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Shiba / Shiba Inu

z Volenského dvora KennelCzechia
z Volenského dvora

Shiba kennel z Volenského dvora.

Hakugetsu KennelPoland
Hakugetsu Kennel - Japanese Dogs

Kennel Hakugetsu - We are specializing in breeding Japanese dogs (Shiba Inu, Hokkaido Inu, Tosa Inu, Akita Inu, Shikoku Inu, Kai Inu, Kishu Inu). Direct imports from Japan.

Hokkaido Inu

Jaklho KennelNetherlands
Jaklho Shiba Inu

A very nice website about the Japanese Shiba Inu. Information about the breed, show results, breeding plans, photo album and lots more. Hundereds of pictures. The site is in English and Dutch. Have fun!!

Tessaiga ShibaItaly
Tessaiga Shiba

Little, but High Quality Shiba Kennel situated in Italy. Our Goal is obtan and mantain a elegant and sober Nippo Style. Sometime we have selected litter by best Nippo and European Lineage. Our shiba are Champion, Bog winner and Placement, BISS winner, but above all sweet member of our family!

Elevage du Jardin d'ArcosFrance

Venez rencontrer des races de chien que vous connaissez peu: Loup Tchèque, Shiba-inu, Akita-inu, Berger d'Islande, Spitz loup, Eurasier, Chien de Canaan, Suédois de Laponie, Teckel nain a poils longs, Caniche, Yorkshire.

Czeslovakian Wolfdog         Akita-inu         Icelandic Sheepdog

Wolfspitz         Eurasier         Canaan Dog         Swedish Lapphund

Dachshund         Poodle         Yorkshire Terrier

Of InivrukFrance
Of Inivruk

Une passion depuis 1984: le husky de sibérie, également le trésor du japon: l'akita inu et le petit clown espiègle: le shiba inu.

Siberian Husky         Akita Inu

Shiba L' Ombra della lunaItaly
L' Ombra della luna

Breeders and Owners of Champions! Top quality Shibas in Italy ... We Love Shibas!

Explorer's ShibaSweden
Explorer's Shiba

A kennel where the dogs comes first and our Shiba is our pride. We have been awarded the Hamilton plaque by the Swedish Kennel Club for outstanding merit in the breeding of Shiba and Samoyed.

Shiba del Monte de HayaCzechia
del Monte de Haya

Twenty years long life with shiba.

Neko-Ken Shiba InuFrance
Neko-Ken Shiba Inu

Elevage familial de Shiba Inu.

Yama no KamiBelgium
Yama no Kami

Enjoy your online visite to our Shibas, there adventures, puppy news, art... and so much more.

Kichinichi Kensha - ShibasGermany
KICHINICHI Kensha - Shibas

KICHINICHI Kensha - Shibas in der Lausitz

Extensive site about Shibas and my life with them. I run a small hobby breeding in Saxony and work as a dog trainer. Typefull, healthy and mentally strong Shibas from strictly controlled breeding - that's my claim.

Umfangreiche Homepage über Shibas und mein Leben mit ihnen. Ich betreibe eine kleine Hobbyzucht in Sachsen und arbeite als Hundetrainerin. Typvolle, gesunde und wesensfeste  Shibas aus streng kontrollierter Zucht - das ist mein Anspruch.

aus dem Land des roten Porphyr Shiba InuGermany
aus dem Land des roten Porphyr
Shiba Inu

Here we would like imagine them our website and in particular our new responsibly hobby breeding of the small Japanese breed Shiba Inu from Germany, from the land of red porphyry in beautiful saxony.

Hier möchten wir ihnen unsere Website und insbesondere unsere neue verantwortungsvolle Hobbyzucht der kleinen japanischen Rasse Shiba Inu aus Deutschland, aus dem Land des roten Porphyr im schönen Sachsen vorstellen.

Allaikha's - Elevage de Shiba InuFrance
Allaikha's - Elevage de Shiba Inu

Nous élevons les chiens depuis plus de 27 ans, très grande selection dans le choix de nos shibas.

Evanssi's Collies & Shiba InuRussia
Evanssi's Collies & Shiba Inu

Rough Collie & Shiba Inu kennel.

Collie Rough

Kamiwaza Akita inu and Shiba inuCzechia
KAMIWAZA Akita inu and Shiba inu

We breeding two breeds Akita inu and Shiba inu. Akita color blue brindle and Shiba in color black and tan.

Akita inu

vom Steinbachtal Shiba Inu KennelGermany
vom Steinbachtal Shiba Inu Kennel

Informative website  about our controlled Shiba  Inu breed in Germany, Saxony. We have set ourselves the task, healthy,  mentally strong and captivating beauty  Shiba Inu breed.

Informative Webseite über unsere kontrollierte Shiba Inu Zucht in Deutschland/Sachsen. Wir haben uns die Aufgabe gestellt, gesunde, wesensfeste und durch Schönheit bestechende Shiba Inu zu züchten.

vom Regenstein Shiba InuSachsen/Anhalt, Germany Dog Breeders
vom Regenstein Shiba Inu

Liebevolle Hobbyzucht der Shiba Inus.

Love Breeds of Shiba.

Del Biagio - Alaskan Malamute & Shiba Selection CenterItaly
Del Biagio - Alaskan Malamute
& Shiba Selection Center

Alaskan Malamute Kennels since 1984. Shba Kennels since 1993.

Alaskan Malamute

from Hillock Snowy Shiba InuBelgium
from Hillock Snowy Shiba Inu

Le shiba inu est notre passion vous pourrez le voir en photos ,vidéos sur les différents pages du site.Suivre l'évolutions de nos shiba au quotidien,en vacances, mais aussi l'évolution de nos chiots.

LAVR DE DIS Akita & shiba kenelRussia
LAVR DE DIS Akita & shiba kenel

Japan dogs akita and shiba, puppy, standart FCI, AKIHO, NIPPO.


Z Zakatka IziPoland
Z Zakatka Izi

Shiba kennel for home and for shows. High quality and perfect temper dogs.

Hi No Arashi Shiba InuCroatia
Hi No Arashi

Our goal for quality breeding is confirmed by the excellent results of our puppies across different countries, with their exhibition achievements, health results and good temperament.

VAKA Go You Djenima - Sagitta Polaris FCI - - Shiba Inu Poland
VAKA Go You Djenima - Sagitta Polaris
FCI Shiba Inu

Vaka You Go Djenima - Polish Junior Champion, Junior Club Winner 2013 Club Best of Breed 2013 Multiple Best of Breed. A dog with a perfect expression, beautiful head, elegant structure and movement, the magnificent robe.

Siberian Husky

Kennel 'Azijos Magija'Lithuania
Kennel 'Azijos Magija'

Kennel "Asian Magic" was registered in 2009, although the Central Asian Ovcharka growing for more than 15 years. Recently, i.e., In 2012 we bought another one of the amazing breed-Shiba Inu -very independent, absolutely not pampered and unsophisticated, very interesting character dogs. And as recently as the spring of 2013, we were brought American Akita!

We look forward to an interesting communication :) In our kennel are always live Few dogs, so each of this we dedicating mach attentions, each of which is led by a walk and gets socialization and formal school grounds. We can provide a service-driven and bring the dogs and puppies to (or from) the European Union countries.

Central Asia Shepherd Dog         American Akita

Go Chuken Kiku Kensha - Shiba inu breederFrance
Go Chuken Kiku Kensha - Shiba inu breeder

Shiba inu breeder Shiba inu imported from Japan !

Kazeshimasou FCI Reg. Shiba InuIreland
Kazeshimasou FCI Reg. Shiba Inu

Small-scale breeders of high quality well-bred Shiba Inu in Dublin, Ireland. Focus on health, temperament and the Nippo and FCI standards. Show and pet puppies occasionally available to permanent homes.

Shiba Zucht aus leidenschaft.

Algarvia KennelSpain

Spanish Breeder of Dalmatian and Shiba Inu.

Criador de Dálmatas y Shiba Inu. Seleccionamos por Salud, Caracter y Belleza.


Hayato Kumi - Shiba, ShikokuSpain
Hayato Kumi - Shiba, Shikoku

Shiba Inu, selection and conservation

Site dedicated to our Shibas and Shikokus and this great breeds, and about our selection and conservation work since year 2001, to improving the Shiba maintaining the best approach to FCI Standard.


Samurai Made in Italy KennelItaly
Samurai Made in Italy Kennel

Shiba and Hokkaido's Kennel situated in South of Italy. During 2013 and this year we are importing new dogs from japan to improve our dog's quality. Our Kennel Name is Nippo Registered.


Amatsu-Kami Shiba inuSpain
Amatsu-Kami Shiba inu

We breed selectively breed the Shiba Inu. Super happy puppies with the best genetics in the world and Champions parents.The babies born at home with all our attention and affection. Upcoming litters September and October 2014!

'Kyubi No Kitsune' Criadero Shiba InuSpain
'Kyubi No Kitsune' Criadero Shiba Inu

Selección del Shiba Inu a partir de perros importados de Japón. Nuestro deseo es conseguir la esencia del Shiba Inu y poder compartirla con aquellos que saben valorar la raza en cuerpo y alma.

Hoshinofuru - Breeding Shiba InuSpain
Hoshinofuru - Breeding Shiba Inu

We are people who love dogs and especially of this wonderful breed; believe and live by this wonderful breed since 2008 We based the concept on the typical breeding of Shiba Inu, both physically and psychologically, seeking the innate qualities that have made this race in Japan of a symbol. (Kan -i, Ryosei, soboku)

Guardian Of The Emperor KennelSerbia
Guardian Of The Emperor Kennel

Our kennel, The Guardian Of The Emperor kennel has a strong-minded notion about what must should be a real Akita! We give this name – The Guardian Of The Emperor – to our dogs, that try to showing you what kind of type is preferred by us.

We think that Akita is dainty, lightsome, eminent, properly speaking it must have imperial appearance. These advantages have got to conjugate with balanced and stable nervous system, strong and definite character, as well as devoted and legendary faithful heart! Our dogs help us to achieve these attributes with their excellent benefits.

Akita Inu     American Akita     Shiba Inu

Ayene KampalaSpain
Ayene Kampala

Criamos en familia a nuestros Rhodesian Ridgeback y Shiba inu.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

shiba-proItaly are well-recognized for top of the line Shiba Inu Tuscany breeding (Allevamenti Shiba Inu Toscana). They are some very young professional Breeders of Italy who love their Shiba Inu puppies with passion and love.


Family kennel.

Shiba Bulgaria kennelBulgaria
Shiba Bulgaria kennel

Shiba Bulgaria is the only kennel for Shiba Inu in Bulgaria! We are a small kennel certified within FCI. Our dogs are our pets and successful show dogs.

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