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… breeder of quality Beagles for pet or show… small scale breeding, from time to time puppies with good temperaments reared in the family home and well socialized… hunting, breeding and showing Beagles in the… familykennel specialising in top quality work and show dogs… high quality purebred puppies from champion lines… a lot of prestigious titles from national and international dog shows… home of top FCI registered show beagles… see the pedigrees, breeding plans and the show results… breed and show quality Beagles with excellent bloodlines… dogs with an ideal temperament and appearance… small family kennel registred with the FCI… top quality beagle puppies which live up to the beagle standard… many years of dog breeding and showing experience within the Beagle…     ***       Beagle Breeders and Kennels -    


Kennel 'ex Cubile Lamia' FCIPoland
Kennel 'ex Cubile Lamia' FCI

Welcome to our Kennel "ex Cubile Lamia" FCI.

Dogue de Bordeaux Mastino Napoletano

Elevage de MaxcecanFrance
Elevage de MAXCECAN

Elevage familial basé sur un domaine de 3 ha entièrement clôturé ou vivent nos chiens en ayant accès à la maison pour une meilleure sociabilisation. Passionnée d'expositions les chiens sont séléctionnés sur leur beauté et leur caractère ce qui m'a permis d'être meilleur élevage de France au trophée "Vos Chiens" 2005 et 2006.

L'élevage se situe à 1h30 de Lille, 10mn de saint Omer 20mn de Calais, 2h30 de Paris.

Chiots LOF uniquement pour amateur serieux.

Beagle and English Springer Spaniel Kennel Z Lonskeho letaCzechia
Z Lonskeho leta Beagle
and English Springer Spaniel Kennel

Our small family kennel is officially registred with the FCI. Visit us.

English Springer Spaniel

Beagle dell'EtruriaItaly
Allevamento Beagle dell'Etruria

Allevamento Beagle ricerca, selezione e massima cura nell'allevare gli esemplari.

Beagle di Fonte PoscaItaly
Fonte Posca Beagle

Allevamento italiano dove viene selezionata la razza beagle.

Framod Cocker Spaniels & BeaglesMalta
FRAMOD Cocker Spaniels & Beagles

Framod kennels has been established in Malta since 1982, breeding and showing Cocker Spaniels and later Beagles as well. All our dogs are U.K bloodlines based, and have imported numerous dogs from England.

Framod has been the top Kennel in Cocker Spaniels in Malta for many years, our dogs very rarely beaten in the breed. Frank Borg also awards Challenge Certificates in England in Cocker Spaniels, the only Maltese to date approved to judge at championship show level in England.

English Cocker Spaniel

Weinlinie & z Atarova DvoraCzechia

Welcome to our website! Jack Russel Terrier & Beagle / stud dog, puppies, show, judging, trials and canisterapie.

Jack Russell Terrier Beagle

Magnus Champion Beagle KennelPoland
Magnus Champion Beagle Kennel

Champion Dog Kennel - zootechnican Mariola Kosiorek. We own: Sonia Aga i Tala, Heyah z Doliny Rozrywki, Saga Magnus, San Antonio Diamentowa zagroda, U.S. dollar Magnus and others Beagle. We are proud about many awards like Champions and European Interchampions, also Elite Cruft Competition Qualification - England. We speak English and Russian.

Omri RelizanUkraine
Omri Relizan

Kennel Jack Russell terriers and beagles.

Jack Russell Terrier

Camshami Beagles and Dazzleby Daddys Gir For CamshamiUK
Camshami Beagles
and Dazzleby Daddys Gir For Camshami

The home of the only Kennel Club Registered Foxhound in Wales who has been bred by the only Championship Foxhound Kennel in the country Rosemary Griffiths and the Dazzleby Hounds.


Alikiss BeaglesCzechia
Alikiss Beagles

Multiple Champions, Group and Breed winners in several countries on two continents. But most importantly our beloved friends.

Puppies occasionally available to special homes.

Simpatica PS kennel of Beagles and Welsh Corgi PembrokePoland
Simpatica PS kennel
of Beagles and Welsh Corgi Pembroke

We're breeding dogs from over 30 years. Our first love are German Shepherds. Now we have only Beagles and Pembroke corgis. Dogs from us have great show successes. Dogs are our live, everything in our life is for them.

Welsh Corgi Pembroke

Snoopy Kid Beagle KennelHungary
Snoopy Kid Beagle Kennel

Snoopy Kid Beagle Kennel from Hungary.

Angyali Annie KennelHungary
Angyali Annie Kennel

Beagle Master Breeder.

Vienna Calling Beagle KennelAustria
Vienna Calling Beagle Kennel

Beagle breeding in Vienna! Look at our site and get informed about our dogs, show & hunting results, and puppies! Feel free to contact us in case of any questions!

Randavica beagle kennelSlovakia
RANDAVICA beagle kennel

Welcome to our beagle kennel (FCI), beagle for shows and hunting, puppies, stud dogs and more ...

Darksan kennel - BeagleSlovakia
DARKSAN kennel - Beagle

Puppies and stud dogs! Welcome to our Webpage!


MIDIAN'S American Akitas, American FoxhoundsFinland
American Akitas, American Foxhounds

Awarded breeding in Finland. Midian's breed American Akitas, American Foxhounds and Beagles. Over 30 bred American Akita Champions.

American Akita American Foxhound

Kennel Free Stride'sDenmark
Kennel Free Stride's

Breeder of beagles for show and house pets. Our aim is to breed healthy puppies with good temperaments - as close to the beagle standard as possible.

Kralovska laska BeagleSlovakia
Kralovska laska Beagle

ChS Kralovska laska ponúka záujemcom šteniatka bíglov s PP, narodené 9.9.2011. Šteniatka sú primerane veku veterinárne ošetrené, označené mikročipom, socializované a v súčasnej dobe sú k odberu. Viac info, foto a kontakt na našej stránke.

Ultrakopó KennelHungary
Ultrakopó Kennel

Kennelünk célja a jó idegrendszerű, és család centrikus kutyák kitenyésztése. Rövid, tömör testfelépítésű, csontos kiskutyák felnevelése!

Veislynas Ištikimas šuoLithuania
Veislynas Ištikimas šuo

Please visit our website for further informations and contacts. Jack Russell Terrier - Australien Top Lines.

Jack Russell Terrier

Golden Twig BeaglesDenmark
Golden Twig Beagles

Breeder of beagles for show and as familydog. We want to breed healthy puppies with good temperaments, all our puppies is having a puppytest in the age of 7 weeks.

We are members of The Danish Beagle Club for over 25 years and the Danish Kennel Club for over 20 years. Has been breeding Beagles since 1994.

Széphegyi Szimat - Beagle Master Breeder
Széphegyi Szimat
Beagle Master Breeder

Golden Master Breeder. From my kennel several World Winner and European Winner beagle.

of jack's connection BeaglesAustria
of jack's connection Beagles

Our kennel name "... of jack's connection" was established in 1997 under the International Federation Cynologique protected. Since 1994, we are also members of the ABC Austrian Beagle Club.

Here you'll find everything about our hobby breeding, (ÖKV Gütesiegel Vorbildliche Zuchtstätte), the life of our little pack, and our dogs. If you would like more Details and information about Beagles, or wish to reserve for a beagle puppy can want You can reach us at: ...

Stardrive Team Beagle KennelUkraine
Stardrive Team Beagle Kennel

Welcome to our kennel of Beagle "Stardrive Team"! Our dogs have a lot of prestigious titles.

CHS Kama LevandeCzechia
CHS Kama Levande

FCI Kennel od beagles.

Made in Elten - Valhalla's Gloria - BeagleGermany
Made in Elten - Valhalla's Gloria - Beagle

We have set ourselves the task of the attitude and the pure breed Beagles in Germany, its appearance and racial typical beings - to receive as well as their hunting properties, and promote - in accordance with the standard of the FCI.

The International Breeding Regulations of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) and the breeding regulations of the Association of the German Kennel Club (VDH) for us as members of the Beagle Club Germany (BCD) binding. In 1995, the kennel name "Valhalla's Glory" recognized by the FCI and protected.

Monsbay Pack BeaglesSpain
Monsbay Pack Beagles

Spanish beagle breeder. Show quality puppies. Contact us for more details and information.

Lapitropy kennel of beaglesPoland
Lapitropy kennel of beagles

We are small hobby and family kennel of beagles . We breed beautiful and elegant dogs. Our goal is to bring up litter in high quality of character, exterior and even work abilities. Kennel, which is trying to be perfect - healthy dogs, humorous nature, no aggression at all, always happy, elegant appearance, enthusiasm owners. Welcome to visit our website.

Sunshine Land KennelHungary
Sunshine Land Kennel

We are a small, family kennel. We enjoy our common life with our dogs and our goal is to combine show quality, excellent temperament and hunting ability in our dogs. We attend shows around Europe and recently added grooming and handling services. Hope you enjoy your tour on our site!

Sarah Lee's Pack BeaglesSerbia
Sarah Lee's Pack Beagles

Home of top quality show beagles and FCI registered kennel. Place from where healthy and good looking beagles come from!

La Casa DemianiUkraine
La Casa Demiani

Welcome to the kennel "La Casa Demiani". Here you can see our dogs, our breeding dogs, see the show results of our dogs and our graduates.

de la meute d'astérionFrance
de la meute d'astérion

Elevage de beagle: nos reproducteurs sont tous testés sur les 7 maladies qui peuvent toucher le beagle, ils snt aussi radiographié des hanches.

Notre élevage comporte que des beagles multiples champions( world winner- champion de multiple pays- plusieurs classement à la Cruft et multiple group winner et best in show placement)

of Morpheus Galaxy BeaglesHungary
of Morpheus Galaxy Beagles

Our kennel “Morpheus Galaxy” was founded in 2017 and is internationally recognised by the FCI. On this webpage you can find information’s about our kennel and our activity.

Perfect PearlPoland
Perfect Pearl

Perfect Pearl to domowa hodowla psów rasowych. Jest zarejestrowana w ZKwP oddział w Lublinie oraz FCI co daje przyszłym właścicielom pewność o czystości rasy, zgodności ze wzorcem, zrównoważonym charakterze i przede wszystkim o zdrowiu naszych psów, które posiadają wszystkie badania i nie są nosicielami żadnych z chorób. Nasze szczenięta są wychowywane w domu pełnym miłości i różnych bodźców z otaczającego je świata. Mają kontakt zarówno z innymi psami, ludźmi oraz dziećmi.

Sweet Fable Kennel BeagleHungary
Sweet Fable Kennel

We are breeding in Hungary in a little silence city. We want breeding so Beagle puppy which are healthy, beautiful and not least has an excellent nervous system. Come and visit our site. We hope you like our dogs and you will come back to see it!

Beagle Swing To Harmony FCIPoland
Swing To Harmony FCI

We are a small kennel based in Poland. Dogs are true members of our family, living at home and spending each day with us. Welcome to visit our website.

Hodowla Swing To Harmony znajduje się w Lublinie, jest mała i kameralna , gdzie nasze Beagle mieszkają razem z nami w domu i towarzyszą w codziennym życiu będąc pełnoprawnymi członkami rodziny. Przykładamy mocną uwagę by rodzice naszych szczeniąt mieli aktualne badania oraz byli wolni od chorób genetycznych potwierdzonych certyfikatami.

Zachęcamy do kontaktu z nami oraz częstego odwiedzania naszej witryny internetowej, gdzie staramy się regularnie ją aktualizować pokazując co słychać u naszych beagle

mgr inż. zootechnik Monika Aleksandrowicz

Legends of Beagles KennelAustria
Legends of Beagles Kennel

Beagle Kennel. For more information please visit our homepage!

BeagPoint kennel - Beagles and English Pointer​Pärnu, Estonia
BeagPoint kennel - Beagles

We love beagles and english pointers.

English Pointer

Finest Selection BeaglesNordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
Finest Selection Beagles

Since 2018 we are offical BCD/VDH/FCI breeder for Beagles in West-Germany and in April 2020 we had our first litter with 7 healthy puppies. In Autumn 2021 we expect our next litter.

You can find information on website or send an e-mail or call.

Kind regards,

Beagle de MalibuRomania
'de Malibu' Beagle

Presentation about the dogs and puppy from "de Malibu" Beagle kennel.

Casa HeidiItaly
Casa Heidi

Casa Heidi is a kennel Enci/Fci that breeds from many years. Our dogs come from best bloodlines, we have top brown poodles and also other colors. We live in a big farm with horses, pony, a goat and two children, big gardens for our dogs in summer, heated places in winter.

We are located on hills nearby lake Garda. We sold already abroad in many countries, especially in Switzerland (we apply tax refund for countries out EU).

Poodle Shiba Shih Tzu

kennel Linus UliusRussia
kennel Linus Ulius

The dog kennel is registered with the FCI.

Pomeranian Cavalier King Charles Spaniel