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Sredneasiatskaia Ovtcharka / Central Asia Shepherd Dog / Central Asian Ovtcharka / Chien de berger d'Asie Centrale / Zentralasiatischer Ovtcharka

Central Asian Shepherd Dogs kennel Medzhal Ala - Alabai
Medzhal Ala kennel (ALABAI)
Central Asian Shepherd Dogs

We have CAO's from Russia with turkmenian and novosibirian bloodline (line of INTCh. Darstan Alladin, Ch. Ayla Ak Sulu-aborigen from Turkmenia-by this female we have two littersisters, INTCh. Gray Vest Lubim, GCh. Ashdar - S.Galiaskarov, INTCH. Shaimerden, INTCH. Tau Bay, Ch. Sary Shaitan Kibirka, fighting dogs Alar, Aray-turkmenian,dog etc.. )

Please visit our website to see our Central Asian Shepherds :-). We have puppies by russian-turkmenian bloodline available !

Central Asia Shepherd Dogs Karanuker
Central Asia Shepherd Dog

Selezione di cane da pastore dell'Asia Centrale, selezione delle migliori linee di sangue mondiali, riproduttori di altissima qualità.

Parliamo italiano, we speak english, nous parlons francais, govorim po russki, mówimy po polsku.

Среднеазиатская овчарка в Москве
Среднеазиатская овчарка в Москве

Среднеазиатская овчарка в Москве. Алабай, САО, Среднеазиатский волкодав ... Наши Азиаты - рабочие собаки. Работают на охране объекта и участвуют в соревнованиях по ОКД, ЗКС, вейтпуллингу и даже аджилити.

Kennel of the Central Asian Shepherd From Uvarov's house
From Uvarov's house
Kennel of the Central Asian Shepherd

In our kennel we breed one of the most ancient breeds Central Asian Shepherd named also a Turkmen wolfhound or Alabai. In breeding of these dogs we try to keep pedigree features of wolfhounds and their working qualities, first of all.

We believe the main purpose of this breed is safety and protection and we mean this when we talk about working qualities. Dogs unable to resist harsh attacks from two footed or four footed enemy are not considered as a true wolf hound and are not bred in our kennel regardless of titles that they possess. However we believe that exhibit is the necessary arrangement especially for male dogs. Only the dog whose standards are close to the ideal of the breed will be a good worker. The standart of a Turkmen wolfhound describes a functional dog and according to a standart precisely defined by experts at exhibitions.

The correctness of our chosen course in breeding is confirmed by high performance qualities of dogs from our kennel (From Uvarov's House) as well as awards our dogs won at prestigious exhibitions. The puppies that are born in our house are socialized with the adult dogs, have contact with children and obtain all necessary inoculations. This is a guarantee of outstanding health and balanced psyche.

Il Turkmeno Central Asian Ovcharka
Peveragno CN, Italy Dog Breeders

Breeder of Central Asian Ovcharka for Guard.

Kennel Fenomenas
Kennel Fenomenas

Web-site dedicated to Central Asian ovcharka dogs in Lithuania, info about kennel, photo-reportage from diferent CAO shows, etc ...

Kennel 'Azijos Magija'
Kennel 'Azijos Magija'

Kennel "Asian Magic" was registered in 2009, although the Central Asian Ovcharka growing for more than 15 years. Recently, i.e., In 2012 we bought another one of the amazing breed-Shiba Inu -very independent, absolutely not pampered and unsophisticated, very interesting character dogs. And as recently as the spring of 2013, we were brought American Akita!

We look forward to an interesting communication :) In our kennel are always live Few dogs, so each of this we dedicating mach attentions, each of which is led by a walk and gets socialization and formal school grounds. We can provide a service-driven and bring the dogs and puppies to (or from) the European Union countries.

American Akita Shiba


Kennel breed Central Asia Shepherd Dog. Ukraine - shows, puppies.

Varvary Skifii

UKU - FCI "VARVARY SKIFII" leading kennel of Ukraine on breed English mastiff, we breed mastiffs from 1996. Our dogsparticipants and winners of the European and world dogshow. During the kennel vigorous activity are grown up: champions of Ukraine,Grandchampions of Ukraine, winners of Ukraine, international champions, champions of Russia, champions of RKF, the champion of Belarus, the champion of Moldova,Baltic winner, the champion of Croatia, the winner of a class in the WorldDogShow 2006, the champion of Europe 2007, the champion of Eurasia 2008.

Exclusive accumulation of valuable blood of an origin. In parallel the kennel breedthe Central Asian sheep-dog from 1990.
Welcome! We will be glad to see!
With regards Iryna & Sergey Guzhvin


Temudzin Alabai

We breed alabais many years and we love this breed soo much! We work with turkmenian line from the best turkmenian dogs. Our dogs are healthy with many shows results! We invite you to our homepage!

Kara Yulduz - Central Asians Shepherds kennel
Kara Yulduz
Central Asians Shepherds kennel

Kara Yulduz - one of the  best kennels from Ukraine (USSR). More than 20 years of our successful work with the breed.Our Central Asian Shepherds (alabays) - champions of different countries, they has a nature of real wolfhounds! Our dogs successfully pass the tests on the guardian (security) skills. We Propose to buy puppies of Central Asian dogs. Articles, stories, photos and video about the breed - on our site.

Кара Юлдуз - один из ведущих питомников среднеазиатской овчарки Украины!  Наши алабаи - чемпионы многих стран - успешно проходят тестовые испытания бойцовских и охранных качеств. Мы получаем красивых щенков с отличными рабочими качествами. Рассказы о породе, фото, видео, щенки для продажи - на нашем сайте!

Sheriff Aga Central Asian Shepherd Dogs Kennel
Central Asian Shepherd Dogs Kennel

Our nursery has an official status, registered in Belgium in the International Canine Organization (FCI), part of the RCF, registration number # 9252. Nursery SHERIFF AGA specializes in breeding Turkmen Alabai. Kennel is located 200 km from Moscow in an ecologically clean area. Dogs captive content but fully provided with the necessary exercise (walking in the fields, swimming).

Tribal CAO tested for breeding, with the highest score T1, have certificates OKD - 2 and COP - 1. Stud dogs have titles: Junior Champion of Russia, Champion of Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Champion, Champion RKF, RFSS RFLS Champion OANKOO, RFOS, INTERCHAMPION, MultiChampion, etc. The exhibitions of international, national and regional level our pets many times were the owners of the honorary title of high-BOB (BOB).

Nardicum kennel

Nardicum kennel from Latvia. Breeds: central asian shepher dog (sredneaziatskaia ovtcharka), deutcher jagdterrier, Russkaia Tsvetnaia Bolonka. Available puppies and adult dogs, stud dogs.

German Hunting Terrier Russian Coloured Bichon

 Russkyi Gladiator - kennel of breed Central Asia Shepherd Dog
RUSSKIY GLADIATOR - kennel of breed Central Asia Shepherd Dog

The kennel is engaged in cultivation of dogs of breed CAO (alabay)to Italy, Rome. In our kennel very large and powerful dogs delivered from Russia and Ukraine.


Ch of Russia, Belarus, Litva, RKF, national Club, CACIB

We nave breeding the dog of those breeds. We offer males for mating and exceleent puppies. For all buying puppies from as, we help in thei problems. We show we dogs at exhibitions, You can stay the dog when you not at home, also we can doying the fotos of your dog.

Dalmatian Welsh Corgi Pembroke

'Gintarinė Širdis' CAO kennel
'Gintarinė Širdis' CAO kennel

Please visit our site, devoted to our passion - Central Asian Shepherd Dogs (Sredneasiatskaja Ovtcharka. We are located in Lithuania, East Europe, where we strive for excellence in all facets of the Central Asian Shepherd breed.

Beauty of An
Beauty of An

Kennel Beauty of An - pug, cavalier king charles, riesenshnauzer, central aziat.

Pug Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Giant Schnauzer


Central Asian Ovcharka Choice and Chow-Chow Umka - their life, sport, shows and travel.

Chow Chow

'Yoltay AllaN' Breeding kennel
'Yoltay AllaN' Breeding kennel

Breeding kennel is located in the most picturesque part of Ukraine - Crimea, in the hero city of Sevastopol. Kennel officially registered in 2010, but the Central Asian sheep live in our home and our hearts more than 11 years. We love this breed and admire its beauty, originality, dedication, hard work, intelligence and charisma.

'Ak-Bosar' Nursery of the Caucasian and Central Asian Shepherd
'Ak-Bosar' Nursery of the Caucasian
and Central Asian Shepherd

Our nursery has been growing breed anatomically correct and healthy dogs! Welcome to visit us at our website!

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

CHS Hugania
CHS Hugania

Kennel from Slovakia. Our name is Hugania. Photos, info, puppies.

Accamarra CAO Kennel
Accamarra CAO Kennel

We speak English and Russian.

S Severnogo Urala
S Severnogo Urala

The certificate number 13746 on the registration of names kennel RKf in FCI through RFSS "from the North Urals" from 24.05.2012 Tribal mnogoporodny nursery
Central Asia Shepherd (CAO. Alabai Turkmen Wolfhound)
Anatolian Shepherd (Kangal, Karabasz,)
Caucasian Shepherd

Privetsvuem all lovers of big dogs on our site! Let's get acquainted smiley. We deal with the giant dogs since 2000. The kennel is officially registered in the Russian Cynological Federation (RCF) in 2012. From the very beginning our goal was to get the most large dogs with good bone and excellent working qualities. Our first dog was a huge Caucasian Dobrynya, in 2013 there were CAO, and in 2014 we brought to the Urals first breeding pair of Cangallo, at the time they were in the Russian unit.

To this day, we are dedicated to the breeding of very large and heavy dogs (Alabai, Kangal, Caucasian Shepherd Dog). Preferred height at the withers for our producers 80+ cm or more with the weight category of super tyazhy. We carefully select manufacturers for breeding work, leaving only the best and Stra fix every puppy the most outstanding qualities of our dogs: character, strength and tremendous growth, excellent working qualities and exclusive color. Rare gray color is another of prioriterov in the selection and breeding, to which we aspire.

Our first CAO: Ramesh Abdul-Sketch and had one of the most beautiful and rare colors in this breed gray. From these dogs began our love for gray Alabay. We first started to fix this gene in pups and successfully put on a show dogs in a gray coloration, despite the controversy and debate surrounding. Now this color trendy, exclusive, popular and is still the most rare and eye-catching, always and everywhere. We try to get puppies in all varia tions of gray color from light to dark. This is our brand, our brand, our devotion and love for the gray Alabay.

Anatolian Shepherd Dog Caucasian Shepherd Dog Chihuahua

Dacia Burebista Central Asia Shepherd Dog
Hunedoara, Romania
Dacia Burebista

Our kennel are located in Romania on the mountain side. Our dogs are growing in very good conditions, have access on the large forest, large terrain lot and two rivers (crossing our property).