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Kennel 'ex Cubile Lamia' FCI
Kennel 'ex Cubile Lamia' FCI

Welcome to our Kennel "ex Cubile Lamia" FCI.

Mastino Napoletano Beagle

Assisi - Molosser
Assisi - Molosser

Breed of Quality Englich Mastiff, Neapolitan Mastiff and Dogue de Bordeaux, Member of VDH / FCI.

English Mastiff Neapolitan Mastiff

Elevage Doggy Dog
Elevage Doggy Dog

L'elevage "Doggy dog" vous propose ses chiots bullmastiffs fauves ou bringés. Tout nos chiots sont identifiés, vaccinés et inscrits au LOF (pedigree). Nous élevons également du bouledogue français et du dogue de bordeaux.

Bullmastiff French Bulldog

Battle CarDogs
Battle CarDogs

On the pages of our site we would like to share our love to 2 most wonderful breeds: English bulldog & Dogue de Bordeaux. For the past few years we have bred only these 2 breeds.

Our primary focus is on doing all we can to produce physically and mentally sound dogs. Healthy and happy. Also we make every effort to minimize the manifestation of inherited defects to the best of our ability by screening future breeding stock for those problems related to our breeds.

English Bulldog

El Siscar Kenel Dogos de Burdeos
El Siscar Kenel - Dogos de Burdeos

Cría y selección del Dogo de Burdeos - El Siscar Kennel.

Molosse Antique Dogue de Bordeaux
Norway Dog Breeders
Molosse Antique

We are Norwegian breeder's of Dogue de Bordeaux. We have been involved since the beginning in Norway. We have bred several champions! All our dogs lives inside our house as family members,so the bed or couch is always occupied ... We even have 1 mascot in the family; a female french bulldog from Hungary.

Kimstaff Staffordshire bull teririers & Dogue-De-Bordeaux's
Kimstaff Staffordshire bull teririers
& Dogue-De-Bordeaux's

We are a small kennel breeding and showing staffordshire bull terriers & dogue-de-bordeaux's. All our breeding stock are health tested with all relevent health certificates. We breed for type and temprement.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Rex regis
Rex regis

Breeding kennel of Dogue de Bordeaux, stud dog Cane Corso.

Cane Corso Italiano


Hello, my name is Marion, and my big loving is the Bordeaux on this momment we have 9, bordeauxdog and 1 frencie and hope in the summer having a nw breed in our kennel. We love too walk shows Nat and internationaal, more info about us and my dogs, you can,t find on the site,
greetings Marion

Van de Maasparel
Van de Maasparel

Dogue de Bordeaux and Fila Brasileiro Kennel based in The Netherlands. We breed for passion on health and character.

Fila Brasileiro

Maksbord Logard Butler
Maksbord Logard Butler

Site of a Dogue De Bordeaux of Maksbord Logard Butler. Here you will find a lot of an interesting material on breed, look at a photo from training, learn our ancestors.

kennel od Gabči
kennel od Gabči

We are a small, family kennel situated the west of Czech Republic. We've bred Dogue de Bordeaux since 2001 and it became our passion. Our aim is to breed quality and healthy puppies. You are welcome on our website.

Horseland's Pride Dogue de Bordeaux
Horseland's Pride Dogue de Bordeaux

We are lovers and breeders of Dogue de Bordeaux in Germany.We look forward to meeting you!

Austrian Dogue de Bordeaux Kennel.

Caratira's Kennel Dogue de Bordeaux / Mastino Napoletano
Caratira's Kennel - Dogue de Bordeaux / Mastino Napoletano

Breeder of Dogue de Bordeaux and Mastino Napoletano.

Neapolitan Mastiff

Du Masque de Seth<br>Elevage de Dogue de Bordeaux
Du Masque de Seth
Elevage de Dogue de Bordeaux

Nous sommes un élevage de qualité, préférant mettre l'accent sur de beaux chiens avec d'excellents caractères, que sur la quantité. Membres de la SADB ( société des Amateurs de Dogue de Bordeaux ), nous œuvrons pour le développement de la race et le respect des animaux.

Toutes nos productions sont inscrites au Livre des Origines Français!!

Numéro d'éleveur: 683696
Numéro d'affixe: 72038
Numéro de SIRET : 510 138 969 00025

Nous vous invitons à venir visiter la demeure du Masque de Seth, et ainsi rencontrer nos compagnons si magique. Alors n'hésitez pas! Venez! Beauty se fera un plaisir de vous faire visiter...

Contactez nous par mail: par mail ou par téléphone.

Fantaisie de Kerma

FANTAISIE DE KERMA is a small family breeding. We try hard to make a work of beautiful quality, all this in the respect for our dogs to whom we grantmany attentions.

Des Dogue allemand de très belle qualité. Comme toutes les races que nous élevons nous ne cherchons pas la facilité mais la qualité dans la sélection de nos chiens.

Weimaraner Great Dane

Bordomax farm
Bordomax farm

Kennel of French Bulldogs and Dogue de Bordeaux with great experience in Croatian.

French Bulldog

Berges de la Sarre
Berges de la Sarre

Thank you for taking time to visit our website. We would like to take this chance to tell you a little about our hobby of breeding.

After many years of practical experience with our Bordeaux Mastiffs which live in the house with us and take part in everyday family life, our dogs Cyros and Alya surprised us with a litter of mini Bordeaux Mastiffs. The birth of the puppies was a really lovely experience and bringing them up together with Alya, Cyros and our Labrador Stoupy gave us a lot of joy. Following this we decided to play a part in the preservation of the breed by planning the occasional litter, our priorities being temperament, health, intelligence and appearance of the Bordeaux Mastiff. In this order!

Discussions with breeders at home and abroad, visits from exhibitors, educating ourselves through reading and contact with veterinary surgeons and breed clubs have played an important part in our breeding plan.

Yet most important is that our Bordeaux Mastiffs are happy, that healthy puppies grow up in a functioning group and also with other breeds, and we maintain contact with the buyers of the puppies as each Bordeaux Mastiff has its own character and temperament.

If you would like to see our Bordeaux Mastiffs, please contact us to agree a time for you to visit our home. We live in a small town near the German border in the beautiful triangle between France, Luxembourg and Germany.

However, we do not always have puppies as we invest a great deal of love and time in the planning of litters, and the rearing, care, and ownership of our dogs. And our principles are more important than the production of puppies as dog breeding is a passion!

You are looking for a companion for the next years, its choice is essential, so do not rush. Give yourself time to think about the right choice. Sometimes it is better to wait............... Please note: we do not sell to people who run breeding kennels. We are very keen to have continued contact after the purchase. In this way we can supervise our breed line.

But we won’t overload you with too much information now just have a look around our website. We would be delighted to answer any of your questions about the breed Dogues de Bordeaux and look forward to hearing from you.

Baurydy-Korán Dogue de Bordeaux
Jihočeský, Czechia

Jsme nejstarší aktivní chovatelská stanice bordeauxských dog v České republice O nás :-) Chráněný název chovatelské stanice „z Koránu CS“ byl zaregistrován v Praze na plemenné knize dne 12.03. 1990.

Mezinárodní chráněný název chovatelské stanice Baurydy-Korán byl schválen FCI 11.12. 1995. V současné době máme doma 6 chovných fen 1 dorostenkyni a 3 chovné psi.

Dogos de Burdeos del Reino de Tina
del Reino de Tina Dogos de Burdeos

Cría selecta del Dogo de Burdeos. Jóvenes, cachorros, sementales... Disponible en el banco de semen envíos a Yodo en mundo con certificado y garantías de cubricion.