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Poodles van Klein-Nulland BreederNetherlands
Poodles van Klein-Nulland

We breed poodles since 1965 all our dogs are optigen tested and patella lux free,we have champions all over the world we do not have kennels our dogs are all family members and live with us.

Poodles SvartAlfernas KennelSweden
Svart Alfernas Kennel

Breeder of toy, dwarf and miniature Poodle in black, white and brown.

Poodle Bayerische Sommerbären BreederGermany
Bayerische Sommerbären

We breed toy and dwarf poodles in black and brown. All our Studdogs are Optigen-Tested. All the dogs are members of our family, we dont use any kennels.

Poodle From Dream of Harlekin KennelGermany
from Dream of Harlekin
Zwerg und Kleinpudel

We breed dwarf and miniature Harlekin( Partipoodle ) Poodle.

Poodles Voulez Vous KennelNorway Dog Breeders
Voulez Vous Miniature Poodles

My name is Anita Byklum, lives aprox 4 miles from Oslo. I have a small breed of black miniature poodles.

Poodles Karamit Nova& Šumbarský pramen KennelsCzechia
Šumbarský pramen & Karamit Nova

Mittelspitz, Kleinspitz, Pomeranian Wolfsspitz & Standard Poodle.

Pomeranian & German Spitz
Poodles Finigan KennelPoland
Finigan American Akitas

Breeder of American Akitas & White Toy Poodles.

American Akita Pyrenean Mastiff

Poodles Kennel GarbosoNorway Dog Breeders
Kennel Garboso

Breeder of black and brown Miniature Poodles in domestic environment.

Poodles Silver Joker KennelHungary
Silver Joker Kennel

Breeding silver toy and dwarf poodles. Budapest, Hungary. Occasionally we have puppies. We want to find the right homes for our puppies to be your companion.

White and Black Standard PoodlesCzechia
White and Black standard poodles

Breeding station - white and black standard poodles.

A'monibe's PoodlesSweden

Small quality breeding of black & white miniatures and white & silver dwarfs.

Ytaner Apricot PoodlesCzechia
Ytaner - apricot poodles

We breed Miniature apricot poodles since 1978.

Standard Poodles Kennel vom Bornumer WaldGermany
Kennel vom Bornumer Wald

Breeder of Quality Standard Poodle in White.

Forsfararens MiniaturepoodlesSweden
Forsfararens miniaturepoodles

Small breeding of miniaturepoodles in black and brown.

Caniche Elevage du Jardin d'ArcosFrance

Venez rencontrer des races de chien que vous connaissez peu: Loup Tchèque, Shiba-inu, Akita-inu, Berger d'Islande, Spitz loup, Eurasier, Chien de Canaan, Suédois de Laponie, Teckel nain a poils longs, Caniche, Yorkshire.

Czeslovakian Wolfdog Shiba-inu Akita-inu Icelandic Sheepdog Wolfspitz Eurasier Canaan Dog Swedish Lapphund Dachshund Yorkshire Terrier


We breed black and apricot, miniature and toy poodles.

Poodles KrálováciCzechia

Info website - Standard poodles breeder CZ+SK.

Caletto PoodlesPoland
CALETTO - Show Dogs Team

Caletto is a small kennel in Poland. Our passion are dogs and shows. With us live: Miniature Schnauzers, Whippets, Toy Poodle, Chiuhaha. I invite you to visit my web page.

Chihuahua Miniature Schnauzer Whippet

Caniche Elevage de la BoutinaisFrance

Elevage canin depuis 1989 à la campagne en Basse Normandie (France) produisant Caniche gris, Bichon à poil frisé, Dogue allemand 5 couleurs et Saint-Bernard poil long et poil court.

Bichon Frise Great Dane Saint Bernard

Poodle Kennel CHinSHowRussia
Kennel CHinSHow

Shar-pei show kennel CHinSHow colours fawn, red, mahagon, blue, isabell, choco, black, creme.

Shar Pei Maltese

Klein und Zwergpudel Clever-PudelGermany
Hobbyzucht von Klein und Zwergpudel

Wir züchten Klein und Zwergpudel in der Farbgebung Black&Tan und Harlekin. Wir haben uns das Ziel gesetzt gesunde, wesensfeste, schöne und leistungsfähige Familienhunde zu züchten. Die Elterntiere sind PRA- und PL frei.

Die Welpen werden im Haus und Garten aufgezogen und werden selbstverständlich entwurmt, geimpft, gechipt, mit dem EU-Heimtierausweiß und mit der Ahnentafel vom DPK/VDH abgegeben.
Wir haben keine Zwingerhaltung!

Poodles Teschiro KennelCzechia
Teschiro Kennel

Teschiro kennel, miniature apricot, brown and black poodles, Czech Republic.

Toy and Dwarf Poodles From White SensationGermany
From White Sensation - VDH/VDP

We breed toypoodle in silver and black. Dwarfpoodle in harlekin (Partipoodle), black/tan and white.

Poodles JouetDenmark
Jouet Poodles

We invite you to learn about Jouet Poodles - home of 63 champions and more to come!

Breeding kennel NovartisCzechia
NOVARTIS Breeding kennel

Black miniature, black and apricot toy poodles.

Elevage Le Petit LordFrance
Elevage Le Petit Lord

Elevage spécialisé en Caniches nains et toys: blancs, noirs, abricots, fauves rouges, gris et marrons.

Berny Z Hlubockého DvoraCzechia
Berny Z Hlubockého Dvora

personal page of Berny Z Hlubockého Dvora - black standard poodle.

Poodle und Lagotto Romagnolo Vom grünen FichtelgebirgeGermany
Vom grünen Fichtelgebirge
Poodle und Lagotto Romagnolo

We breed over 20 years Poodles, in a small breeding. The Lagotto is new in my Kennel and we like it so much.

The Kennelname - Vom grünen Fichtelgebirge- stand for much Champions.

Romagna Water Dog

Omne Trinum Perfectum FCI KennelPoland

Welcome to Omne Trinum Perfectum. Site showing our dogs photos, successes, tests results and puppies. In our kennel: Zlato Sibiri ZADIRA & RITA z Deikowej Doliny.

Bernese Mounatin Dog

Cristaux Glace's PoodlesSlovakia
Cristaux Glace's Poodles

White Standard Poodles kennel.

Ot Gvendolen RKF/FCIRussia
Ot Gvendolen (RKF/FCI)

Show and breed- class puppy of retriver and poodle. Color: white, black and silver. Dogs for are viscous.

Golden Retriever

Poodles Z Hlubockého dvoraCzechia
Z Hlubockého dvora

Kennel of standard poodles.

Borzois iz BelojaraUkraine
iz BELOJARA Borzois

On our site you may see: kennel and show news, our dogs' photos, pedigrees,breeding plans, puppies for sale.


kennel Majesty CyprusCyprus
kennel Majesty Cyprus

German Shepherd Dog, Toy silver poodle and Chinese Crested Dog in Cyprus.

German Shepherd Dog Chinese Crested Dog

Black Lillie's Kennel Chinese Crested Dog and Toy PoodleSweden
Black Lillie's Kennel

My name is Lilian Berglund. I have a small breeding program, most important for me is health. I only had 1 maybe 2 litters per year. My motto is quality not quantity. Look into my homepage or contact me for more information.

Chinese Crested Dog

Toy poodle breeders and dwarf in all colors. The family raised with much love.

Foscalberto Toy PoodlesItaly

Toy poodles in Italy in apricot red and white.

Very-Merry Apricot and Red Standard Poodle kennelCzechia
Apricot and Red Standard Poodle kennel

Welcome to my standard poodles website. If you are a fan of standard poodles or are looking for a puppy as a pet or for show then this is the right place to be!


Int.Ch. Multi-Ch. CALIMERO Mysi kozisek (black standard male)
Int.Ch. Multi-Ch.HUGO BOSS Marco Bohemica (white standard male)
Multi-JCh. BASTIEN z Cerneho panstvi (black standard male)

Pudel of loveley ChildrenAustria
Pudel of loveley Children

Show-and pet's for loving peoples.

kennel Iz Yantarnoy Strany� poodles miniature, dwarf and toyRussia
poodles miniature, dwarf and toy

This site of kennel "IZ YANTARNOY STRANY" (From Amber Country) - miniature, dwarf and toy poodles.

Питомник пуделя Дар НебесUkraine
Питомник пуделя Дар Небес

Питомник "Дар Небес" (г. Харьков) занимается племенным разведением карликового и той пуделя современных окрасов.

Feuervale's Swedish Vallhunds & Standard PoodlesSwitzerland
Swedish Vallhunds & Standard Poodles

We are a small bus serious family-orientated kennel of Swedish Vallhunds and Standard Poodles.Our aim is to breed happy, healthy family members that can succeed in both the show ring and in sports. Find out more about us!!

Swedish Vallhund

Magicstar PoodlesFrance
Magicstar Poodles

Home of beautiful poodles for show or pet. Toys and dwarfs poodles.

Из дома верди / Iz doma verdiRussia
Из дома верди / Iz doma verdi

We professional cultivation of breeds: Chihuahua, Russian toy / toy-terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier , Toy poodle. Officially the nursery is registered 01.08.2008г. In РКФ-FCI the certificate№ 9391.

We are engaged in cultivation of pedigree dogs with 1995г. And it must be said successfully enough. We have dogs for is viscous. We will help with a choice of a puppy, consultations is free.

Chihuahua Russian Toy American Staffordshire Terrier

 Lovely fellowsGermany
Lovely fellows

We breed Standard Partipoodle (harlekin) and Toypoodles in brown and apricot. Our poodles are all Optigen tested and Patella free and our Standard are hips checked also.

Kennel Wolfnight'sFinland
Kennel Wolfnight's

Ceskoslovensky Vlcak, Saarloos Wolfhond and Standard Poodle from Finland.

Czeslovakian Wolfdog Saarlooswolfdog

Toy poodle white and silver Silver Joker PoodlesHungary
Silver Joker Poodles
Toy poodle white and silver

Breeder of toy poodles in white and silver.


Breeder of toy and dwarf poodle in apricot, red and black. Optigen tested and checked for Patella.

Le Royal Caniche - Le Bosquet Elevage Caniche - Bichon Maltais - BouledogueBelgium
Le Royal Caniche - Le Bosquet
Caniche, Bichon Maltais, Bouledogue

Le Royal Caniche et le Bosquet, c’est depuis plus de 20 ans la passion du toilettage et de l’élevage de chiens de races.

Nos connaissances des chiens et notre expérience d’éleveur vous garantissent les meilleurs conseils ainsi qu’un suivi attentif. Nous vous souhaitons une agréable visite sur notre site internet.

Maltese French Bulldog

Winnow Standard PoodleIceland
Winnow Standard Poodle

Small breeder of Standard Poodles in Black and White. Our breeding dogs are checked for HD, Eye disease, Luxating patella and Neonatal Encephalopathy.

Our puppies are well socialized and they all go through the Volhard puppy aptitude test.

Kennel Solnechnaya dinastiya zenbox Питомник
Солнечная династия зенбоксUkraine
Kennel Solnechnaya dinastiya zenbox
Питомник Солнечная
династия зенбокс

We are glad to welcome you on our site!
Kennel "Solnechnaya dinastiya zenbox" FCI-КСУ since 1999.

German Boxer Chinese Crested Dog

Nordic Fashion StorpudlarSweden
Nordic Fashion Storpudlar

Nordic Fashion, breeders of black, white and apricot Standard Poodles of high quality. We are dedicated to healthy poodles ofintelligence, good temperament and beauty. We are located in Stockholm Sweden.

Zagrebački BiseriCroatia
Zagrebački Biseri

Zagrebački Biseri is a poodle kennel with 30 year old tradition. We breed healthy and beautiful miniature poodles as well as harlequin poodles. Zagrebački Biseri is registered at FCI under No. 1982.

Tangelcrest Chinese Crested KennelIreland
TANGELCREST Chinese Crested Kennel

Welcome to TANGELCREST Chinese Crested and Miniature Poodle Kennel in Ireland. Please feel free to visit our website.

Chinese Crested Dog

Trimsalon Rianne harlekin standard poodle and lhasa apsoNetherlands
Trimsalon Rianne
harlekin standard poodle and lhasa apso

Breeder of harlekin standard poodle and lhasa apso.

Lhasa Apso

Samjoe Alaskan MalamutesEngland
Samjoe Alaskan Malamutes

Welcome to Samjoe Alaskan Malamutes. Here at Samjoe our dogs are first and foremost family.

Alaskan Malamute

Earl's LegendCzechia
Earl's Legend

Poodles at all colours, dwarf and toy.

Kennel ZiethnereckGermany
Kennel Ziethnereck

More than 30 years we breed Toy and Dwarf in black, brown and sometimes apricot. Our poodles are family member and only living with us.

Kennel Wild ApricotFinland
Kennel Wild Apricot

Home breeding of apricot medium size poodles in Finland.

z Královské pevnůstkyCzechia
z Královské pevnůstky

Kennel of miniature Schnauzer, standard schnauzer and big poodle.

Miniature Schnauzer Standard Schnauzer

Ivanola Apricot PoodlesUK
Ivanola Apricot Poodles

Welcome to Ivanola. Celebrating over 50 years of our apricot poodles!!!

Breeders and exhibitors of Standard, Miniature and Toy poodles since 1958. Devoted to colour, health and temperament in all three sizes.

Puppies very occasionally available. Please visit our site for more information.

De NigromantaCzechia
De Nigromanta

Breeding of black medium poodles.

Jandaz poodles and cockapoosWales
Jandaz poodles and cockapoos

We are a familybreeding poodles, and cockapoosnon moulting dogs superb for allergy sufferers, we eye test by insure, vaccinate, microchip we can arrange passports and traveling for most countrys..


'vom Weiler Ried' Pudel- und Zwergteckelzucht Germany
'vom Weiler Ried'
Pudel- und Zwergteckelzucht

Wir züchten Großpudel in schwarz und weiß, Zwergpudel in schwarz, weiß und schwarz-weiß gescheckt (harklekin) und Rauhaar-Zwergteckel.

Unser Ziel ist es wesenfeste gesunde Hunde zu züchten. All unsere Welpen wachsen in mitten der Familie in Haus und Garten auf. Die Hunde leben mit uns zusammen im Wohnbereich und sind nicht in Zwinger eingesperrt, noch sind die Hunde voneinander getrennt. Die Welpen werden von uns liebevoll aufgezogen und somit gut auf das Leben vorbereitet. Sie erfahren gerade dadurch ein hohes Maß an Sozialisierung, was uns unsere Welpenkäufer, mit denen wir auch danach noch Kontakt halten, uns immer wieder bestätigen. Unsere Welpen erhalten VDH-Papiere, sind geimpft und gechipt, bekommen einen EU-Pass und sind mehrmals entwurmt. Unser Ziel ist es wesenfeste gesunde Hunde zu züchten. All unsere Welpen wachsen in mitten der Familie in Haus und Garten auf. Die Hunde leben mit uns zusammen im Wohnbereich und sind nicht in Zwinger eingesperrt, noch sind die Hunde voneinander getrennt. Die Welpen werden von uns liebevoll aufgezogen und somit gut auf das Leben vorbereitet. Sie erfahren gerade dadurch ein hohes Maß an Sozialisierung, was uns unsere Welpenkäufer, mit denen wir auch danach noch Kontakt halten, uns immer wieder bestätigen.

Unsere Welpen erhalten VDH-Papiere, sind geimpft und gechipt, bekommen einen EU-Pass und sind mehrmals entwurmt.


Di DghyovellinaFrance
Di Dghyovellina

Elevage de caniches toys et nains dans les couleurs marrons ou bicolores (noir / blanc). Mes chiens sont tous testés ADN + APR-PRCD + ROTULES + TAN. Beauté, santé et sociabilité pour des chiots de compagnie parfaitement préparés à leurs futures vies de famille.

Rosteco kennelSerbia
Rosteco kennel

Welcome to Rosteco kennel - small, quality breeding of black miniature poodles.

Braune Großpudel von Gold TopasGermany
Braune Großpudel von Gold Topas

We breed brown Standardpoodle and invite you to visit our homepage to inform yourself about our dogs.

Altariels braune GrosspudelGermany
Altariels braune Grosspudel

Wir züchten FCI/VDH geschützt Großpudel in braun. Mitglied im DPK.

Assiniboin Earl�s Legend - White dwarf poodleSlovakia
Assiniboin Earl�s Legend
White dwarf poodle

JSKCH SKCH HUCH Assiniboin Earl´s Legend white dwarf male 31,5 cm/ 33,5 cm DOB: 03.10.2010 Sir :C.I.B.Whitney´sTopDancer Dam: Leggero Danzatori Iolanta Prcd PRA normal/clear by DNA test, patela 0/0, full dentition Viac tu: ...

Tauro KennelLithuania
Tauro Kennel

Welcome to our kennel! We work with the several blood lines. In our kennel we have Champions, World Champions and Multi champions. Our dogs are the part of our life! We are interested in a healthy generations. Please, visit our site.

Maltese Bichon Frise Pomeranian

Apache Earls Legend - white toy poodleCzechia
Apache Earls Legend - white toy poodle

Apache Earl�s Legend, white toy male, 28 cm/29,5 cmCZCH, SKCH, PLCH, RSCH, HCH, Club champion, CZJCH, SKJCH, ROJCH, DOB: 03.10.2010 Sir :C.I.B.Whitney�s Top Dancer Dam: Leggero Danzatori Iolanta Prcd PRA normal/clear by DNA test, patela 0/0, full dentition.

of Roscommon PoodleGermany
of Roscommon Poodle

We breed dwarf apricot poodles.


Allevamento per Passione

Il nostro Allevamento nasce da una Passione innata per gli animali e per i cani in particolare. Con il tempo ci siamo specializzati in allevamento di SHIH TZU, esattamente dal 2002, con i nostri primi cuccioli di pura razza, con Pedigree unici. A partire dal 2010 abbiamo aggiunto al nostro meraviglioso allevamento una seconda razza, il (Poodle) Barboncino Miniatura/Toy e Barboncino Nano.

Dopo un attento studio e ricerca siamo giunti alla decisione univoca che il Barbone e il cane da compagnia, d'appartamento, ideale per le famiglie e il piu indicato per i bambini, esattamente come lo Shih Tzu. Oggi disponiamo di un nuovissimo allevamento, dove vi e soprattutto il rispetto e la cura degli stessi cani, sottolineando che ogni cucciolo nasce da nostri cani italiani cresciuti e allevati da noi. Ogni cucciolo viene accudito, cresciuto ed amato nel pieno rispetto delle cure dovutegli, sempre con tanta attenzione. I nostri cani rispettano in pieno le caratteristiche pure che lo standard di questa razza prevede. Ci teniamo ad evidenziare che i nostri cuccioli nascono tutti in casa, monitorati costantemente da un nostro addetto. Infatti la fattrice (la mamma dei cuccioli) viene da noi accudita in casa gia un mese prima dalla data prevista della nascita dei cuccioli, sino alla consegna di tutti i cuccioli. Questo per monitorare costantemente la mamma prima, durante e dopo il parto e ovviamente i piccoli appena nati.

Cio e un'ulteriore garanzia di serieta, professionalita e infinita Passione e Amore che poniamo nella nostra attivita, verso queste splendide creature. Il Barboncino e la razza piu indicata per chi e allergico ai cani, in quanto non perde assolutamente mai il pelo, lasciando sempre pulito l'ambiente dove vive e non sporcando i nostri indumenti quando lo coccoliamo teneramente su di noi, fra le nostre braccia. I colori dei nostri Barboni - Poodles possono essere: Barboni Miniatura (Barboncini Toy) black/neri Barboni Miniatura (Barboncini Toy) white/bianchi Barboni Miniatura (Barboncini Toy) champagne Barboni Miniatura (Barboncini Toy) apricot/albicocca Barboni Miniatura (Barboncini Toy) red/rossi Barboni Nani (Barboncini Nani) black/neri Barboni Nani (Barboncini Nani) white/bianchi Barboni Nani (Barboncini Nani) champagne Barboni Nani (Barboncini Nani) apricot/albicocca I nostri esemplari adulti sono tutti provvisti di Pedigree. Siamo sicuri che il nostro amore verso queste splendide creature sara sicuramente riconosciuto da voi, come sempre sino ad oggi, dato che ogni nostro cliente e sempre rimasto soddisfatto del proprio acquisto e della bellezza e docilita di questi adorabili cuccioli che fanno del nostro allevamento un marchio di qualita. Direzione Allevamento per Passione

Ora Pro Nobis Koenigspudelzucht in black & tanGermany
Koenigspudelzucht in black & tan

We are a small family kennel. We breed standardpoodles in black and tan.

Wywylwynd Standard PoodlesUK
Wywylwynd Standard Poodles

Breeder of black and brown poodles in rural Wiltshire, participating in working trials, agility, therapy, and obedience with our standards.

All our dogs live in the house and are beloved family members, but get the opportunity to run about our 50-acre smallholding daily. All our own adult dogs are extensively health tested before breeding and pups are sold with lifetime support and a 5-year health guarantee.

Melagracja PudelPoland

From childhood, dogs occupied a special place in my life. From all mongrels in the village of my grandmother, the arrival of Miska and Kajtek, permanently residing in our staircase and accompanying me every day on my way to school, by cocer Spaniela Beja or a small Kiki ...

My first pedigree dog was born in 1999, a miniature poodle bitch named Sunia from the Dutch kennel Natali's pride, with whom I attended obedience courses for the first time. Since 2004, I have been a member of the Kennel Club in Poland, and since 2014 a breeder.

As a volunteer of the Association of Supporting Therapy "ALTERI", later the Alteri Foundation, from 2002 I participated and participated in the training of assistance dogs for the disabled, in their selection and transmission, as well as demonstrations and lectures. In 2007, along with my unforgettable boxer Edward, I passed the Alteria coaching exam. From 2010, I trained dogs on the basis of positive reinforcement, as an instructor of Basic Obedience Course for Dogs at the Altera School in Krakow. I participated in many seminars and workshops conducted by the authors of books on dogs, experts and cynology enthusiasts such as: Alex Capra, Inka Sjósten, Zofia Mrzewińska, Anders Halgren and others. With my current bitch, Astarte, in 2014, when she was less than a year old, we finished the Dog Therapy Course at the Iskra Foundation in Krakow. Since then, I have been conducting educational and animation classes regularly - AAA and AAE, for children in kindergartens and in orphanages.

In 2017, I started the second degree postgraduate studies in the behavior of pets - specialization dogs at the University of EEE in Krakow.

I am an advocate of active and partner spending time with the dog, using its natural predispositions and needs. I'm fascinated by dog ​​training and new sport amateur nosework discipline.

Hug Me Strongly kennelHungary
Hug Me Strongly kennel

Miniature/kaninchen shorthaired & longhaired dachshund breeding & professional handling.

Dachshund English Setter

Pudel, Großpudel & Zwergpudel zur RiegelfesteGermany
Pudel, Großpudel & Zwergpudel zur Riegelfeste

Unser Hobby dreht sich rund um den Pudel, wir leben für und zusammen mit unseren Tieren, vom ersten Tag an, sie sind gut sozialisiert, super lieb und verschmust.

Poodle Showring KennelItaly
Showring Kennel

We breed the race with the most strict parameters. We don't only assure that the dog is safe, but we also choose the best characters and we make them live with us so that they are used to human contact. We teach them love.

We breed ONLY poodles since it's way enough a hard job. All poodles have pedigree FCI, but only the most selected one can go on show. Contact us for any kind of information.

Toy Poodle and Golden Retriever KajpetoCzechia

Toy poodle and golden retriever kennel in the Czech republic.

Golden Retriever

Envy - Poodle kennelCzechia
Envy - Poodle kennel

Great white poodle breeder in the Czech republic, Kladno. Breeder and groomer since 1985.

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