doğum için köpeğimi yurtdışına götürüp çiftleştirdim. Detaylı bilgi için ...


Yorkie DreamTurkey Dog Breeders

YORKIE DREAM - More Than A Yorkshire Terrier Kennel

Welcome to our yorkshire terrier family. All our yorkies are imported and have different high quality pure bloodlines such as Minishop and Clarus. We love to answer all your questions, please dont hesitate to contact.

Yorkshire Terrier

blackrussianturkey.orgTurkey Dog Breeders

Our Kennel is First BRT kennel in Turkey and this site was prepared for the people who wish to be acquainted with most-recently recognized the Black Russian Terrier.

The Black Russian Terrier affects the new people who have just met with it, through its charming and robust appearance, warmly behavior, intelligence and authoritative attitude making itself accepted among people. If you wish to have a real friend with everlasting loyalty and devotion, a faithful guard, a noble accompaniment dog and a permanent black angel, you must meet with the Black Russian Terrier.

Black Terrier         Miniature Schnauzer

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