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Shih Tzu Pia Bardo KennelCroatia
PIA BARDO shih-tzu

Shih-tzu kennel from Croatia - Zagreb.

Melystra Shih Tzu KennelNetherlands
Melystra Shih Tzu

Small Shih Tzu kennel located in the Netherlands. We enjoy showing our dogs and we breed the occasional litter. Excellent bloodlines.

Altan Meng Shih Tzu KennelNetherlands
Altan Meng

We are a small kennel located in the western part of the Netherlands and have quite a international stud of Shih Tzu where we do show with and do also breedings.

Poppyfield Shih Tzu KennelCzechia
Shih-tzu kennel z Ticheho Podhradia

We are small kennel very close to the capitol Praque in Czech republic. We breed ans show our dogs with love and solicitude.

du Domaine des Atlantes Shih Tzu KennelFrance
du Domaine des Atlantes

Elevages de shih tzu 24 champions de France, site dedie aux shih tzu, mon travail d'eleveur, le toilettage.

Solaris Avis Shih Tzu KennelPoland
Solaris Avis Shih-Tzu

Solaris Avis, this small kennel,in south Poland. We enjoy showing our dogs and we breed the occasional litter. I invite on my page, there all about my Shih.

Imperial Bohemia Shih Tzu KennelCzechia
Imperial Bohemia Shih Tzu kennel

Show and pet quality shih-tzu from Czech Republic - see our website and dogs.

Shih Tzu z Vatomy KennelCzechia
z Vatomy Shih-Tzu

Shih-Tzu z Vatomy.

La Rose Du Tibet Shih Tzu KennelFrance
La Rose Du Tibet

Superbe site sur les shih-tzus de Mme Miloriaux Patricia.

Letibo Shih Tzu KennelCroatia
LETIBO Shih tzu Kennel

A small kennel from Zagreb, Croatia. Show dogs out of known bloodlines, particolored and solids. Site with full pedigrees and informations.

Fatinat Al Sjark KennelNetherlands
Fatinat Al Sjark

Quality, not quantity! We own Shih-Tzu since 1980. You can find sibblings of our Shih-Tzu on pedigrees all over the world. We don't sell puppy's to puppymills. Our puppy's won't leave their mother before they are 12 weeks old. We want to enjoy our litters.


Tibets Pride's Shih Tzu KennelSweden
Tibets Pride's Shih Tzu

Breeding and showing Shih Tzu in Sweden. Happy, healthy dogs for dogshows or as your companion!! Welcome to visit our website.

Shih Tzu vom ParadiesgartenGermany
vom Paradiesgarten Shih Tzu

Wir haben wunderschöne Shih Tzu Wuschel mit viel Fell am Körper und Flausen im Kopf. In verschiedenen Farben/Zeichnungen die Welpen sind bei Abgabe mehrfach entwurmt, Tierärztlich untersucht, 5-Fach geimpft und  erhalten eine Ahnentafel des IGH.

Unsere Welpen wachsen in der Familie auf und sind daher, sehr Lieb, Sozial und Kinderfreundlich, sind an andere Hunde und Katzen gewöhnt. Besichtigung ist nach Absprache jederzeit möglich. Sie haben auch die Auswahlmöglichkeit, wenn wir mehrere Welpen haben. Wir sind eine vom Amtstierarzt kontrollierte und genehmigte Zuchtstätte.

Haben Sie Fragen zu unserer bezaubernden Rasselbande können Sie gern anrufen, Bilder der kleinen finden Sie auf unserer Homepage. (Großraum Gießen 35390)

Shih Tzu Ad ActePoland
Ad Acte shih tzu

Small home based Shih Tzu Kennel from Poland. We actively show our dogs at Dog Shows. Occasionally we have puppies for sale.

Shih Tzus Anne Grethe'shjemmesideNorway Dog Breeders
Anne Grethe'shjemmeside

Shih Tzu in Norway.

Shih Tzus Kennel NettlavallensSweden
Nettlavallens Kennel

Shih Tzu breeder in Sweden. Welcome to visit my website.

Shih-Tzu RagsolRussia

Shih-Tzu Kennel Ragsol (Moscow, Russia), owner Soldatova Vera.

Shih-Tzu Ragsol LotosRepublic of Belarus
Ragsol Lotos Shih-Tzu

Site about shih-tzu Ragsol Lotos - Minsk, Belarus.

West Siberia, Russia Dog Breeders

We shall tell you about our sections and our dog. In section вывешаны results of our dogs on exhibition, information on National club shih-tzu to Russia and change on our put.  You get acquainted with Champion of our club, but in the same way with future Champion   our hope.

In section of the exhibition you may get acquainted with result монопородных exhibitions shih-tzu, timetable of the exhibitions of the miscellaneous rank on Russia and nearest зарубежья (including exhibitions on sort).

Shih-Tzu Molto RaroCroatia
Molto Raro Shih-Tzu

A small Shih-Tzu kennel from Croatia.

Nanuke ShihTzu Azores
Nanuke ShihTzu

Doll Face Shihtzu Pups. All Our Babys Are Bred For Top Health And Temperament, 21 + Years Experience, Breeders Of Show and Pet Quality, AKC and international Registered DNA Tested, 2 sets of shots, Microchip and Registration Paid for life.

Puppy Kit includes: 8 lb bag of food, Kennel, Bowls, Treats, Toys, Blanket, Comb, Brush, Bows, Training DVD, Peewee Pads, and other goodies like paul mitchell pet, PetHead, Brisk&Bright Products.

Honor ShantevalMoscow, Russia Dog Breeders
Honor Shanteval

Top kennel of Shih-tzu, Chihuahua, Russkiy Toy from Russia, Moscow.

Chihuahua Russian Toy

Shih Tzu du Golden PalaceFrance

Shih Tzu kennel from France.


Shih-Tzu, owner Perminova Oxana, Kursk region, Russia. Bases grooming, video reportings.

De Luxe Bohemia Shih-Tzu KennelCzechia
De Luxe Bohemia Shih-Tzu Kennel

Kennel Shih-Tzu De Luxe Bohemia. We are breeding chocolate Shih-Tzu.

Shih Tzu of Free DragonGermany
Free Dragon Shih Tzu

Small Shih Tzu Kennel from Germany. From time to time we have beautyful puppy's ... in black !Welcome !

Itera's LandLatvia
Itera's Land

Chihuahua & Shih-tzu in Latvia.


Golden Merlot Shih-TzuPoland
Golden Merlot Shih-Tzu

Small home based Shih tzu kennel located in Zielona Góra, Poland. Web site with lots of photos, pedigrees and show news. Welcome!

Occasionally we have puppies for sale.

Domenika Coppa Florio KennelCroatia Breeders
Domenika Coppa Florio Kennel

We are kennel in Croatia and we have Shih Tzus, Chinese Crested Dog and German spitz small.

German Spitz small Chinese Crested Dog


Shih-tzu breeder in the Czech republic.

Kennel Rebecca Rose Maltese, Shih tzu e Cavalier King Charles SpanielItaly
Kennel REBECCA ROSE Maltese, Shih tzu e Cavalier King Charles Spaniel riconosciuto E.N.C.I.- F.C.I. per la selezione del cane di razza Maltese, Shih tzu e Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Maltese Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

BarkingBeauty Shihtzu kennelNetherlands
BarkingBeauty Shihtzu kennel

We are a small shihtzu kennel in the Netherlands, we enjoy our dogs.

Mandarin Garden's Shih Tzu KennelFrance
Mandarin Garden's Shih Tzu Kennel

Small Shih Tzu Kennel, since 1991. (FCI)

Russian Shih-Tzu ClubRussia
Russian Shih-Tzu Club

Site National Club Shih-Tzu Russia.

: Gremley's Shih TzuNetherlands
Gremley's Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu breeder on small basis, all dogs live in the house, companion is important. We also do shows, since 1991, and enjoy it a lot. Breeding with very good bloodlines, always welcome to see our dogs at home.

Popeye's shih-tzusSweden
POPEYE'S shih-tzus

Home of World Winners!

A small but successful breeding for show and pleasure since 1983.Combine the body, the strength and the attitude! Then add a wonderful temperament and movement- and you have a Popeye's shih-tzu!

Criadero Villa Maltes, shihtzu y yorkshireSpain
Criadero Villa
Maltes, shihtzu y yorkshire

Cria y venta de cachorros bichón maltes, líneas americanas. Hacemos una cria familiar y responsable, ofrecemos fotos y vídeos de malteses en nuestra web.

Maltese Yorkshire Terrier

Sylvadog Bohemia KennelCzechia

Shih-tzu from Czech Republic.

Le Rivage des Nacres Shih TzuFrance

Les chiens du Rivage des Nacres doivent leur santé, leur beauté et leur caractère hors pair aux meilleures lignées actuelles de shih tzu dont ils sont issus . .

Blaira AcapellaPoland
Blaira Acapella

Wszystko o Rasie Shih Tzu i hodowli "Blaira Acapella".

Canero BassPoland
Opto Ahinsa Shih-tzu

Buddhist principle of ahinsa is not harming anyone any living creature. OPTO AHINSA means "choose non-violence". This principle, we are educating our dogs. Welcome to our website and our small, home kennel in Poland.

Tanya's Fairyland Kennel Chow ChowSlovenia Dog Breeders

Tanya's Fairyland is a small, quallity breeding Chow Chow & Shih-Tzu kennel, registered with the FCI.

Chow Chow

Of Mystic Wonderland
 Shih Tzu KennelBelgium
Of Mystic Wonderland Shih Tzu Kennel

Shih Tzu Of Mystic Wonderland, Onze shihtzu's showen in België en Europa. De foto's van onze shihtzu's, puppies en andere informatie is beschikbaar op onze site.

VelesRavelin Kennel UKU-FCIUkraine

Welcome to website ofkennelVELES RAVELIN – pug, shih tzu, rottweiler. On pages of our site you can get acquainted with our pets, look at their photo, a pedigrees, puppies.

Добро пожаловать на сайт питомника “VELES RAVELIN” – мопс, ши-тцу, ротвейлер. На страницах нашего сайта Вы можете познакомиться с нашими питомцами, посмотреть их фото, родословную, щенков.

Pug Rottweiler

du Bois des Lilas Shih TzuFrance

Petit par sa taille mais grand par son coeur, le Shih Tzu saura vous combler !!!!

Eleveur sélectionneur. Chiots LOF exclusivement. Toutes les Garanties sanitaires et légales (élevage déclaré et testé ADN).

Etre eleveur: une passion certes ... mais avant tout un metier qui ne s'improvise pas!!!!


Abbiamo un piccolissimo allevamento amatoriale a Roma Nord, maggiormente di Shish Tzu Imperiale, di piccolissima taglia, peso fino a 5 kg. I nostri piccoli vivono in casa con noi.

z TargenuCzechia
z Targenu

The kennel "z Targenu" from Czech republic.

Tibetan Terrier


Criadores de Shih Tzu en España, machos disponibles para montas y ocasionalmente cachorros.

Passernomen KennelUK
Passernomen Kennel

The Passernomen affix was established in 2008 and it’s belongs to Mrs. Joanna Marachowska and Mr. Tomasz Marachowski.

We have in our Kennel Staffordshire Bull Terriers and Shih-Tzus. Our first introduction to the Staffordshire Bull Terrier was in 2007 when we bought our first SBT – Rudy Rio and year later we’ve started attending dog shows. To be honest we were absolutely impressed with this breed previously, but it took longer time to buy our first stafford.

Our Shih-Tzu we have from 2005, but we are connected with this breed longer time as we have Shih-Tzu’s breeders in our family. All of that was an experience which obviously changed to addiction to have dogs in our life and treat them like a real family members.

We are located just outside of Exeter in Devon, where we have lovely place to live with our dogs and opportunity to spend nice time during walks and training with them.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Teren Kennel FCIUkraine

We have puppies of breed: Zwergschnauzer Black, Pepper salt and white, Deutscher schaferhund, Rottweiler, Shih tzu. Our dogs have nice titles at dog-show. We candeliver our puppy in any place if you need it.

Miniature Schnauzer German Shepherd Dog Rottweiler

v.d. Aster's Pride Shih-Tzu kennelNetherlands
v.d. Aster's Pride Shih-Tzu kennel

We are a "v.d. Asters Pride" Kennel situated in Netherland. Our dogs are our passion and we are  proud of them all. All of our dogs have wonderful, loving and playful temperaments and enjoy free roam of our home and garden, they spend time with us as a family every day.

Credo of Hungary shih-tzu kennelHungary
Credo of Hungary shih-tzu kennel

Welcome to kennel Credo of Hungary, we are small Shih-tzu kennel located in the Hungary in Szeged. In 1990, I got my first Shih Tzu, he was Nadjeh Tsan vh.Martinihaim. Breeder of this wonderful breed, the Shih-tzu, please have a look at our website. Thank you!

Shenedene Lhasa apso'sLancashire, UK Dog Breeders
SHENEDENE Lhasa apso's

Breeders of Lhasa apso's in the UK.

Lhasa Apso Old English Sheepdog

Solo Per i Tuoi Occhi shih-tzu kennel di Marilena FilogrossoItaly
shih-tzu kennel di Marilena Filogrosso

Italian Shih-Tzu breeder with famous bloodlines of the highest pedigree. Show and pet quality puppies available.

Charm Beside kennel Shih-Tzu & PugUkraine
Charm Beside kennel Shih-Tzu & Pug

Kennel Shih-Tzu and Pug "Charm Beside", owner: Polishuk Oksana (Vinnitsa, Ukraine).


Shan TaoUkraine
Shan Tao

Small home based FCI Shih Tzu kennel. We enjoy showing our dogs and sometimes have nice puppies available. Welcome!

Alsó-Lajosfalvy Shih-tzu kennelHungary
Alsó-Lajosfalvy Shih-tzu kennel

I have a small Shih-tzu kennel in Hungary.My kennel -Alsó-Lajosfalvy I have been since 1993, and my kennel is registred on FCI 1053/2010. My ain at going to very healthy and content puppies born my kennel, and very nice owners, who going to see, which really Shih - Tzu !!!

Anywhere 100% litter, but stirve to better and better. I believe, I step good way, and I work hard to better and better ....and this ain need too much purpose, patient, persistence, and luck! Please, see my page and enoy!


Our kennel presents dogs breed Bloodhound and Shih- tzu. On our website you can find informations and photos about our dogs, the future litters and many, many more...


iz Klana LegatoRussia
iz Klana Legato

Kennel Schweizer Sennenhund Iz Klana Legato- Berner Sennenhund / Bernese Mountain Dog, Grosser Schweizer Sennenhund / Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, Shih-Tzu.

Bernese Mountain Dog Great Swiss Mountain Dog

le blason à croix d'argentDouchy 45220, France Dog Breeders
le blason à croix d'argent

breeders of belgium malinois and tervueren shepherd dogs. We have shih-tzu and cavaliers king charles too.

Belgian Shepherd Dog - Malinois, Tervueren Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

La Sierra du CantalFrance
La Sierra du Cantal

Elevage de bergers de beauce, beaucerons, bas rouge lof elevage de shih tzu lof.


Agnesana Shih TzuDenmark
Agnesana Shih Tzu

Small home kennel, located in Denmark. We are shih tzu addicts since 1991. We have occasionally litters of scandinavian&english bloodlines.

od Mnichu - Shih TzuCzechia
od Mnichu - Shih Tzu

FCI kennel - Europe, Czech Republic, Prague.

Sun of Tybet - Shih TzuPoland
Sun of Tybet - Shih Tzu

Polish top kennel of shih tzu - Sun of Tybet.

Pleasure of lifeUkraine
Pleasure of lifel

Наш питомник занимается разведением сенбернаров и ши тцу.

St. Bernard

Киндли Гланс питомник ши-тцу,
Киндли Гланс питомник ши-тцу, мальтезе

Питомник Киндли Глнас занимается разведением пород ши-тцу, мальтезе, бивер йорк. Продажа щенков.

Maltese Yorkshire Terrier

 Mandschu's Shih TzuAustria
Mandschu's Shih Tzu

Small Shih Tzu kennel near Vienna/Austria with good old blood-lines like Keytor, Santosha, Tameron and Louwan. We love to show them and sometimes we have puppies.

Allevamento di Casa Sweet Lion - Shih-Tzu, San BernardoItaly
Allevamento di Casa Sweet Lion
Shih-Tzu, San Bernardo

L'allevamento amatoriale di casa Sweet Lion, nasce anni fa quando io e la mia famiglia ci siamo letteralmente innamorati del migliore amico dell'uomo il "Cane" e così è cominciata la nostra avventura nella conoscenza e nell’allevamento di queste splendide razze, avendole scelte in base al loro carattere e morfologia, consapevoli che con dei bimbi in casa la scelta della razza, doveva essere seria e ponderata.

La mia prima preoccupazione è stata quella di studiare approfonditamente la psicologia e la genetica molto complessa di queste razze, successivamente mi sono dedicato allo studio del fenotipo e delle diverse linee di sangue. Con il mio lavoro di allevatore perseguo l’obbiettivo di ottenere cuccioli sani, robusti e di ottima struttura, che da adulti devono corrispondere il più possibile allo standard della razza e cosa fondamentale avere il carattere tipico della stessa. Il carattere è l' aspetto più importante del nostro allevamento perché è solo in parte determinato geneticamente, mentre la massima importanza nello sviluppo della personalità del cucciolo è rappresentata da fattori ambientali cioè dalle modalità di allevamento, e dal mondo che li circonda. Questi cagnolini devono essere brillanti, socievoli con l’uomo e gli altri animali, non devono mostrarsi timidi o paurosi e ancora meno aggressivi. Per questo motivo ho scelto di avere un numero contenuto di soggetti, in modo da poterli seguire Personalmente uno per uno.

I miei cuccioli nascono in casa, il primo mese di vita lo passano con la mamma nella nursery vicino alla nostre camere da letto, dal primo giorno di vita sono a contatto con tutti i rumori domestici, aspirapolvere, rumori di stoviglie, bimbi che corrono e giocano e di conseguenza introdotti nell’ambiente famigliare prendendo gradatamente confidenza anche con gli altri cani e con i cuccioli d'uomo. Sono seguiti nel loro apprendimento quotidiano dalla madre e da me Personalmente. I cuccioli lasciano l’allevamento non prima dei 2/3 mesi di vita, una volta completate le vaccinazioni, l’inserimento del microchip e appresa la condotta al guinzaglio. Sono molto selettivo nella scelta delle persone a cui affidare i nostri cucciolotti, pretendo la garanzia che accudiranno il cucciolo con tutto l’amore e le cure che riserverebbero ad un figlio, perché alla fine un cucciolo è a tutti gli effetti un nuovo membro della famiglia e come tale deve essere trattato. Chiedo di essere tenuto al corrente dei progressi dei cuccioli e aggiornato sulla sua crescita e ovviamente sono sempre disponibile e Presente per qualunque consiglio, chiarimento o necessità.

St. Bernard

'Rasos Perlai'Lithuania
'Rasos Perlai'

Shih Tzu and Bernese mountain dog kennel "Rasos Perlai".

Bernese Mountain Dog

Chinua Shih TzuRussia
Chinua Shih Tzu

Top Shih Tzu of Champions kennel from Russia.

Hello, Chinua Shih Tzu is located in Moscow. We are in Shih Tzu for over 20 years now and do beautiful breed with exellent anatomic and champion's bloodlines . We are show our Shih Tzu and have been many times very succesful with them over the years and in many countries world. Welcome to our new site!

Shalehan Shih-Tzu KennelBelarus
Shalehan Shih-Tzu Kennel

We have been breeding wonderful decorative rocks - Shih Tzu. The history of their breed leads from Buddhist monks and Chinese emperors. The site provides information about the graduates of our pets and kennel their successes at shows, for the sale of puppies.

Мы занимаемся разведением замечательной декоративной породы - ши-тцу. Историю свою порода ведет от буддийских монахов и китайских императоров. На сайте представлена информация о выпускниках и питомцах нашего питомника их успехах на выставках, о продаже щенков.

Feel of Pride
Feel of Pride

We have been breeding dogs breeds: Bracco Italiano and Shih Tzu. Our dogs have high results in most major exhibitions, multiple winners at trade shows, the champions of the countries.

Наш питомник занимается разведением собак пород: Итальянский Бракк (Бракко Итальяно) и Ши-Тцу. Наши собаки имеют высокие результаты на самых крупных выставках, многократные победители, чемпионы стран.

Italian Pointing Dog

Alpiu slenis kennel Bernese and Shih TzuLithuania
Alpiu slenis kennel Bernese and Shih Tzu

Hello, my name is Andrina, I am a breeder and owner of two excelent breeds Bernese Mountain dogs and Shih Tzu. I breed for the ten years now. My kennel aim is to breed healthy dogs first and for the most. But my dogs are also very succesful in dog shows too. I choose the mating pair very carefully sometimes I even need to go to the other side of Europe, just to get the best puppies ever! My bred puppies live all around the world.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Il Ppericolos Shih-TzuSweden

Shih-Tzu a friend for life....

Brand Dimaer kennelRussia

Hello !

We welcome you at the kennel "BRAND DIMAER"! We work with three dog breeds American cocker spaniel, German Spitz and Shih tsu. Pitomnik is based on the mother pogolovya. Sobaki our breeding livestock is a balanced psyche , good health and anatomy, rich, high-quality wool and excellent temperament.

All our animals have championships, took prizes in major Russian and foreign exhibitions, national and international championships. You can buy puppies with the Prospect of the exhibition, as well as pets, just for fun !

All puppies have a stigma, veterinary documents, vaccinated by age. Graduates leave the nursery in new home with RKF -FCI and treaties sales. By prior arrangement, can be delivered in any region ! Enjoy your browsing our site ! It would be appreciated if you leave your review in the guestbook!

American Cocker Spaniel German Spitz

vom Palast der LotusblütenGermany
vom Palast der Lotusblüten

We breed this wonderful breed with heart and mind. Here you will find typey Shih Tzus in enchanting colors from healthy parents.

Wir züchten diese wunderbare Rasse mit Herz und Verstand. Bei uns finden Sie typvolle Shih Tzus in zauberhaften Farben von gesunden Eltern.

Land of PandoraFrance
Land of Pandora

Elevage familial de Shih Tzu.

Kvitka SakuryUkraine

Breeding of dogs: Japanese chins, Shih Tzu- Kennel Kvitka Sakury. Welcome to website of kennel Kvitka Sakury! On pages of our site you can get acquainted with our pets, look at their photo, a pedigrees, puppies.

Племенное разведение собак: японских хинов и ши-тцу- Питомник Квитка Сакуры. Добро пожаловать на сайт питомника Квитка Сакуры! На страницах нашего сайта Вы можете познакомиться с нашими питомцами, посмотреть их фото, родословную, щенков.

Japanese Chin

'Tibeto Liutas Shih Tzu KennelLithuania
'TIBETO LIŪTAS' Shih Tzu Kennel

"TIBTO LIŪTAS" - LKD-FCI breeding-ground is engaged in breeding decorative Shih Tzu.

Shirkeira Afghan Hounds, Shih Tzu anf SloughiUK

We specialise in the old Dutch Shih Tzu breeding lines mixed with the best of Canadian, American, and European lines.

Afghan Hound Sloughi

Kennel Cao-Mei'sSweden
Kennel Cao-Mei's

Breeder of shih tzu in Sweden.

Lyns-Avenly Shih-Tzu'sBelgium
Lyns-Avenly Shih-Tzu's

Small and exclusive Shih-tzu breeder since 1988. - DOMAIN FOR SALE - MAKE AN OFFER!
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