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… exclusive, family and responsible breeding kennel pure English Creme Golden Retriever for show and work… sound solid Goldens breeder of occasional litter with many international show ring successes… pedigree puppies enjoy a careful socialization… select our lines with great care, to obtain balanced dogs and the basic retriever instinct… puppies are lovingly raised at home and socialized… purebred dogs from the Europes most successful bloodlines… parents of these litters are trained and belong to… amateur breeding for the selection of top winning Golden Retrievers… information on the breed, multi-champions and their puppies, photographs of dogs of the breed, videos, news, training, advice for its care, recognized… work with the best lines in UK and Europe producing champions… Show quality, interesting bloodlines and pedigrees… puppies are raised in our home and garden with the family and are socialized… website where you can know everything about this magnificent breed… free of genetic defects and all have official certificates of free… sound puppies of Golden Retriever pedigree with plenty of champions of the best lines in Europe… small family kennel with high-quality show and work Goldens with a good temper…     ***       Golden Retriever Breeders and Kennels -    

Golden Retriever