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IVZ Kennel Australian Shepherd & German SpanielSlovenia
IVZ Kennel

Breeders of Australian Shepherds and Deutscher Wachtelhunds (we breed Wachtels since 2004). We strive to breed in standard; health, physique and stabile character are crucial. Our moto is : Intelligence, Strenght, Agility.

Australian Shepherd German Spaniel

Poisson Ivy KennelSlovenia

We are family breeders of american staffordshire terriers, bull terriers and american bullys. Our dogs are our passion, we breed with heart and show them with pride. We are proud on every puppy we produce. It is the happiest momment when you see your puppy happy and loved in new home.

English Bull Terrier American Staffordshire Terrier

Blissduri Dutch Shepherd DogsSlovenia

Our aim at the Blissduri kennel (FCI 54/2021) is to breed versatile dutch shepherds. We are located near Maribor, Slovenia.

Dutch Shepherd Dog

Flame of Bambi Border Collie KennelSlovenia
Flame of Bambi Border Collie Kennel

Flame of Bambi is Border collie Kennel, registerd with KZS (Cinological Association of Slovenia) and FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale). We are a young kennel and we want to share our love and passion for Border collies.

Border Collie

Myn Senca - Saarloos wolfdogsSlovenia
Myn Senca - Saarloos wolfdogs

Saarloos wolfdog breeder in Slovenia.


I Came to Win KennelSlovenia
I Came to Win Kennel

FCI 22/2018. Breeding White Swiss Shepherds and American Staffordshire Terriers in Slovenia (Maribor). Active in dog shows and handling. For more informations feel free to contact us!

White Swiss Shepherd Dog American Staffordshire Terrier

Kennel de Amica Mea (DAM`s kennel) Louisiana Catahoulas and EntlebucherSlovenia
Kennel de Amica Mea (DAM`s kennel)
Louisiana Catahoulas and Entlebucher

We are small breeders, located in countryside of Kranj, Slovenia. We are FCI, NALC and EALC registered breeders for breeds Louisiana Catahoula and Entlebucher mountain dog.

Our goal are health dogs, with stable character, with passion for work, people-oriented and friendly.

Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog Entlebuch Cattle Dog

Aetherlands Papillons & Rough ColliesSlovenia
Aetherlands Papillons & Rough Collies

We are a small kennel located in Slovenia. Our aim is to breed sound, healthy and happy dogs that won't just be beautiful, but also smart and agile. Send us a message and we can talk :)

Collie Rough Papillon

MapleSpring's kennel Australian ShepherdSlovenia
MapleSpring's kennel

MapleSpring's is a small australian shepherds kennel established in 2018. We are based at the very edge of mountains region in beautiful Slovenia.

Our kennel is a home to our fluffy aussies and one even fluffier polar dog. Our dogs excel not only in conformation, but dog sports such as agility and discdog as well, performing tricks in dogdancing routine and being the perfect SUP partners.

But above all they are members of our family, loved and cared for beyond compare.

Australian Shepherd

De Ultimo Corredor - Dogo Argentino KennelSlovenia
De Ultimo Corredor
- Dogo Argentino Kennel

We are dogo argentino kennel from Slovenia.

Dogo Argentino

Wheaten Joy Kennel Irish Soft Coated Wheaten TerrierSlovenia
Wheaten Joy Kennel

Welcome to our Kennel and visit our website.

Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Alpine SchnauzersSlovenia
Alpine Schnauzers

We have stunning standard and miniature schnauzers pepper and salt males and stud dogs. They are very powerful males, with several health tests done and on the upper height limit of the breed. They come from proven champion lines and are very successful show dogs.

Standard Schnauzer (pepper and salt) Miniature Schnauzer (pepper and salt)

Psarna/Kennel St. Agnes Von KroppSlovenia
Psarna/Kennel St. Agnes Von Kropp

For sale 5 White Swiss Shepherd (Berger Blanc Suisse) pupie dogs born 04/11/2017. Mother and father are top dog with the best possible evaluation.

Mother: Laika aka Lori (parents: Naik Nannok Fliegeland and Verona Vana Fliegeland) succumbs / born 03.06.2012, pedigree No. / Pedigree Nr .: SLRAKO-000462, Medical tests / Hhealth tests: HB A ED0 , breeding evaluation A. Father: Solo Contro Tutti od Bijelih Anđela, born 15.02.2016, Pedigre nr.: LOF HR10205ŠBO . Health tests / Hhealth tests: HB A ED0 Junior champion of Slovenia, Croatia, BIH. Champion on world special Leipzig Germany 2017. "OD BIJELIH ANĐELA" KENNEL, FCI 5507 Date of birth: 15.02.2016. HD-A, ED-0 MDR +/+, DM N/N, DNA High: 66 cm, Weight: 39 kg BREEDING LICENCE: excellent.

There are still 3 female and 2 male for sale. Kennel St. Agnes Von Kropp. Puppies are vaccinated and inserted a chip. They are ready for new owners.

White Swiss Shepherd Dog

Praetorium Latobicorum'sSlovenia
Praetorium Latobicorum's

We breed and work with nova scotia duck tolling retriever and curly coated retriever. Our dogs are health tested, have passed retriever work trials, obedience and rally obedience exams, compete in sled sports, search truffles, have breeding licenses and very few litters.

All our dogs live with us inside the house and are more than just companion dogs. The same we expect from our puppies' doggy active owners.

Curly Coated Retriever Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Akita Lola KennelSlovenia

AKITA LOLA Kennel is a kennel from Slovenia. Our main goal is to bread healthy and original Japanese akitas with good, friendly and non-aggressive characters.

Akita Inu

BY H.R.I.B. Borzoi kennelSlovenia
BY H.R.I.B. Borzoi kennel

By H.R.I.B. is kennel from Slovenia whose main goal is breeding healthy and typical borzois. We have many champions and have show/coursing puppies available occasionally!


Danatera cairn and lakeland terriersSlovenia
Danatera cairn and lakeland terriers

Danatera kennel is a small family kennel. We have dogs since 1977 and breeding cairns and lakelands since 1994.

Cairn Terrier Lakeland Terrier


We are small Landseer kennel in Slovenia with small children and very big house. In our pleasure are our 2 veterinary ambulantes and 3 pet shops in Slovenia. If you have children, house with garden and water close to you is landseer excelent breed to you! We will have first A litter with beautiful, health and champion parents in summer 2014. More information you can find on our website.


Toshi No Miya FCI kennel Slovenia
Toshi No Miya FCI kennel

French bulldog and Japan Chin breeders.

French Bulldog Chin

Whipptown kennelSlovenia
Whipptown kennel

We breed whippets.


Nera's touch of loveSlovenia
Nera's touch of love

FCI Kennel NERA'S TOUCH OF LOVE italian greyhounds and siberian huskys breeder...

Italian Greyhound Siberian Husky

Tamalanna english cocker spanielsSlovenia
Tamalanna english cocker spaniels

Tamalanna is a kennel where we love, breed and show parti-color english cocker spaniels. Our goal is to breed as close to the standard possible, therefore all combinations are carefully planned, combining health, character and beauty all in one. Although we only had few litters, we proud ourselves on many champion titles as well as group and BIS placements of our own bred dogs.

English Cocker Spaniel

Calla Coton de TulearSlovenia
Calla Coton de Tulear

We are a happy family with a great passion for Coton de Tulears. We are making a great effort to socialise our Cotons with other people and animals, in order to be happy, healthy and keep bringing us unimaginable joy.

Our Cotons are in constant contact with other people and animals - we have a big dog Nera(Beauceron), parrots and some stray cats visit us from time to time. Our home is located in the Slovenian countryside, couple of minutes away from the Mediterranean sea. We have a huge garden with a pond and a nice lawn, where our Cotons are free to run and play. Because Slovenia is a part of European Union, our dogs are the subject to strict regulations so we can maintain the highest quality of our puppies.

Coton de Tuléar

Nella's CavaliersSlovenia
Nella's Cavaliers

The cavalier breeders have been working since 2005, we are the first breeders in Slovenia the inspections carried out in three generations of our own breeding. Our dogs are achieving world-class performance in various exhibitions.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Petrinas CavaliersSlovenia
Petrinas Cavaliers

We are Breeders of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from Slovenia. Our aim is to breed healthy and typical Cavalier dogs, with great character. We breed quality, healthy and lovely puppies. Contact us on email for more information...

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Charm of silkSlovenia
Charm of silk

Yorkshire terrier kennel from Slovenia.

Yorkshire Terrier

Jena's Karst ShepherdiSlovenia
Jena's Karst Shepherd

We expect our first puppies of a unique, highly prized and rare breed. Both parents are family dogs, very friendly and amazingly beautiful, with several beauty medals and BBH + RO-I (mother). Puppies expected on March 16 and seek for loving new owners in May 2013.

Karst Shepherd Dog

Collies of the Holy MountainSlovenia
Collies of the Holy Mountain

At the �sOf the Holy Mountain�t kennel we select and breed rough collies for correct type, temperament and health! We have the aim and ambition to breed »True Collies�t as close to the FCI standard as possible. A true collie should »appear as a dog of great beauty, standing with impassive dignity, with no part out of proportion to whole.

Physical structure on lines of strength and activity, free from cloddiness and with no trace ofcoarseness. His temperament should be friendly with no trace of nervousness or aggressiveness. Our breeding strives to breed the type of dog that is as close as possible to the FCI standard, because every collie should still be physically and mentally capable to perform the work he was bred for that is sheepherding! Most our dogs are imported from abroad (France, United Kingdom, Poland, Hungary), as we give a great importance to the origins and health status of our dogs.

We test our dogs for genetic diseases for which genetic tests were developed. When selectingour breeding combinations, we give priority to type, health and balanced temperament. All our dogs must pass the Test of Sheepdog Natural Aptitudes as it was proven that dogs with a strong herding instinct have a more balanced and sound temperament and are therefore better for breeding. We participate to a lot of show throughout Europe … we train agility, obedience… But what is essential for us is that our dogs and their owners are happy and satisfied together.

Collie Rough

Pomdeluxe PomeraniansSlovenia
POMDELUXE Pomeranians

We are a micro kennel, FCI registered, breeding pomeranians in colors creme, creme-sable and wolf-sable from Slovenia. Pomeranians are our passion and way of life, following us on every step. Please wellcome on our website!


Garis izpod BelL?ce & Knacker Red NokomisSlovenia
Garis izpod BelL?ce & Knacker Red Nokomis

We are owners of two dogs: irish red setter Ch. Garis izpod BelL?ce and irish red and white setter JCh. Knacker Red Nokomis. They are show dogs with many successes. Garis is also available for stud to suitable bitches.

Irish Red Setter Irish Red and White Setter

Vascer QH & ACDSlovenia
Vascer QH & ACD

Australian Cattle Dogs living on a Quarter Horse Ranch as healthy, happy and athlethic members of our family. Check us out!

Australian Cattle Dog

Joy Pack ChihuahuasSlovenia
Joy Pack Chihuahuas

Welcome to Joy Pack kennel, that was created from pure love to chihuahua - dog jewel, as we like to call it.


Stella Cometa Whippet kennelSlovenia
Stella Cometa Whippet kennel

Welcome to Stella Cometa, Slovenian Whippet kennel.


Monte Gerass KennelSlovenia

Welcome in Monte Gerass Kennel. We insist on high quality breeding of Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers.

Golden Retriever Labrador Retriever

Road to Helvetia Great swiss mountain dogsSlovenia
Road to Helvetia
Great swiss mountain dogs

Our dream is to breed healthy dogs with stable character and still stay true to the breed standard. We would like to breed dogs that can become champions in the rings and future breeding dogs. That is our final goal and we are taking our first steps toward it. Our dogs are schooled till basic obedience level, visit shows every year and are checked for skeletal and eye diseases. We invest a lot of time in the research of pedigrees, blood lines and we stay in contact with breeders around Europe.

Welcome to our small kennel in our small country in the center of Europe!

Great Swiss Mountain Dog

Kennel IstralandSlovenia
Kennel Istraland

Perhaps by saying that we are a family and that we are crazy about animals. We live in a village at the edge of a forest, which is an ideal place for our dogs. Besides Landseers we own a goat, a sheep, rabbits and many chickens, and we are thinking of having others, too.

Our animals live in harmony and we are all one big family. Landseers accompany us on our hiking trips around Slovenia and abroad. We cannot imagine going on a vacation without them. We love to visit exhibitions where we get great results and make new friendships. Recently we have registered a family kennel because we think we will contribute to this breed by giving it our love. Unfortunately there are many breeders who promise quality but can disappoint greatly. This is why we decided to breed dogs with love and respect. We are happy to have our dogs because they are giving us their love on an every-day basis.



Looking for a dog which isn't losing hair, isn't loud, is kind to children and other pets and appropriate for the apartment then choose Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.

We are the right address for you, if you want top-quality puppy - the original Irish type of champions. We raise our puppies with love, so that is why we are looking for best new owners for them. To get more information you are kindly invited to contact us.

Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Khoisam rhodesian ridgeback kennelSlovenia
Khoisam rhodesian ridgeback kennel

Wellcome to our family. Wonderfull studdog Cubo - Myollnir Kyala and Cana. Great work and training with rhodesians.

Rhodesian Ridgeback


Društvo ljubiteljev in vzrediteljev kraških ovčarjev Slovenije.

Web site, dedicated to Karst shepherd, wonderful dog, excellent watchdog, loving friend and a pleasant family member.

Karst Shepherd Dog

 Figaro & Dingo Coton de TulearSlovenia
Figaro & Dingo - Coton de Tulear

We are kennel located in Slovenia. Our aim is to breed healthy and tipical Coton de Tulear dogs, with great character. We have breed quality, healthy and lovely puppies. On his pages you can find a lot of pictures, succes on show and information about this breed.

Coton de TulA�ar

Tshaka kennelSlovenia
Tshaka kennel

Tshaka kennel breed rhodesian ridgeback in Slovenija.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Izolamar Kennel German ShepherdsSlovenia
IZOLAMAR Kennel - German Shepherds

We are a small kennel of German shepherds, registered with the FCI and KZS since 2005. Kennel named IZOLAMAR is located in the seaside town Izola, Slovenia.

Kennel steep to the breeding of German shepherds good blood lines and successful exhibition. We are directed to breeding quality, not quantity, therefore, are occasionally also available puppies. (more pictures on our website.

German Shepherd Dog

Tanya's Fairyland Kennel Chow ChowSlovenia

Tanya's Fairyland is a small, quallity breeding Chow Chow & Shih-Tzu kennel, registered with the FCI.

Chow Chow Shih Tzu

Wolkowo Borzois and Silken WindhoundsSlovenia

Breeding for twenty years, winning numerous titles and gaining numerous championships made us choose shows a bit more rationally and selectively. We are constantly trying to be a part of all the most important shows: European and World Dogs Shows, Crufts and the most important Sighthound Special Shows, as well as the annual Slovenian Sighthound Club Special Show.

Borzoi Silken Windhound

Kennel Zgornjesavska Great Swiss Mountain DogsSlovenia

Kennel Zgornjesavska- FCI registered breeders of Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs, located in Slovenia.

From time to time we have high quality puppies available. Check out our web site and meet our three lovely swissies- Brina od Radovne, Karhunkierros Inzaghi and Kessie Zgornjesavska.

Great Swiss Mountain Dog

Damjan's Diamond FCI ChihuahuasSlovenia
Damjan's Diamond FCI Chihuahuas

Diamonds are very precious like our chihuahuas are precious for us. We have small home kennel of this adorable breed. Our dogs are first of all our big pets but they are also successful show dogs.


Greater swiss mountain dog Kennel KarantanskaSlovenia
Kennel Karantanska
Greater swiss mountain dog

We are a little kennel of greater swiss mountain dogs, located in Slovenia, EU. Our goal is to breed healthy, stable, typical swissies with nice character and good working abilities.

Our bitch has all important health tests done. She is trained in basic obedience, and has also RO3 exam done. She lives as our family member.
Welcome to kennel Karantanska!

Great Swiss Mountain Dog

Mastino Napoletano Fort BonesSlovenia
Fort Bones

Fort Bones is the domestic kennel. Our dogs are growing up with best care. Our breeding results in healthy, working and top quality show dogs. Best Regards to all who love's the Neapolitan Mastiff.

Neapolitan Mastiff

Fila Brasileiro Kennel Slo LandSlovenia

Fila Brasileiro from Slovenia.

Fila Brasileiro

Bearded Collies & Chinese Crested Dogs Stars at SeaSlovenia
STARS AT SEA Bearded Collies
& Chinese Crested dogs

Bearded Collies & Chinese Crested dogs - Breed and shown with love and passion ...
Please visit our website and meet our dogs.

Bearded Collie Chinese Crested Dog

Saint bernard kennel TyronicaSlovenia
Tyronica Saint bernard kennel

We are a young saint bernard kennel, but we breed with love and respect. Our dogs are as part of family. We breed short and longhaired saints.

Saint Bernard

Betelges KennelSloveniaSerbia

Betelges is small kennel located in Serbia/Slovenia.We are owners of many champions. Some of them is world known and sucessfull on many European shows. We have our dobermanns in 42 country around world. Welcome to visit us ...


Rotti KingdomSlovenia
Rotti Kingdom

Rottweiler kennel from Slovenia. We breed show quality Rottweilers. Some of our dogs: CLARUSCHA VOM HAUSE EDELSTEIN, TRIXI EARL ANTONIUS, HOLLY VOM KALACBERG, ANJA VOM BENI, BELLA ROTTI KINGDOM.

We are breeders of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels from Slovenia. Puppy inquires welcome.

Rottweiler Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

SLO - White Rose KennelSlovenia
Kennel SLO - White rose

Kennel SLO - White rose, breeding of Swiss white shepherds and Chihuahuas. Our breeding results in healthy, working and top quality show dogs.

White Swiss Shepherd Dog Chihuahua

Vravolu KennelSlovenia
VRAVOLU Rottweilers

Rottweiler kennel from Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Home of: Ch.Hr, Ch.J.-Slo THOR MUMLEK D.O.B. 20.02.2004, BH, IPO 1, HD-frei
Ch.J.-Slo AIKA MUMLEK D.O.B. 10.03.2005, BH, HD-frei
CORA MUMLEK D.O.B.: 28.11.2005, daughter of Xaver vom Haus Rumpel


King's Joy KennelSlovenia
King's Joy Kennel

We can proudly say that we have been breeding chows for nearly 15 years. In this time we learned a lot about chow chows, their breeding and care, which is not always eazy. But chows return your hard work with their love and tenderness.

Chow Chow

From Orsina`s Land KennelSlovenia
Kennel From Orsina`s Land

Beautiful Bernese Mountain dogs from a small and beautiful country called Slovenija. Our first care is to breed healty dogs for expositions,breeding and homes full of love... Dont hasitate to contact us!

Bernese Mountain Dog