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Caniche / Poodle / Pudel

Poodle Kennel SeptempedaGermany
Only For You Zwergpudel

We breed Standard harlekin ( Partipoodle ), dwarf harlekin and black, Toy black and brown for pet home and show home. Our poodle are all Optigen tested and Patella free and our standards are hips checked also.

Poodles van Klein-Nulland BreederNetherlands
Poodles van Klein-Nulland

We breed poodles since 1965 all our dogs are optigen tested and patella lux free,we have champions all over the world we do not have kennels our dogs are all family members and live with us.

Poodles SvartAlfernas KennelSweden
Svart Alfernas Kennel

Breeder of toy, dwarf and miniature Poodle in black, white and brown.

Poodle Bayerische Sommerbären BreederGermany
Bayerische Sommerbären

We breed toy and dwarf poodles in black and brown. All our Studdogs are Optigen-Tested. All the dogs are members of our family, we dont use any kennels.

Poodle Kennel GudvinRussia
Gudvin kennel

We presents miniature and dwarf apricot poodles.

Poodle From Dream of Harlekin KennelGermany
from Dream of Harlekin
Zwerg und Kleinpudel

We breed dwarf and miniature Harlekin ( Partipoodle ) Poodle.

Poodles Voulez Vous KennelNorway Dog Breeders
Voulez Vous Miniature Poodles

My name is Anita Byklum, lives aprox 4 miles from Oslo. I have a small breed of black miniature poodles.

Poodles Curia Picta KennelItaly
Curia Picta Pomeranian and Poodles

Pomeranian and Poodles breeder in Italy. Canadian, american and english bloodlines for show.


Poodles Karamit Nova  & Šumbarský pramen KennelsCzechia
Šumbarský pramen & Karamit Nova

Mittelspitz, Kleinspitz, Pomeranian Wolfsspitz & Standard Poodle.

Pomeranian & German Spitz
Poodles Finigan KennelPoland
Finigan American Akitas

Breeder of American Akitas & White Toy Poodles.

American Akita         Pyrenean Mastiff

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