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Lhasa Apso

Close To Perfection Lhasa Apso'sNetherlands
Close To Perfection Lhasa Apso's

Home of World Champions.

Lhasa Apso Kennel Little LhasaRussian Federation Dog Breeders
Kennel Little Lhasa

Tibetan Lhasa Apso in Russia. Kennel Little Lhasa. Sale Lhasa apso puppies.

Crystal Eye's Lhasa ApsoDenmark
Crystal Eye's Lhasa Apso

Small breeder located in Denmark. We DO NOT breed for commercial reasons, but do have a litter no and again.

We do export dogs all over, but you will have to show up in person so you can be itroduced to us and our dogs. for more information feel free to contact us.
Charlotte and Frank

Lhasa Apso Kennel Ti La Shu KennelGermany
Ti La Shu Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apso Kennel in Germany.

Xcel's Lhasa Apso KennelSweden
Xcel's Lhasa Apso

When quality is a passion! We have a small homebreeding of Lhasa Apso and we breed for mentalhealth as well as fysical beauty. All our dogs we have their eyes checked before breeding!

Stings Lhasa Apso Kennel Sweden
STINGS Lhasa Apsos

We are one of the oldest LA breeders in Sweden with more than 30 years in the breed. Our breeding is represented all over the world, but still not Africa.


Mi Amor Lhasa Apso KennelBelgium
Mi Amor

Kennel Mi Amor: The responsible choice for a healthy and sweet Lhasa Apso.

Our puppys live in our house, they are vaccinated and all of them have a St. Hubertus Pedigree.

Padma Sambhava Lhasa Apso KennelAustria
Padma Sambhava Lhasa Apso

Informative Lhasa Apso breeder page, all about the Lhasa Apso, origin, character, grooming, puppies from best pedigrees, hundreds of pictures, health information, showresults, juniorhandling, horoscope for dogs ...

Azurowa Amhara FCI Lhasa Apso KennelPoland

Small kennel, which aim is to have elegance lhasas from beautiful body, nice movment and good temperements.

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