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… registered quality breeders of the Shar pei in all coloures… household pets carrying many of the best champion and lines from UK and USA… champion Shar pei breeding, dogs with great show type and strong mowment with Champion titles in many countries… selection, breeding and exhibition exclusively of Chinese Shar Peis… in both Horsecoat and Brushcoat in Apricots, Blacks, Blues, Chocolates, Creams, Fawn, Isabellas, Lilac, Mahagons, Reds, Red Fawns and other dilute colours… a Hobby breeder and fell in love with the breed… pretty medium sized guard dogs, from China. Competent breeding, from noble Shar Pei… in a family environment take care of the health, character and beauty… in breeding lines of dogs are used that have proven to be the best producers of their breed… champions in their bloodlines and great health and excellent tempermeants… breed a small number of these and do have puppies from time to time however numbers are kept small as these dogs are our pets and not just to breed from… true to type, movement and longevity dogs with the best of temperments and great pedigrees, champion parents… Shar pei breeder, recognized, occasionally a litter from top combinations, typical and well-socialized puppies…     ***       Shar Pei Breeders and Kennels -    

Shar Pei / Chinese Shar-Pei

Shar Pei Kennel Blue Bird's CastleBelgium
Shar-pei kennel Blue Bird's Castle

Familial shar-pei breeder. Sometimes puppies available in the colors blue, lilac, isabella and red, with pedigree Sint-Hubertus and guarantee. Blue stud available.

Shar Pei Kennel MeskottNorway Dog Breeders
Meskott Shar Pei

Breeder of Chineese Shar Pei in Norway.

Shar Pei Kennel SchoelcherSpain
Los Shar-peis de Schoelcher

Cria del Shar-pei en ambiente familiar. Nos ocupamos de la salud, caracter y belleza de nuestros ejemplares.

Colores: Negro, rojo, fawn, crema, silver sable,apricot, chocolate, azul, lila, etc. Respondemos cualquier consulta sin compromiso.

Z Dynastie Chan Shar Pei KennelCzechia
Z Dynastie Chan Shar-Pei

Shar-pei kennel Z Dynastie Chan, colours blue, lilac, isabell, choco, fawn, red, mahagon, black, creme. STUD DOGS - lilac - blue - mahagony. Our dogs have freedom, homecare, big love ...

Del Petó Xinès Shar PeiSpain
Shar-peis Del Petó Xinès

Breeder of Shar-pei since 1996 in Spain. Colors black, blue, chocolate, lilac, cream and fawn.

Peppe Nero Sharpei KennelHungary
Peppe Nero Sharpei kennel

Hungarian Sharpei kennel for the healthy and beautiful top sharpeis!

Shat Shyun Shar Pei KennelRussia
SHAT SHYUN Shar-pei kennel

Shar-pei kennel in Russia. We breed shar-peis ten years in ecologically pure area near Moscow.

Helavis Shar Pei kennelRussia
Helavis Shar Pei kennel

Chinese shar-peis, mini peis and caucasian shepherd dogs. Information about breeds, a lot of photos, interesting books, puppies for sale, our dogs. Helavis kennel.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Shar-Peis del Dragon de KoshiSpain
del Dragon de Koshi Shar-Peis

Show and breeder of the Shar-pei in familiar ambience since 1994. Health, beauty and good temperament. Puppies show.

Shar Pei BonomiellaPoland
Bonomiella Shar Pei

Shar Pei - Breeds Shar-Pei (FCI). Provides show pictures, and story of how they acquired an interest for each breed.

Agapimos Shar Pei KennelSweden
Agapimos Kennel

Breeder of Chinese Shar Pei, both Horsecoat and Brushcoat in colours chocolate, black, red fawn and fawn. Our goal is to have healthy dogs with great eyes, showtype and mentality.

Feel welcome to get in touch for information about our dogs, puppies and how you can become a proud owner of a dog from us. Shipping worldwide.

Shar Pei Kennel Shira Victory Hungary
Shira Victory Shar pei Kennel

I would like to help this wonderful breed to be more healthy! I'm for the healthy and good shar peis!

Shar Pei Kennel CHinSHowRussia
Kennel CHinSHow

Shar-pei show kennel CHinSHow colours fawn, red, mahagon, blue, isabell, choco, black, creme.

Poodle Maltese

Shar Pei Des Ming WayFrance

Beauty, health and best caracters for our shar-peiDES MING WAY. Breeder is located in Paris in France.

Shar Pei BrekkukotsIceland
Brekkukots Shar-Pei

Brekkukots Shar-Pei is located in Iceland. We strive to breed a healthy, happy Shar-Pei using the FCI standard as our blue print. We have AKC, Icelandic and Swedish champions. Both horsecoat and brushcoat. All dogs used in our breeding program are health screened.

Shar Pei ArikoblCzechia
ARIKOBL - shar-pei

Shar-pei kennel, exclusive blue stud LOTUS Z DYNASTIE CHAN - meaty mouth, healthy, heavy type - we offer to stud service.

Les shar-peis de la Chaumiére DoréeFrance
de la Chaumiére Dorée shar-peis

Elevage par passion depuis 1993, situé dans le Nord de la France, bienvenue sur notre site et merci de laisser une petite trace de votre passage ... A bientot.

Full of Fire SharpeiNetherlands
Full of Fire Sharpei

Visit our website for more information.

Lonely Oak Shar-PeisSpain
Lonely Oak Shar-Peis

Sharpei site, we have puppies in all colors!!! and all of our puppies are blue-lined. We deliver puppies in the whole world, find your wrinkled-puppy now!

shar pei Precious HugGreece
Precious Hug shar pei

Shar Pei Fine breeding from quality lines ...

Shar Pei Del Settimo SigilloItaly
Del Settimo Sigillo

Alleviamo sharpei da 28 anni, abbiamo campioni.

Megalisious shar-pei kennelCyprus
MEGALISIOUS shar-pei kennel

"Love for this great breed makes us better."

Sharpeis de BluemarSpain
Sharpeis de Bluemar

Baby of the shar pei in familiar ambience. Healthy, with good character and copies for exhibition and company. We raise pups in colors blue, lilac, chocolate, black, red, isabella, cream ...

Pet PeiCzechia
PET PEI - Shar-pei

Shar-pei since 1996, colours red, fawn, show, puppies.

Shar-pei kennel Princess of MoraviaCzechia

Shar-pei breeder in the Czech republic. Owners of an excellent show male - Mr.Bastien Iz Kitaiskogo Kvartala.

Qi Ming Xing shar-pei kennelHungary
Qi Ming Xing shar-pei kennel

Dilute colors shar-pei.

Shar-Pei China HouseRussia
China House shar-pei

Shar-pei ист ория породы, описание, фотоальбом, советы...

Elevage du Grand BaronnetFrance
Elevage du Grand Baronnet

We breed several races of pets: Dogs : Shar-Pei, Chihuahua, and Dachshund. Cat : Sacred of Burma (Burma cats).

Our website will introduce you to the reasons that brought us to breed these races, and you will find all puppys and Kittens that are available. Moreover, there are pictures of our reproductors, and in every page contact informations. We speak English, German, French, and a little bit of Spanish.

Chihuahua Dachshund

Shar Pei Du Manoir De KerlessyFrance
Du Manoir De Kerlessy Shar Pei

We are a small quality breeding and show kennel situated in france.on our website you'll find all informations concerning the breed our dogs,and puppy announcements.


Die Shar Pei Online Community

Alles zum Shar Pei finden sie auf unserer Homepage. Zeitweise Abgabe von typischen und bestens sozialisierten Welpen.

Diablos Arrugados Shar-PeiHungary
Diablos Arrugados Shar-Pei

High qualitative breeding in Hungary! Show and breed quality puppies for sale!

Chagall's KennelSweden
Chagall's Kennel

We breed Shar Pei and Miniature Schnauzer in Sweden.

Miniature Schnauzer

Blue Batta Shar Pei kennelHungary
Blue Batta Shar Pei kennel

Blue and Lilac Shar Pei.

Phanatic kennelHungary

Shar-pei puppies for sale, different colours, all over the year, champion parents. We offer top male for mating.

Kennel East of EdenNorway Dog Breeders
Kennel East of Eden

Breeder of Shar Pei & Great Dane in Norway.

Great Dane

Beach Star peiCzechia
Beach Star pei

Shar-pei kennel Beach Star Pei.

Kynon Melathron Shar-pei and Traditional Shar-pei kennelGreece
Kynon Melathron
Shar-pei and Traditional Shar-pei kennel

The first kennel that breeds shar-pei and traditional shar-pei with workings abilities and show quality.

Alpine Villa WescanSlovakia
Alpine Villa Wescan

Shar Pei Stud Boy.

Greentree's Pei shar-peiHungary
Greentree's Pei shar-pei

We are Hungarian Kennel Club Accredited Breeders of shar-pei. We are loving hobby breeders (not our livelihood), we have two litters in one year a variety of dilute colours, including my favourite colour; lilac.

Shar-pei du NuorilangFrance
du Nuorilang Shar-pei

Small french shar-pei breeder.

Superb Blue kennelCroatia
Superb Blue kennel

Small and young kennel, but with great show results. Our dogs are blue coloured and we attend to breed blue shar peis.

Circus Musicus Shar-Pei KennelGermany
Circus Musicus Shar-Pei Kennel

Hobby Kennel for Shar-Pei in Germany. Our goal: health, good type and temperament - quality in all colours - for show or companion. All dogs live inside the house as family members. Registered in FCI / VDH.

In the Spirit of KAishaNetherlands
In the Spirit of KAisha

Sharpei kennel where dogs live in a family friendly environment. Important for us is breeding healthy dogs with a nice character. Visit our website for more information and contact details.

Diamonds N Pearls KennelAustria
Diamonds N Pearls Kennel

Austrias first kennel for blue and lilac shar-pei.  Home of europeans first lilac multichampion. "Epics Traveling Diamond "

Ming Way Shar-peiFrance
Ming Way Shar-pei

Shar-pei - Health - Nice temperament - Champions.

Imperial Fu Kennel Shar-PeiRomania
IMPERIAL FU Kennel Shar-Pei

Dedicated to the development and enhancement of the Chinese Shar-Pei breed.

Kennel Golden Age of KingUkraine
Kennel Golden Age of King

Kennel Golden Age of King, have been breeding beautiful breed Shar Pei. As well as the exhibition career of their pets. Our dogs are in good health, a great mind and a beautiful breed vid.U Here you can to buy a puppy for show and for the soul. We are always happy to help you make a choice.

Intergalaxia KennelSlovakia
INTERGALAXIA Kennel - Shar-Pei

INTERGALAXIA Kennel - Shar-pei and chihuahua breeding.

Elevage du Bouquet d'EpicesFrance
Elevage du Bouquet d'Epices

Shar-pei LOF toutes couleurs.

Du Temple De Guan YuFrance
Du Temple De Guan Yu

Élevages de sharpei situé au nord de la France.

Bearwood kennelFrance
Bearwood kennel

French Smooth Chow Chow and Shar Peï Kennel.

Elevage Français de Chow Chow poil court et de Shar Peï.

Chow Chow

Eshpari SharpeiUK
Eshpari Sharpei

Eshpari Sharpei - KC Assured breeders of quality puppies

We are very proud here at Eshpari Shar Pei, to offer our proven boy MJ, for stud services. MJ, who’s Kennel Club registered name is Eshpari’s Russian Emperor, was born from a mating between our own girl Magic (Cream Mountain Girl) and Mandarin (Chernyi-Chizh Mandarin for Chinaskys) owned by Dorothy at Forgevalley Our boys 5 generation pedigree boasts over 20 champions !He really is a stunning boy with perfect Chinese head marking, superb gait & great lines…. He is one of the best examples of the breed I have seen ! We are thrilled at the way MJ has grown up, and so happy to be offering him for stud. Please contact us for more details, stud fees, and payment options.

Muzzle Crew shar pei kennelRussia
Muzzle Crew shar pei kennel

Shar Pei is our love, our life and our world.

Nevsky Han Shar-peisRussia
Nevsky Han

Welcome on our site! You can find the informations about our breeding of Shar-peis, tests of our producers, the puppies. Many pictures and info.

Domaine de Sharpei DiemFrance
Domaine de Sharpei Diem

Domaine de Sharpei Diem is a French breeder of Sharpei dogs. All dogs are pedigree and health tested with the goal of having the best shar pei possible. The colors proposed are blue and lilac.

Youxia Shar PeiUnited Kingdom
Youxia Shar Pei

We here at Youxia Shar pei are a small scale breeding program dedicated to responsible