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… breed with European top quality FCI bloodlines… puppies from fully health-tested and temperamentally sound parents… Owners, Breeders and Ehibitors of Top Winning Great Danes… specializing in black, blue, harlequin, mantle, merle colours from old German classic lines… occasionaly we will have a litter of pups… typical head, strong bones, good body and a very good temperament… a small select hobby kennel who strive to breed healthy dogs of sound… breed after robust European lines with a lovely temperament… Great Danes from Champion bloodlines who live in our house… lines and the successful exhibitions in the pedigrees… imported dogs from top bloodlines and kennels in Europe and USA… breed for dogs that are perfectly healthy in everyway… Lineage of the largest European and American champions… find all infos about our dogs and puppies… breeding and selection of Great Danes in the five colors… Breeders of several Best in Show Winners, National, European, International and World champions… breeding recognized by FCI… a strict selection in the choice of stallions and females this majestic breed… Breeders of black, blue, harlequin and mantle Great Danes… small family kennel with Multi Champions… come from excellent, well established lines…     ***       Great Dane Breeders and Kennels -    

Deutsche Dogge / Great Dane / Dogue allemand

Romanov KennelFrance
Romanov Kennel

Breeder of Fawns and Brindles great dane championships bloodline and healthy bloodline quality over quantity.

Középföldi Great Danes KennelHungary
Középföldi Great Dane Kennel

Fawn and brindle great dane kennel from Hungary. Please visit our website, you can find all infos about my dogs!!!!!!!

Great Danes Kennel Golden LineRussia
kennel Golden Line

Kennel "GOLDEN LINE". Great dane, dogo argentino,french bulledogue. Puppies. It is a lot of photos useful references, regular updating.

Dogo Argentino French Bulldog

Great Danes Kennel Del Castello Delle RoccheItaly

Since 1994 we breed harlequin, mantle and black Great Danes. Visit our website "to meet" our Dogs.

Great Danes Kennel Claudia BohemicaCzechia

Small, but the most successful kennel in the Czech Republic. We have owned harlequin, mantle and black Great Danes since 1995, and have been breeding since 1999. We bred for health and quality, not quantity. We have bred much International and National Champions.

Great Danes Kennel Apollo DaneCyprus

Home to Grand Champions, Multi Champions, International Champions, National Champions, Best in Show Winners, Multi Group & B.O.B winning harlequin and black excellent show quality Danes.

Breeding only when fully developed in mind and body with a full colour history dating back to 1843. Advance purchase registration form available to complete on our web site. www.apollodane.comalso Founders of The Great Dane Club of Cyprus.

Great Danes de la Boite de Pandore KennelFrance
de la Boite de Pandore

Dogues allemands fauves et bringés uniquement. Très bonnes origines des reproducteurs. Petit élevage mais grande passion.

Fawn and brindle great danes only. Very good origins of the dogs. Small breeding but huge passion.

Great Danes Kennel von ObensbergSerbia
von Obensberg Kennel

I bought my first Great Dane ALMA (a black female) in 1998. We loved her very much, she was a member of our family. She began to win repeatedly in exhibitions. As experts and breeders encouraged me so much, I decided to have her covered. I've diceded to breed with her.

At that time, I had no own kennels. At that time I haven't had my own kennel yet. We registered our dog into my dear friend Roland Ryttko's Kvezal Kennels. From this time on, we attended exhibitions abroad as well as in Serbia. We had more and more opportunities to strengthen our friendship with Hungarian kennels.

Since 2001 am the proud owner of the VON OBENSBERG kennel.. We live in Serbia , in former Jugoslavia. Unfortunately Great Dane breeding is not widely popular in our country. However, people are ready to cooperate with foreign breeders, so our kennels is the "bridge" between Hungarian and Serbian breeders.

Great Danes del Piccolo Jigo KennelItaly
Great Danes del Piccolo Jigo

We breed fawn, brindle and blue Great Danes.

Great Danes of Luizador Kennel Russia
Great Danes of Luizador Kennel

Our Breeding Kennel existing for 16 years. At present time, Luizador kennel is engaged with breeding Great Danes of harlequin and black coloration. Luizador kennel uses in breeding the dogs taken from the well-known Kennels Europe.

Our dogs are huge, bony, with beautiful stylish head! In Luizador kennel is a lot of dogs of Champions. On July, 25th, 2007, the birth of new puppies is expected. We sell puppies with full registration. If you wish to have the puppy of the European type, write to me.

Somogy Gyöngye Great Danes KennelHungary
Great Danes of Somogy Gyöngye kennel

Black and harlequin great danes.

Silva Tarok Great Danes KennelCzechia
Silva Tarok Kennel

Our fist Great Dane was a dog that was called Hugo. We acquired him in 1994 from a breeding station UTTIS.

Hugo was our first harlequin. It was a giant with a warm heart, a friend and above all a great personality. He won our hearts and enraptured us to an extent that it was clear, that we wont settle just for one Great Dane.

Our kennel began to expand to the extent that in 1995 we have acquired a temperament lady-friend for Hugo. A Great Dane Jagu Uttis. They really clicked at first sight and became an inseparable pair. From that time on, a wonderful life with our animal friends has started.

Elevage de Misandre Great DanesFrance
Elevage de Misandre

Dogue Allemand et Chihuahua de Misandre.


Hultängnen'sGreat Danes kennelSweden
Hultängnen's kennel

We are a small kennel from Sweden since 1977. Priority in our breed is to get good temperament, health, beauty and working. For shows, for companionship and for hunt.

Longhaired Dachshund

Great Danes El SanthynorHungary
El Santhynor
harlequin and black great dane

El Santhynor is a Great Dane masterbreeding with great passion. We are working with imports and own breeded danes for the best solution.

Great Danes Folton FoltHungary
Folton Folt

Harlekin and black great dane kennel from Hungary.

Dogue allemand Elevage de la BoutinaisFrance

Elevage canin depuis 1989 à la campagne en Basse Normandie (France) produisant Caniche gris, Bichon à poil frisé, Dogue allemand 5 couleurs et Saint-Bernard poil long et poil court.

Poodle Bichon Frise Saint Bernard

Great Danes Podarok SudbyUkraine
Podarok Sudby - Deutsche Dogge

Deutscher Doggen in den Farben blau, gelb, gestromt, schwarz & gefleckt.

Great Danes Club Leader PrestigeRussia
LEADER PRESTIGE - Great Danes Club

LEADER PRESTIGE - Club of Black and Harlequin Great Danes.

Great Danes Calvados des Terres de la Rairie & SviatogorRussia
Calvados des Terres de la Rairie
& Sviatogor

Calvados des Terres de la Rairie & Sviatogor. Personal site of Black and Harlequin Great Danes.

black Great Dane Nemo del Nord OvestRussia
NEMO del Nord Ovest - black great dane

Personal site of black great dane - NEMO del Nord Ovest.

harlequin Great Dane Sargos Centurion Mark AvreliyRussia
Sargos Centurion Mark Avreliy
harlequin great dane

Personal site of harlequin great dane - Sargos Centurion Mark Avreliy.

fawn and brindle Great Dane kennel LuxorHungary
Luxor fawn and brindle Great Dane kennel

Enjoy visiting our website!

Great Danes in LatviaLatvia
Great Danes in Latvia

All about Great Danes in Latvia. Show news, show results, breeders, puppies, kennels, and other useful info.

Great Danes Kennel Nuo GrazuciuLithuania
NUO GRAZUCIU Great Danes Kennel

Fawn and Brindle Great Danes kennel.

Great Danes Podarok SudbyUkraine
ROSSAVIOTTI fawn great dane

ROSSAVIOTTI fawn great dane, foto, pedigree, cultivation, exhibitions ...

Great Danes Kennel S Isaevskogo PodvoryaRussia

Blue great danes in Moscow. The kennel is registered in FCI in 2002, but breeding of danes we are engaged, since 1992.

Kennel Quincy Etc.Czechia
Quincy Etc. kennel

Black and harlequin Great Dane kennel.

King Bassie's Jack russell terriersNetherlands
King Bassie's Jack russell terriers

Hello, we are breeding Jack russell terrier's and we breed withAustralian and Dutch bloodlines. We have smooth, broken and rough coat jacks take a look atour webside to see them some times we have a litter.

We haveseveral stud dogs avalibel in smooth, broken and rough coat also great dane, german pointer longhair and red and white irish setter.

Jack Russell Terrier German Pointer Longhair Irish Red and White Setter

 Deutsche Dogge UkraineUkraine
Deutsche Dogge Ukraine

Deutscher Doggen in den Farben blau, gelb, gestromt, schwarz & gefleckt.

Sozvezdie-MGreat Danes KennelRussia
SOZVEZDIE-M - Great Danes Kennel

SOZVEZDIE-M Kennel Great Danes: owner Margarita Kulikova. Russia, Moscow. Black and harlequin great danes.

Tamzdane Great DanesUK
Tamzdane Great Danes

Harlequin and Mantle Great Danes in the United Kingdom.

OLVIG Great Danes and English Bulldogs Latvia
Great Danes and English Bulldogs

OLVIG - Famous Great Danes and English Bulldogs from Latvia! In breeding since 1999. Great Danes of Harlequin,Mantle, Merle, Black, Blue colours. Old German classic lines. English bulldogs.

English Bulldog

Nagyiregi great dane kennelHungary
Nagyiregi great dane kennel

We breed Grate Danes since 1967 especially blue and black from blue.

RoedamarNorthern Ireland Dog Breeders

We are a small family run hobby kennel in the heart of the irish countryside.All our dogs are much loved pets first and foremost. They share our home and our lives. We breed for temperament, type, brains and beauty.Occasionaly we will have a litter of pups but only if we feel we can further the breed by the mating.

German Shepherd Dog Chihuahua

Citizen's Kennel Great DanesSweden
Citizen's Kennel

We breed Blue, Black and Harlekin. All with exelent temperament and health.

Nerakdane Great DanesIreland
Nerakdane Great Danes

Having a brilliant time sharing our lives with beautiful great danes.

Kennel di Shakir HouseItaly
Kennel di Shakir House

We are ENCI,FCI kennel with harlequin and black Deutsche Doggen in Itali.Visit our homepage and look at our dogs, puppies, pictures and more. Occasionally we have puppies.

Deutsche Doggenzucht von AdamantiumGermany
Deutsche Doggenzucht von Adamantium

We breed beautiful Great Danes in the coloure fawn and brindel and black and harlequin.

Arhus Great Danes KennelPoland
ARHUS Great Danes Kennel

Home breeding of black and harlequin Great Danes. Our danes are a part of our family!

Deutsche Doggen Vom White Temple VDH/KYDDGermany
Deutsche Doggen Vom White Temple

We breed Danes in black & harleqin with white colour.

Endurial Specialbreed of noble Great DanesGermany
Specialbreed of noble Great Danes

Our breeding goal ist he impressive, proud, strong, noble, harmonic, healthy, longliving and gentle Great Dane, which is leaving a unique mark and permanent impression: An ENDURIAL-Dog!

We're mating exclusively excellent and chosen Great Danes of European Blood- & Championlines of the FCI/VDH. We present our dogs successfully at International shows. The offspring of our Danes lives on several different continents and is successful, too.

Our dogs and puppies live with us, grow up in the house, garden, dog-house with outrun, other dogs and animals. They are our permanent companions.

Thus they learn quickly to get a along with their neccessary environment and will be given to their new homes well-conditioned at the age of 8 weeks, including a health certificate.

We will assist our puppy buyers at any time!

Great danes kennel Luch NadezhdyRussia
kennel Luch Nadezhdy Great danes

Fawn and brindle colors. Moscow region, Russia.

Great Danes and Pugs Von Haus vom SteraldtedNetherlands
Von Haus vom Steraldted

We breed Great Danes and Pugs. Great Danes from the year 1964 and Pugs from 2004. We have bred several National, International chmpions and 1 Worldchampion.

We started with Great Danes in Fawn and Brindle, later bred also Harlequin and Black and Blue. My most famous dog I owned was Minos du dog du Vexin. At this moment we only have Harlekin and Black. Visit our website for more information about our dogs.


Great Danes Les Glaciers CharmantsFrance
Les Glaciers Charmants Great Danes

Blue, black and harlequin great danes kennel near to Lyon in France. Dogs and puppies living in the house with family, children and other pet.

We only breed with heatlhy danes, tested for hips dysplasy, heart, etc. They are tall, have strong bones, good body and typical head. They have a very good temperament.

Danisha Fields of GoldRussia

Great Danes from Moscow (Russia).

Serenczas FCI Shetland sheepdog and Great Dane kennelPoland
Serenczas FCIShetland sheepdog and Great Dane kennel

Small breed shelties and Great Dane kennel. Sable, tricolor and bicolor colours. I invite you on my website.

Shetland Sheepdog

Les Grandes Terres d'AaronFrance
Les Grandes Terres d'Aaron

Fawn and brindle great danes in Brittany. I have also a multi champion fawn male.

Visit our Website and do not hesitate to leave a message on our Guest Book !

Deutsche Doggen in FlagrantiGermany
Deutsche Doggen in Flagranti

Fawn and brindle Great Danes. Registered breeder of the DDC 1888 e.V. which is connected to the VDH and FCI.

Kennel East of EdenNorway Dog Breeders
Kennel East of Eden

Breeder of Shar Pei & Great Dane in Norway.

Shar Pei

Grande Galores KennelSweden
Grande Galores Kennel

Great Danes, harlequin and black. Small breeding in home environment, we strive for friendly and mentally good dogs.

Deutsche Doggen vom ShivagoKrefeld, Germany Dog Breeders
Deutsche Doggen vom Shivago

Deutsche Doggen vom ShivagoDDC1888e.V

We breed Danes in black & harleqin with white colour.

Jumalpa Dálmatas y Dogos AlemanesSpain
Jumalpa - Dálmatas y Dogos Alemanes

Cría Selectiva y Rigurosa de las mejores Líneas de las Razas Dálmata y Dogo Alemán, en ambiente familiar. Para Exposición y Compañía.


Deutsche Doggen del ToroGermany
Deutsche Doggen del Toro

We breed the German Great Dane in black and white spotted black. We are a member and registered breeder in DDC 1888 eV and the VDH! At times, we make beautiful puppies. If you want to learn from us, please visit our homepage.

Elevage du Domaine des CotieresFrance

Elevage de chienfamilial de plus de 1.5 hectares situé à Marigny Marmande en Indre et Loire dans un manoir du XVeme siecle. UN HAVRE DE PAIX

Nous produisons les races de chiens suivantes :
* Dogues Allemands
* Petits Brabançons

La passion et l'amour du Dogue Allemand est venue avec notre premiere chienne "COCCINELLE" et pour les petits brabançons avec la venue dans la famille de "GEORGES et VELVET QUEEN"

Nous privilégons la qualité à la quantité
Notre but est l'amélioration de chaque race
Nos étalons sont sévérement sélectionnés ainsi que nos lices
Tous nos chiens sont élevés en famille, sociabilisés, habitués aux autres animaux

Nos dogues et petits brabancons vivent à la maison et jouissent d'un terrain de plus 1.5 hectares où ils peuvent s'ébattre à leur guise. Nous élevons 2 couleurs en dogues allemands : ARLEQUIN et NOIR D'ARLEQUINS.
et 2 couleurs en petits brabancons : FAUVE-ROUGE et NOIR DE FEU

Bien sùr, tous nos chiens sont de pure race inscrits au L.O.F. (livre des origines françaises)

Par gage de qualité, et toujours pour le confort de nos chiens, nos chiots ne quitte l’élevage qu’après 8 à 10 semaines de seuvrage vaccinés, identifiés, vermifugés, socialisés.

Nous sommes à votre entiére disposition pour tous renseignements et pour des visites de l'élevage.

Small Brabant Griffon

Z Karczewskiej ZagrodyPoland
Z Karczewskiej Zagrody

We are breeding quality english pointers for show and work. For more information please visit our website ...

English Pointer

Elevage des Perles d'AphroditeFrance
Elevage des Perles d'Aphrodite

Elevage Dogues allemands Bleus, noirs et Arlequins. Chiens issus des meilleures lignées européenne. Chiots de trés grande qualité régulièrement disponible.

Breeding Great Danes Blue, Black and Harlequin. Dogs from the best European lines. Puppies of very high quality regularly available.

Lean On Me Great Dane KennelHungary
Lean On Me Great Dane Kennel

We are a small, family kennel in Hungary focusing on quality not quantity. Please meet our blue and black danes in our home or webpage. Excellent bloodlines and show results.

van 't BrökskeNetherlands
van 't Brökske

Wij fokken af en toe een nestje in geel/gestroomd en zwart/wit. Voor meer informatie bezoek onze website eens.

We breed in fawn/brindle and black/white. Look for more information our website.

Wir zuchten in gelb/gestrommt und schwarz/weis. Für mehr Information bitte besuche unseren Homepage.

Deutsche Doggen Summa cum LaudeAustria
Deutsche Doggen Summa cum Laude

"Summa cum Laude" steht für Qualität in Zucht, Aufzucht und Haltung der Deutschen Doggen. Alle unsere Hunde und Welpen wachsen im Familienverband auf, da es uns ein großes Anliegen ist, wesensfeste und gut sozialisierte Doggen hervorzubringen. In meiner Funktion als Präsidentin des Österr. Doggenklubs und in der Funktion meines Mannes als Zuchtwart des Österr. doggenklubs und Tierarzt stehen wir für gesunde und rassetypische Doggen in Österreich.

Rendog Great DaneCzechia

Chovatelská stanice Německých dog.

Elevage des Grands KorrigansFrance
Elevage des Grands Korrigans

Elevage passion de fila brasileiro et de Dogue allemand.

Fila Brasileiro


The worldwide portal about great dane. A lot of usefull informations about great dane: breed clubs, standards, rescue associations, etc. ... and a list of breeders in all over the world including of course Europe.

Le portail mondial du dogue allemand. Un grand nombre d'informations utiles sur le dogue allemand: les clubs de race, les standards, les associations de sauvetage, etc. ... et une liste d'éleveurs dans le monde entier y compris bien sûr en Europe.

Alani del Nord OvestItaly
Alani del Nord Ovest

Selezione dell'alano nei colori blu, nero ed arlecchino. Generazioni di campioni.

des Alans d'or du Val de TaraFrance

C'est un amour passionné qui m'unit à mes dogues allemands depuis 1992. Cet amour est toujours aussi fort 18 ans plus tard. Je vous souhaite une belle visite de mon site.

Margenis PapillonLithuania
Margenis Papillon

Small family kennel of qualitypapillons and great danes.


Kennel Great BelDenmark
Kennel Great Bel

Breeder of Harlequin & Black Great Dane from Denmark.

Elevage de La BarasseineFrance
Elevage de La Barasseine

Elevage familial de dogues allemands dans les couleurs fauve, bringé, noir et arlequin.

<br>Elevage Des Comtés SéquanesFrance
Elevage Des Comtés Séquanes

Elevage privilégiant Santé et Qualité! (Rx Dysplasie, test ADN,TAN,CSAU(Obéissance),écho cardiaque,exposition canine).

From Fabulous BlackNetherlands
From Fabulous Black

Great Danes, harlequin and black with exelent temperament and health. Visit our Web site.

van de DrentsegrondNetherlands
van de Drentsegrond

We breed Great Danes sinds 1963 in the color Blue, Fawn and Brindle. We like to breed Happy, Healty dogs. Visit our website for more information about us, and our Great Danes.

Kennel Polaris - belgian sheepdogs & great danes Poland
Kennel Polaris
belgian sheepdogs & great danes

Polaris is a name of our kennel, which was created in 1982. On beginning we breeded only great danes, later belgian sheepdogs and golden retrievers.

The dogs from our kennel have a lot of titles Polish Champion, Junnior Champion, Club Winners, Junnior Club Winners and a lot of Best of Breed and Show Winners. Our kennel received title of Best Groenendael Breeding in Poland 2002, 2003, 2005, 2008, 2011 and our females recived titels The Best Groenendaels Breeding Females in Poland 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2008. We invite on our site :)

Belgian Shepherd Dog - Groenendael & Tervueren

Sanctus Rochus Kennel - Great DanesCroatia
SANCTUS ROCHUS Kennel - Great Danes

Great Danes in Croatia - "SANCTUS ROCHUS" Kennel.

Dell'Alto Feudo KennelItaly

Hight selection of harlequin and black Great Danes.

of Bacardi great dane dogs kennelHungary
of Bacardi great dane dogs kennel

Home of Bacardi great dane dogs in Hungary. - DOMAIN FOR SALE - MAKE AN OFFER!
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