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… breed with European top quality FCI bloodlines… puppies from fully health-tested and temperamentally sound parents… Owners, Breeders and Ehibitors of Top Winning Great Danes… specializing in black, blue, harlequin, mantle, merle colours from old German classic lines… occasionaly we will have a litter of pups… typical head, strong bones, good body and a very good temperament… a small select hobby kennel who strive to breed healthy dogs of sound… breed after robust European lines with a lovely temperament… Great Danes from Champion bloodlines who live in our house… lines and the successful exhibitions in the pedigrees… imported dogs from top bloodlines and kennels in Europe and USA… breed for dogs that are perfectly healthy in everyway… Lineage of the largest European and American champions… find all infos about our dogs and puppies… breeding and selection of Great Danes in the five colors… Breeders of several Best in Show Winners, National, European, International and World champions… breeding recognized by FCI… a strict selection in the choice of stallions and females this majestic breed… Breeders of black, blue, harlequin and mantle Great Danes… small family kennel with Multi Champions… come from excellent, well established lines…     ***       Great Dane Breeders and Kennels -    

Deutsche Dogge / Great Dane / Dogue allemand

Romanov KennelFrance
Romanov Kennel

Breeder of Fawns and Brindles great dane championships bloodline and healthy bloodline quality over quantity.

Középföldi Great Danes KennelHungary
Középföldi Great Dane Kennel

Fawn and brindle great dane kennel from Hungary. Please visit our website, you can find all infos about my dogs!!!!!!!

Great Danes Kennel Golden LineRussia
kennel Golden Line

Kennel "GOLDEN LINE". Great dane, dogo argentino,french bulledogue. Puppies. It is a lot of photos useful references, regular updating.

Dogo Argentino French Bulldog

Great Danes Kennel Del Castello Delle RoccheItaly

Since 1994 we breed harlequin, mantle and black Great Danes. Visit our website "to meet" our Dogs.

Great Danes Kennel Claudia BohemicaCzechia

Small, but the most successful kennel in the Czech Republic. We have owned harlequin, mantle and black Great Danes since 1995, and have been breeding since 1999. We bred for health and quality, not quantity. We have bred much International and National Champions.

Great Danes Kennel Apollo DaneCyprus

Home to Grand Champions, Multi Champions, International Champions, National Champions, Best in Show Winners, Multi Group & B.O.B winning harlequin and black excellent show quality Danes.

Breeding only when fully developed in mind and body with a full colour history dating back to 1843. Advance purchase registration form available to complete on our web site. www.apollodane.comalso Founders of The Great Dane Club of Cyprus.

Great Danes de la Boite de Pandore KennelFrance
de la Boite de Pandore

Dogues allemands fauves et bringés uniquement. Très bonnes origines des reproducteurs. Petit élevage mais grande passion.

Fawn and brindle great danes only. Very good origins of the dogs. Small breeding but huge passion.

Great Danes Kennel von ObensbergSerbia
von Obensberg Kennel

I bought my first Great Dane ALMA (a black female) in 1998. We loved her very much, she was a member of our family. She began to win repeatedly in exhibitions. As experts and breeders encouraged me so much, I decided to have her covered. I've diceded to breed with her.

At that time, I had no own kennels. At that time I haven't had my own kennel yet. We registered our dog into my dear friend Roland Ryttko's Kvezal Kennels. From this time on, we attended exhibitions abroad as well as in Serbia. We had more and more opportunities to strengthen our friendship with Hungarian kennels.

Since 2001 am the proud owner of the VON OBENSBERG kennel.. We live in Serbia , in former Jugoslavia. Unfortunately Great Dane breeding is not widely popular in our country. However, people are ready to cooperate with foreign breeders, so our kennels is the "bridge" between Hungarian and Serbian breeders. - DOMAIN FOR SALE - MAKE AN OFFER!
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