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Poodle - Breeders and Kennels in Europe: Breeder of white dwarf and toy poodles; Black miniature, black and apricot toy poodles; Standard poodle in colours apricot - black and white. Dwarf poodle in colour black and brown; Toy and Dwarf Poodles (FCI) in silver, black, white and apricot since 1987; In our website you will find informations about our poodle, dog shows, puppies and links for dog lovers; Breeding Apricot and Black standard; We breed over 20 years Poodles, in a small breeding; Breeder of black and brown Miniature Poodle in domestic environment; Breeders of toy and teacup poodles hand reared in the home, with puppies occasionally available; Breeding apricot and black toy and dwarf poodle in Finland; Hungarian harlequin dwarf poodle breeder site; We breed toy poodle in silver and black. Dwarf poodle in harlekin (Parti poodle), black/tan and white.

 Caniche / Poodle / Pudel

Romar PoodlesIreland Dog BreedersUnited Kingdom Dog Breeders
Romar Poodles

We breed and show black, brown, silver and white toy and dwarf poodles. Type, quality and health are important to us. All dogs live in our home as part of our family and are not kennelled in outdoor kennels. Puppies sometimes available.

Poodles Kennel Sketch'sRussian Federation Dog Breeders
SKETCH'S Poodles

We presents brown and black dwarf poodles.

Poodle Kennel SeptempedaGermany Dog Breeders
Only For You Zwergpudel

We breed Standard harlekin ( Partipoodle ), dwarf harlekin and black, Toy black and brown for pet home and show home. Our poodle are all Optigen tested and Patella free and our standards are hips checked also.

Poodle Lykkehuset KennelDenmark Dog Breeders

The Kennel specializes in black & brown Toy & Dwarf Poodles. For close to 40 years our kennel has produced to quality poodles that successfully fullfil their role in life be that on a show ring and/or as a trusted and loyal companion.

Poodles van Klein-Nulland BreederNetherlands Dog Breeders
Poodles van Klein-Nulland

We breed poodles since 1965 all our dogs are optigen tested and patella lux free,we have champions all over the world we do not have kennels our dogs are all family members and live with us.

Poodles SvartAlfernas KennelSweden Dog Breeders
Svart Alfernas Kennel

Breeder of toy, dwarf and miniature Poodle in black, white and brown.

Poodle Bayerische Sommerbären BreederGermany Dog Breeders
Bayerische Sommerbären

We breed toy and dwarf poodles in black and brown. All our Studdogs are Optigen-Tested. All the dogs are members of our family, we dont use any kennels.

Poodles Superplush BrederSwitzerland Dog Breeders
Superplush Poodles

We breed toy and dwarf poodles in black and brown, Optigen-tested, checked for Luxating Patella. Our dogs live in our house and garden with us, as part of our family.

Poodle Kennel GudvinRussia Dog Breeders
Gudvin kennel

We presents miniature and dwarf apricot poodles.

Poodles VØRDAN'S KennelDenmark Dog Breeders

We breed and show black and white toy and dwarf poodles.

Poodle From Dream of Harlekin KennelGermany Dog Breeders
from Dream of Harlekin
Zwerg und Kleinpudel

We breed dwarf and miniature Harlekin ( Partipoodle ) Poodle.

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